How to choose a bicycle for a child 5 years old

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  • Wheel diameter: 16 inches;
  • Material: steel;
  • Use age: suitable for 4 to 6 years old;
  • Weight: 8.5 kilograms;
  • Wheels: inflatable;
  • Number of speeds: one;
  • Package Contents: Wheels and Bell Only.


The best models of bicycles for children 4 years old, their price

We will consider the best models below in more detail.

There are no children who don’t love cycling. Especially often this indifference is observed when the child is already independently riding a bicycle without the help of adults. Despite the fact that there are also large balance bikes on sale, the bicycle will still remain a favorite sport.

When the family already has an older child, the two-wheeled vehicle is transferred to the younger one, and then neither the parents nor the child have the right to choose. Only in wealthier families a new one is bought, and the old one is handed over to relatives or thrown into the trash.

Therefore, parents wonder how to choose the right bike quite often when the child reaches the age of four. In this article we will talk about how to choose a bike for a 4-year-old child and consider the characteristics of the most popular models.


  • Wheel diameter: 14 inches;
  • Material: steel;
  • Age of use: from 3 years old to 5;
  • Weight: about 9 kilograms;
  • Wheels: inflatable;
  • Number of speeds: one;
  • Complete set: bell, additional wheels;


Are there any differences between bicycles for girls and boys??

Of course, there is no global difference between the functionality of a bike for a girl and for a boy. But outwardly, this difference is more than noticeable, girls choose bright pink or red colors and always with a basket, a bow and a sticker in the form of a princess.

Boys, on the other hand, prefer more restrained tones with a loud ringing application in the form of a car or a helicopter.

How to choose a bike for a child 4 years old. tips

When choosing a bike, you should heed a number of tips, which in turn will help you decide on the right choice:

  • Child’s age and physical development.

There is no need to choose a bicycle on four wheels if the baby has just started walking or, even worse, was sitting in a stroller. For very little ones, a three-wheeled device will be more convenient.

Now manufacturers manage to combine strollers with a bicycle, where the back rests in the latter and the child can sleep peacefully. In addition, the leg supports, the backrest and protection are removed and the baby gets an ordinary tricycle.

For children from 95 centimeters, you can already pick up a bike on four wheels. In appearance, they already resemble adult bicycles, but they have removable wheels of a smaller diameter, which are used if the child has learned to ride a two-wheeled.

Children taller than 115 centimeters can already own an ordinary bicycle only of a smaller size.

  • You should not choose such a device for the future, since it will be absolutely inconvenient for the baby to move around and over time the desire to learn will disappear. It is necessary to determine the size of the wheels using simple calculations, where it is necessary to divide the child‘s height by 2.5 and 2.54, for example, the height of 100 cm / 2.5 / 2.54 = 15.7. The diameter 15.7 itself does not exist, you should choose 16 inches.
  • Frame length. Few people pay attention to this when buying, but it is quite important, the standard frame size is the distance from the elbow to the end of the baby’s fingers.
  • The distance from the frame to the beginning of the groin should be more than 10 centimeters, this is necessary for easy jumping off.
  • To give the child the right to choose on his own, you should not impose a blue bike on a girl, and a pink one on a boy. With this choice, the child will be confident in himself and in his vehicle.

Capella S. 14

  • Wheel diameter: 36 centimeters;
  • Material: steel predominates, but the seat and handles are made of dense rubber;
  • Age of use: relevant for children from 4 years old;
  • Weight: a little over 9 kilograms;
  • Wheels: in this segment there are inflatable wheels, which are much easier to inflate when they are lowered.
  • Number of speeds: on a children’s bike, only one speed is used in the assembly;
  • Package contents: the manufacturer has conceived a set of side wheels, a bell and a vessel for water that can be used for drinking.
  • Brake: foot only;


  • Wheel diameter: 16 inches;
  • Material: aluminum predominates, with the exception of the saddle and arm holders;
  • Age of use: 3 to 5 years old;
  • Weight: slightly more than 8.4 kilograms;
  • Wheels: inflatable;
  • Number of speeds: 1 speed;
  • Equipment: bell, additional wheels and the flag of the company of the same name;
  • Brake: in addition to the usual one, there is a hand brake;



One of the main parameters influencing the choice of a bike. It is also taken into account by all manufacturers when developing their products. The first bike can be bought for a child at the age of 1.5-2 years, and sometimes even earlier. It will be a tricycle with a push handle for parents. Such options will be a good alternative to a stroller. You can take a nap, sit, and ride in them.

