How To Change The Code On The Bike Lock

Types of bike locks

Today there are these types of bicycle locks:

Rope fasteners

In recent years, they have become one of the most popular castles. As a rule, such fixers work thanks to a specially coded lock, which has its own personal number for entering.

Such a device is a bit like chain locks, but instead of a chain, it has a built-in cable. As for reliability, such a mechanism is quite strong, but I could not hope for it as the main means of protecting the bike.

How To Change The Code On The Bike Lock


  • Lightness and compactness. Such a lock can be easily folded into a bag, since it can easily twist into spirals and fit even in a small space.
  • Large selection, both in appearance and in length. Some models can be up to two meters in length, which allows you to attach the bike to any surface.


  • Low resistance to chemical attack.
  • Ineffective as a means of protection, since even a novice robber can easily break its combination lock.
  • Such a rope can be easily “bite” with metal scissors.
  • Fragility.


  • 2. Lock with chain
  • 3. Plate lock
  • 4. Rope fasteners
  • 5. Locks for blocking
  • How to choose
  • Price
  • What to do if you forgot the code on the lock
  • Blitz Tips

Outwardly, it looks like the letter U, which is why it got its name. Its main frame can weigh up to two kilograms, which indicates the excellent strength of the lock. Such a lock has a very rigid shell, with which you can attach the wheels to the frame or the frame itself to any immovable building.

The advantages are:

  • Reliability.
  • DOES NOT lend itself to sawing and opening with a master key.
  • It can even hold a folding bike.
  • DOES NOT lend itself to hammers and other heavy tools, so robbers will not be able to break it in any way.

The downsides to using such a cycling protection are:

  • This lock is rather bulky and heavy. It is not always convenient to carry it with you.
  • It has limited reach. For example, they cannot chain a vehicle to a wide tree or wide pipe.
  • High price.
  • Small selection of sizes and colors.

Lock with chain

It is considered not a particularly reliable means of protection, but if it is made of a high-quality alloy, then nothing will be able to cut it. It is a long chain (about a meter) on both sides of which a locking mechanism is attached.

Most often, such a mechanism is an ordinary lock, which is locked with a key or code. Also, such a chain is usually wrapped in a cloth or rubber covering, so the bike frame is not subject to scratching.

Pros of a chain lock:

  • Good plasticity and length, which allows it to be attached to almost any surface in width.
  • Long service life.
  • In high-quality alloys, chains have resistant links, which have a special shape. As a result, it will be very difficult to influence them in any way.
  • They can be used in areas with a high crime rate, since neither a hacksaw nor a chisel will take them.


  • Great weight. As a rule, its weight is about two kilograms, so when buying, you should be prepared for the fact that now you will always have to carry such a weight with you.
  • If the chain is made of low-quality metal, then the robber can easily cut it through.
  • If you have a regular key lock, you can open it with a master key.

How to choose

When buying these types of locks, you should use the following recommendations:

  • First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the products. All of them must have a quality certificate.
  • The locking device must work without interruption and can be easily locked and unlocked. If, when buying, the mechanism jams, scrolls and is difficult to open, then buying such a device is not worth it, otherwise you yourself will constantly have to fiddle with a faulty lock.
  • When choosing a U-shaped lock, you need to make sure that its material is made of a burglar-proof alloy, otherwise, otherwise, it will be possible to cut it.
  • When buying a plate lock, it must be inspected for cracks. If at least in some part there is already a malfunction, then it is not worth taking it.
  • In order not to damage the bike frame and protect it from scratches, it is recommended to purchase chain locks that have already been wrapped in rubber or cloth.

Despite a good selection of different locks, it is the U-shaped lock that is considered the best, since although it weighs quite a lot, it can nevertheless ensure the complete safety of the vehicle. It is made of heavy-duty material, so it is completely NOT exposed to any damage or spraying.

