How to change the camera on a speed bike

How to change a camera or tire on a bicycle: step by step instructions

If you are a cyclist, you need to be able to deal with a number of common problems that can happen on the road. A broken wheel is one of the main ones. Unfortunately, you can hit a nail, a piece of metal or a broken bottle almost anywhere, and sooner or later it happens to everyone. Happened already? Read our review, which we prepared together with Onliner, on how to change or glue the camera, tire in a bicycle.

We take out the punched camera

To remove the damaged camera from the wheel, it is necessary to remove it from the bike. it is much more convenient to work this way. Then follow the step-by-step instructions:

1.Unscrew the protective cap from the nipple. If necessary, completely deflate the wheel. This will make the job easier, since there will be no unnecessary resistance.

2.Using the razor, hook the edge of the tire and pull it out of the rim. Special tools allow this procedure to be carried out quickly and as painlessly as possible. If you don’t have a rigger, you can try using any thin and sturdy object, such as a spoon. Its handle has repeatedly helped out cyclists who did not have repair tools at hand. Make sure that it does not bend over.

Important: The tool should not have sharp ends, so a screwdriver is not the best solution, although it does fit the intended shape. You can only damage the wheel more with it. If you want to keep the tire, don’t.

Optimally use two assemblies. First, hook the edge of one, then, when you fix the position, in 2-3 centimeters, hook the tire with the second mounting. This will be followed by a release of pressure, and the work will go easier. Continuing to support the first assembly with your hand, continue to pry the tire in a circle with the second until it is completely released from the rim.

4.Now that one edge of the tire is completely removed, release the nipple and remove the damaged tube.

We will consider the installation process with the installation of both a new camera and a tire. If you keep the old camera, skip the first step.

Installing a new tire

We put on a new tire on one “edge” of the wheel, so that we have a free for inserting the camera.

We take a new chamber (deflated) and, starting with the nipple, we lay it along the rim.

While the camera is not yet closed, pump it up a little to make sure that it is laid flat and not twisted anywhere. If the camera is kinked or twisted during the installation process, it will most likely burst as soon as you get on the bike. Agree, you don’t need such unnecessary frustrations, because these are not only spoiled plans, but also additional financial costs.

Now you need to “tuck” the tire into the rim. In the first steps, this is done manually, but at the end, editing will be required again. You can do it with one, but it’s better to use two. Use it to pull the tire slightly towards you so that it fits easily into the rim. You can push the tire a little inward with the assembly so that it is better fixed. The main thing is that the mounting depth is the same throughout the entire circle.

After the wheel is closed, pump up the chamber to the desired state. Usually, the pressure you need is indicated on the tire, check it to get your pump set up correctly.

Now screw the cap on the nipple to fix the condition of the wheel.

It remains to put the wheel in place and that’s it. Now your bike is back on the move! Do a small circle on it at low speed to make sure everything is secured correctly and you feel comfortable. If necessary, inflate the chamber of the second wheel so that they are equally elastic. Many cyclists experience minor riding discomfort after replacing one camera. If everything is ok, you can go on the road. Suddenly what happens, you already know how to change the tire and you can do it even in field conditions.

Important points

Try not to rush during the procedure and be attentive at every step. Any carelessness can then turn into problems on the road. If you keep an old tire, do not forget to check the inside of the tire for any piercing or cutting elements. It often happens that part of the object that pierced the camera breaks off and remains in the tire. This could damage the camera again. So, if you managed to find the “culprit” of the tragedy, make sure you remove it completely.

When working with a montage, be sure to hold it with your hand, even if it seems to you that it is holding itself. The resistance of the tire can easily push it out. At best, it will just fall and you have to start over. At worst, it will fly out with force and can hit you in the face. Feelings are unpleasant, not to mention the fact that it can be traumatic.

Removing a wheel from a bike

First you need to remove the wheel from the bike. Most likely you already know how, but if not, then we remind you how to do it. Most often, the wheels on modern bicycles are fixed with an eccentric. In order to remove such a wheel, you do not need any keys, you just need to bend it, loosen it, after which the wheel can be freely removed. If the wheel is secured with nuts, then, of course, you have to use the keys.

If the bike is equipped with V-brakes, then you need to disconnect them, and you do not need to loosen them. In the case of disc brakes, everything is quite simple, you do not need to disconnect anything. Remember to put the brake back on after installing the wheel! It is not necessary to tighten the eccentric strongly, it should close with sufficient, but not excessive force.

