How To Change The Rear Wheel On A Speed Bike


Before disassembling the rear wheel of a bicycle, installed it on a special stand, or any other component of the vehicle, you must study its device.

It consists of the following components:

  • Sleeve;
  • Rim;
  • Knitting needles;
  • Tube or tire that must have the correct pressure.

The device of the rear wheel hub of a bicycle is quite simple: it is attached to the rim with spokes (from 12 to 48 pieces).

The size of the wheel is determined by the outer diameter, which ranges from 14 to 29 inches. Mountain bike models are more often equipped with 26-inch wheels, while hybrid or touring bikes are equipped with 28-inch wheels.

The rear wheel design of a speed bike does not have spokes. Instead, a solid disc is used for increased rigidity. This design is less resistant to oncoming air flow, but has increased windage, which makes it difficult to ride in a crosswind.

The life of a wheel depends on the design of the rim, and its strength affects the speed and safety of the ride. Modern bicycles are most often equipped with box-like rims. Thanks to this shape, the wheel is protected from damage when hitting a hard obstacle.

Steel or aluminum alloys are most often used as a material for the manufacture of rims. The steel rim is cheaper, but it is heavier and less resistant to corrosion. Carbon is considered the most modern material, but the price of such models is very high.

Tools you should always have with you

Sideboards (side vanes, “assemblies”, “mounts”, in extreme cases, screwdrivers). Used to remove tires from the rim. This is a spatula made of plastic or metal, which has a hook for securing it to the knitting needles.

It’s better if you have set of 2-3 pieces, the speed at which the tire will be removed depends on this, because sometimes the tires can be removed by hands and the girl, without straining her face, and sometimes a set of three pieces will make you make an effort.

Camera Patches. Now such kits are used that the problem will be fixed in a very short time. Can be self-adhesive.

Rubber or special “Bicycle” glue. Take it better, as superglue does not work at low temperature conditions.

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Sandpaper, necessary when performing stripping at the puncture site.

Any aggressive liquid (Gasoline type) for degreasing cleaning the place. Don’t take acetone, the combination of glue and acetone will give an unexpected effect.


A rather vulnerable part of the structure. In addition to the rider’s mass, which is exerted on them, the spokes are regularly stressed by the unevenness of the road surface. The spoke is fixed in the rim with a nipple. The most common materials are steel and aluminum.

Depending on the production process, the needles can be:

  • Katanyms (the cheapest option);
  • Elongated (lighter but more expensive)
  • Flat (The most expensive option, surpassing others in weight and resistance to oncoming air flows).

How to remove the rear wheel

Removing the rear wheel is as easy as removing the front. However, before removing the rear wheel from the mounts, you must first remove the chain from the wasp, and also release the brakes so that they do NOT interfere.

Replacing a bicycle camera

To remove the tire and remove the damaged chamber, it is necessary to remove the remaining air: the cap is unscrewed and the wheel is lowered by continuous pressing on the nipple. If there is no air in the tire, which is more often the case with punctures, just unscrew the cap.

To remove the tires, you will need special mounting paddles. Of course, you can pry the camera with a regular screwdriver and even a knife, but it is better to have a professional tool. With the help of assemblies, the tire is pushed on from the side opposite to the nipple. As soon as it begins to tighten, you need to pry the sides a little further, until a sufficient free part of the tire is formed, and it can be safely pulled off the rim.

Removing tires with shoulder blades

You need to tighten it very carefully so as not to damage the rim, not to use too much force. When the tire is removed, removing the damaged camera and installing a new one. The nipple is threaded into the hole in the rim, then the chamber is evenly distributed around the circumference.

Attention! The camera must lie flat, without kinks, otherwise you will have to reinstall it. There must be a Flipper at the bottom of the rim to protect it from the spokes. If it breaks, you need to install a new one or get by with two layers of thin electrical tape.

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On top of the rim, the outer part of the tire is put on, this time, from the side of the nipple. When installing a tire, you must take into account the correct direction of the tread pattern. Usually, arrows are drawn on the tires, and in the upside down state of the bicycle, the forward direction is backward in the lower position. The rear wheel of a speed mountain bike is easy to go wrong, though, thanks to the cassette on the side. After mounting, the camera is inflated.

How to put the front wheel back

To put the wheel back, you need to do the same as when removing, but in reverse order:

  • We put the wheel in the mount so that the rotation is not confused. The direction of rotation is written on the tires, but keep in mind that the bike should be turned upside down. This is done in order to avoid when driving “eights”, because the wheel tire is arranged according to a special technology.
  • Sturdy wheel with a nut or eccentric tight enough not to fly back when riding.
  • Flipping the bike.
  • Putting the brakes back as they were if you have rim brakes installed.

After that, you need to check the wheel: how it turns and whether it brakes correctly.

When to remove the rear wheel

It is unlikely that the idea of ​​unscrewing the chassis from the bicycle frame would just come to mind, unless, of course, a person does NOT specialize in dismantling. But this is a completely different case. Dismantling the rear wheel will be required if the following problems are observed:

  • Noticeable damage to the rim;
  • Full wear when a wheel needs to be replaced;
  • A flat tire or a blown tire;
  • Bulkhead bushing.

This also includes the planned replacement of the rear sprocket and chain.

How To Change The Rear Wheel On A Speed Bike

Before removing the bike, turn it over and place it on the saddle and handlebars. It is better to remove awnings in the form of a mirror, bell and lantern in advance so as not to damage them under the weight of the frame. V-brakes are first released and removed, otherwise they will not allow the wheel to be pulled out freely. With disk models, everything is easier. you can immediately remove the wheel.

I must say that the process of removal itself consists only in unscrewing the eccentric or unscrewing the fastening nuts from the axis of the bushing, who has something. If the mount is an eccentric, simply unscrew the handles and twist the wheel. The nut fastening is loosened with one or two keys.

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Usually, one wrench of the appropriate size is enough, with which the nuts are removed one by one. If the bushing is turning, then the nuts are unrolled simultaneously in different directions. Open-end or box wrenches are recommended. The adjustable version is undesirable, as its thick horns “eat up” the corners of the nut due to loose fit and sliding.

Solid here

The rear frame pad in the solid axle can also have a gearshift mechanism that is bolted on. There must be a bolt and a nut that holds it. The wheel is mounted on a suspension. That should be located on the back of this bracket, with which the right side is moved forward. Tune the wheel and check the nuts.

Removing the sleeve

We remove the cassette from the asterisk using a special Stripper, a key and a whip. First, we insert the puller into the grove, then we insert the key into it, put on the whip on the big stars, hold the stars with it, and unscrew the nut. Now that the nut is unscrewed, you can easily remove the cassette from the sprocket.

Before disassembling the sleeve, the tension on the spokes should be loosened so that it can easily be pulled out of the engagement. When parsing this part, it is better to decompose all of its components in order, so that later you can precisely put everything in place. If necessary, you can replace the bearings, which, unlike metal components, are the first to fail. Timely service of the bushing will ensure its long service life, so do not neglect the cleaning and lubrication of the mechanism parts.

In the reverse order, the spokes are tightened exactly as far as they have been loosened, it is important not to overtighten them, but the parts must be firmly fixed. The cassette is put on the sleeve and the whip is tightened.

After all the procedures performed, due to which the wheel and its parts were dismantled, you need to know how to assemble the rear wheel of the bike back.

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