  • .
  • Cable locks cost between 350-800 rubles.
  • Chains cost from 670 rubles.
  • for U-shaped devices start at 1960 rubles
  • Blocking ones cost from 840 rubles.

Locks for blocking

Designed to be fastened with one end to the wheels and the other to the frame, so the wheel cannot move.


  • Low cost.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Ease of use, because to secure it you only need to press one lever.


  • When using it, the bike does NOT attach to other objects at all, so you can simply carry it out on your hands.
  • Poor reliability.

Plate lock

It is an improved version of the U-shaped lock. It has a hardened steel plate, which can be folded quickly and conveniently. Thanks to this, such a device is quite compact and convenient to carry.

The advantages are:

  • Ease.
  • Convenience in transportation.


  • Steel plates do not protect well enough against burglars, especially in cases where the latter have special tools.
  • It may break at the points of attachment of the plates and crumble in your hands.
  • You can attach a vehicle using such a device only in one plane.
  • When using, it is recommended to install an alarm, otherwise you may be left without a bike.
  • Lack of reliability.

For a bicycle, a lock is a popular model. What to do if you forgot the code on the lock

It so happens that the code just flies out of my head. In this case, do not panic, because even a combination lock can be opened. To do this, you only need to have Special knowledge of the opening technique.

The general process is as follows:

  • Classic code devices have a specific four-digit combination. All of them are located at certain levels. At each of THESE levels, you must correctly set the number from 0 to 99.
  • There is always a small mark on the side of such mechanisms (on the side of the numbers). In this case, you need to start rotating the digital disk clockwise. This rotation must be done so that the numbers pass this mark three times. On the fourth circle, you need to stop and go to the second disc.
  • Next, you need to move counterclockwise and go past the same mark twice. Pause on the third lap. When the disk reaches the third security level, then it must be returned again clockwise. In this case, the mark should be passed only once, then pause.
  • On the fourth (last) disc, turn it counterclockwise until the code digit reaches the mark. After it is exactly opposite it, you should stop rotating the disk.

If this technique is performed correctly, then the lock should open.

Also, when you open such devices yourself, you must be careful, otherwise one extra or missing turn of the disk may not allow you to open the code.

How to open a bicycle lock without a key

Anti-theft cables are extremely popular due to their low cost, but opening them is a matter of seconds, not even minutes. You can open a new bike lock without even having a key. On the web, you can find dozens with a description of this process.

Therefore, if you lost the key, do not be discouraged, but act as follows:

  • A knife blade, half of a scissor, a flat screwdriver, or any similar device is inserted into the keyhole;
  • The inserted blade rotates with force along with the larva;
  • “Cycling Safety Guarantee” is rented in literally seconds.

How to open a bicycle combination lock

Among the mass of anti-theft devices on the market, the most trusted by consumers is the bicycle combination lock. Unlike traditional devices that are mechanically opened using a key, opening them requires setting the correct digital combination on the rotating toggle switches.

  • general information
  • Step-by-step instructions for opening a bicycle combination lock
  • How to open a bicycle combination lock
  • How to open a Cyclotech bike lock
  • How to open a bicycle lock without a key
  • conclusions

How to open a bicycle combination lock. Step-by-step instructions for opening a bicycle combination lock

Algorithm of actions if you forgot the code on the bike lock:

  • We set all the numbers to the same position, for example, at 1111 The opening method consists in pulling both ends of the device with each composition. The goal is the appearance of a small gap that occurs when two numbers are correctly adjacent;
  • Continue pulling and changing the dial until there are gaps between all the numbers;
  • When the combination is found correctly, the device will open without problems.

How to open a Cyclotech bike lock

Cyclotech code lock is a budget option of a security device that compares favorably with analogues in the same price category in size and cost. It provides an effective and simple anti-theft protection. This option is also convenient in that you do not need to carry a key with you to open it, which can be lost so easily.

