How to carry a bike in the trunk

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You don’t have to only ride a bike everywhere, even if you love to ride it. It is much more convenient to take your bike to the mountains by car and enjoy nature than to choke on the track for several hours. When traveling by car, moving to another city, competitions or small outings in nature, it may always be necessary to transport bicycles in a car.

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And there are a huge number of such transportation methods. There are special car holders that provide the ability to transport bicycles with maximum comfort. There are cars, in the trunk of which 2-3 iron horses will enter, and there will still be room for equipment. You can even disassemble the bike (at least partially) by squeezing it into the salon.

  • what kind of bike do you have and will it fit into the car;
  • what route do you plan to take;
  • how many bikes you need to carry at the same time;
  • what is your car.

Car roof mount

This is one of the most popular ways. A mount is installed on the crossbars of the upper rack, to which the bike clings. The bike is placed in an upright position. It has 3 fixation points. both wheels are grabbed with clamps, and a special holder is attached to the frame or to the connecting rod. As a rule, one fastener is designed for one bike, but you can install them as much as you need, as long as there is enough space on the roof. Usually 3-4 bikes fit on a car. you can help your friends get there.

The towbar bracket can be installed on any car that has a towbar, of course. Some models are designed so that you can even open the trunk without removing the bicycles from the platform.

Built-in car mounts

The case when you can choose a car for a bicycle, and not vice versa. Some auto manufacturers create very convenient things, like retractable platforms for transporting from 1 to 3 bicycles. Sometimes a collapsible mount with numbers and turn signals comes out from under the trunk; you can additionally fix one more platform for two bicycles on it. Convenient, reliable and beautiful device.

Each type of transportation has its own pros and cons. The main thing when choosing is not to try to save every penny. A quality platform from a well-known brand greatly increases the chances that you will bring your bike safe and sound.

Loading a two-wheeled vehicle into the cabin: the subtleties of the process

A bicycle is a means of transportation that gives a person a sense of freedom. What could be better than a breeze ride down a country road, a forest path or a shady park alley? Far from noisy roads, the pleasure of driving increases at times, therefore, before a country trip, there is a desire to take a two-wheeled friend.

Transporting a steel horse by car is a laborious task. Of course, if you have an SUV or a van at your disposal, there will be no problem. But the owners of miniature cars need to try to load the product. Any problem has a solution, and in this case even several!

Every motorist knows how to transport a bike in a sedan car on the roof. But the main problem of the method. laborious loading. often comes as a surprise.

The owner does not have to spend money on the purchase of clips and installation of special mounts.

When loading, it is important to follow some rules:

  • To make the two-wheeled vehicle fit in the cabin, dismantle the front and rear wheels, turn the steering wheel parallel to the frame.
  • A special cover will help protect the car’s upholstery from possible contamination.
  • When placing the product in the rear seat, secure it with the seat belts. Getting hit by iron parts during emergency braking is a dubious pleasure.

These recommendations make it clear how to transport a bicycle in a car in the salon. But this method of transportation has an important drawback. a minimum of usable area remains inside the car.

Placing a two-wheeled friend in the back seat loses three seats. Traveling with family in this situation is excluded.!

Roof rack: how to fix a two-wheeled friend?

Many modern cars are equipped with an optional roof rack. Use a bike carrier. If your steel friend travels with you occasionally, it is permissible to tie him to the slats. This method of fixing is not very reliable, therefore special mounts will be needed for long trips.

Mechanisms securely hold the vehicle, it is not afraid of shakes on uneven roads.

Every motorist knows how to transport a bicycle in a sedan car on the roof. But the main problem of the method. laborious loading. often comes as a surprise.

It will not be difficult for a tall man to lift the product, but it will be difficult for a fragile lady to install it on the roof. When using the trunk of a car, do not forget about other nuances:

  • Fixing the bike increases the height of the car, which negatively affects aerodynamics.
  • The trunk allows you to transport multiple bikes, but each requires a separate mount.
  • When transported on the roof, you don’t have to disassemble your two-wheeled friend. You save energy, time and most importantly. the useful volume of the machine.
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Towbar mounting: advantages of the method

The towing hitch, popularly known as the tow hitch, is not a luxury, but a necessity. The device is often found in cars, because many motorists use a trailer in everyday life.

