How to choose a bike by weight and height

Vibiraєmo size of a bicycle by age

Yak and odyag, the bike is guilty, and it goes to the size of our body, it will be handy, comfortable and safe. If you buy a bike correctly for your age, you don’t need to “matsati” or sit on a new one. We can help you vibrate 100% correctly. I will turn the article, yak vibrate the bike for the style of katannya, for the growth and for the price. read here.

As a rule, a skin model of a bicycle is issued in different sizes. In order to be shy, you need to make the trip as comfortable as possible and without baking for people with specific maturity. It is possible to take a bike for a size without pomilkovo, while sitting on a new one is not obligatory. Let’s reconnect to tsomu.

Rami of small sizes (also seem to be “sizes”) are produced by the size of all pipes. A long time ago, in the quality of “mirila”, the size of the ram was taken from the axis of the carriage to the end of the paired pipe ram. The most recent value apparently described the size of the size, while the geometry of the bullet is unchanged: the classic subway tricycle from the pipes. With the advent of hydroforming technology, there was a possibility of working with rams from bent pipes, the place of attaching the upper pipe until it became more varied. That same dying “vipusku” of the paired pipe over the upper one can be varied, “envy” with the whole size of the ramies, but in reality it does not change the geometries. the frame was released, so more virobniks went over to the letter of the designated size. I became simpler. You know that for your growth the frame M comes, and everything you need for the nobility. Protest, everything is more like a plutan, that is why the virobniks are to sit on the old-fashioned inches of the pipe, but some of them want to write letters, albeit between the growth of people However, it is not surprising that it is easy to get paid by our employees. Don’t bother with the theory, I’ll go over once to the algorithm for choosing a bicycle by size.

Yak mi vibira є my bike for you

  • Do not be overwhelmed with your real growth without swelling up the wall. Bully vipadki, if the buyers called yogo with a pardon up to 10 cm.
  • From a selection of animals to the size of virobnik sows, according to a specific model.
  • If such a mesh is not, then the size is selected for a standard (universional) mesh, which is given in the table below.
  • First of all, there is a residual value of the size of the bike, and there are such factors:
  • If your sprint is consumed at the cordon of razmiriv, then for an extravagant katannya, vibrate a smaller size, and for a shvidkisnoy, sporty izdi. a larger size.
  • When you select a size of the frame, I respect you, but you need to choose a bike for a smaller size, lower bicycles with a size of 26 “-27.5”.
  • For the least intelligent minds, bicycles of smaller sizes, more maneuverability and 150-200 g less than the average “size”.
  • For frames of great sizes (L, XL, XXL), the thickness of the walls of the pipes can be larger, so that the stink is insured for a larger volume.
  • If you have a large (zyviy) vag, then the compensation of the bike’s performance will be improved by choosing the best model (improved performance), and not by a larger size.
  • Riding a big bike on the back is not safe, tied up with a lack of keroviness and a gap in the crotch of the upper tube of the ramie when taking a bike.

If you have determined the size of the bike, you can not be sure that it will be safe and comfortable for you. However, all one thing you will have is additional flexibility to adjust your fit independently. I am sitting on the chair, the price is not obv’yazkovo, but you have such a possibility.

  • If you want a bigger landing, you can lower the kermo by rearranging the spacer ring, which is located under the kerm wine, up the wine. Unimportant to fortune-telling insignificance, you clearly see that your landing has become more horizontal and aerodynamic, more support on your hands.
  • Replacing the wine is strongly infused into the planting and kerovanity. Dovzhina wine can be from 40 to 120 mm. Chim shorter vinos, tim gosdrish bike reacts to ruffles with kerm, lighter drive the front wheel out of the ground, shorter straight landing. everything is important, as you drive for brighter technical performance.
  • If it is more important to you the speed of the straight lines, then the wine that brought the wine will give you more smooth control and “dovgu landing”.
  • Zbilshennya kuta nahila vinyeshennya is equal to raising / lowering kerma and also pouring into the landing. Inodi for a strong lowering of kerm is to practice inverting wine, however, not all wine is allowed. Reverse the documentation and labels on the wine, so a trip with an inverted wine might not be safe.
  • Also, for precise adjustment of the landing, you can oversupply the saddle on the sledge by 1-2 cm back and forth.