They weigh less. It will be much more convenient and interesting for the kid to look at the world around him. And when the legs reach the pedals, he will be able to ride on his own. This is a good preparation for driving more serious models in the future. The design is completely safe and designed in such a way as to teach the child to pedal correctly, control the steering wheel.

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The next age category is a classic tricycle. It differs from the previous samples by the absence of the parent pusher handle and other “bells and whistles”. On such models, the baby will independently pedal and control the direction of movement.

Four-wheeled bicycles follow. They are suitable for kids over 3 years old. Such options are already larger in size. Outwardly, they resemble adult samples. But there are also a number of features. The main one is the presence of two additional wheels. They are small in diameter and are attached to the rear wheel.

The safety wheels help the child to maintain balance without letting him topple over to the side. Learning to drive on your own on such models is much easier. And as you grow older, additional wheels can be removed, turning your “horse” into a standard two-wheeled bike.

At the age of about 6 years and older, you need to select a bike from the two-wheeled category. They differ from adult models in size.

Another important point is the growth of the baby. It is very important to choose the right bike for your child’s height. There is a special way to calculate the frame size and wheel diameter. It is based on growth.

To select the wheel diameter, the following calculations must be performed:

  • Divide the baby’s height in centimeters by 2.5;
  • The result is divided by 2.54, so the diameter is converted to inches.

In practice, it looks like this. For example, a child’s height is 100 cm. This means that the calculation will look like 100: 2.5: 2.54 = 15.7. Accordingly, you need to choose wheels with a diameter of 15 or 16 inches.

You don’t always need to do the calculation yourself. You can choose a suitable unit using special tables. They already contain the results of such calculations.

It will not be enough for a child to choose only the diameter of the bicycle wheels by height. The size of the frame itself is also important. Select so that the length from the handlebars to the front edge of the seat matches the length of the child’s arm from fingertips to elbow.

The height of the frame also matters. It’s easy to check it. In a standing position, the distance from the crotch to the frame should be approximately 10 cm.This is necessary so that the baby does not hit the frame when jumping off the unit.

How to choose a bike for a child

A bicycle is an integral part of childhood. First, these are three-wheeled models, then four-wheeled ones, and finally two-wheeled ones. The child grows up, along with him his needs and capabilities change. This means you need to choose a children’s bike that will meet all the parameters.


When choosing a bike for a child, in addition to size, pay attention to the weight of the projectile. Heavy metal models can be difficult for a young cyclist. Lighter units are made of aluminum alloy. But they are more expensive.

Give preference to models with adjustable handlebar and saddle height. This will allow you to use the bike for a longer time. The adjustment should be such that the child, sitting flat on the saddle, reaches the ground with his feet. This may be necessary in the event of emergency braking. He should rotate the pedals with his entire foot, and not just with his toes.

Pay attention to the type of brakes. The simplest option for a baby is a foot pedal, which is activated by rotating the pedals in the opposite direction. Do not rush to purchase models with a hand brake. The child may not have the strength to push the handle. You can check this by simple manipulations.

Have your baby squeeze, for example, a tin can with one hand. If he succeeds, then your child will also be able to cope with the handbrake. Children under 10 years of age are not recommended to purchase gear shifting units. Although such models do exist. It will be difficult for a young child to balance, follow the road and change gears at the same time.


When choosing a shell for a child, it is important to remember about safety. There are a number of characteristics designed to protect the baby as much as possible. First of all, it is a casing on the chain. It closes the chain, thereby preventing dirt from entering there. The child’s clothes will not get caught in the chain.