Today, special designs for transporting bicycles are sold, which are mounted on a towbar. Devices resemble a small shelf with fasteners.

The main advantage of the mechanisms is their ease of use. The device is easily and quickly mounted before transporting a mountain bike in a car, and also quickly disassembled after use.

This method of transportation also has other positive qualities:

  • convenient loading and unloading of products;
  • the ability to transport several bicycles at the same time;
  • affordable price of fasteners;
  • preservation of the initial aerodynamics of the car.

When choosing a device for a towbar, start from the frequency of its use. For regular operation, it is better to purchase options with additional stops and side lights, because the fasteners cover important structural parts of the machine. If you use the shelf only occasionally, you can choose a simple design without auxiliary elements.

How to safely transport children’s transport?

A trip with a child to the country or to the country house requires tremendous strength and endurance. Parents will not only have to collect numerous crumbs, but also take many toys and, of course, a bicycle. Children love to ride in private vehicles, and far from noisy roads, this process is especially enjoyable.!

Many people have no idea how to transport a children’s tricycle in a car. The transportation option depends on the size of the car.

In a spacious SUV, hatchback or station wagon, a small bike will easily fit into the trunk. But how to be the owners of sedans?

  • In many cars, the rear seats fold down. this allows transporting the assembled product.
  • In a small car, squeezing a bicycle into the interior is problematic. Disassemble the child transport into large parts. remove the wheels, seat and steering wheel. In order not to damage the casing, wrap the structure in a blanket.
  • When all passenger seats are occupied, there is hardly room for a bicycle. The situation has two ways out: to completely disassemble the two-wheeled vehicle or use the roof rack (if it is installed in the car).

The problem of transporting a bicycle on a personal car can be solved simply if you follow the proposed recommendations.

How to transport a bike by car

In the life of a cyclist, sometimes situations arise when it is necessary to transport a bicycle over long distances. For example, if you decide to pedal somewhere far from the city, enjoying clean air and pastoral landscapes. In general, the reasons can be very different, but the simplest way of transportation is by car. It is only important to do this so that the bike is not damaged. So, let’s look at what methods of transporting a bicycle by car exist.

If you have a large car with a spacious trunk, then everything is simple: you need to remove the bicycle wheel, turn the steering wheel so that it is in one straight line with the frame. In this form, the vehicle can easily fit into the trunk. Just pay attention to the fact that no objects in the trunk during shaking and jolting do not damage important parts of the bike.

If it is a city car, then the bike can be put in the back seat after removing the wheel and turning the steering wheel. In this case, you also need to take care of the safety of attachments. It is also important to ensure that the bike is well secured and does not obstruct the rear window. By using a bicycle cover, you will avoid contamination of the seat upholstery.

There are special roof racks for transporting a bike on the roof. Depending on the model, they can hold from one to three assembled bicycles. Most often, such roof racks are fastened to the frame, but they are also found with fastenings for the pedal, for the fork or the steering wheel. All options hold the bike well, so you can be sure the bike will not fly off anywhere on the road. While there are obvious advantages, this method of transporting a bicycle also has its drawbacks. Firstly, it will be difficult for someone to lift a heavy bike to the roof, secondly, the aerodynamic properties of the car change, and thirdly, the driver needs to take into account the changed dimensions of the car, not to enter, for example, into a low gate.

If your car has a towbar, you can use it to transport bicycles. But first you need to install a special rack with bike racks on it. At first glance, it may seem that this structure is not strong enough. But pay attention to the impressive and technological clamp, it has very good grip on the towbar and can withstand significant loads. up to four adult bicycles. You shouldn’t worry about access to the trunk either, since such trunks have a function that allows you to move the entire structure aside without removing the bicycles.

A serious disadvantage of this transportation option is that the bike can become very dirty from dust and splashes flying from under the wheels. On the other hand, the bike also gets dirty when you ride it on a dusty road.

