How to change a tire on a Xiaomi scooter

Step 2.

When setting Video Quality, select Full HD only. If you decide to create a masterpiece in slow motion, you can simply choose HD.

Step 3.

Focus mode is very important. The quality of the video material depends on it. With Continuous Focus (CAF), you don’t have to worry about image clarity, your phone will take care of it.

How to set up the camera on Xiaomi?

After acquiring well-known smartphones from the acclaimed company Xiaomi, every lover of high-quality pictures thinks about whether it is possible to make the shooting process more productive and improve the result. To do this, you need to answer the question of how to set up the camera on Xiaomi.

Adjusting photo quality

To adjust the quality of photos on Xiaomi, open the camera and select “Settings”:

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If you have an SD card, activate the function of saving pictures to removable media. This action in some way affects the quality of the shooting, albeit insignificantly. Speaking of the advantages of an SD card, one cannot fail to mention the large additional space, where more than one thousand of your wonderful pictures will fit.


Choosing the right aspect ratio can help improve the quality of your photos. The best option looks like 3: 4. This format will provide maximum expansion when shooting on a phone.

When choosing “Image Quality”, choose “High”. Then your smartphone will maximize the use of the camera and allow you to enjoy a clear picture, where the smallest details are visible.

Inexperienced users most often choose the maximum level of sharpness, which is categorically wrong. For a natural and good quality photo, you must choose either “Low” or “Lowest”.

When adjusting the contrast and saturation, you should not change anything, just leave the “Normal” level.

It is important to say that certain settings will not always provide the best result. Conditions will always change, including lighting. Change parameters for higher quality.

One practical example is using a flash. In the daytime, it is useless, and sometimes even spoils the whole frame. If you work in dark conditions, highlighting objects can guarantee the best results.

How to improve video quality?

Adjusting video quality on Xiaomi is no more difficult than the steps that are needed to get amazing pictures. Open the camera and do the following:

Step 1.

Select the “Modes” section, and then “Open Settings”.

Video Tips

If you are aiming for the perfect video, some video shooting tips will be very helpful. Try to use manual focus if you are aiming at a specific subject.

Also, use a flash in low light. A good video is when you take care of image stabilization. Even if you hold the device with both hands, shaking will be significantly reduced.

How to Replace Change to Solid Tire in Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Wheels | English

For a more comfortable viewing experience, it’s best to create horizontal videos. A computer, laptop or TV is more adapted to this format, so you will enjoy your video as much as possible.

Do not make sudden movements with the camera. Sometimes the power is simply not enough and the output is only a blurry picture. Make any video smooth, this will add attractiveness to it.

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How to change a wheel: detailed instructions

The ability to change wheels will never be superfluous. over, the process itself takes 10-15 minutes, and everything you need is usually in the trunk of any car.

Park on the side of the road

You cannot continue driving with a punctured tire, but stopping in the middle of the road is also not the case. Therefore, do not be afraid to drive a couple of tens of meters and choose a flat, dry place on the side of the road.

It is best to stay away from moving vehicles so as not to provoke an accident and not risk your life.

Drivers of cars with a manual transmission must be sure to engage first gear, and owners of automatics must move the lever to the parking position (P).

And in any case, you need to put the car on the handbrake.

How to change a wheel

Install warning triangle and prepare tools

When you park your car in a safe place, do not forget to turn on the hazard lights and install the warning triangle, which is located in the trunk. In settlements, it is placed 20 meters behind the car, and on the highway. 40 meters.

In the same place, in the trunk, find a spare tire and a jack with a balloon wrench. Usually the manufacturer places all this in a special niche under the floor, which can be reached by lifting the bottom panel.

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It is good if you have a pump and a pressure gauge with you to check the pressure, as well as wheel chocks. And, of course, gloves do not hurt, since you still have to get your hands a little dirty.

How to understand that the wheel is punctured

A punctured wheel is usually indicated by extraneous noise from outside, as well as loss of speed and deterioration in handling. If the car is pulled to the side, and in order to keep it on the road, you have to make efforts, then, most likely, a puncture on one of the front wheels. If the back of the car starts to enter, then the problem is there.

When this happens, you will know exactly what the matter is. Don’t panic at all. Level the vehicle and gradually reduce speed and pull over to the side of the road.