The device is unusually easy to operate, even a child can handle it. In order to pick the lock, you need to set four toggle switches in the desired digital combination. However, if the code is forgotten or lost forever, you have to sweat a little.

To open the cyclotech lock, follow the instructions below:

  • Let’s start by setting the first toggle switch to any number in the digital range 0-99;
  • The stationary part of the device has a specially applied mark, each of the selected numbers will pass it three times in the transition to the next level;
  • At each level, it is necessary to pass the above label, until the correct cipher is found. It is not excluded that in the selection process you yourself will remember the desired combination;
  • At the third level, it is necessary to rotate the switch counterclockwise to achieve the correct combination.
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general information

A modern bicycle is far from being a cheap pleasure, so it is quite logical that many are trying to protect valuable property by hanging anti-theft devices on it. Nowadays you will NOT see a vehicle abandoned on the street and NOT attached by anything, even to any post, fence or bike parking.

The combination lock is fixed on a fixed support (bicycle rack), entangles quickly removable elements, preventing their removal.

We emphasize right away that the information given below is not posted in order to push someone to illegal actions. We tell you how to open a combination lock for those who, by their own absent-mindedness or forgetfulness, have lost their password, and DO NOT consider the option of biting the device with hydraulic scissors.

If we are dealing with the Simplest code device, similar to the one installed on suitcases and cases, then we have to crack the code on three number wheels, which is about 1000 combinations. Enumeration of all possible ones usually takes less than half an hour.


As you can see, it is very easy to break a cable lock from a bicycle without a key, therefore, for effective protection, experts Insist on using several options for locking devices. Agree, if every student knows how to open the device, it cannot be considered reliable a priori.

The main types of combination locks

Before answering the question of how to change the code on the lock, you need to understand the types and design features of devices. So, combination locks can be:

  • Mechanical. The key on the lock can be typed:
  • By pressing the number keys (mechanical push-button lock)

Mechanical combination lock with opening plates

    • Setting the code in a specific order (mechanical disc lock)

    Mechanical device, unlocked upon setting the code by rotation

    • Electromechanical. Such devices consist of two interconnected blocks: a locking mechanism and a code panel that actuates the bolt of the lock. The individual parts of the lock are electrically connected to each other. The device is controlled by an electric drive, and the secret part is equipped with mechanical elements;

    Electromechanical coded lock

    • Electronic. Both the controls and the secret part of the lock are based on electronic components. The lock requires an electric current source.

    Locking device powered by power supply

    Replacing the cipher on a mechanical push-button lock

    How to change the code on a mechanical combination lock equipped with buttons? To do this, you will need to perform the following operations:

    • Using a screwdriver of a suitable size, remove the keypad of the lock. This action is required to gain access to the cipher control;

    Removing the keypad for transcoding

    • Inside the lock there are 10 plates (corresponding to the number of buttons), which are installed in a certain position. Each plate has a slight bevel on one side. Working plates, the numbers of which are included in the digital combination, which is a code, are oriented towards the center of the lock. The rest. to the edges of the locking device;

    All plates are turned to the edges of the device, which indicates that there is no cipher

    • To change the combination of the numbers of the constituents that open the code, the corresponding plates must be turned over. To do this, you need to remove the lock element from its groove and return it around its axis.

    Procedure for replacing the code of a push-button combination lock

    You can learn more about the procedure for changing the code on a mechanical push-button lock by looking at.

    Replacing the code on a mechanical disc lock

    Disk locks are padlocks and mortise locks. The latest devices are usually installed on safes. Padlocks are more widely used. Consider K \ how to change the code on a padded combination lock, Disk. You should be guided by the following instructions:

    • The locking device must be moved to the “open” position;
    • Lock the shackle of the padlock, pressed it;
    • Set the required combination of numbers;
    • Lower the bow and check the functionality.

    The process of changing the code on the Spring disk lock

    Self-recoding of the lock

    You can change the lock code on any device that has this function. For transcoding, you may need to partially remove the lock or purchase a special key.

