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Choosing a bike by height and weight

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How to choose a bike frame

But finally, let’s move on to the practical part of the question: how to choose the size of the bike frame. And let’s start with an extremely simple applied method of choosing a mountain bike by height. As you may have guessed, the bike itself is required to use it. Stand with the bike frame between your legs and your back touching the saddle. In this position, the gap between the top tube of the frame and your groin should be slightly less than the width of your palm (about 50-150 mm). In the case of choosing a bicycle frame of a small size, the gap will be smaller due to the strong inclination of the upper tube. A similar situation will occur if the cyclist has non-standard body proportions.

To maximize the size of the bike frame, consider the intended riding style. If you intend to operate the bike mainly off-road or for aggressive riding, the above measurements are best taken while standing not at the saddle, but at the steering column. And the frame itself in such cases requires a lower one than for walking promenades in the park.

How to choose the size of the bike frame for height: fit comfort

After performing the previous manipulations, you need to decide on the fit. To do this, do not hesitate to ask the seller to adjust the height of the saddle (I will talk about adjusting the handlebar and saddle in a separate article), and hold the bike by the handlebars. Sit in the saddle with your feet on the pedals in a fighting stance. If it is possible to carry out a small test drive. do it, if not, then at least turn the pedals in the opposite direction, simulating a trip. This will give you at least some idea of ​​the comfort of the fit.

How to choose a bike by weight

In this context, we do not mean the weight of the bike, but its proud owner. In principle, there are no special indications on this issue, and it is relevant only in cases where a person’s weight exceeds 100 kg. The bike should be equipped with reinforced rims, a reliable suspension fork, a sturdy frame and transmission. Particular attention is paid to the carriage, as it carries the lion’s share of the load when driving. Most bicycles can withstand 100-120 kg, the main thing is to choose the right frame size. So don’t be afraid and ride your health!

How to choose a bike for your height

The more aggressive your ride is, the lower the frame should be. Take care of your, sorry for the intimate details. To correctly size the frame, stand with your feet on top of the bike on either side of the frame, slightly closer to the handlebars.

If you are going to jump well on mountain paths and off-road, then the distance from the top tube of the frame to your crotch should be about 10 cm.For a steep extreme, this distance should be even greater.

Standard frame

45 cm) Above Medium. Large (L), 20 inches (

50 cm) Large. Xtra Large (XL) 22 ” (

The correct frame size also depends on its rigidity and the availability of shock absorbers. And this is also very important, especially now, when a lot of inexpensive double-hangers have appeared on sale, the size of which is considered differently. If you are going to become one of the owners of this technique. read on.

In more detail on the types of bikes

For a rigid frame (hardtails and rigids), the size-to-height ratio should be (the photo shows a GT bike for example):

Height 135-155 cm. 14 inches Height 150-165 cm. 16 inches Height 165-175 cm. 18 inches Height 175-185 cm. 20 inches Height above 185 cm. 22 inches

For double suspensions, the ratio is slightly less:

Height 150-165 cm. 15.5 inches Height 165-175 cm. 17.5 inches Height 175-185 cm. 19.5 inches Height above 185 cm. 21.5 inches

When choosing a size, the type of MTV itself and the degree of its sophistication can also play a role.

The choice of the size of the bike: choose the size of the frame for height

If you have already decided on the style of your riding, then you need to think about the selection of the type of bike and its size. choosing it according to your height. The choice of the size of the bike frame depends on the discipline (style) of riding.

Frame size

Frame size is the distance from the top of the seat tube to the midpoint of the carriage axis, usually in inches and is often denoted in Latin letters, similar to clothing sizes. Rostovka is probably one of the most important criteria for choosing a bike after determining the riding style. The correct size of the bike helps you move faster with less energy, and the wrong one can lead to pain in the back, knees and, even, to the aggravation of many chronic diseases such as scoliosis. I highly recommend that you take this parameter extremely responsibly, because your health also depends on it. so.

Road bikes

You probably noticed that the article did not mention road bikes. The fact is that the size of the frame for such bicycles is calculated a little differently. Full growth plays a much lower priority here. The length of the legs, arms and body is more important, so the choice of size becomes much more difficult. There are, of course, calculators for determining the size of the frame, but they give a very approximate result, which in practice may differ.

I sincerely hope that this article will help you in choosing the right frame size for your bike.

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How to choose a bike for a man by height, weight and type?