Remove the wheel

After taking out all the tools and a spare wheel, place them next to the punctured wheel and ask all passengers to get out of the car. Even if it’s hard frost or heavy rain outside, safety comes first.

Despite the handbrake and the engaged gear, before installing the jack, you need to additionally secure the wheels with stops. For them, however, any stones or pieces of brick will come off.

If you need to replace the rear wheel, the stops are placed on both sides of the front wheels, and vice versa.

Now you can start removing the wheel. First, release the disc from the plastic cap and loosen the bolts with a wheel wrench. It will take a lot of effort to move them, which can be provided by the weight of your body simply by pushing on the key with your foot. It is not necessary to completely unscrew the bolts: it is enough to unscrew them one turn.

After that, you need to raise the car with a jack. In no case should you install it anywhere. Especially for this purpose, there are small reinforcements on the underbody, which are usually located behind the front wheel or just in front of the rear. The manufacturer designates them with triangles or cutouts at the bottom of the thresholds. If the weld seam is covered with plastic pads, then they will be interrupted at the points of installation of the jack.

Bring the jack under the bottom and start turning its handle clockwise. Be sure to make sure that the jack lifts evenly, does not roll.

If, under the weight of the machine, the lower paw of the jack goes into the ground, you need to put something like a piece of board or brick under it.

It is not worth lifting the wheel too much. It is enough to stop 5 cm from the ground. After that, you can completely unscrew the bolts and remove the punctured wheel from the hub. It is better to push it under the car as insurance, and put the bolts somewhere on a rag so as not to get lost.

Install and check the spare tire

It remains to put a spare tire instead of the punctured wheel. To do this, align the holes on the disc with the holes in the hub, put on the wheel and tighten the bolts, completely tightening them by hand.

It is important to install the nuts securing the wheels to the hub with the semicircular side to the disc, and not outward.

Remove the punctured wheel from under the car, lower the jack and finally tighten the bolts. This must be done correctly. For wheels with four or six holes, opposite bolts are tightened in pairs. If there are five holes, then you need to pull in this order, as if you were drawing a five-pointed star.

It remains to assemble the tool, remove the jack and stops, and also check the pressure in the installed wheel and, if necessary, pump it up. If the pump is not at hand, you can ask for help from passing drivers.

If you use a small-sized spare wheel, the so-called stowaway, then do not forget about caution: usually you can move on it at a speed of no more than 80 km / h and a distance of no more than 100 kilometers.

And, of course, try to fix a broken wheel in a specialized tire service as soon as possible, so as not to tempt fate and not drive without a spare wheel.

How to repair a Xiaomi scooter yourself

Sooner or later, all or almost all scooter owners are faced with replacing the camera or wheel tire. The general principles of assembly / disassembly are as follows: neatness, neatness and neatness again. I found several videos on YouTube, where the whole process of how to independently repair a Xiaomi scooter is described in detail and the authors tried.

Replacing the camera, bearings, battery and waterproofing of the Xiaomi electric scooter

The video below shows the complete wheel disassembly process. with proper skill, it can be carried out in the field, if you have hex keys at hand.

The author suggests fixing the tire with the camera using cable nylon ties. To add, there are reusable cable ties. You can keep 4 of these on the steering wheel and they will always be at hand.

You can easily put on the tire with your hands in the way that I described in detail in the post HOW TO REPLACE THE SCOOTER CAMERA WITH HANDS AND WEAR THIS DAMN TIRE.

I also want to add that these screeds can also be used for driving on wet ground or on packed snow, which I will write about in a separate post, but unfortunately this is not very suitable for scooters.

Replacing bearings with sealed ones, waterproofing the coils and motor-wheel housing is important and will help protect your scooter if you accidentally overtake bad weather on the road or get into a deep puddle with the wheel. Let me remind you that the manufacturer does not recommend driving in the rain and recommends refraining from getting your wheels into puddles more than 2 centimeters deep.

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The next video tells you how to change the bearings on the scooter and how to varnish the windings of the motor-wheel. I will only draw your attention to the fact that everything needs to be done carefully.

How to replace tires with new ones, measuring 10 inches. Let me remind you that stock tires are 8.5 inches in size.

In any case, even if you do not change tires, it would be good to raise the rear fender higher or fix it. Otherwise, the rear headlight wire is wiped from vibration.

