How to change the code on a bike lock

Simple combination lock

The simplest version of the combination lock has three or four windows for numbers. One hour is enough to enter the possible combinations, the number of which is 1000 units.

On the one hand, this simplifies the cases in which the owner has forgotten the code and wants to find out on their own how to open the bicycle lock. On the other hand, such ease of the hacking process attracts many lovers of profit.

How To Set a Combination Bike Steel Chain Lock

How to open a bicycle combination lock if you forgot the number combination?

  • Enter a combination of the same numbers. For example, “0000” or “1111”.
  • Stretch the structure of the lock in opposite directions.
  • Change the numbers one by one. With the correct sequence of adjacent digits, a characteristic gap will appear.
  • Keep changing the numbers until you have all the gaps, which will cause the lock to open.

On most models, when you open, you will feel the vibration of the mechanisms or hear a click.

How to open a bicycle combination lock: methods

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Sooner or later, any cyclist will be faced with a common problem: how to open a bicycle combination lock, and in particular, how to correctly pick your own combination bicycle lock.

Traveling on the roads is unthinkable without subsequent stops, and it is impossible to take your bike with you everywhere. In any case, you will have to leave him on the street unattended for a while. If you do not want to lose your favorite vehicle, you should take care of security and prevent possible theft.

It is worth buying a reliable lock on a bike. There are several types of bicycle locks: coded, digital or with a key. After purchase, you need to find out how to open it in case the owner has forgotten the code or lost the key.

Tips for choosing a combination lock for your bike

To make the lock bring as much benefit as possible and be as efficient as possible, use the following tips before buying:

  • Pay attention to the brand. Buy only genuine models, not cheap copies that will not provide the proper level of protection.
  • Choose from quality materials that are difficult to bite with tools. The best option is a lock with hardened steel elements.
  • Make sure the mechanism actually works and closes whenever needed.
  • Choose the model that does not emit clicks or vibrations when selecting a code, typical in the process of finding the correct password.
  • Buy multiple bike locks at once for increased security.

How the combination lock works

To understand how to open a combination lock on a bicycle, we will learn more about the design of the combination lock elements to get acquainted with the basic principles of the mechanism.

First, the lock has coded discs, usually from three to five pieces. The number of disks determines the length of the code: three disks. three-digit “000”; four. four-digit “0000”. If you have forgotten the code, both 4-digit and 5-digit, then in order to open the coded bicycle lock, you will need to select the appropriate combination of numbers.

The discs rotate by pressing the finger, which leads to a change in numbers. Factory correct combination for any lock consists only of zeros. After the purchase, change the digital sequence from the bicycle lock to the desired one, while it is important not to forget the code, so as not to be tormented by the question of how to open it in the future.

Cyclotech combination lock

If you have forgotten the password for a bicycle lock like Cyclotech, it will be more difficult to open it, but it is quite possible. All you need is persistence and extra time.

How to open the Cyclotech combination bicycle lock?

  • Set any first digit.
  • Determine where the mark is located through which the figure must pass to go to the next level.
  • Complete the found mark on each level. Continue until you get the original combo on a new level.
  • At the third level, scroll the toggle switch in the opposite direction, that is, counterclockwise.

There is a second way to open the Cyclotech bike lock. This option is more suitable for you if you are not perseverant or do not have a lot of time. Procedure:

  • Uncover the plastic guard to access the mechanism that holds the code discs.
  • Take out the end pin, as well as the spring that compresses the drums with numbers.
  • Remove all drums and washers between them. Turn the washers clockwise to remove.
  • After removing the last drum, pull the cable.
  • The castle will open.

Next, put all the elements back in their original places. Choose a combination that is easier for you as a new code.

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Setting up a bike code lock

To understand how to open a bicycle lock with a combination, you need to know the password. To complicate the hacking process, be sure to change the factory sequence of numbers. Many owners are too lazy to do this and, as a result, lose their bike.

Procedure for changing the code lock password:

  • Open the lock using the factory combination. Usually it is “0000” or “5555”.
  • Find a special ring near the numbers, slide it according to the direction of the arrow to the maximum position.
  • Enter a new number combination.
  • Return the special ring to its original position.
  • Use the lock for its intended purpose.

