How To Choose A Bicycle For A 5 Year Old Child


If this is your first time buying a bicycle for your child, then you probably have many questions. A bicycle for a child 7 years old is already a serious technique that must meet such requirements as quality, reliability, convenience and, most importantly, safety. Next, let’s talk about how to choose a bike for a 7 year old child, a 5 year old girl and a 4 year old child.


A bicycle for a 7 year old child is already a serious technique that must meet such requirements as quality, reliability, convenience and, most importantly, safety.

If your child has reached the age of seven and you want to buy him a bicycle, then the recommendations from the article will help you in this matter.

You should know that bicycles in this age category are similar to the adult versions, but in miniature.

Usually these are bicycles with 20-inch wheels.

Do not forget about the correct setting of the saddle height (when the child sits on the saddle, his leg placed on the pedal should be straightened) and the height and tilt of the handlebar (a more comfortable position of the child‘s back, also the knees should move freely and not hit the handlebar).

Consider several options for bicycles for a child of seven.


This bike has a high-strength Shihwinn trail kids steel frame, which is very comfortable for climbing on and off the bike.

There is a chain protection that prevents clothing from getting into it. The design of the bike provides a rear brake (rim V-brake), bicycle wheels 20 inches. One speed available.

Such a bike is suitable for those guys who like to drive, it will also be very convenient to ride it on a bike ride with parents (the bike is already “old enough” for this).


Avanti Super Boy 20 children’s bike is suitable for active children.

The bike frame is made of high-strength Hi-Ten steel, lowered design.

An Avanti front suspension fork is available to enhance cycling comfort. V-brakes (front and rear shoe type), wheel size. 20 inches. The weight of the bike is small. 13.4 kg.

Of course, your purchase will depend on what riding skill the child has, so offer him a ride on the bike of his choice before buying.


Bicycle products offer a wide range of transport options for both girls and boys.

Of course, the girly versions of bicycles do not look as strict and concise as the boys’ options.

It can be bright colors or any bike decorations.

A bike for a 5 year old girl must meet the following standard requirements:

  • Wheel diameter. bike wheels must be 16 inches;
  • Growth features. Place a bicycle on a flat surface of the child and between the legs, then measure the height between the crotch and the frame. it should not be less than five centimeters, ideally five to ten cm;
  • Saddle height. The girl should fully straighten her leg placed on the pedal. Be sure to adjust the tilt and height of the steering wheel for comfortable movement;

Consider the child’s riding experience: if it is small, then it is better to purchase a bike with additional wheels on the rear wheel, which can then be removed. Consider models that can be suitable for a girl of five.


This bike is suitable for an active fidget girl.

The Cube Kid 160 Girl flower power bicycle has a light aluminum frame, a comfortable saddle and adjustable handlebars. Wheel size 16 inches, brakes. rear foot and front rim.

Also included are two additional wheels that can be removed, a rear fender, a bell. Bicycle weight 8.45 kg.

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The Giant Puddin 16 white-purple bicycle model is designed for a real princess. Lightweight aluminum frame has a lowered design that will allow the girl to ride in a skirt or dress.


A four-year-old is old enough for a two-wheeled bicycle.

Of course, when buying a bike for a child of 4 years old, you should choose with additional wheels on the rear wheel, which, if not needed, can be removed.

Bicycle wheels in this age category will already be 16-inch (this is one of the main points when choosing a bicycle). When buying a bike, take your child with you. let him sit on it, ride it, if possible.

When adjusting the saddle, remember that the leg should be straight when the child is sitting on the saddle and his foot is on the pedal. Also, don’t forget to consider your child‘s cycling skill. If it is small, then you should not buy a “fancy” bike, all additional mechanisms will only distract it.

Now let’s look at several models that are suitable for a four-year-old child.


The Stark Bulldog 16 bike is strong enough in its construction, its frame is made of high-strength steel alloy.

There is a front V-brake and a rear foot brake.

The bike also has 16-inch wheels that have aluminum rims and wide tires.

choose, bicycle, year, child

The bike has one speed. The set includes two additional wheels for the rear wheel, which are very easy to remove, and there is also a cover for the chain so that clothes do not fall into it.


The Smart Girl 16 bike has a stylish design; it is preferred by independent and business girls who are already four years old.

This is a fairly sturdy model that has a steel frame in its construction. The brakes in this bike are rim, wheels are 16 inches.