How to change the camera on a bike and glue the punctured one

For many novice cyclists, this question often arises after everything has happened. Perhaps the most common and inevitable event for a cyclist is a puncture. Our roads are full of all kinds of rubbish, glass, wire, piece of iron, etc. So at the most inopportune moment you may hear the sound “pshshchshchshch” and you will have to make a forced stop. There is nothing terrible in this, it is a common thing. But it is much better if you are always ready for this and already know how to change the camera on a bicycle. In addition to the replacement itself, you also need to know how to glue the punctured one. Read more about this below.

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Necessary accessories

The one who always has in his backpack is not afraid of a puncture:

change, camera, speed, bike
  • plastic assemblies
  • pump
  • spare camera
  • rem. kit, it is also a bicycle first aid kit
  • and of course some skill in replacing the camera.

The procedure for gluing the camera is as follows:

  • we find damage (if the hole is very small and cannot be found right away, then you can pump the camera and lower it into the water, the bubbles will immediately show you the place where the air comes out)
  • estimate the size of the damage and estimate the size of the patch required
  • we clean the damaged area from dirt, sand it with sandpaper
  • apply a thin layer of glue to the size of the patch
  • after that we wait a couple of minutes, detach the patch from the base to which it is attached and glue it with the same side
  • smooth and firmly press the patch for a while. The adhesive dries quickly, so the camera can be used almost immediately.

That’s basically all. Having done all this several times, you will make sure that there is nothing complicated here and the whole process takes a few minutes. If you have any questions and something is not clear, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Remove the tire

The first step is to disassemble the wheel using edgers. It is not necessary to remove the tire completely, it is enough to remove it only from one side and remove the damaged tube from there. After that, you need to understand what exactly caused the puncture, it is possible that a small wire or glass remains sticking out somewhere in the tire, so carefully check it from the inside, otherwise you cannot avoid repeated puncture. Be careful, it is possible to injure yourself if you get stuck with a sharp object.!

Having picked up the sidewall of the tire, we carry out the assembly from ourselves

If you hit a big pothole, then there is a high probability of a breakdown. Also, damage to the camera can be caused by improperly installed rim tape, sharp edges of the nipple hole, or tearing off due to improper camera installation. It is better to determine the reason right away, so that, as already mentioned above, you do not step on the rake again.

It is enough to remove the tire on one side and remove the camera

Inspecting the tire for any sharp objects stuck in it, do not forget to shake out sand and dirt from it. We also check the installation of the rim tape, it may have moved out somewhere and the edges of the holes are visible, in this case it needs to be corrected.

Try to establish the cause of the puncture

Next, we slightly pump up the new camera (it’s easier to put it inside the tire) and install it in place of the old one, evenly laying it inside. At the same time, make sure that the nipple is installed evenly and clearly looks into the center of the wheel, and not somewhere to the side. Next, evenly put on the sidewall of the tire on the rim, starting from the nipple. There are tires that dress loosely enough, but they usually require the use of edgers. After that, we once again inspect the wheel, whether the camera has accidentally come out anywhere and pump it up with a pump to the required pressure.

When inflating, bend the pump foot. Be especially careful with the Presta type nipple, it can be torn off

This is about replacing the camera. But you won’t always carry several spare cameras with you, and there may be more than one puncture. Therefore, in addition to a spare camera, you should always have a repair kit with patches and glue. There was a puncture. I put a new camera, drove on, and during the parking I took and glued the quickly damaged one, suddenly another puncture will happen, and the spare wheel is already ready.

thoughts on “How to change the camera on a bicycle and seal the punctured one”

Thank you for the competent information. Everything is clear and intuitive.

Repair kit

The repair kit should be considered separately. Many do not open it from the moment of purchase, but in fact, you can assemble it yourself. Homemade repair kit comes out several times cheaper.

  • Patches. usually several pieces of 2-3 different types. In modern industrial kits, patches are made of synthetic rubber, smooth on one side and rough on the other. On the smooth side, they are sealed with foil or plastic wrap to stay clean.
  • Camera cleaning tool. for better adhesion, the surface should be clean and slightly rough, for this use a small metal “grater”.
  • Glue. glue for rubber, “melting” it and forcing the patch to form a single whole with the camera.
  • Degreaser. rare, but appears in kits. One of the main problems during gluing is the residual grease or grease on the surface, which does not allow the patch to stick; the camera can be treated with a degreaser before gluing.

Recently, some have been using anti-puncture gels, and it is enough to pour sealant into the new chamber before pumping and carefully “disperse” it along the inner cavity of the chamber.