After changing the password, be sure to write it down, or use a combination of numbers for an important date for you. Otherwise, you will come across an ordinary situation where you ask yourself how to open a bicycle combination lock if you forget the code.


Unfortunately, the question of how to open a bicycle lock without a key can be asked not only by owners, but also by thieves. It is worth securing your property so as not to lose your precious thing.

To improve your security, use the following guidelines:

  • Leave your bike unattended as little as possible so as not to provoke intruders once again.
  • Write down the serial number of the bike in order to inform the police in an unpleasant situation.
  • Use several locks at once. this will complicate the process of breaking.
  • Buy quality locks that will protect the bike when needed, rather than hanging as a decoration.
  • Take off everything of value and take it with you if you need to leave the bike unattended for a long time.

Advantages and disadvantages of the methods

Each method of opening and breaking a combination padlock has its pros and cons.

  • Selection method. The lock opens without noise, any tools or devices. The device remains intact after opening, it can be recoded and reused. However, this will take a lot of time and patience. individual models can include many rows and thousands of combinations.
  • Technical hacking. This method makes it possible to quickly open the lock. However, this will require either a lot of physical effort or the involvement of specialists with special equipment. After burglary, the lock will require repair, at best, at worst. it can simply be thrown away.

Opening methods

Sometimes it happens that the code is lost, the factory backup password is missing or unknown. In this case, all that remains is to open or hack it.

How to open a coded padlock, setting and changing a code

The padlock coded is a very reliable locking mechanism. Wherever it is used, in a house or garage, in a warehouse or closet, for a utility room or a suitcase, its burglar resistance is always higher than similar models with a key. However, such a locking device also has a drawback. you can easily forget the code or lose the medium on which it was recorded. Therefore, we will consider how to open a padded combination lock, as well as how to initially set the code correctly and, if necessary, break it in the best ways.

How to open a combination padlock

Padlocks with a code are opened only after entering the correct combination of numbers on the panel through the keys. There is also a system based on setting numbers by scrolling the wheels, but the principle of its operation is the same. The scheme for opening such a locking device is quite simple:

  • Set on the dial or press on the keys the specified combination of numbers.
  • Pull the bow upward.
  • Remove the lock from the hinge of the gate, door or suitcase.

Technical hacking

If no means of choosing a combination helps, there is a simple but very laborious technical hack. To implement it, you will need a locksmith tool:

  • angle grinder or other metal cutting attachment.
  • A hammer.
  • Chisel.

The simplest technical way to break a padlock is to break its metal locking element. To do this, place a chisel at the base of the bow and hit it hard with a hammer. The simplest locking systems give in with one or two blows. Branded hardened locks can hardly be broken with a sledgehammer. The only way to crack them is to cut the bow. However, cutting even with a tool such as an angle grinder is not always technically feasible.

Therefore, the most reliable way to cut a padlock, especially if it has impressive dimensions, as, for example, for gates in hangars, is to use plasma gas cutting. “autogenous”. Naturally, such a procedure is available only for true professionals involved in opening locks and emergency rescue services.

Code replacement

In order to change the code on the padlock in case of password loss, you need to know the “spare” combination of numbers. As a rule, the manufacturer prescribes this information in the attached instructions. It is better to set this password in advance if the design of the locking mechanism has such a function. Naturally, for this purpose, it is better to choose an easy-to-remember set of numbers. For example, it could be “000” or “222”, etc.

As a standard, the factory code “000” is set on the simplest padlock combination lock on the suitcase. If no other conditions are specified, then to replace the lost code with a new one, you must perform the following steps:

  • Set a keyboard or wheel combination to three zeros.
  • Open the lock and turn its locking metal element one hundred and eighty or ninety degrees.
  • Press it in this position and, while holding it, enter a new digital combination.
  • Write new code.
  • Release the bow and return to the closed position.
  • Close the locking mechanism and check the new code.

NOTE! Some padlocks with a coded locking system are manufactured according to the TSA standard. Such products initially have a keyhole for opening when checking at customs. With such a universal unlocking device, you can easily open the lock in case you lose its code.