“Universalny” growth of rami. “And you could change the size of the bike, about 185 cm tall, and my squad 160 cm could go for a ride.” It is also true that the bazhannya spares is completely correct, however, for a person, go to size L or XL, and for a woman S or M. Yaksho vibrate “universal” size, then both people will not be able to roll manually, but men will not be happy. In this case, the skin needs a power bike.

Bicycle child “on virist”.

It’s even more desirable to buy a child’s bike “in reserve”, however, here the recommendations of our fakhivtsy are more beautiful than poruchuvati. On the right in that, when a child is rolled on a big bike, she can eliminate the injury by hitting the middle frame against the temple. It is also possible to “fidget” on the saddle, if your feet do not reach the pedals, so I will block the paddles from the bike. In addition, on children’s bicycles in the wilderness from the bottom, the grips are set to a different size. In such a way, the hand of your child can be dumb, and it’s not safe to touch the galmo.

There is no common growth. “not bida”, much less In this kind of fall it will be even stronger to visuvati pіdsіdelniy stir z rami, vishche the maximum permissible rivnya. It’s categorically impossible, because you can not only irreversibly on the Skoda frame, but you’ll get a severe injury, as it’s stir virve for an hour. Inodi “ryatu” in such a way is the purchase of a pre-owned paddle, if you have a load of 80 kg in a well-tied stand, it’s not a good job. beautifully, take your bike for your height.

Standard table of the size of the bike and the height of the person

Zr_st, cmRosemirGirsky, inchTourist / mіskiy, inch
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How To Choose The Correct Size Of Road Bike Frame

  • The size of the frame is not so unambiguous. the pardon at one point is not critical and is completely correct without being involved in the design of the bike. As soon as the bike will be rented for you, you can ride the seat up the hill and go back. It is also possible to nahility kermo, or to remember the wine kerm for more high and high. І navpaki, if we can rent a bike for you.
  • It’s even more important to tell your style.

Choose the smallest size of the ramie yaksho vi:

  • Take a walk through the park (your back will be more upright and less stressed);
  • Vibrate a bike for lіtnіh people;
  • Skate in an aggressive style with a great number of strikers (the frame is low to allow lighter stripes and to reduce the chances by the way to her in case of fall).

If you have any problems, please use your own vibe with a consultant. you will be convinced of your correctness. It is also recommended to read the article about the correct vibration of bicycles. They have all types of bicycles, how to vibrate the bike correctly at the price and for growth, as you will not be pardoned in the quality of bicycles.

How to choose a bike for a man by height and weight. 5 rules

It is difficult to imagine a more useful form of transport than a bicycle. at the same time you go in for sports and you do not pollute the environment.

Not only stars like Heidi Klum and Pink, but also the world political beau monde: Nicolas Sarkozy, David Cameron and Barack Obama moved to the two-wheeled iron horse today.

Former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak even rode a bike through the streets of 10 million Seoul to draw the attention of the country’s citizens to a healthy lifestyle.

And this is not surprising: for an hour of driving at an average pace, you lose about 600 calories.

What Size Bike Frame Should I Get? Does Bicycle Frame Size matter? FREE Buying guide

So, if you have joined the ranks of healthy lifestyle adherents and are going to purchase a useful form of transport for city / sports walks, we will tell you how to choose a bicycle for a man in height and weight and review popular manufacturers.


Some of the most popular in the domestic market, they themselves produce parts and assemble models. Suitable for non-professional athletes.

Tip: Look for a convenient folding model for transport in a car from Schulz. they make compact bicycles.

Folding Schulz

Which bike to choose for a beginner?

Wheel size and other important parameters

There are 4 types of wheels. 24, 26, 28 and 29 inches. If you are short, your choice is 24 and 26-inch wheels.

At the same time, 26-inches are considered the most common.

The 28-inch ones make it easier to ride uphill and increase the speed of movement, are in demand among athletes with a large weight. Mountain bikes are more often equipped with this.

Pay attention to details

If you want your two-wheeled friend to last as long as possible, pay special attention to the materials from which it is made.

The most inexpensive, traumatic and heavy ones are made of steel. Lightweight and high quality. made of fiberglass and aluminum with carbon. Take a closer look at magnesium bikes.

Tip: those who like to transport an iron horse in the trunk will like models with a folding frame.

It is necessary to pay attention to the brakes. disc hydraulic and mechanical, rim. The first two types slow down more confidently and with less effort, but at the same time it is difficult to replace in case of breakdown.