How to change the camera on a bike?

In order to replace the camera on a bicycle, you should perform the work in the following sequence:

    Unscrew the nuts. First you need to unscrew the nuts that secure the wheel to the frame. If this does not work, use a special lubricant (for example, WD-40). Usually modern bicycles are equipped with a quick release mechanism.

A few warnings and tips:

  • Be sure to remember to pump up the camera a little before installing. This will make installation easier.
  • There should be no oil on the surface of the pads (brakes), rubber and the camera.
  • Remove the tire calmly and as carefully as possible so as not to pierce the camera.
  • Inflate according to the pressure indicated on the tire. If pumped, the chamber may burst.
  • Buy a tire for the hole on the rim, as there are different types of valves.

Always have with you

The easiest option is to carry your camera and pump with you. Not every damage can be sealed, and the easiest way is to change the entire camera. The only drawback of this kit is weight and volume. A set for gluing is a small box, but a spare tire is already a serious piece of rubber that can interfere in a small bag, if you have it with you at all.

Unfortunately, the condition of the roads and the general sensitivity of modern bikes to damage means that it is impossible to travel beyond the city center without a spare bicycle camera or a repair kit. What is needed for replacement in the minimum version?

  • “Spare wheel” or repair kit.
  • Key or multitool if the rear wheel is not mounted on an eccentric.
  • Pump to pump a supplied or repaired chamber.

With these tools, you can easily unmount the rear wheel, remove the camera and install a new one in its place.

How to change the camera?

You will need a repair kit to replace the punctured camera. It contains:

  • several different synthetic rubber patches with a glued side to be glued,
  • metal grinder to create a rough surface,
  • rubber glue that can make the patch and the camera one piece,
  • a degreaser can be seen in some kits, for a strong gluing it is necessary.
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It is not uncommon for modern cyclists to use an anti-puncture gel that is pumped into a new chamber before being inflated.

The steps to replace the camera are quite simple, you just need to do everything carefully and apply a little physical force. The sequence is as follows:

release the wheel by loosening the screw on the axle or unfastening the eccentric,

  • deflate the chamber if there is air left,
  • pry the camera at a distance of 15-20 cm,
  • smoothly spreading the points, release the camera on one side,
  • carefully remove the nipple from the hole in the rim and take out the camera.
  • The repaired or new camera must be replaced. To do this, it must be inserted into the tire, stretching along the rim. When doing this, remember to check the nipple and the space under the tire and make sure that no creases form. The camera will take its shape if you pump it up a little. Place the tire over the rim and replace the wheel, being careful not to confuse the chain location.

    Secure the wheel with nuts or an eccentric, put the brakes in place, pump up the camera and put the bike on wheels.

    Before working on changing the camera, make sure that there are no hot objects nearby. They pose an explosion hazard because the heat increases the internal pressure of the chamber. It is possible to blow up the chamber if, when inflating, the permissible pressure indicated on the bicycle tire is exceeded.

    Please make sure it matches the hole in the rim before purchasing. The tube can be sprinkled with talcum powder before installing it inside the tire. First you need to make sure that there are no traces of oil on the rubber surfaces.

    Before installing the camera, it must be slightly inflated. This will find other punctures and make it easier to fit into the rim. When replacing the camera and tire, you need to remove the rear brake axle so as not to accidentally bend it and damage it.

    Tires change not only with the appearance of cracks, but also after 7-10 years, regardless of the operating conditions. If the camera had to be changed due to a puncture, it is necessary to carefully inspect the inside of the tire and remove the foreign body.

    So, replacing tires and tubes is no big deal, and most cyclists handle these repairs on their own. The main thing is to stock up on the necessary items and do everything carefully.

    How to change the camera

    Release all the air by pressing something on the valve of the nipple (if the Presta nipple is a bicycle nipple, then it must first be unscrewed counterclockwise). Then squeeze the tire with your fingers to pull it off the seats, walk around the entire circumference.

    Lift the edge of the tire with one razor and hook the shoulder blade onto the spoke.

    Take the second mounting, and not far from the first, pick up the tire, pulling it out. Continue pulling out a little until the tire is loose, and then simply slide the fitting along the inside of the remaining circumference, pulling one edge of the tire completely outward.

    You now have access to the camera. Look at how it is attached to the hole, there is probably a fastening nut, twist it, but do not lose it. Pull the camera out into the light carefully.