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Instruction for a coded padlock

Unlike mortise door locking mechanisms, a padlock with a code has a mechanical device and a simple installation and use instruction:

  • Before use, after purchase, you must remove the lock from the package and make sure that it is in good working order and that all factory parts are present.
  • Open the device by pressing a special key or simply open it by dialing a code.
  • Make sure that the original factory settings are intact.
  • Set the code in accordance with the rules for a specific product model.
  • Close the lock.
  • Check the correct operation of opening and closing the code mechanism.


Using the method of selecting a combination of numbers, you can both open the coded padlock and keep it intact for future use. The unlocking method is suitable for a mechanism on wheels and consists of the following series of actions:

  • Take the lock with your hands.
  • Pull it down so that its catch is in a taut position.
  • Try to determine empirically which of the wheels turns the most difficult.
  • Start with the hardest to rotate code.
  • Twist it until you hear a faint metallic knock.
  • Proceed sequentially to the next wheels, following the above rules.
  • As soon as all the wheels are scrolled until they click, the locking mechanism will give in and it can be opened.

RECOMMENDATION! When selecting numbers while scrolling the wheels, there should be perfect silence. Otherwise, the faint sound of the mechanism may not be heard. To enhance the effect, it is better to use a stethoscope.

You can also try to open the coded all-weather mechanical padlocks with a keyboard system. To do this, you need to examine the surface of the buttons for color changes, scuffs, dirt and other subtle changes. Using them, you can try to find a digital set for a password.

Principle of operation

Locking devices of the coded type have some differences in comparison with conventional lock mechanisms with keys:

  • The bag can be unlocked with a three or four digit combination without the need for additional tools.
  • The design is designed in such a way that it is designed to provide reliable protection of personal property. This is due to the complexity of opening such a lock, without attracting the attention of others.
  • You can change the code an infinite number of times.

But the device also has a significant disadvantage. the owners very often forget the “password”. In addition, a simple combination of numbers is easy enough to “guess”.

Most of the devices are characterized by similar principles of operation. The locking mechanism is equipped with a special recess, which is located opposite the number. By dialing a specific sequence of numbers on the panel, the owner locks the travel bag. It is recommended to immediately change the factory settings to individual ones.

How to open a suitcase depending on the type of lock

  • The built-in key lock is the oldest type of lock that is built into the body of a suitcase or bag and is opened with a specific key. If you lose or break your key, you can open the lock using a nail file or knife by gently prying the latch. However, high-quality and reliable products like Redmond cannot be opened in this way. You will have to carry your luggage to the repair shop;
  • The padlock is hung on the zipper slider. Manufactured with a code or key. Note that such a lock is the easiest to open, so it does not provide adequate security for the contents. The key padlock can be opened with a small screwdriver. In addition, you can cut the lock with powerful wire cutters;
  • A suitcase with a combination lock is the most budgetary and widespread option, which is used on almost every similar product, such as Samsonite. In this case, you can choose the code yourself. A cheap plastic lock can be opened with a screwdriver or knife;

Changing the code on a mechanical disc lock

Hinged devices are used to protect safes, suitcases, bicycles, and to lock interior doors in organizations. For transcoding, proceed as follows:

  • open the lock;
  • fix the bow by pressing it all the way;
  • put up a new combination of numbers;
  • release the shackle and check the new code.

How to reset 5-digit code Bike Lock (Tonyon Bike Lock Cable) | Inyi Yruma

In the factory settings of most locks, the combination consists of zeros.

How to change the combination lock on a travel bag or suitcase: detailed instructions

To set up a fixed shutter, it is necessary to perform manipulations:

  • open the bag, lock the current code;
  • drown the button to lock, turn the lever to the right, then up;
  • type a new password;
  • release the button, turn the lever to the start position.

To replace the attachment, do the following:

  • unlock the luggage bag by entering the factory code;
  • twist the iron bow 90 or 180⁰, then slightly press it into the body;
  • set a new numerical combination;
  • release the ear.

How to recode a combination lock and change the code?

It is necessary to recode the combination lock and change its code in several cases: in order to change the factory code and thus the lock settings, and to ensure high security of the combination lock against the selection of the cipher.

Therefore, many specialists recommend changing the code in the combination lock at least once a month. Only in this way can you ensure the safety of your own property, if, for example, there is such an acute issue as preparing real estate for the absence of owners.