    How to change the code on the combination lock with your own hands

    Combination locks are divided into two main types: with the ability to change the numerical combination, which is a cipher for opening, and with a standard, not changing code. If possible, it is more expedient to choose locks with a built-in function for replacing the working code, since they are distinguished by a high degree of reliability. How to change the code on the lock? To do this, you should carefully read the instructions provided in this article.

    Self-transcoding of the code lock

    Changing the code on electromechanical and electronic locks

    Electromechanical and electronic locks are similar in design. The locking mechanism is controlled by entering a specific code consisting of different numbers. Moreover, unlike mechanical combination locks, the numbers that make up the numerical combination of the code can be repeated.

    To change the code on an electronic or electromechanical device, you must carefully read the instructions supplied with the lock. The replacement of the cipher can be done in one of the following ways:

    • By introducing a code that puts the locking mechanism into programming mode;
    • With the introduction of a specialized key.

    To change the cipher in devices equipped with the transcoding mode, you will need:

      • Enter the code that transfers the lock from the operating mode to the coding mode. This code must be included with the device upon purchase. The introduction of the code can be carried out directly by the keyboard located on the lock or by an additional device, remotely acting on the locking mechanism;
      • Enter a new numerical combination, which will later be the working code;
      • Put the lock into operation mode and check its performance.

      Changing the code of the lock using an additional device

      Changing the code in locks using a key is carried out in the following order:

      • The key is inserted into a special hole, usually located on the side of the lock. In this way, the device switches to a mode in which the cipher can be changed;
      • A new code is being introduced;
      • The key is removed and the operation of the device is checked.

      The procedure for changing the code on the lock Takes no more than 5 minutes. Before replacing the cipher, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the instructions attached to the locking mechanism.

      The procedure for changing the code at the Spring Castle

      To find out how to set a code on a suitcase on padlocks, read the following instructions and take the necessary steps:

      • Open the suitcase using the factory code.
      • With the lock open, you must return the metal bow to 90 or 1800 and hang it into the case.
      • Fix the recessed position of the bracket and enter new numbers by turning the dials on the lock body.
      • After installing a new combination, release the shackle on the lock.

      Such a simple instruction will allow you to protect your suitcase with a new individual code on the lock and protect yourself from theft. In both cases, it is necessary to remember the entered numbers exactly in order to avoid the unpleasant situation of a locked lock at the most inopportune moment. If you are NOT sure that you can keep a set of numbers in your mind, use combinations that are familiar only to you, for example, your date of birth. You can, of course, write down the combination, keep it in your personal notebook.

      How to change the code on a suitcase. instructions

      The locks of new suitcases are always set to the factory code, consisting of three zeros. 000. This standard set of numbers must be changed by the owner to prevent spontaneous changes or use by others for their own purposes. There are two types of locks on a suitcase or bag. padded or fixed.

      How to change, install, reset the code on the suitcase

      The procedure for setting the code on a fixed lock

      To find out how to set the code on a suitcase, read the instructions below:

      • Open the suitcase by locking the factory code combination.
      • Block the lock code using a special button or a lever on its side edge.
      • Keep the button pressed. If this is a lever, you need to move it to the right, then up.
      • When the button is pressed or the lever is set in the indicated position, it is necessary to change the code on the lock by setting the desired combination.
      • Immediately after completing the combination setting, release the button or return the lever to its original initial position.

      How to set a new code on the suitcase lock

      The design of modern models of suitcases for travel includes a system with a combination lock, which prevents unauthorized opening. This foresight helps to keep content from being stolen in public areas such as an airport or hotel. However, not all NEW owners of suitcases with a lock know how to set it up correctly, set a personal code that allows the suitcase to be opened only when typing it. It turns out that you can do this pretty quickly.