If you are having trouble getting a car, don’t be upset. There is always the opportunity to purchase a healthier vehicle for a much cheaper price. A bicycle does not need fuel, which is constantly becoming more expensive, or electricity, the acquisition of which also becomes overgrown with a lot of problems. He sat down and drove off! In addition, there will be a lot of opportunities to strengthen your health. your heart will become stronger, blood pressure and breathing will stabilize, and your weight will return to normal. Buying a bike is a great idea.

How to choose a bike for yourself

How to choose a bike for a man in height? Here’s a quick guide:

The following points should also be taken into account:

  • the smaller the vehicle, the better the maneuverability and the lower the mass;
  • the L-2XL body is usually made of pipes with more powerful walls, since these specimens are designed for heavier loads;
  • the large dimensions of the body do not guarantee the safety of the car with an increase in the cyclist’s body weight;
  • a large bike does not handle well, so there is an increased risk of injury when using such a vehicle.

How to choose a bike for a man by weight? It’s a little easier here. A man weighing between 70-90 kg can use any general-purpose bike. It’s simple and inexpensive. It is more difficult for those future cyclists whose weight ranges from 100-120 kg. They will have to pay attention to the parts that are subject to the main stress during operation.

An incorrectly purchased model by weight is the inevitable death of the transport, so you need to approach the choice of a vehicle carefully and wisely.

Things to consider when choosing a bike

The important question of how to choose a bicycle for a man should be well thought out, since a number of aspects must be envisaged:

  • Purpose of buying a vehicle. The bicycle always solves multi-purpose tasks. It can be purchased as a means of transportation for city trips, for sports and training, or for travel. The task set also determines the type of bike designed specifically for you.
  • The quality of the road surface. This is a very important factor in our country. As they say, there are two problems in Russia, one of them is the roads. over, they are different both in composition (asphalt or gravel) and in quality.
  • The indicators of the future owner are of great importance. Depending on the weight of a person’s body and his height, the size of the bicycle itself is also chosen.
  • Vehicle cost. It all depends only on the financial capabilities of the future bicycle owner.

Folding bicycle

The good thing about a folding bike is that it is smaller, more mobile and lighter, while in the working position the vehicle has the same dimensions as conventional bicycles. Because of this, these bikes are now very popular.

How to choose a folding bike for a man? Men’s folding bicycles, like other similar vehicles, have joints on the body and special mounts. When the bike needs to be transported or stored more conveniently, the mounts unwind and the frame folds in half. Depending on the type, the bike can be assembled in different ways: some vehicles fold in half, others are also equipped with a folding handlebar. The main requirements for a folding bike are: secure bindings and easy handling while riding. When choosing a new model, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the joints and the reliability of other parts of the entire mechanism.

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Men most often prefer folding single-speed bicycles, which are stronger than other models and are quite undemanding to operate.

Sport bikes

How to choose a speed bike for a man? Models with such parameters have several standard configurations, which are so different:

  • Cross bike. How to choose a bike for a man of this model? These machines are considered to be of increased durability. Characteristic features: large wheels, tires with a distinct tread, large welded body, designed in the form of a diamond. This model plays a leading role in extreme sports and is an indispensable companion for outdoor travel. It is acquired by men who take extreme walks.
  • Road bicycles. Such cars are usually visible on the trunk, foot brakes, there are no shock absorbers on the wheels, there are no gears. They cannot travel off-road, they are purchased for asphalt roads.
  • Road bikes. This bike is purchased for fast movement only on a good road: asphalt highway or smooth and hard gravel surface. The leading features of such machines are: light weight, small wheels, sturdy frame structure. In general, the vehicle is designed to travel at its highest speed. Even the position of a person on such a bike is assumed by the manufacturer so as to take into account the laws of aerodynamics.
  • Hybrid bicycles. Similar models are obtained by combining several specialized machines. Hybrid bicycles are intended for movement both on good roads and off-road. The models are designed with thicker tires, have a softening fork in the front, multiple gears, the ability to attach an additional rack. Vehicles are easier to cover long distances than mountainous terrain, however, it should be noted that this bike is much more convenient to travel off-road than on road models.
  • Road bicycles. This is another sports model. They are preferred by men who love fast driving. High speed trails on perfectly paved roads are the most effective application for this bike. Characteristic features: light weight, not very strong construction, thin wheels of considerable diameter, few additional accessories. The disadvantage of the vehicle is a rigid attachment to a good road, it will quickly break down on a bad bike.