In fact, changing the code and reconfiguring the combination lock is quite simple and with your own hands. Having studied the instructions for the combination lock and the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can start reprogramming the combination lock.

This process is very fast, and for its implementation, a certain device should be used, which is inserted into a specially located hole on the combination lock, located most often on the front side of the door.

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This special hole is just intended to allow a technical device to change the location of the lock cylinders and the coding of the combination lock along with this. You should know how to set up a combination lock on the door, since the door should be wide open when changing the code, and the bolts should be pulled out to the maximum possible position at this time.

After that, it is enough to turn the special device in the combination lock through the hole until it stops, insert a new key and close the bolts back with the key.

The success of the operation performed will be the response of the combination lock only to a new key and an updated code. In case of incorrectly performed actions, the combination lock will not react in any way to the change of the code.

Built in

This locking mechanism is a structural part of the product; it is securely fixed with rivets or screws on top of the frame. To see it, it is enough to unfasten the lining from the case. One of the methods of opening the lock is to remove the fasteners.

An inline-type latch controls the locking device in legacy trunks and securely secures the zipper sliders in popular modern luggage bags. On the outer panel there are discs with numbers. When the set combination is dialed, the spring clicks off and the bag opens.

How to set up a combination lock on a door. Change code and recode

To know how to set up a combination lock on a door, you need to prepare, read the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow certain sequences. As mentioned above, the big advantage of mechanical combination locks on the door is that they do not have any keyhole for inserting the key, and this is a great advantage.

The advantage is the rather simple installation of the combination lock on the wicket, as well as on the door, using ordinary carpentry tools. To find out how to install a combination lock on a door, you can read about it in other articles by clicking on the links above.

How To Unlock Cable Bike Lock Without Combination

What are the reasons for changing the code

The reasons for changing the secret combination that activate the locking elements can be different. Most often, owners decide to reprogram the lock for the following reasons:

  • Forgotten unique cipher. This is one of the most common cases.
  • Lost key from an electronic device. To restore it, you will have to turn to the services of specialists.
  • Scuffed buttons on the locking device that define a secret combination to gain access.
  • Repair of a premise or other object for storing property, due to which the code became known to unauthorized persons.
  • Purchase or lease of an object with a combination lock installed there.

Regardless of the type and model of the device, in each of the situations listed, it is recommended to change the code as soon as possible. Why should you know exactly how this can be done, and have everything you need with you. Any mistake in the course of changing the password can cause the lock device to fail or complicate the owner’s life by restricting his access inside.

What are the combination locks?

The modern market offers the consumer a wide range of locking systems with a code. The assortment includes models that, according to the principle of operation, can be:

  • mechanical;
  • electromechanical;
  • electronic.

Mechanical products are not distinguished by a high degree of secrecy and are divided into key-button and disk ones. Pushbutton devices are often installed on the front doors of basements and other public areas. The secret combination in this case is known to a number of persons using the object. Locks of the mechanism are triggered by pressing certain keys with numbers.

The disc locking principle is typical for locking devices installed on suitcases and cases. For their operation, the owner needs to set the numbers in a certain order by rotating the disks.

Electromechanical models show higher resistance to burglary. The combination lock of this type contains two blocks: a panel with buttons and a mechanic that ensures the extension of the bolts-bolts. Both parts are electrically connected.

Electronic combination locks are the most reliable. Their principle of operation is based on electronic locking control. A prerequisite is the presence of a power source.

Each of the devices has its own pros and cons. Therefore, products with a set of codes are often installed on front doors as additional security measures in conjunction with lever and cylinder mechanisms.

How to change the secret combination on the lock

Locks of various types help owners to protect property from the encroachments of ill-wishers, hide important information from prying eyes, or simply restrict access inside. Locking devices are equipped not only with doors of apartments, houses, offices and other premises, but also safes, suitcases, cases. The mechanisms that provide for the presence of a metal key in the owner’s have been replaced by devices that work only when a user-specified cipher matches. They are called code and can be both mounted removable and stationary.

How to change the code on a bike lock

Watch our video “How to change the code on the bike lock”. We will show you how to easily and quickly change the code on the combination lock, of course, if your lock allows it.

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