In the “cooler” models with multiple gears and hand brakes, cables will run along the frame. It is more convenient when they are hidden in the frame. At a minimum, they should be securely fastened and not dangling next to rotating parts. Soft padding on the handlebars and frame will smooth out the force of an impact in the event of a fall. Wings. protect from flying dirt from under the wheels.

The bell on the steering wheel is installed not just for the entertainment of the baby. You can use it to attract attention to yourself. Reflective elements come in handy when walking in the dark. Do not forget to purchase personal protective equipment for the cyclist: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves. They will protect you from injury during falls.

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Criterias of choice

Choosing the right bike for your child is very important. It depends on whether the baby can ride at all. You should not buy models for growth. Children will not be able to ride bikes that are intended for other categories of buyers.

There are a number of main points that you need to pay attention to in the first place when choosing the appropriate option:

  • age;
  • growth;
  • bike design;
  • security;
  • additional accessories.


Additional items included in the package will make your walk even more enjoyable. These can be various baskets and bags for toys. They are attached to both the handlebar and the rear of the saddle. A luggage carrier can be installed above the rear wheel, which is useful for transporting things. There may also be pump and water bottle mounts. On models for toddlers, light and music panels are built into the steering wheel to entertain the fidget.

Choosing a bike in practice

Involve your child in the choice. He must be involved in the buying process. This will make him feel more important. After all, it is he who will ride the unit in the future. Of course, the child can choose the color, design. And the technical side of the issue lies with the parents. However, consider the child’s opinion.

Be sure to try on the model you like. Let your child sit in the saddle. Check if the on DO reaches the pedals, if the required distances are observed. Choosing the right bike for your child is a big step. In the future, it will depend on him whether the baby will be able to ride.

How to choose a bike for a 4-year-old child?

In most children’s models, the frame is lowered specifically for the convenience of children: it makes it easier to get on and off the bike. Other features of a four-year-old bike include a rear brake and one speed.

  • A bike for two. convenient to use for twins or the weather
  • How to choose the right bicycle helmet for your child

What to look for when choosing a bike?

Recommended distance between crotch and frame

Careful parents need to pay attention to the weight of the bike: if the child himself carries the product, then you need to make sure that he can calmly pick it up and move it, say, up the steps. Often it depends on the materials for the bike: although the steel parts are high-strength, they also weigh a lot. Aluminum parts, on the other hand, will greatly facilitate the design, designed for use by a child.

Brakes on a rover for a preschooler, and better for younger students, should be equipped with a very high-quality foot brake. that is, one that allows you to stop by pedaling the bike in the opposite direction. Why are hand brakes not recommended for toddlers? The fact is that it is difficult for a child’s handle to quickly squeeze them with the necessary force, and it is also worth adding to this that the child may simply get confused and not react in time.

The height of the handlebar is also very important to safety, as is the maximum steering angle. It should be comfortable for a child to hold control even on “bends”, but the angle should not be 90 degrees, because then a small rider runs the risk of hitting a spare part in the event of a fall.

Hand brakes for children with weak handles will not work. If the kid cannot squeeze a can of soda on his own, then it is better for him to use the rear brakes for now. Little riders do not need to change gears: young bikers are usually not able to cope with maintaining balance, changing gears and observing the road at the same time.

How to choose a bike for a child 10-13 years old

How to choose the right bike for your child?

It is impossible to imagine a happy childhood that would pass without a bicycle, a great tool for physical activity, as well as joy for the child. It is not for nothing that all kids and teenagers love bicycles: this is a way to throw out energy, enjoy riding, meet peers and see new places. Therefore, we can say that buying a bike for a child is not an excess, but a primary necessity.!

How to decide on the choice of a unit that is ideal for your child, so as not to overpay and still get a high-quality and reliable model? The main rule, which all sellers and bicycle manufacturers do not get tired of reminding, is that you must refuse to buy a bike for growth. The idea that the child will grow up a little and then the bicycle will become just for him, could be tenacious in the days of the USSR, when buying a miracle car for a specific height was a whole problem. Today, the range of cycling products is so great that there is plenty to choose a bike for the height and age of the child.