Based on these parameters, you can decide which bike to choose for a man.

Basic bike

So, before choosing a bike for a man, you should focus the seller’s attention on the fact that you need a man’s bike, which is larger in size than the rest. its frame is higher than that of vehicles designed for women and children.

Then you need to choose the type of bike. If you have never ridden a bicycle, or, at best, pedaled only in early childhood, then the best choice is a standard, typical bicycle, a good replacement for a gasoline engine of a car and a clumsy, dirty city bus.

A bicycle is the most practical and somewhat simplified means of transportation, which has existed for more than a dozen years. It is on this type of transport that it is better to stop, especially when the purpose of buying a bicycle is:

You can decide which bike to choose for a man by considering individual parameters. Such cars have one gear, the speed reduction and stop occur by pressing the foot on the pedals back. Transport is suitable for driving along city streets when there are no various obstacles ahead. This is the most common type of bicycle, which is massively used for regular trips to work, school or university, for groceries or for walks.

Saddle parameters

So which saddle to choose for a bike for men? An essential parameter of a bicycle saddle is its width. Usually it is between 14 and 18 cm. precise sizes are always adjusted individually, since the sizes of the pelvic bones are individual for each person. But it should be borne in mind that the width of the saddle does not depend on the volume of the body, but on the width of the pelvic bones, which is often not the same, especially in overweight people.

Another parameter that is usually given a lot of time is the saddle structure. There are hard and soft saddles, and the rest are intermediate. Both extreme cases are physiologically harmful. Therefore, taking into account the characteristics of your body, it is necessary to treat the saddle with a material of the required rigidity so that you are not only comfortable, but also cycling is good for your health.

Another aspect of the saddle is its shape. The classic look of the saddle is elongated, slightly wide at the rear and narrow at the front. Pure physiology.

How to choose a bike for a man? The saddle of an iron horse should be such that it is comfortable to ride a bicycle. This is the main thing.


Those for whom a bicycle is an indispensable means of transportation do not recommend saving on it. Cheap models will delight the owner until the first breakdown, and it can happen after a month’s drive. A good model cannot be too cheap, because the main parts of a bicycle are. and the more reliable they are, the less problems will arise during operation. For regular recreational riding, you can choose a bike up to 500, but if you want a model with a high level of components, then it is better to choose a bike for a price of 1000.

Purpose of purchase and types of bicycles

Before settling on a specific model, it is important to understand what the bike is for.

Many people choose mountain models. with wide wheels and a sporty fit, despite the fact that they need a bicycle for driving around the city or out-of-town walks, and for these purposes it is better to choose a lighter bike.

Mountain bikes

This model is the most popular and is suitable for any terrain. These bicycles ride well both on dirt roads and on asphalt roads, and wide tires and a high profile act as additional shock-absorbing suspension. It allows you to climb where other models cannot. Mountain bikes have a high seating position, which relieves stress on the spine, and various accessories that increase comfort. a footrest, a comfortable and soft seat.

Walking bikes

Gear shifting in these models with a low-level cassette or planetary gear mechanism. Wheel sizes range from 20 to 28 inches. The peculiarity of walking bicycles is that they have an almost vertical fit, which reduces the load on the back and arms, making the ride more comfortable. Of course, these models are not suitable for aggressive driving with stunts, but comfortable use will provide.

What is important to consider when choosing a bike

It is not worth giving preference to a model simply because it is bright and unusual in appearance, because behind a beautiful cover is often hidden something that can disappoint.

How to choose a bike: What to look for and why it is better not to save

Choosing and buying a bike is not an easy task. Many act impulsively, settling on the most attractive model. But this approach is erroneous, because in order to ride comfortably and safely, it is important to pay attention to a number of parameters.

How to Choose The Correct Bike Size figured out how to choose a bike by height and weight, what criteria should be considered when buying, and whether the price of a bike is an indicator of its quality.

Frame size

Before buying, it is also important to know how to choose the size of the bike frame, because the proportions of the body are different for everyone. And if the height of the frame is compensated by the seatpost. it hides deeper or protrudes more strongly, then it is important not to miscalculate with the length of the frame.

Special bicycles

These types include models for performing tricks, for example, freestylers. with a small frame and large wheels, as well as BMX. with small wheels (usually 20 inches), special stops on the wheels and a special design of the handlebars that can be rotated without twisting the brake cables Also, children’s bicycles and tandem models are considered special. the latter are suitable for riding several people and have two or three pairs of pedals.