High level of safety: the stars and the chain are completely protected from clothing. The bike has a height adjustable saddle and handlebars. There is also one speed.

The kit includes additional wheels that are attached to the rear wheel, a trunk that is located behind the saddle (there you can transport your dolls).

How to choose a bike for a child from 1.5 to 3 years old

You can put a child on the first bike as soon as he starts walking, that is, in a year and a half. True, his first three-wheeled car will resemble a bicycle only in design. The same seat, steering wheel, wheels, pedals. But what is this long handle behind the seat, extending obliquely up and like a cane?

In fact, a car is a bicycle stroller, and a long handle with which parents control the movement. The child is held in the stroller by straps, and, pushing off with his feet or rotating the pedals, he imitates a ride. He is overwhelmed with joy and pride. Such a beautiful machine obeys him. It was impossible to invent a better toy for him.!

In addition to joy, pride and an unforgettable experience, cycling is also very beneficial for the health and physical development of the child (what is the use of cycling). Legs become strong, movements are coordinated, the ability to maintain balance, the ability to navigate in space are trained.

At 1.5 years old, the child will already be able to fully drive a real tricycle. This machine can serve him up to about three years. So little is not at all because of the wear and tear of the bike, but because the child is growing, and the bike must be selected by all means according to its height.

In no case should you buy a bicycle “for growth”. Bicycle models correspond to each age. Underestimating Will Increase Bicycle Falls and Risk of Injury.

A tricycle will teach a child to sit, brake, drive, pedal correctly, but will not teach balancing. Most children have achieved significant coordination of movements by the age of four, which allows them to use a two-wheeled bicycle with additional wheels.

The selection of a bicycle for the height of children’s bicycles is different from that of adults. Here, the size is not related to the height of the frame, but to the height of the child and the size of the wheels. At the age of 1.5 to 3 years, the average height of a child is 98 cm. The diameter of the wheels is respectively 12 inches. The baby is growing and an adjustment is made for 4 inches for every 15 cm. So with an increase of 130 cm and above, the wheel diameter is already twice as large. 24 inches.

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So, we buy a bicycle suitable for the age of the child, which will serve him for a maximum of 1.5 years. What we pay attention to?

The bike should be as stable as possible. Well, tricycles are the best at meeting this requirement.

The baby’s bike must be suitable for his height. In the interval from 1.5 to 3 years, the average height of a child is 98-102 cm. We place a bicycle between the legs of a standing child. The distance from the crotch to the frame should not be less than 10 centimeters. This will allow the child to jump off the bike in an accident without any problems. A child, sitting on a bicycle, should easily reach the pedals with the middle of the foot.

If he has difficulty reaching the pedals with his toe, the seat should be lowered. If the child is hunched over, the steering wheel must be raised. If your knees are close to the handlebars and hit the handlebars, you need to tilt the handlebars. All these simple manipulations allow you to lengthen the life of the bike. Thus, the presence of adjustments is very important for both control comfort and finances.

The steering wheel should not roll. The foot brake should be simple and reliable. By scrolling the pedals in the opposite direction, the child should be able to stop the bike. Since a child of this age has very weak handles, the hand brake is not installed.

A protective metal frame is required to cover the chain. It prevents clothing from entering the chain.

A bicycle on rubber wheels develops a high speed that a child cannot cope with. Therefore, plastic wheels are preferable. They wear out quickly, but the lifespan of these bikes is already short.

The bike must be light, otherwise it will be difficult for the child to control it. Parents, too, will appreciate the lightness of the construction as they climb the stairs every day. It is desirable that the child has a say in choosing a bike. In fact, the models of tricycles differ little from each other. But the kid can be delighted with horns, headlights, the design of the front of a bicycle “under a motorcycle” or the face of a lion, elephant or tiger. You may also like a bike rack for a bike, because you can put your treasures in it.

By the way, we recommend:

Do not forget that accessories can significantly increase the weight of the bike and find a reasonable compromise with your child.

There are a great many tricycles. How not to get confused when choosing?

Be guided by the above and the fact that bright, inexpensive bicycles from China are very poor quality. Parts can start flying off from the very first days. Domestic products are less beautiful, but much more reliable.

So the choice is yours and your child.

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Rating of children’s bicycles from 5 years old: how to choose

Children’s bicycles are considered to be with wheel diameters from 8 to 20 inches.