      How to change the door lock code

      In everyday life, there are times when it is necessary to replace the lock on the door or set a code on it. Many owners believe that it is impossible to do this without preparation, and resort to the help of services that deal with similar tasks. However, it is possible to completely do without their intervention, Using the proposed by us option of putting into operation a door code lock of the German brand “Format”.

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      The procedure for changing or installing a code on door locks

      Changing the code on the lock must be done on the door from the inside. You cannot perform this operation from its outside. If it is necessary to replace it from the front side, it will be necessary to completely dismantle the door.

      • First you need to leave the door open, close the lock.
      • Next, you need to dial the original code, fixed when installing the entrance lock.
      • The lock disc has a mark for changing the code, you will need to find it.
      • It is necessary to set the extreme digit on this mark.
      • For further actions, you will need a key to the lock. It is installed in the lock from the inside until it stops.
      • The key turns 90 0 clockwise without sudden movements until it reaches the “CHANGE” position.
      • When the key is installed in the lock, a new code combination is entered.
      • To enter the first digit from the code combination, it is necessary to return the dial counterclockwise four times, set it opposite to the “code change” position.
      • The second digit is entered by rotating the disk in the opposite direction three times, reaching the opposite position to the code change mark.
        10. The third digit is fixed after two full rotation of the lock dial already counterclockwise to the position indicated above.
        11. After this action, the special key from the lock turns to position “INSERTION” and is pulled out.

      This streamlined instruction will help you effortlessly, quickly and reliably code your door lock. All actions must be performed in a clearly specified sequence. Any change in its implementation may lead to the unsuitability of the lock in the future due to its automatic blocking.

      If you doubt the reliability of carrying out the proposed operations on your own, then it is better to ask for help from the masters who provide services of this format. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies providing professional assistance in solving problems of changing and installing code. A qualified employee will quickly be able to determine the type of coding, reset the door lock code and undertake to keep the final data secret.

      Keys and combination lock

      Lever and cylinder locks. Old bicycle locks with cylindrical keys, called lever locks, were not very reliable. They, having tried, could be opened using only the shaft of a ballpoint pen.

      Cylinder Bike Locks with flat keys are expected to be more reliable. Although with regard to expensive copies, it does not matter what type their internal mechanism belongs to. Locks assembled with a high level of secrecy will in any case be burglar-proof.

      Code lock. For the convenience of everyday use, the combination lock for the bicycle is in the lead, since using it does not need to carry a key with you. The main thing ─ not forgotten Installed code.

      Although all combination locks have four rotary discs and require one correct combination of 9999 possible combinations to open them, a seasoned intruder can open some, rather than the best, in less than a minute. You can be convinced of just the legends by looking at the following.

      On. Most likely, it is shown breaking low-quality locks, since most expensive models do not emit a clattering sound when they hit the desired number. In a reliable code grip, a noticeable increase in the free stroke of the stem does NOT mean that you correctly guessed one of the numbers. Some absent-minded cyclists, having personally forgotten the set code, cannot open their lock for the second year already. Now they have only one way out. cut the cable.

      Grips for fixing in a special parking lot or for a fence

      A U-shaped lock, like a chain lock, is difficult to cut with a hacksaw or scissors. Plus, it is impossible to rest against its large bow with a crowbar when trying to break.

      The disadvantage of the U-shaped grip is that it cannot grip a tree or a post, because we have organized bike stands. Therefore, you will have to fasten the bike to the frame, preferably grabbing the rear wheel to the iron fence. It is stupid to hook only wheels, since they are NOT the most expensive parts of a bicycle.
      You can also say that the U-shaped bike lock is very bulky and difficult to transport on a bike. But as you can see in the following photo, This is not a problem for the savvy cyclist.

      From the readings earlier, one can hastily conclude that any U-lock experienced Bugger opens without problems. In fact, you can only deal with a burglar so quickly with a cheap lock. Reputable manufacturers such as Kryptonite or OnGuard sell high security locks. Their products are covered by a three-year warranty. The German company Abus should also be noted, in which it was already mentioned as a manufacturer of high-quality bicycle locks.