Models for the little ones: education and safety

Where to buy a bicycle for a child?

It is better to choose samples from trusted firms that have their own pages on the Internet. Even if you pay more, but complete with an attractive appearance of the bike, you will also receive reliable components, which will allow your child to easily pedal and use their favorite unit for a long time. By the way, you need to look not at the country that released the model, but at the company that made the parts for it. Many well-known bicycle companies relocate their production facilities to Taiwan or China, which does not become synonymous with poor quality. On the contrary, such a bike will not only serve your child perfectly: then the unit can be resold much more profitably than bought on the market.

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How to choose a bike for a child at 5-6 years old?

How to choose a bike for a child of 7-9 years old?

For a child from 6 years old

Purchase models with 20-inch wheels.

For children from 4 years old

Buy bicycles with 18-inch wheels. It is advised to purchase a bicycle made of aluminum, although such models are more expensive than steel.

Hockey Belarus

How to choose the size?

A bicycle is matched to the child’s height by the diameter of the wheels. Measure the height of the child, then divide this figure by 2.5 and then another 2.54 (this is the length of an inch in centimeters). For example, if a child is 130 cm tall, then 130 / 2.5 / 2.54 = 20.5 inches. That is, you need to pick up a vehicle with 20-inch wheels. The diameter of the wheels of such vehicles can be 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24 inches.

Professionals do not advise buying a vehicle “for growth.” If it does not fit in size, then the child will not sit correctly, this increases the load on the spine, this can lead to its curvature. This also increases the load on the hands and knees.

The length of the frame should be selected. The distance from the handlebars to the front edge of the seat should be equal to the length from the elbow to the baby’s toe pads.

When purchasing transport, take your child with you so that he can pre-ride a bike.


Great for toddlers, as they don’t need to maintain balance, just learn to operate. Such models are stable, durable.
Tricycles have a parental handle, seat belts, footrest. As the child grows, you can remove the parental handle, seat belts, footrest. You can also remove the backrest for the seat.

  • Since the vehicle has 3 points of support, even when driving fast, the baby will never roll over.
  • Light transport.
  • Has a beautiful and bright design.
  • Children weighing up to 25-35 kg can ride on it.
  • He is cheap.

GCN’s Top Ten Tips For Buying Kids Bikes

  • Wheels are often hard and loud.
  • Models usually do not stack, so there is a problem of storing them.

Four-wheeled bicycle

A four-wheeled bicycle maneuvers and accelerates better than a three-wheeled bicycle.
Two side wheels of small diameter give it stability, and outwardly it looks like an adult. He has rubber wheels, brake, chain drive, seat, reflectors. When the kid learns to ride, then you can remove the 2 additional wheels.

  • Huge assortment of bicycles for sale.
  • Seat and handlebar height can be adjusted.
  • Additional wheels add stability to the model, but do not affect maneuverability.
  • Since the bike is less stable than a tricycle, beginners should not make sharp turns.
  • Since the frame is made of metal, it is heavier than that of a tricycle. Because of this, it will be difficult for a child to bring the bike into the staircase, carry it up the steps.
  • The bike does not fold, so you need to find a place in the apartment where to put it.

Better to buy balance bikes with pedals. First, the baby moves on 2 wheels, pushing off the ground with his feet, and then drives using the pedals and the brake.

For a child from 3 years old

Children buy bicycles with 16-inch wheels.

How to choose the right children’s bike?

Usually, a baby can be put on a bicycle from 1.5-2 years old.

The brands Kona, Giant and Specialized have proven themselves well, but these brands are not cheap. If you are on a budget, then buy a bicycle from the Russian brand Dewolf (the range of children’s bicycles can be found at

How To Choose A Kids Mountain Bike | Tips For Buying The Right Kids Bike

For children from 9-10 years old

If the child’s height is more than 140 cm, then buy a model with 24-inch wheels.