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You can transport bicycles from the back without a towbar, in this case the bike carrier is mounted using hooks and slings. The advantages of this setup are simple installation, easy access to bicycles and a secure fit. But you need to take into account that such a bike carrier is designed for only 1, maximum. 2 bicycles. In addition, the device must be selected taking into account the characteristics of the car. If you decide to change your car, then most likely you will have to buy another mount that matches the new parameters of your car.

Choose your way of transporting your bike!


This option has its advantages and disadvantages. The first can be attributed to savings. you do not need to purchase special mounts, you just need to load the bike into the salon and on the road. However, there are some nuances. Before such transportation, the bike must be thoroughly washed, otherwise it will smear the entire interior for you. You will not be able to seat passengers in the back seat. And during emergency braking, the bike can be seriously damaged. Therefore, this option is suitable for one-time or emergency trips. If you plan to travel with a bike regularly, and even in a company, it is better to come up with another method of transportation.


A very convenient and practical option, but, unfortunately, not for everyone. Everything here directly depends on the size of your car. If you are the owner of a roomy pickup truck, more than one bike can easily fit into its trunk. But with a standard sedan, such a scheme is simply impossible. The only option is to disassemble the bike and transport it piece by piece in the trunk. But in this case, you must purchase or make your own special cover that will protect the bike components from damage and scratches.

Traveling with a bike by car

Fans of extreme mountain riding are often faced with the need to transport a bicycle by car. You can also go to competitions, move to another city, in general, there are many options when such transportation becomes necessary. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones:

  • In the cabin
  • On the roof
  • In the trunk

The following factors influence the choice of a specific method of transportation:

Will My Mountain Bike Fit In My Trunk? | Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ | Everything I own fits in my trunk

  • Bike dimensions
  • Car model
  • Route features
  • Number of bicycles to be transported


Perhaps the most versatile and convenient way to transport bicycles. A mount is attached to the crossbar of the roof rack, on which the bike is attached. You lock both wheels and the frame. A big plus of this method is the ability to transport several bicycles at the same time. It all depends on the size of your trunk. Usually 3. 4 bicycles fit there. But there are also disadvantages. For example, the cost part. And it is better not to save money in this matter. After all, if your bike caught on a branch at speed, it is easy to pull out an unreliable mount, and you will simply lose your two-wheeled friend.

Experts call this method of transportation the safest, even in the event of a minor traffic accident. Your bike will not be harmed. But during the trip, you should understand that the dimensions of your car are significantly increased upward, which means that you cannot drive under low trees, drive into a garage or other small structures. You can choose high-quality mounts and accessories for them in the section “Car mounts for a bicycle”.

The only difficulty is getting the bike up to the roof. If you have a solid SUV, and the bike weighs more than 20 kilograms, then this will be very problematic. Special suspension steps that are attached to the front wheel will help out a lot. As a last resort, you can use a small stool, which is best to always carry with you in the trunk. As you can see, there are really a lot of options for transporting a bike in a car. Carefully study all the pros and cons and choose the most optimal way. Slight difficulties associated with transporting the bike are not at all a reason to deny yourself an exciting bike ride during your vacation or long trips.

Rear door bike carrier

It is one of the most popular ways to transport bicycles. This device is secured with belts and struts to the rear door of the vehicle. There are cushioning pads in the places of contact with the car and bicycle. sophisticated models have retaining brackets to prevent the bike from sliding on metal holders.

  • easy to download;
  • fuel consumption is less than when using a roof rack;
  • fast loading and unloading;
  • the structure folds up for storage;
  • will be inexpensive.
  • an additional lock is needed to prevent theft;
  • limited access to the rear of the machine;
  • painstaking installation of the trunk itself;
  • covers the taillights and room;
  • careless loading can damage the bike and paint the car.

Saris Bones 2 is a classic roof rack that not only functions great, but also looks neat. The design is time-tested and classic. Whether you are going to a sporting event or traveling, this mount is perfect. If you are not using the trunk, it can be folded up.

Installation of this mount does not take long. Just adjust the struts to your car (the outer two rest against the bumper with rubberized feet, and the middle ones cover the rear window or door cover), hook the straps around the edges of the tailgate and tighten them. The belts are equipped with strong, rubberized hooks (do not scratch paint), stamped in different shapes, so it is impossible to confuse them. At first glance, the tensioned belts look unreliable, but if you pull on them, the car will just roll a little. After the rack is secured, you can put the bike on the supports and fasten the frame with latches.