Also, perhaps I will dwell on the frequent problem of xiaokata. falling off resistance welding. If you do not have a resistance welding machine, then there is only one way out. soldering. You need to solder carefully.

Well, perhaps, all the basic repair steps that can be done without special training. I will consider diagnostics and repair of electronics in one of the following posts.

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When to change

Changing the wheels of a scooter is required in cases of malfunction and, if necessary, to select them depending on the quality of the riding surface and riding style. After all, defective or unsuitable wheels not only do not add comfort while riding, but can also cause injuries and falls. And if the scooter was not originally equipped with the necessary wheels, you can simply replace them, and not throw a new model.

Vibrations repetitive at speed signal a malfunction of the polyurethane wheel. the loss of its correct shape. Among the main reasons for this are the following:

  • emergency or kick scooter;
  • improper use of the brake while riding;
  • wear and tear as a result of a long period of use;
  • marriage or use by the manufacturer in the manufacture of wheels of low-quality materials.

The wheels of the scooter must be changed piece by piece, since the rear wheels wear out faster due to the presence of a brake.

What determines the frequency of wheel changes

Sooner or later, all riders have to change the wheels of their compact road friend. Much depends on the riding style: the harder and more aggressive it is, the earlier the question of changing wheels will arise. An important role is played by the quality of manufacture of the entire device, as well as compliance with the following basic rules for caring for equipment:

  • do not exceed the permissible weight load;
  • if possible, avoid traveling in rainy weather, and upon returning from a walk, thoroughly clean the device from dirt and sand and dry it;
  • use transport depending on the purpose of its purpose (for example, do not use the urban model for extreme jumps);
  • periodically check the strength of the fastening of the nodes, the presence of nuts and structural connections.

How to replace a wheel yourself

The process of removing and replacing a wheel from a scooter can be divided into certain stages:

  • With the help of special keys, called hexagons, the bolts that fix the elements are unscrewed. The axle of the wheel in the process of rolling the scooter can get stuck, the use of VD-40 will help to move it. Just remember that after applying it, it is better to lubricate the bearings.
  • The bolt is pulled out. After that, with the help of hexagons, the axle is pulled and the spacer is pulled out. a special sleeve between the two bearings in the wheel. If the spacer is lost or deformed, washers can be used as a temporary option.
  • When changing or cleaning bearings, be sure to pull out their race. This is done with a flat screwdriver.
  • It is necessary to visually inspect the bearings, which can be cleaned or replaced with new ones.
  • To install the wheel, attach the spacer to the axle on one side, on the other side, insert the axle into the wheel, push the second spacer onto the axle using a hexagon and push it.
  • After that, the bolt is inserted and tightened tightly. If in this case the wheel does not spin well, it can be assumed that the spacer is defective.

How to remove and change wheels on a scooter

Scooters have become very popular in recent years. This seemingly simple but ingenious design will not only help to reduce travel time, but will also bring a lot of pleasant emotions and pleasure. Scooters are no longer perceived as entertainment for children. They are used by people of all ages. During the operation of this compact type of transport, like any other technique, various questions may arise, for example, about changing wheels. It is important to figure out how to solve the problem correctly and in the shortest possible time.

A little about wheels

Wheels are one of the most important structural elements of a scooter that determine its technical characteristics. Depending on their number, two-, three-, four-wheeled models are distinguished.

The wheel diameter determines the maneuverability, stability and passability of the scooter, the width determines the ride quality, and the rigidity determines the grip on the road surface. The material for making the wheels is also of great importance.

Checking the bearings

It often happens that the wheels do not spin well. It could be a tire or frame attachment, but most often this is caused by bearing problems that suffer from dirt or moisture. They can be cleaned with kerosene and then treated with a special lubricant. If the procedure carried out does not give a positive result, the defective bearings must be replaced with new ones.

If you need to replace the tires on the scooter wheel

Recently, manufacturers have not produced wheels for scooters with inflatable tires. But if there are any, then replacement is required in the main chamber, which is located inside the tire and is damaged as a result of a puncture. Such work is best done in a specialized scooter repair shop.

In order for the scooter to serve for a long time, it is necessary to follow the basic rules of caring for it, periodically check the tightness of the connections and fasteners, and carry out the necessary work on time. Then the ride will be safe, and the walk will bring a lot of pleasant impressions and benefits.