They differ from vehicles intended for adults in their simplicity of design and brightness of design.

The smallest two-wheelers are often equipped with an additional pair of removable wheels that attach to the rear axle. They make the structure more stable, which is important at the beginning of learning to ride a bike.

Models for boys over 5 years old

Standard bicycles for 5 year olds and older boys have wheel diameters from 12 to 16 inches. If the wheel diameter is 20-24 inches, then this model is designed for teenagers, 26 inches and more. for adults.

We recommend you read in more detail about a children’s bike for a girl from 3 years old.


Tricycles are bought for boys between the ages of one and 3-4 years. For older children, two-wheeled cars are already taken. There are also four-wheel options, but they are not so popular: bulky structures require specialized storage space, and their use is possible only on a high-quality flat surface.

There are not many types of children’s bicycles, as boys need transportation for short trips in comfortable conditions, and it is too early for them to do tricks or engage in extreme riding. Therefore, among the children’s models, you cannot find racing or mountain options. Such transport is intended for at least teenagers. Bicycles for children are smaller copies of adult city models.

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Children’s bike can be foldable. It is convenient for storage and transportation. If you fold it, then you can safely take it on public transport. The folding bike is designed for short distances. Variations available with multiple shifting speeds and short travel forks.

Citybikes are road bikes that have a heavy or medium-weight frame and tires with one gear or planetary gearshift mechanism. The design provides for fenders above both wheels and a protective guard over the chain, baskets are often installed on them. The cyclist will sit up straight. They are taken for boys 10-12 years old.


Boys’ bicycles are used very actively and not always neatly. Therefore, among the happy parents of future men, first of all, reliable models are held in high esteem.

The most reliable models of bicycles for boys (you will find photos of bikes later in the article).

Name Frame material Wheel diameter (inches) Features: Price, rub.)
Smart Bikes Boy 16 Steel sixteen Robust frame and quality workmanship, lightweight. Ergonomic seat. Hand and foot brakes. There are a pair of side wheels 9140
TREK Jet 16 Steel sixteen Lightweight, there are additional small wheels. The steering wheel is padded. Hand brake. The tires are strong, wide 11890
STELS Pilot 240 Steel 20 A sporty model with a very sturdy frame. Rim brakes (rear and front) 9850
STELS Pilot 450 Steel 20 Folding bike with rim brakes. Heavy and harsh, but compact. 5 speeds. There is a rearview mirror 8250
Merida Dakar 612-Coaster Aluminium alloy 12 Single speed, rigid frame. The hand brakes are tight, but the construction itself is light 6200

How to choose. we take into account height and age

It is important for a child that the bike is comfortable for him, that is, the model should be:

  • such that the boy could easily sit on the seat and get off it;
  • strong. future men are distinguished by expression and craving for extreme, respectively, the car will be beat and more than once;
  • easy, feasible for the child;
  • with the ability to adjust the height of the handlebar and seat for individual fit and ensure the correct fit of the cyclist;
  • safe. the bicycle chain is tightly closed with a cover, a limiter is installed on the handlebar, preventing it from turning more than 180º;
  • simple, because a three-year-old himself will not be able to figure out complex systems, and the older boy, although he will understand what is what, will be distracted while driving, and this is unsafe.

For 3-5 year olds

At this age, boys are already showing great independence, but psychologically few of them are able to independently drive a two-wheeled bicycle. For them, you need to select either a large three-wheeled model, or a small (with wheels no more than 16 inches) two-wheeled with side wheels.

The most acceptable wheel diameter is 14-16 inches.

For boys 6-8 years old

Such models are already copying adult bicycles: some samples even have speed switches, soft front forks. But there are no specialized machines (for jumps or extreme sports) in this category yet, as well as high-class equipment and structural elements.

The optimal wheel size for this age group is 18-20 inches.

To develop not only muscles, but also the intelligence of a child, pay attention to metal constructors for boys.

For boys 9-12 years old

There are also no serious sports models in this category. But you can already pick up a bike that can overcome the Russian field of average difficulty.

9-12 years is an age close to adolescence, therefore, a bicycle should be selected not by age, but by height. Some boys may need models with wheels not 20, but 24 or even 26 inches.

A boy’s bike should be of high quality, light in weight and level of handling, and safe. But given the peculiarities of the attitude of a little man to transport, the car must also be safe, very durable, and fashionable.

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