Basic principles of bicycles

Over the past few centuries, the very principle of the bicycle has remained unchanged, but the design itself has undergone a whole lot of modifications and upgrades. However, such changes concern only the external design, as well as the improvement of some parts to obtain a more efficient vehicle.

For example, special shock-absorbed forks appeared in the front, with the help of which there is an absorption of extraneous sounds and vibrations that occur when driving on uneven roads with a lot of bumps. In addition, the latest bicycles use a transmission that allows the use of several dozen high-speed gears in one model.

The design of the bike is simple enough at first glance. It includes elements such as:

  • Frame. This is the basic structure to which all other parts are attached. It is a kind of spine, without which a bicycle, in principle, cannot exist.
  • Two wheels that follow each other. The front guides the movement of the bike, and the rear supports the transport itself on the go.
  • Steering wheel. This part is attached to the front fork and is designed to guide the movement of the bike. It is tightly connected to the front wheel, due to which the movement is carried out.
  • Bottom bracket, which is connected to the pedal cranks as well as the drive sprocket.
  • The back, which is connected to the front by means of numerous gears.
  • A saddle that is positioned in relation to the rest of the structure in such a way that the rider can comfortably hold the handlebars and at the same time confidently control the bike using the pedals.
  • Brakes, due to which deceleration is carried out, as well as a complete stop during movement.

How to choose the right bike size

Many novice cyclists are wondering how to choose a bike size. For different types of bicycles, different characteristics will matter, since each of them has its own characteristics. For example, people doing stunts are often puzzled about what size bike frame to fit.

Bicycle companies usually designate sizes with standard, well-known Latin letters L, M, S, XS, XL. However, it is worth noting that such dimensions are indicative and highly average, since each person requires an individual approach in choosing a bicycle.

You need to think about how to choose a bicycle for a child in height when choosing a bicycle model. For a child or teenager with a height of 150-160 cm, the smallest models are suitable:

  • if your choice is mountain bikes, then it is better to choose the size XS;
  • if these are road bikes, then the frame size should be between 49-51 cm;
  • if they are stunt bikes, a 20 ” frame is the best choice.
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When they ask themselves how to choose a bike for a woman, they mean an average height of 160 to 170 cm.For such parameters, the following are most suitable:

  • for mountain bikes, choose size S or M, depending on your individual characteristics;
  • for road bikes, size S is the best choice;
  • if these are stunt models, it is also recommended to take 20-inch models.

When asked how to choose a bicycle for a man, an average height of 170-185 cm is taken as a basis. Based on such parameters, the most optimal sizes for models will be:

  • for mountain bikes, the best size is L;
  • If you are choosing a road bike, then the M size will be the most optimal solution for you;
  • for stunt models it is best to choose a 20.5-inch frame.

For people who are quite tall, capable of reaching 190 cm and a little more, the choice of bicycles will be somewhat problematic, but in the modern world there are enough models that are able to satisfy such buyers. Therefore, for their parameters, the best decision when buying a bike would be:

  • if you choose a mountain bike, then you should take only the XL size, since this model is the best for your size, and you will feel comfortable on it;
  • if you are looking at a road bike, then look at the size L, which corresponds to 58-60 cm;
  • for stunt class models, it is best to choose a frame size equivalent to 21 inches, however, it should be noted that it is not recommended to choose a larger bike, even if your height is almost two meters.

If an athlete has a rare height of two meters or a little more, he can only rely on city and mountain bikes, since models of other classes will not fit in parameters. For these athletes, the following bike sizes are an excellent choice:

  • for mountain bikes, choose the XXL size, which will correspond to 50-53 cm, and you can choose a larger or smaller size. here the model itself is already adjusted to the characteristics of the buyer himself;
  • for city bicycles, you must select the maximum size XL, since bicycles of this category are not produced with large dimensions.

Mountain bike

A mountain bike is also called a mountain bike. Its construction is quite durable, as it often has to overcome kilometers of terrain, as well as constantly drive off-road. However, it is not necessary to buy such a bike exclusively for mountain roads, as it can be used for city trips.

Given the fact that in some places in cities there are roads that are quite uneven, it is the mountain bike that will cope with them in such a way that you will feel as if you are riding on a perfectly paved road. In addition, such a bike can be used for trips out of town, you can perfectly cope with unevenness on a country road, so you do not need more powerful transport. this format, perhaps, can be considered the most universal.