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Why does the camera release

The camera can be a little undercut. To avoid problems, scooter owners pump up their tires once a week. But there is another, more obvious reason. there is an unintended hole in the wheel. There are three reasons for its appearance:

Rubbish on the road. Sharp stone, glass, nail or piece of iron.

Sharp tile that was jerked on.

Erasing the inner tube of the tire. The sides of the tire are rough, and after some 100 km they wipe the camera.

Problems can be avoided in advance. For example, glue the tire on the inside with an old tube or replace the rear tire with a cast Xiaomi tire. a wheel made of a single piece of rubber.

Fitting a cast tubeless tire on a Xiaomi scooter

Now you are more likely to spend time outdoors, less nervous during rush hour when an unfamiliar aunt puts her cart on her leg. Mood and well-being are clearly going uphill.

Cast VS inflatable

The main plus of Xiaomi tubeless tires is durability. On a scooter, you can cut on any road, not paying attention to small stones and broken glass. True, you will have to pay for strength. Since there is no camera inside, and the molded tire is much stronger than an inflatable one, the ride will be a little harder. These are not “houses” on an old Volkswagen, but driving along the same paving stones is less comfortable.

Further on the list of positive qualities: excellent survival skills in an urban environment. speed bumps and curbs are not afraid of tires. wheels are not afraid of snow and ice, have good grip, wear out for a long time.

Cast tires for Xiaomi mijia are differentiated by generation. The higher the generation, the softer the ride feel. 2nd generation models are de facto softer than 1st part tires. At the third stage of development, perforation appeared and the line was diversified with color models: yellow, red, green, blue. Black classics also remained. For tuning fans, they even produce glowing tires.

A story in which there is not even one “but” is completely uninteresting, although it seems very desirable. Alas, and the Xiaomi m365 is a tubeless feature. It is more suitable for users whose weight does not exceed 80 kg. In clothes, as it is not difficult to guess. The tire will not die under a heavier person. But the wheel inside the tire will spin one more revolution, because of this, the load on the motor will increase, and the electric scooter will sit down faster and drive slower.

In order to remove the rear wheel you will need:

two flat blades or two smooth flat screwdrivers, without any notches;

The process of removing-replacing-returning to the place is within 40-50 minutes. If there are other people in the house besides you, then warn them not to call the orderlies anytime soon. Everything you do makes sense.

With a knife or a file, carefully pick up and remove the red stickers on the sides, cogs will appear under them.

Unscrew them with a hexagon and remove the plastic pads.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screw and washer.

We put the Xiaomi tubeless tire there for 10-15 minutes, press down, otherwise it will float. Cover the pan with a lid.

While it is brewing, take off the old tire.

Be sure to lower the camera and only after that we pry the tire with a flat screwdriver.

When we “throw off” part of the tire from the wheel, we get the camera. We take it out first of all so as not to damage it. Then we shoot the rest.

By this time, the tire will be al dente. If there are doubts about its softness, then we fix the result in the microwave. 30 seconds at a power of no more than 700.

Now take the wheel and tire and pull the last over the first. We help ourselves with our knees, screwdriver blades and a valiant force. When one side is ready, then we fix it with ties, you can immediately use two.

We continue to stretch and fasten the successful pieces with ties. The process is repeated somewhere in the middle of the tire, it takes from 2 to 8 ties.

When the tire is in place, we gradually cut off the ties and level them with screwdrivers or spatulas.

Close the hole for the nipple with a clip.

Don’t have a suitable pot? A bucket will do too. No bucket? We plug the drain in the sink, fill it with boiling water, put a cover, press down and cover with some kind of lid or rag.

To make the tensioning process go smoother, rub the metal part of the wheel with soap.

If there are no screwdrivers, spatulas and ties, then knees and perseverance are enough. But it will take a little longer.

Don’t overcook tires! Installation will take place for the first time, so there is a chance that the screwdriver will fly off and a serious crack will remain on the bus, which will open after cooling.

To remove the front wheel you need an 18.

If you choose between Xiaomi cast tires and regular tires, then the decision must be made in favor of safety. Therefore, it is better to put strong rubber than to roll the scooter with the deflated wheels to the house from the other end of the city.

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