    Now it is very important to examine with the greatest attention the inner and outer sides of the tire for glass, nails, spikes and wire stuck in it. How many times has it happened that a cyclist, without looking, put a new camera, and not having time to drive off even a hundred meters, he got a puncture again. Therefore, with your bare hand, carefully and slowly walk over the entire inner surface.

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    Pump a little air into the new tube to make it round and fit into the tire. Insert the nipple into the hole first.

    Now tuck the tire into the rim, this is done by hand, little by little. In the end, you may have a small part that does not lend itself, then you need to resort to editing. But. be careful not to tear the camera.

    Done. all that remains is to screw the fixing nut onto the nipple and inflate the wheel. On some rims, the tire does not want to properly get into its seat, then during the pumping process you will have to knead it with your fingers.

    Hope you don’t come across another glass on your way home. ? But the shells sometimes fall into the same funnel, so let’s figure out how to glue the punctured chamber. To do this, you need to carry with you a small box with a repair kit (glue, sandpaper, patches).

    Replacement procedure

    So, what actions need to be performed to change the camera. Everything is simple, the main thing is accuracy and a small amount of physical strength.

    • Flip the bike.
    • If the brakes are V-Brake. remove (open) them.
    • Loosen the screw or release the wheel with an eccentric.
    • Raise the chain, remove the wheel.
    • Release air from the chamber (if any).
    • Pry the camera with a bead or any other elongated object (keys, screwdriver, multitool) at two points, at a distance of 10-20 cm from each other.
    • Expand the dots little by little, freeing one side of the camera.
    • Pull the nipple out of the rim.
    • Get the camera.

    So, the camera is removed, you can repair it or print a new one. Installing everything back:

    • Route the tube inside the rim.
    • Check the nipple and space under the tire for nibbling and wrinkling.
    • Pump up the camera a little so that it takes shape.
    • Insert the tire back behind the rim.
    • Put the wheel in place (you should be careful with the chain, it is easy to confuse its position).
    • Secure the wheel with a screw or eccentric.
    • Reinstall the brakes.
    • Pump up the camera.
    • Flip the bike.

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    That’s it, the replacement is complete! As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this process.

    How to seal a damaged camera?

    To glue a punctured camera on a bicycle, you need to do the following:

    Remember, if the camera is badly damaged, don’t waste time, it’s better to replace it with a new one. Since even the patches in this case will allow air to pass through, interfering with a full-fledged cycling.

    How to make a collar?

    Stripping is the removal of a tire from a rim. The repair kit depends on the design of the bike. The minimum is gloves, and to speed up the process you need to stock up on:

    • a mounting (a tool in the form of a plate, bent on one side) to grip the edge of the tire;
    • with a wrench for unscrewing the wheel, fixed in the old fashioned way with nuts;
    • pump to set the wheel in place.

    To remove a bicycle tire, you need to do a few things:

    • remove V-Brake (from disc brakes. caliper);
    • loosen the nut or eccentric;
    • remove the wheel;
    • bleed as much air as possible through the nipple;
    • pry off the edge of the tire with a bead in one place;
    • bend the tire every 15 cm, pulling each part outside the rim between the beads;
    • when one side of the bike tire is all behind the rim, you need to do the same with the other side.

    If you only need to fix the camera, you do not need to completely remove the tire.

    To put the tire back in place, you need to do the same:

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    start to lay one side of the bicycle tire from the inside of the rim;

    when 15-20 centimeters remain, secure one side of the tire with a bead and move it inside the rim;

    place the edge of the tire inside the rim and install the tube;

    repeat the process, bending the second edge of the tire until it is finally put on;

    mount the wheel and close the brakes.

    change, camera, speed, bike

    Remember that the thin and soft rubber of the camera may not be able to withstand heavy loads. When the camera is inside, you need to be very careful.


    Changing your camera is a simple process that every cyclist should be prepared for. A puncture on the road, damage to the camera in the forest, or just updating a bicycle wheel. it’s always nice to deal with the problem yourself and quickly deal with the problem, and not carry the bike to the workshop.

    Every serious cyclist already carries a repair kit and a pump with him, being ready for any eventuality.

    Changing your camera is a simple process that every cyclist should be prepared for. A puncture on the road, damage to the camera in the forest, or just updating a bicycle wheel. it’s always nice to deal with the problem yourself and quickly deal with the problem, and not carry the bike to the workshop.

    Every serious cyclist already carries a repair kit and a pump with him, being ready for any eventuality.

    How to choose the right bike camera

    Now a few words about how to choose the right bike camera for replacement. The main parameters of the bike camera are:

    • A kind of nipple;
    • Chamber material;
    • Rim: the size of the landing diameter;
    • Bicycle tire width.