The difference between these bicycles is that they have an order of magnitude larger wheels than regular bicycles, which is the main reason for such durability and stability on roads, the surface of which leaves much to be desired. In addition, the raised bottom bracket is another hallmark of these bicycles. Mountain bikes can travel huge distances on roads full of bumps and bumps, thanks to tires with aggressive tread. Such tires feel great and constantly support the bike even on rather loose and slippery roads, so even wet ground is not able to stop such a vehicle.

How to choose a bike frame by height, with such a high-quality mountain bike equipment, is not worth worrying at all, since it is not only very comfortable, but also weighs relatively little. Therefore, not only an adult, but also a teenage child will feel comfortable in the saddle of this all-terrain vehicle. However, it is worth noting that the frame can sometimes be somewhat stiff, so it is important to practice and get used to the mountain bike before traveling long distances. It is important to remember that such vehicles are not always given the first time, especially for a beginner, so they require additional dexterity.

  • the only drawback of such bikes is, perhaps, too high a price (it cannot be said that mountain bikes do not justify it, on the contrary, but many people cannot afford such pleasure).

City bikes

Such models are mostly walking and do not have a predisposition to anything specific. they are needed only in order to travel short distances on a relatively flat road and at a leisurely pace. If we compare with sports bicycles, we can note a fairly short frame and a slightly more curved handlebar.

These bicycles have a very low center of gravity, which gives them reasonably good stability on a normal city road. In addition, bicycles of this type have protective pads that save the owner from having to clean and repair the working parts of such bikes too often. In general, we can say that such models are simply created so that the rider feels as comfortable as possible on it.

These bicycles are rarely equipped with a transmission, but there are some models that include 3 to 7 speeds. In addition, these bikes have several practical and quite useful elements under their suspension, such as a basket, trunk or footboard.

  • such models are quite light to lift and comfortable when cornering;
  • on a relatively flat road, such bicycles are held confidently and steadily;
  • the main driving elements are perfectly protected from dirt and dust due to protective linings;
  • there is a huge selection of models that can be easily folded and transported, for example, out of town by car;
  • similar models are quite inexpensive in terms of their cost, but this indicator also depends on the manufacturer, as well as on the general functionality of the model.
  • do not develop too much speed;
  • if you often drive over rough terrain, then this model will not suit you in a certain way.

What types of bicycles are there

Before deciding which bike to choose, you need to decide on the type of transport. Here, an important role will be played by what exactly you need a bicycle for. According to its purpose, this type of transport is of the following types.

How to choose a bike for your height

Often, at the first purchase, consumers wonder how to choose a bike for their height. recently, about twenty years ago, no one even thought about which bike to buy for a child or an adult. Most people bought their own standard vehicles of this type, as the choice was not particularly wide. In fact, there were three sizes in total. small, large and medium. However, times have changed, and now everyone can choose for themselves such a model with which they will be as comfortable as possible.

Stunt (BMX)

These bicycles are very small in appearance, their wheels often do not exceed 20 inches. The frame of such models also does not differ in large size, often its dimensions can even be equated to children’s ones. This class of bicycles is intended mostly for a teenage audience, while they have a saddle located quite low, or it may not be available at all. For this reason, this model is not suitable for every adult, as a person who is more than 170 cm tall may feel relatively uncomfortable on bicycles designed for stunts.

However, no matter what models of this class may seem childish in appearance, they definitely will not take a margin of safety. Perhaps it is thanks to the unique and exceptional durability that these bicycles get their name. Such models have a fairly strong, but at the same time very stable and reliable design. It lacks any unnecessary nodes and additional details. In fact, such a bike includes only what is most needed. Damping is often not included in the package, and the braking system is often optional for this type of bike.

  • such models have an amazing strength, therefore, they are designed for jumping from a fairly large height, so that when doing tricks, a person will not feel strong vibrations;
  • with the help of stunt bike models, you can make a variety of maneuvers, as well as rapid turns, so you can be sure that they will withstand absolutely everything;
  • they have sufficient ease, due to which it is on such models that tricks are best obtained;
  • at their cost, such models are quite inexpensive, so that almost anyone can afford to buy them.
  • these bicycles are not designed for fast riding or long distance travel.

Physical parameters of the cyclist

Their consideration when choosing a bike is described in detail above in this article.