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Rear trunk of the car

You can cheat and put bicycles in the trunk by folding the seats. If you have a fairly spacious interior, then you can place the bike practically without disassembling, but only removing the front wheel. Surprisingly, you can squeeze a bike into a small trunk by removing both wheels and the seat.

  • the bike is safe;
  • very comfortably;
  • easy to unload;
  • no need to buy anything.

Disadvantages: there will be no free space in the cabin.

Bike Transport Guide: All Carrying Methods

It’s always convenient to get out of the house, get on your bike and ride. But if you load a two-wheeled vehicle into the car, then you can ride in any, even the most remote place. The following are options for transporting your bike by car.

How To Fit A Bike Into (Almost) Any Car | Transport A Bike Without A Roof Rack

The machines were not originally designed for transporting bicycles, with the exception of compact folding models. There is not enough space inside most of them, so you have to use external mounts. When we look at all the methods of transportation, you will see that there can be much more disadvantages than advantages. You will have to choose the best option in which transporting the bike will be the least hassle.

Upper bike rack

Yakima FrontLoader. Easy-to-Use Roof Rack.

Traditional for transporting bicycles is a roof rack, where there is enough free space. In most models, you need to remove the front wheel, but there are also mounts with additional holders that allow you to fix the entire bike without disassembling.

  • there is enough space and you can fasten up to four bicycles;
  • bicycles will not scratch the car;
  • not only bicycles can be transported.
  • special locks are needed to prevent theft;
  • beware of low vaults when entering a garage or parking lot;
  • high fuel consumption; inconvenient to download;
  • bicycles get wet and dirty in bad weather;
  • impossible to quickly remove or fasten.

One notable example is the Yakima FrontLoader. £ 89.95.

Yakima FrontLoader is an easy-to-use roof rack that protects the frame from deformation and adjusts to the size of the front wheel, which is securely fastened. Unlike other rack locks that fix the frame, FrontLoader consists of two parts: the front one, which forks to cover the front wheel and the rear one. equipped with a lock that holds the front wheel in tension at a certain angle, which is adjusted by a large red knob with a scale.

It is a reliable device that does not damage the frame. It is much easier to use and adjust to the bike than standard models that lock the frame with latches.

Utility vehicle (station wagon)

The huge trunk of the station wagon is great for a bike, especially when the rear seats are folded down. Place a liner so as not to damage the boot pan and you can place several bicycles vertically by removing the front wheels in advance.

  • bicycles are protected from precipitation and theft;
  • Ashina spends less fuel;
  • no need to buy anything.
  • dirt in the cabin;
  • have to drive with a clogged trunk all the time.

Tow bar bike rack

Thule EuroClassic G6 929 3 bike rack. not cheap, but easy to use and durable (£ 449.95).

This type of rack attaches to the towbar and can be connected to the car’s electrical wiring, which is very convenient for transporting bicycles. Towbar racks usually hold two to four bicycles, which are attached to the wheels and frames for good stability.

  • securely attached to the vehicle;
  • less fuel consumption than when using roof racks;
  • quick installation and dismantling; some models fold for storage;
  • there are usually headlights and a frame for the number;
  • leans well, easy to reach bike.
  • a lock is needed to prevent theft;
  • not foldable and bulky;
  • need a towbar, often expensive and heavy.

The Thule EuroClassic G6 LED 929 3 towbar bike rack is a state-of-the-art model. It can hold three bikes, but if you purchase an additional adapter, there will be room for another. The model is made primarily of aluminum, as well as other high-strength and lightweight materials. The trunk is attached to the towbar with a remote lever that can be locked. In addition, the latches that hold the bike frames are locked. The same key fits all locks.

If you need to get to the rack, you can tilt the structure to the side. Of course, £ 450 is a lot of money for a bike rack, but it is the greatest achievement of engineering and design and will serve you for years with the right maintenance. Unlike many other bike racks, one person can easily install and set it up.