      The plate lock does not have a reputation for being the best bicycle lock, but deserves attention due to its compact design. Folded bike lock Takes up very little space.

      You need to know that over time, with constant turns, the movable attachment points of the plates wear out, while the strength of the entire structure decreases. And, of course, a lock assembled from plates is not as convenient as a cable or a chain, because it bends only in one plane.

      Sound alarm

      An alarm like the one in the picture is inexpensive, up to 10 without a remote control. But still, it is assembled in a waterproof case. This device has three settings: A ─ setting a three-digit password; B ─ turning on the alarm; C ─ sensitivity setting.

      The built-in sensor usually reacts to vibration, but at the maximum sensitivity set ─ even to touch. After the alarm is triggered, the buzzer works for 15 seconds and then turns off to save battery power. The charge of an easily replaceable krone-type battery lasts for about 29 days of operation in standby mode.

      Wheel and saddle stoppers

      Fasteners for a pin wrench. Of course, eccentrics are very convenient when you need to quickly remove the wheels and seat from the bike, unfortunately, and for the thief they are assistants in seizing other people’s quick-detachable parts.
      In areas with frequent bike theft, it may be wiser to swap out eccentrics for fasteners with custom bolts and nuts.

      Pinhead bolts fit inside the hollow hub axles and into the seatpost clamp instead of the standard hardware. You can unscrew the nuts from them only with a key with pin hooks, which is included in the kit. Therefore, a thief will NOT be able to remove the wheels or saddle from your vehicle, even if you take a whole box of keys with him.

      On ordinary wasps with a diameter of 9 mm, to protect against removal, you need to screw the nuts under the torx. With the same slots There must be a bolt and nut clamping the seatpost clamp.

      The V-shaped bollard grabs the wheel rim like handcuffs and, when closed, does NOT allow the wheel to rotate, resting on the frame.

      Of course, such a lock will prevent a thief from riding your bike. But a criminal can carry a bike over his shoulder or throw it into a car.

      The wheel lock is very convenient, because it is very light and takes up little space during transportation. But it should be noted that it is very dangerous to use only one blocker without sound signaling. In the hope that Caring people will stop a person with someone else’s bike on their shoulder or make a noise, you will be left with a nose. In all large cities, in any country, all passers-by simply do not care about other people’s worries, or people simply do not realize what is happening under their noses.

      Look at. How easy it is to take possession of someone else’s property in New York. The same reaction of passers-by to the theft will be in Russian or European cities. They say that if in Amsterdam you shout “Hey, this is my bike!”, Then from passing by, 3-4 people will throw their bikes and run away.

      Which bike lock is better to choose?

      To make your bike difficult for thieves, you need to use bike locks. The cheapest ones are made of soft metal, naturally, they can be easily cracked or cross-sections. You only need to buy cheap things to attach your bag or helmet to your bike. A quality bike lock made of solid steel should be at least 4 times the price of the VELOBIKE.

      The main thing that every cyclist needs to know is that to reliably protect your vehicle from theft, you need to choose not one bike lock, but at least two.

      Ropes and chains for grasping around a tree, a pillar

      Rope is perhaps the most common type of bicycle locks. This is due to its convenience, low weight and low price.

      The cable, even 2-meter long, is rolled into a spiral, Takes up little space, and when unfolded it can grab two wheels and a frame in addition. Some models of these locks are attached to the handlebars or bicycle frame. With a cable with a lock, you can securely fasten the backpack to the trunk and hit the road, which is very convenient. Even the longest cable weighs less than 1 kg.

      The disadvantage of a cable with a lock is the ability to cut it. On a cable left unattended for a long time without supervision, even a centimeter thick cable can be cross-sections with reinforcing scissors. NOT having a bolt cutter, you can successfully use metal scissors. And to cut very compact thin wires, a thief just needs to take household wire cutters with him.