A good quality model will cost an impressive amount, this is the law of the market. a decent one cannot be cheap. You can conditionally divide purchases into several groups.

  • Up to 500 are inexpensive models made of low quality components and requiring regular financial investments. The saying that the miser pays twice is very relevant in this case.
  • Up to 1000. the middle class belongs to this price category. The main difference from inexpensive cars is the quality of the parts from which the bicycle is assembled, as well as the technology for manufacturing the frames. It has the same meaning as the body for a car. This should never be forgotten. For the manufacture of frames in this category, various alloys are already used, which make the main part of the bicycle lighter and stronger. The second point is attachments and accessories. The better the parts, the less they require maintenance and adjustments.
  • Price above 1000. these are branded models of very high quality workmanship and assembly.

For adults

Adults and mature adults most often use standard wheel size for bicycles.

  • 26-inch is the most common size, one might say classic. They are used on all models of mountain and ordinary bicycles. The advantages of these wheels are good sliding, the ability to easily overcome obstacles. They are most suitable for riders of small to medium height.
  • 27.5 “is the size for mountain bikes for a smooth ride and reliability over rough terrain.
  • 28 ″ is the most comfortable diameter for driving on equipped roads in cities or on highways. The width of such wheels is always narrower than ordinary ones, and they usually use slick-type tires without spikes (in the common people it is called bald).
  • Finally, 29 “is a new, not yet widespread size and is great for tall and above average people.
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When choosing wheels, the weight of a person is important. For overweight people it is better to use 28-29 inch wheels to make the ride easier. But if, in addition to being overweight, a man also has a short stature, then the best option is 24-26 inches.

Place of use

The habitat of the iron horse is where and how you will apply it.

  • Mountain bikes. This category can be called universal. They are used not only in the mountains, but also for traveling over rough terrain. Due to the presence of a wide tire, it is quite convenient to ride on asphalt roads.
  • Two-suspension. This line is characterized by the presence of a second shock absorber on the frame. That is, they have two damping points. on the front fork and on the frame under the seat. Dual cushioning provides a more comfortable ride and makes these bikes comfortable to ride off-road. When buying double-suspended models, the correct size is very important.
  • Regular and tourist. Such a product is perfect for various purposes related to household issues, such as commuting or shopping. It is advisable to install a rack and basket, as well as fenders and a footrest, if they are not provided in the kit.
  • Mixed bicycles. They are also called cross or hybrid. If you combine riding on flat roads with driving on rough terrain, then the road model will not do the job. There is no shock absorber in its design, and narrow wheels will not cope with off-road conditions. Hybrids have increased cross-country ability, but are inferior in speed to road.
  • Stunt. Fans of extreme sports should pay attention to bicycles of the BMX class. These bicycles have a reinforced construction specifically designed for higher loads.

Frame to person height ratio

Bicycle companies use three types of frame sizes. letters, inches and centimeters. The most common sizes are inches, the rarest designation is centimeters.

How To Buy A Mountain Bike | Choosing The Right Bike

For the correct selection of the frame, you need to know your height. It is better to measure it without shoes, standing with your back to a flat surface, such as a wall.

The easiest way to find a frame if you don’t know your height for sure is to take a bike and throw your leg over it. Stand on your feet steadily so that the upper tube of the frame does not reach the groin area at least 3 cm, or better. 10 cm.

This is the best and safest option. True, it is only suitable for men’s bicycles. If the frame is female, then you need to sit on the seat so that it is convenient to press the pedals (the leg should be fully extended when the pedal is in the lower position), and also easily and conveniently reach the steering wheel with your hands.

There is no optimal frame size for all types of bicycles, as over time and the development of technology, manufacturers are moving away from the classic triangular frame. Products appear in new geometry.

The average table for road, city, hybrid and mountain bikes looks like this:

When choosing a frame, you should pay close attention to a number of points.

  • If the transport is planned to be used for regular trips, and the growth is approaching the upper limit, then it is better to take a smaller frame. For sports activities. more.
  • Smaller bikes are more agile and faster.
  • If the frame is large, this does not mean that it is strong. It is worth paying attention to the composition of the material.
  • It makes no sense to buy a bike separately for a man and a woman if they are of different heights.

How to choose the wheel size?

The most important element of a bicycle’s design is the wheel. Its size, measured in inches (″), is the diameter of the rim without a tire, but some manufacturers may indicate it in centimeters for the convenience of buyers.