Hydraulics are in the highest pricing policy.

But the rims are affordable, easy to replace and do not require excessive effort to stop.

Price and quality are not always the same


The leader in the sales market of last year is the American trade mark Specialized.

The main advantage of the bicycles of this company is considered to be the easy interchangeability of parts and the ability to purchase them anywhere.

In the price line, you can find both fairly affordable options from 500, and luxury items.

For women:

  • Mountain models with a front fork. suitable for both city trips and touring
  • Folding and cyclocross road racing
  • Comfortable. ideal for urban environments

There is a difference between male and female models

Review of popular manufacturers of different price categories

It is important to understand that the main thing is not the name, but the characteristics of the vehicle. Most popular companies tend to inflate just because of the name.

The average pricing policy for men’s mountain bikes ranges between 200-1000, women’s. 200-600, children’s. 150-300.

How to choose a bike by year of manufacture?

Almost every bicycle brand has its own lineup, which is updated annually. Bikes produced with a difference of a year or even two do not always differ greatly in characteristics. For example, the latest model came out in a new color or equipped with a different type of brakes. But the price of the latest version will always be higher. Therefore, before choosing a bike from the manufacturer’s new collection, take a look at last year’s models. Such a purchase will not only save the budget, but may also be more successful in terms of technical equipment.

Bike type

If you have not yet decided how to choose a bike for the purpose of use, below is a detailed description of the types of bikes by method of operation.

Another name is mountain bike. The ideal “habitat” for him is roads without asphalt, relief terrain. For these difficult terrain, these models are equipped with wide tires with aggressive tread. This makes it easy for mountain bikes to overcome rain-washed mud, sand, gravel, etc.

The design of the mountain bike is reinforced, but its weight is also rather big. Therefore, it will be easier for a man to handle him. This is the best option for cycling enthusiasts on routes with significant altitude differences, as well as driving on rural roads. For asphalt, a mountain bike is not very suitable. a deep tread will worsen the speed of movement and quickly wear off.

Varieties of mountain bikes

For riders with different backgrounds, mountain bikes are equipped with attachments of a certain level. Such bicycles are of the following classes: “Beginner”, “Amateur”, “Semi-professional”, “Professional”. Another category “29” is a mountain bike with enlarged wheels for increased cross-country ability and excellent reel, ready to ride in extreme conditions.

Road (sports) bike

They are lightweight, nimble bikes with large but narrow wheels and almost smooth tires. Ideal for high-speed driving, but only on smooth tracks. These models often have a sporty fit to create less wind resistance. But long-term driving in the appropriate position is exhausting. Choosing highways is best for urban riding and competitive races.

There are several specific designs for different applications and categories of cyclists. Among them: folding (convenient to store and transport), women’s (with a low frame), extreme (for tricks and jumps), double (family) and others.

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Incorrectly selected frame size leads to improper fit, discomfort and rapid fatigue of the cyclist. In such conditions, riding a bike will bring little benefit and pleasure, but it will “reward” you with pain in the legs and back.

Reliable, high quality, comfortable. You want just such a bike. Will you be very upset if you find out that objectively it does not exist? Models that are praised on the Internet and recommended by acquaintances can greatly disappoint you personally. Therefore, before choosing a bike, determine for yourself what you need it for. Think about which roads you will drive. Moscow with its paved streets or off-road, rough terrain or a sports track, and in what style. slowly and for pleasure or swiftly, to a whistle in your ears. The purpose of the purchase largely influences the choice of vehicle. Another important point is the budget that you are ready to spend on the “iron horse” and its further maintenance.

How to pick a good bike?

The main components and parts of the bike
1. How to choose a bike by year of manufacture?
2. Bicycle type
2.1. Mountain bike
2.2. City bike
2.3. Road (sports) bike
2.4. Other types of bicycles
3. Frame
3.1. How to choose a bike frame for your height
3.2. Bicycle frame materials
4. Depreciation
4.1. Hardtail
4.2. Double suspension
4.3. Rigid
5. Plugs
5.1. Design
5.2. Stroke
5.3. Adjustments
6. Steering column
6.1. Design
6.2. The size
7. Wheels
7.1. How to choose a bike by wheel diameter?
7.2. Tires
8. Rims
9. Brakes
9.1. Types of brakes
10. Speed ​​switches
11. Pedals
12. Saddle
13. Bicycle brands
14. What to buy extra for the bike?