      Some of the trailing cables twist into loops at the ends, you can hang a padlock on these ears. But most often a small stationary lock is soldered to the ends of the steel cable.

      As a rule, in small provincial cities there is a large market for resale of transport, so bicycles are rarely stolen. In the village of the iron horse, only guest performers can enter, since in small settlements everyone knows each other, and who rides what.

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      Chain. Most reliable anti-theft agent, especially carbide-tipped with strong padlock. But a cheap iron chain can be easily cut with a hacksaw for metal or cut with a bolt cutter.

      The main disadvantage of chain locks is that they are very heavy. Chain up to 1 meter long, and not the strongest, will weigh more than 1 kg.

      The expensive chain is strong enough to be a reliable anti-theft lock for a bicycle in places with a high probability of theft.

      The inserted below, although it is NOT an advertisement, but shows how reliable a particular chain can be in comparison with other locks. The advice of the commentary must be said that the bicycle lock that does not succumb to physical pressure is produced by the German company Abus. The rest of the anti-theft devices were either hacked with a master key or cut with reinforcement scissors.

      Don’t leave your bike unattended for a long time

      A bicycle left unattended for several hours, even if it is fastened, will still be taken away or disassembled by freebie lovers. Remember this and DO NOT park your bike in shopping malls or markets for more than a few minutes, especially at night.

      In the end, it should be noted that no anti-theft bike locks guarantee 100 percent protection. Remember that: “Castles are made by honest people,” and experienced thieves DO NOT like to give up.

      To increase the level of protection, always use two locks at once, but of different types. A long cable can grab two wheels, a bicycle frame and a fence post, and with a U-shaped bow you can grab one of the wheels and, of course, the bike frame. For a better understanding of what it is about, it is better to look at the bottom once.

      An attacker, seeing a ball of cables or chains along with frames, will walk by in search of easier prey.

      Resetting the cipher: how to set a new one

      The mechanical coded lock gives travelers the confidence that their belongings will remain untouched by third parties during the trip. And this is partly a correct judgment. Opening the product is much more difficult if there is an obstacle. it will take more time and, accordingly, increase the chances that the culprit will be detected. Therefore, in most cases, thieves bypass the securely closed bag and choose lighter “victims”.

      To change the previously established cipher, you must first of all take into account the type of mechanism design. If the owner DOES NOT remember the code, then to unlock it will have to contact a specialized specialist or open the luggage in a not entirely humane way. breaking, cutting, tearing off. In the first case, you will also need to prove that you want to open exactly your travel accessory. This will help you with a Baggage Check, a receipt, a guarantee or any other document confirming your rights.

      Recommendations for hot code change

      The first thing to do before changing the password on the suitcase is to try to remember it. If all attempts were unsuccessful, use the above tips. Based on the design features of the shutter, the most suitable method is selected. If nothing works, go to mechanical unlock.


      Some models of devices of this type have additional electronic protection that prevents the product from being unlocked using the standard method of selecting numbers, which ensures maximum safety of things. However, there is another side of the coin. if the password was lost by the owner, then it will be necessary to mechanically open the lock panel. But such actions should be taken only in desperate situations.

      To replace the code data according to the standard scheme, you will need:

      • Put the old number combination on the panel.
      • Find the fix (lock) button, which manufacturers hide from line of sight, but located Nearby to the disk panel.
      • Press it with a thin improvised object. a stylus from the touch screen, a tip from a pen or an ordinary toothpick and DO NOT let go.
      • Dial a new “digital key”.
      • Release the lock button.

      It is not recommended to write down the password on a piece of paper or on another medium that you plan to take on a trip. Burglars can steal this data, and then get to the baggage. It is not recommended to change the access key in public places, it is better to do this outside the airport or train station.