    Useful tips for replacing the camera

    These little tricks can help you change your bike faster and with less effort.

    • Before mounting a new camera, pump it up a little;
    • Make sure that there is no oil on the bike tube, tire and brake pads;
    • When using a spoon or special spatula, proceed as carefully as possible so as not to damage the camera;
    • Inflate the bicycle tube with the pressure indicated on the tire. If she overdoes it, she may not stand it;
    • When buying a new bicycle rubber, choose it for the hole on the rim, as the valves are different;
    • If you notice that the bike tube is damaged, under no circumstances continue driving until you have replaced it. First, it will tear even more when moving. Secondly, you risk damaging not only the tire, but also the rim.

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    What tools will you need to replace the camera yourself

    Here are the minimum tools that come in handy for rearranging wheels on the go.

    • Bicycle assemblies made of plastic or metal. it is desirable to use them. If you use the tools at hand, the risk of damaging the bike is greater;
    • Spare “rubber”;
    • Pump. You can change the cycle tube without a pump, but you won’t go far on a flat tire;
    • “First aid” rubber kit: glue and repair patches. “Velo first aid kit” is also equipped with detailed instructions on how and in what order to make repairs.

    Required tools

    If during walks you often travel far from home, then you should have with you the minimum set of tools that you will need to replace the camera in the field.

    Bicycle Camera Replacement Tools

    • Bicycle mountings. plastic or metal mountings greatly simplify the bead of a wheel tire. Of course, you can use improvised tools, but this is not very convenient and increases the risk of damage to the camera and even the rim.
    • Pump. without it, of course, you can change the camera, but you will not be able to leave on a flat tire. ))
    • Spare camera.
    • Bicycle first aid kit. a set of patches and glue for repairing a punctured camera.

    Repair kit. bike first aid kit

    It is important to keep in mind that more than one puncture can happen on a hike, and you cannot store enough cameras for all cases, so it is better to have a bicycle first aid kit with you. The repair kit includes glue, patches and detailed instructions.

    How to change the camera on a bike

    For most beginners, the question of how to change the camera in a bicycle wheel arises only after the first puncture and causes concern. In fact, this is one of the easiest processes to maintain a bicycle if you have the necessary tools and a little experience.

    For an active cyclist, a puncture is a common thing, because on the roads you can constantly find broken glass, pieces of wire and other pieces of iron. Punctures often occur when riding on rough terrain, especially if the bike is equipped with low-quality rubber.

    How to remove the camera from the wheel

    If a puncture still occurs, then to replace the camera, you must first remove the wheel from the bike, and then disassemble the tire to pull out the cameras. This process is quite simple if you have bicycle rigs with you.

    First, it is necessary to deflate the chamber to the end, if this did not happen during the puncture. Then we insert one of the assemblies between the tire and the rim, then we pry the edge of the tire with it so that it crawls out of the rim.

    Insert the mounting (smooth end of the key) between the tire and the rim

    Pry off the edge of the tire so that the edge crawls out onto the road

    Then, next to the first assembly, we perform the same operation with the second assembly. Next, we carry out the second assembly along the rim, pulling the edge of the tire outward. If necessary, you can use the third installation.

    Then, in the same way, we insert the second editing.

    After one edge of the tire has been disassembled, you can pull out the tube. First you need to pull out the air valve (nipple), and then the entire chamber.

    Removing the camera from under the bike tire

    How to put a camera on a wheel

    Before proceeding with the installation of a new (or sealed) tube on the wheel rim, you need to carefully check the inside of the tire. After the puncture, pieces of what led to the puncture could remain, and later, may lead to a repeated puncture. This should be done carefully as you can get hurt. Then it is necessary to check the integrity of the protective gasket that protects the chamber from protruding spoke nipples and the valve hole.

    We insert first the nipple, and then the whole chamber

    The worn tube should be slightly inflated, so it will be more convenient to insert it into the tire. The procedure for installing the camera in place is the reverse of removing it. However, it is much easier to flip the tire onto the rim and you can often do without edgers and do it with your bare hands.

    Use edgers if necessary

    With the tube on and the tire in place, you can inflate the wheel, adjusting the tire in the process so that the edges are evenly positioned on the rim. We put the wheel in place and you can hit the road!)

    change, camera, speed, bike

    That, in general, is all there is to say about how to replace a camera on a bicycle wheel. If you have something to add, you can do it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев block below.!