The main components and parts of the bike

Conventionally, any bicycle consists of a frame and attachments. over, the price of the latter can be several times higher than the cost of the first.

Attachments are a set of functional parts and mechanisms: fork, wheels, pedals, saddle, speed switch, etc.

How to choose a bike frame for your height?

Below is a table to help you decide on the right frame size for the height of a man or woman. Each type of bike has its own size grid.

Table 1. How to choose a bike frame by height

Choosing a bike by weight and height

There are many overweight people among those who decided to change to a bicycle, so the question of how to choose the right bicycle for an adult with a large weight often comes up. Thus, people want to lose weight and restore the general condition of the body, disturbed by malnutrition and other unwanted excesses. Before you understand how to choose the right bike in terms of height and weight, you must know where you are going to move on it mainly. Perhaps you need information on how to choose a mountain bike, or maybe you want to know how to choose the right bicycle for an adult for the city, because not only the appearance, but also the dimensions are excellent.

When buying a bicycle, a person’s height is taken into account, and most manufacturers offer a special grid that allows an adult to understand how to choose the right size for a bicycle wheel, and this depends, first of all, on height. A somewhat more confusing scheme applies when buying a bike from a distance (via the Internet). In this case, you will have to measure the distance from the groin to the floor, and multiply this value by a factor that is different for different bike models. Thus, you can choose a new bike, the same applies to how to choose a used bike.

Speaking about how to choose the right bike for an adult by weight, it is worth mentioning the frame size, because this is where many overweight people make the mistake of buying a bike with a heavy frame, and it is difficult and tiring to move around on it. Therefore, you should know, first of all, how to choose the right bike for an adult in terms of frame size, this will give an idea of ​​a lot, and you will finally understand how to choose the right bike in terms of height and weight. If your weight exceeds 80t kilograms, opt for a cruiser, touring model or mountain bike. on them your back will be as even as possible. For those who are not overweight, the choice is not limited, but it is necessary to know how to choose a bicycle for a man in terms of height and weight. This also applies to the choice of women’s bicycles.

How to choose the right bike for an adult by height and weight

Buying a bicycle, a person kills two birds with one stone, because it is not only an economical means of transportation that can replace public transport, but also a way to improve his physical condition. Regular cycling will keep you healthy. It’s a good alternative to the gym, and the benefits of exercising outdoors are obvious and hard to argue with. To make these walks more comfortable, you should, first of all, know how to choose the right bike for an adult in terms of height and weight. The bike should be comfortable and maneuverable, while not forgetting that each model has its own differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Features of choosing a bike for women

In order to facilitate the choice of a model according to the main parameters of a person, there is a special table for selecting a bicycle by height and weight for adults, and this applies to both the choice of bicycles for men and women models. Choosing a bike for a woman is no more difficult than for a man, but in order to know how to choose the right woman’s bike, you should know that there are some differences in its design. Many will immediately say that they know how to choose a bicycle for women, bearing in mind that it necessarily has a beveled frame, but this is far from the case, and models for the stronger sex may look the same.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how to choose a good women’s bike, remember that it should have a wider seat than that of men, and this is due to the peculiarities of physiology, because the distance between the ischial bones in the fairer sex is greater. Also, if you still don’t know how to choose the right bike for an adult woman, remember that the seat should have a shorter nose. All other rules are the same as when choosing models for men. you must take into account your height and weight, first of all.

Frame marking by size

There is a tradition all over the world to mark all bicycle frames with letters, numbers and their combinations. Consider the main types of frame markings from different manufacturers.

There are a total of 6 frame sizes for seat tube height:

  • XS is the smallest bike size for the smallest riders;
  • S. small;
  • M. medium frame variant, the most common;
  • L. slightly above average;
  • XL. large;
  • XXL. well, very large.
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And this is where the confusion begins, because each size corresponds to two options in numerical terms. This equivalent is conditional and serves to roughly determine the correspondence of your physical data with the data of a particular frame. And here is this table:

If someone is interested, then the data in this table is calculated using the formula for selecting an adult bike. According to your parameters, where “d” is the length of your legs, and “D” is the size of the frame. Now we will try to determine by the formula: D = d0.56 / 2.54. The formula uses two coefficients. 0.56 is the ratio of leg length to height, and 2.54 is the conversion of inches to centimeters. Such arithmetic.