      Principle of operation

      Locking devices of the coded type have some differences in comparison with conventional lock mechanisms with keys:

      • The bag is unlocked using a combination of three or four digits, rather than requiring the use of additional tools.
      • The design is designed in such a way that it is designed to provide reliable protection of personal property. This is due to the complexity of opening such a lock, without attracting the attention of others.
      • You can change the code an infinite number of times.

      But there is also a significant disadvantage in the devices. the owners very often forget the “password”. In addition, a simple combination of numbers is easy enough to “guess”.

      Most devices have similar operating principles. The locking mechanism is equipped with a special recess, which is located opposite the number. By dialing a specific sequence of numbers on the panel, the owner locks the travel bag. It is recommended to immediately change the factory settings to individual ones.

      Features of code suitcases

      Before using the bag, the owner must set a unique password for the device, which consists of a certain sequence of numbers. Depending on the model, this is done by pressing a specific button or from the inside of the mechanism. This combination will serve as a key for opening. a person needs to install the cylinder disks so that the values ​​on them coincide with the previously entered number. With the correct combination, the locking device will snap off and the lock will open.

      Using a mechanical latch with a code is simple and convenient for the following reasons:

      • There is no need to store the key;
      • Changing the cipher can be performed every time the bag is used;
      • Breaking such a mechanism is much more difficult;
      • The high degree of security of the luggage bag allows it to be sent by mail, and the password to be transmitted to the recipient by phone.

      On the other hand, there are also disadvantages of such a locking system:

      • The combination of numbers can be very easily forgotten, especially when the suitcase is rarely used.
      • The use of well-known events as a “key” (date of birth of loved ones, address, car number) makes the procedure for selecting a cipher for “experts” elementary simple.
      • When opening a bag in a public place, there is a risk that the code will be spied on.
      • The fear of forgetting the “key to enter” forces the owner to write it down on paper, which is also easy to lose.

      Built in

      This locking mechanism is a structural part of the product; it is securely fixed with rivets or screws on top of the frame. To see it, it is enough to unfasten the lining from the case. One of the methods of opening the lock is to remove the fasteners.

      The built-in latch controls the locking device in legacy trunks and secures securely with a zipper in popular modern luggage bags. On the outer panel there are discs with numbers. When the set combination is dialed, the spring clicks off and the bag opens.

      Mechanical methods

      Such interference is allowed only when the owner has forgotten his “password”. It should be noted right away that the top-end models of the bag from eminent manufacturers do not lend themselves well to mechanical unlocking methods. Slider, zipper, snaps and other fittings are made of hardened steel. If none of the tips on how to reset the exposed code on the built-in combination lock of any suitcase does not work, you need to move on to drastic measures.

      Products from an inexpensive price segment can be opened with small losses. The first thing to try is to squeeze the shackle of the locking device by hooking it with a hard thin tool, for example, a screwdriver, nail scissors, a file or an ordinary knife.

      If, after THESE manipulations, the Luggage bag still remains closed, you will have to go to the Most destructive methods:

      • If the shutter is of the hinged type, you can cut it off with a hacksaw for metal, or have a snack with heavy-duty wire cutters.
      • Also cut with a slider.
      • In the middle of a closed zipper, you need to separate the parts to the sides with a file or a handle, then it will open and you will get direct access to the fastening of the internal lock.

      After mechanical intervention, your bag will need repair work. These methods will be relevant if you do not have the time or opportunity to contact a specialized workshop.

      Lock type: working principle

      Any coded shutter implies that the introduction of secret data occurs using discs, buttons, levers. Devices that protect the bag from unauthorized entry fall into two main categories.

      Opening without concealed button

      Select the desired cipher and the bag will open. To do this, spin digital discs while listening to sounds. A click will indicate that the wheel needs to be left in place and rotates the next one. Then try to open the product.

      True, in the latest models this method will not be relevant, since an absolutely silent mechanism is installed there. Then all that remains is to manually select the “password”, sort out all the existing variations.