How To Change Chainring On A Bike

Preparation for setting the rear derailleur

Make sure the rear derailleur, cock, or frame mounts are straight before adjusting. More often than not, speeds start to shift poorly after falls and hits in the area of ​​the rear derailleur. The guide rollers of the derailleur Must be in the same plane, and the chain must pass through them strictly vertically.

To set up the rear derailleur of a speed bike, you need to understand what the screws are for (see Fig.).

  • The H and L screws are stop screws designed to prevent the chain from slipping on the largest and smallest sprocket. In general, the main part of the adjustment is done by these screws.
  • Tension drum. designed to adjust the cable tension.
  • Retaining nut. required to directly attach the cable to the switches.

How the front derailleur works

The switch itself is a frame that moves the chain, throwing it from one star to another. It is attached to the bike frame and is adjusted with a cable that is connected to the adjusting handle on the handlebar. The front derailleur is heavier than the rear derailleur, so incorrect setting affects the rear derailleur as well.

Installing the front derailleur to the frame

To adjust the switch mechanism, it is necessary to correctly position the switch on the frame.

The following rules correspond to the correct position:

  • The mechanism should be located 2 mm above the extreme star.
  • It is parallel to the stars.
  • The screw for the cable clamp is loose.
  • The cover of the cable is loose, i.e. NOT stretched
  • The angle of the transfer mechanism must correspond to the angle of inclination of the center line of the frame.
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How to install the front derailleur on a bike yourself

The front derailer is installed according to the following algorithm:

  • Secure the bike to the stand. This will greatly simplify the work;
  • Before installation, you must make sure that the mechanism is thoroughly washed, and that rubbing components are properly lubricated;
  • Fasten the VELOBIKE chain: at the front on the minimum sprocket, and at the rear on the maximum;
  • Loosen the cable adjusting screw;
  • Slide the front derailleur clamp onto the seat tube;
  • Install the cable on the switch and tighten it;
  • Check the position of the frame when operating the gear selector. If there is a distortion, too large or small interval between the sprocket and the frames, the mechanism must be removed and reinstalled on the seat tube again;
  • Tighten the fixing screw.


Is it necessary to generalize something here? In my opinion, comments. The choice of a switch is an individual matter for everyone, depending on the needs and financial capabilities. Don’t forget to check out our range of derailleurs. Shimano’s main competitor.

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Any cyclist should know how to switch gears on a bicycle and how to set them. Just Stick to some simple rules to make your cycling comfortable and efficient. Plus, your derailleurs will last you longer and save you money.

When we were small, there was no trace of speed on the bike, and no one thought about it. We just pedaled and the bike just moved. But today the simplest model of a bicycle is necessarily equipped with a certain number of speeds and has two brakes. At the same time, many people think they know how to switch speeds on a bicycle. But, in fact, it is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

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  • Loosen the bolt securing the cable and remove it.
  • Unscrew the derailleur rollers or remove the chain from the bike.
  • Remove the bolt securing the switch. Remove the switch.

Setting and adjusting

Sooner or later, any cyclist begins to notice that the gearshift system emits extraneous sounds, such as crunching, rumbling, etc. It happens that during gear shifting the chain jumps a couple of sprockets or the opposite situation: you cannot switch to the required sprocket. So what’s the deal? You just do NOT have gear shifting configured. So how do you set your bike speeds? Let’s try to figure it out.

The gearshift setting may go astray because you are NOT familiar with the gearshift rules and is not changing gears correctly. Or your gearshift system is simply too dirty and needs to be flushed out. But the reasons are a separate conversation, and we will focus on setting.

We will NOT delve into the nuances of professional tuning. professional cyclists are unlikely to search for speed settings on the network. Therefore, let’s move on to the Quick Course on Speed ​​Tuning:

  • Fix your bike upside down (using a special stand or just put it on the handlebars and seat). The speed setting is carried out using the special bolts on the switch.
  • Now you need to set the chain in the leftmost positions (on the large chainring and small rear). After that, Unscrew the part that serves to fix the cable to completely unhook the cable.
  • Now, tightening one of the bolts on the speed switch, you need to adjust the two gears so that they are opposite one another. You will recognize which torque bolt by the “H” or “High” mark next to it. What does High speed mean?
  • After that, we install the chain in the rightmost positions of both stars (on the largest rear and smallest in front). We again adjust the gears with the second screw, which is marked “L” or “Low”. Putting the stars in one line.
  • Now, you need to install the chain on the middle sprockets in the front and rear and adjust the gear shifting as precisely as possible using a screw, which is called “lambs” and the cable floor is located directly. It must be remembered that our goal is to ensure that the middle gears are opposite one another. Before you start twisting the “lamb”, it is better to perform a test drive, which will give an idea of ​​how difficult it is to switch or, conversely, too easy.
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We put the asterisks one opposite the other, do not worry if there are minor inaccuracies, plus or minus a couple of millimeters does not affect anything: the system does not provide such accuracy. But still, the gear changes will be slightly better if the stars are aligned. For this reason, after a test ride, it will become extremely clear in which exact place you need to do more detailed settings.

Method of feeding the cable

There are several options for supplying the cable from the handlebars of the bicycle to the derailer:

How To Change Chainring On A Bike
  • Bicycle frame top tube.
  • Down tube of triangle.

Required tools

  • Hexagon 5 mm.
  • Hexagon 3 mm.
  • (9 mm open-end or socket wrench).
  • Flat or Phillips screwdriver.

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