Since all people are different in size and the same ratio of legs and height cannot be found, this number is also very approximate.

But there are times when your data correspond to the overall dimensions of two frames at once. Do not buy the same two is great at once. What to do in this case? Think.

choose, bike, weight, height
  • If I am planning an active cycling lifestyle, then I will choose a smaller bike size, because the smaller bike is easier to handle and therefore weighs less.
  • If I am fat, then it will be difficult for me to climb a high frame.
  • If I am thin and skinny, then I need to choose a frame that is slightly larger in order to seem more weighty and so as not to be blown away by the wind. Quite serious.
  • If I have already bought a bike and it doesn’t suit me with its size, although the tables all agree, then I probably forgot about the saddle and handlebar adjustments, which in most cases have a very wide range. In addition, I always have the opportunity to change the stem or seat tube.
  • If I have hands down to my knees, then I will take a bigger bike. In which case, you can always reduce the adjustment.

You can also find markings for a bicycle for a child and for a women’s bicycle. Let’s pay some attention to them.

Sizes of children’s bicycles

The manufacturer, when producing a children’s bike, knows that the baby is growing very quickly. And so he makes some size adjustments and tries to make the frame in such a way that the adjustment range is as wide as possible. However, the dimensions of the frame should not be taken into account as much as the diameter of the bicycle wheels. The controllability is high and the maximum speed depends on this parameter. You should not measure your baby with a caliper, you still do not know how he will grow in six months or even a couple of months, so a child’s bike should be chosen with some margin.

Here is a sample size chart for children’s bicycles.

Child’s height (cm)Child’s ageTire diameter (inches)
75. 95thirteenUp to 12
95. 1013. 412
101. 1154. 616
115. 1286. 920
126. 1559. 1324

No theory. nowhere

Almost all bike frames come in a wide variety of sizes. And each manufacturer classifies them differently. Almost every. Each bicycle model has at least 3-4 sizes and, accordingly, different markings. Frames are marked by height in letter and digital form. The defining parameter for any bike frame is the height of the seat tube. It is measured from the center of the carriage to the end of the tube and can be specified in either inches or centimeters.

The length of the seat tube, of course, is not the only indicator that characterizes the size of the bike, but the main one. The geometry of the frame is also determined by the angles of inclination of the pipes at the joints, the length of these pipes and their relative position. Therefore, it is unambiguous to say that such and such a number is suitable for a specific person, but such and such is not suitable, it is impossible to say.

The tables, which we will definitely provide, can and should be used. But this is not a panacea for all ills. In addition to the size of the frame in terms of height, there is a difference in the size of the wheel, which should not be forgotten either. There are many options for frames with different lengths of the upper tube, which greatly affects the fit and unloading of the shoulder joints, elbows, and hands. The stem length also greatly affects the fit and has a ton of adjustments. Wheelbase is critical when riding in different conditions, fork angle affects handling and stability. not just Honor, so let’s start simple.

How to choose the right bike size for an adult or child?

Everything seems to be good. both the color is suitable, and the mechanics are working perfectly, but you get tired quickly, and skating turns into torture in an hour or two. All clear. The bike is incorrectly sized. To avoid such disappointments, you need to know what sizes of velor are, and how they
fit your height.

Road bike dimensions

The characteristics of road bikes are conducive to long trips on asphalt. Often very distant. Therefore, it will take a long time to travel, which requires very careful selection of the dimensions of both the frame and the wheels, etc. In the table below we give the recommended dimensions for road bikes.

Human height (cm)CategoryFrame height (cm)Tube length (upper / seatpost) (cm)
157. 163XS49. 5152/42
163. 170S51. 5453.5 / 44
170. 178M55. 5755.5 / 50
178. 183M / L57. 5957 / 53.5
183. 190L58. 6058.5 / 55.5
190. 198XL61. 6361 / 58.5

Choosing a bike by weight

In this case, unfortunately, we cannot bring the data into a table, otherwise it would be huge. We can give a recommendation. If your weight does not exceed 100 kg, ride any bike of adequate quality that is suitable for the size and forget about weight restrictions. If your weight exceeds 100 kg, then you need to pick up a bike with reinforced wheels and a good, expensive carriage, on good expensive bearings.

These are all the recommendations that we can give you on the size of your future bike. The main thing to remember is that there is no bad growth, the main thing is to choose a bike that suits you. Have a good choice!