No one will be able to give an honest answer to the question of which wheel size is most relevant for this particular person, and which ones will be better for him to ride. They are different for adults and children. When choosing them, it is important to focus on the height and weight of the cyclist, because the convenience of riding a particular bike model will depend on this.

for all types of bicycles, except folding bicycles

for bicycles with a folding frame

This table shows the most common and average statistical values ​​of the ratio of wheel size to rider height.

Determining the type of bike

To choose this type of transport, you need to ask yourself several questions. depending on the answers to them, they are already determined with the type of bike. The key points when choosing are: the budget for the purchase, height and weight, as well as the place of its use (roads, off-road, mountains).

For kids

If you believe the statistics, then the wheels on children’s bicycles are divided by ease of use as follows:

  • for the smallest users under the age of 3 years, wheels of 10-12 ″ are used;
  • at the age of 3 to 6 years, full-fledged wheels with chambers with a diameter of 16 inches are already in use;
  • when the child is from 6 to 9 years old, then the most suitable size is 20 ″;
  • in adolescence. this is about 13 years old. 24-inch wheels are most relevant.

Wheels are selected based on the height and age of the child. And if a young person is lagging behind or ahead of him, then it is better to use average values.

But one should not forget such a factor as a rather rapid growth, and if you focus on models of a smaller diameter, then there is a risk. the child will quickly outgrow them, and riding will be inconvenient.

Choosing a bike by weight and height

There are many overweight people among those who decided to change to a bicycle, so the question of how to choose the right bicycle for an adult with a large weight often comes up. Thus, people want to lose weight and restore the general condition of the body, disturbed by improper diet and other unwanted excesses. Before you understand how to choose the right bike in terms of height and weight, you must know where you are going to move on it mainly. Perhaps you need information on how to choose a mountain bike, or maybe you want to know how to choose the right bicycle for an adult for a city, because not only the appearance, but also the dimensions are excellent.

When buying a bicycle, a person’s height is taken into account, and most manufacturers offer a special grid that allows an adult to understand how to choose the right size for a bicycle wheel, and this depends, first of all, on height. A somewhat more confusing scheme applies when buying a bike from a distance (via the Internet). In this case, you will have to measure the distance from the groin to the floor, and multiply this value by a factor that is different for different bike models. Thus, you can choose a new bike, the same applies to how to choose a used bike.

Speaking about how to choose the right bike for an adult by weight, it is worth mentioning the frame size, because this is where many overweight people make the mistake of buying a bike with a heavy frame, and it is difficult and tiring to move around on it. Therefore, you should know, first of all, how to choose the right bike for an adult in terms of frame size, this will give an idea of ​​a lot, and you will finally understand how to choose the right bike in terms of height and weight. If your weight exceeds 80t kilograms, opt for a cruiser, touring model or mountain bike. they will keep your back as straight as possible. For those who are not overweight, the choice is not limited, but it is necessary to know how to choose a bicycle for a man in terms of height and weight. This also applies to the choice of women’s bicycles.

How to choose the right bike for an adult by height and weight

Buying a bicycle, a person kills two birds with one stone, because it is not only an economical means of transportation that can replace public transport, but also a way to improve his physical condition. Regular cycling will keep you healthy. It’s a good alternative to the gym, and the benefits of exercising outdoors are obvious and hard to argue with. To make these walks more comfortable, you should, first of all, know how to choose the right bike for an adult in terms of height and weight. The bike should be comfortable and maneuverable, while not forgetting that each model has its own differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Features of choosing a bike for women

In order to facilitate the choice of a model according to the main parameters of a person, there is a special table for selecting a bicycle by height and weight for adults, and this applies to both the choice of bicycles for men and women. Choosing a bike for a woman is no more difficult than for a man, but in order to know how to choose the right woman’s bike, you should know that there are some differences in its design. Many will immediately say that they know how to choose a bicycle for women, bearing in mind that it necessarily has a beveled frame, but this is far from the case, and models for the stronger sex may look the same.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how to choose a good women’s bike, remember that it should have a wider seat than that of men, and this is due to the peculiarities of physiology, because the distance between the ischial bones in the fairer sex is greater. Also, if you still don’t know how to choose the right bike for an adult woman, remember that the seat should have a shorter nose. All other rules are the same as when choosing models for men. you must take into account your height and weight, first of all.