How to banyhop on a bike

Articulating levers symmetrically

It should be understood that the wear rate of these elements will depend on the symmetrical installation of the pads, therefore, to create conditions for long-term and comfortable operation of the brake system.


It is possible to achieve the same distance between the left and right pads by adjusting the spring elements on the brake levers. To correctly adjust the force due to which the elements become in their previous position, you need to use the adjusting (special type) bolts located on the base of the levers.

Adjustment of the brake handle and cable tension

To bring the brake to the steering wheel to the required distance, you need to tighten the bolt on the brake lever. It should also be remembered that the handle should not be too close to the steering element. After completing this manipulation, you can start tensioning the cable. The cable tension can be adjusted in two ways:

    Rough adjustment method: loosen the bolt, fix the cable in the brake lever, tuck the cable, tighten the existing bolt.

  • A subtle adjustment method: during the procedure, it is necessary to use a specially designed screw, which is activated in the area of ​​the jacket exit with the brake lever cable. Next, you have to loosen the lock nut, which should be unscrewed. Having reached the desired position of the pads, fix the lock nut to fix.
  • To learn more about how to set up rim brakes on a bicycle, it is highly recommended that you consult with a specialist. This will make it possible to more competently and sensibly approach the adjustment of the brake system, and, therefore, perform all the required manipulations with high quality. This will allow you to use the bike for a long, comfortable and safe daily use.

    Checking the status of the brakes

    Answering the question of how to adjust the rim brakes on a bicycle, it should immediately be said that the beginning of the system regulation implies the disassembly of the structure and a thorough inspection in order to determine the technical condition (if necessary, some parts may need to be replaced).

    First you need to unfasten the brake, and then check how the cable moves in the shirt. During the inspection process, you need to press the brake lever and at the same time adjust the cable. its movement should be free and without any problems. If there are complications, it is likely that the cable, shirt or its guide is damaged. And also the problem may lie in the presence of dirt located in the jacket or guide, therefore, foreign elements should be eliminated.

    Further, the pads are subject to inspection. They should have clearly visible grooves that are designed to drain dirt. If there is significant wear, they will need to be replaced.

    Adjusting the position of the shoes

    The first step is to fix the brake so that the levers and cable are snug. Next, using the hexagon, loosen the bolt that secures the shoe. The lever and block should be pressed against the rim, after which the block must be set:

    • the fit must be complete, over the entire surface;
    • there was no touch to the tire;
    • the arrangement of the element is formed parallel to the rim.

    Having completed all the required actions aimed at achieving this position, the block must be fixed by tightening the bolt.

    How to set up rim brakes on a bike

    The presence of a braking system on a bicycle is one of the key conditions for the safe, comfortable and long-term operation of this vehicle. That is why such a design must be installed on the bike without fail.

    Today there are several basic types of braking systems, each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. One of the commonly used designs is the rim brake. It is easy to maintain, unpretentious in operation, has cheap components.

    Efficient and stable use of your bike means adjusting your rim brakes regularly. For the high-quality implementation of the task, it is necessary to carry out all the required stages, which must be strictly observed in a certain order.

    Key benefits of rim brakes

    it is necessary to note the advantages and positive features of this type of brake system. This will make it possible to fully use the advantages of such a design during the selection of a variant of the option and the subsequent operation of the bike.

      Ease and simplicity in service and adjustment. no special knowledge and experience is required to carry out adjustment measures. Every cyclist can accomplish this task without much difficulty and time.

    Low cost of the braking system. the price is set at an affordable level for most consumers (the ability to purchase an efficient design with minimal financial costs).

    Low stress on the spokes and hub is one of the main conditions for minimizing mechanical stress on the components of the bike. Thus, it is possible to extend the life of the bike by reducing wear on the elements.

    High braking performance in all quality models. The device of the braking system allows not only fast, but also comfortable use of the bike while driving.

  • Wide range of modulation. The ability to adjust the handle tension to adjust the braking performance to the most appropriate level. Thus, the conditions for proper safety are created in the process of overcoming the path on the bike.
  • In addition, by contacting us for a purchase, our specialists will consult each client, providing competent answers regarding the features of the brake system, its features and adjustment methods.

    Jumping obstacles on mountain bikes

    This type of bike is designed for rough terrain and off-roading, but in the city you can often find a mountain bike cyclist jumping over curbs or jumping speed bumps. These jumps are nothing more than a regular bunny.

    The principle of performing a trick for MTB has a complete analogy with jumping on a bmx: acceleration, lifting the rear of the bike off the ground, lifting the front wheel over an obstacle and flying over it. It will be more difficult to complete the exercise on a 29-inch mountain bike. The large size increases the wheel inertia, which prevents the bike from bouncing too high. In addition, larger wheels are more susceptible to impact damage.

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    Execution technique

    As a trick, bunny hop is a slightly more difficult variation of hop. bouncing at speed with both wheels. To do the hop exercise, you need to accelerate strongly on the bike, press into the bike, and then push upward, without changing the position of the arms and legs relative to the frame. When jumping, you can not move the center of gravity and rotate the pedals.

    Bannik, as the cyclists call what we are talking about here, differs from the hop in that the push-off when jumping occurs only by the rear wheel. It turns out that the bicycle rears up before passing the obstacle. The sequence of performing the trick is as follows:

    Better Bunny Hops In 1 Day. How To Bunny Hop

    • Accelerate strongly and coast before jumping. Fix your legs clearly on the pedals.
    • Lean over and place some weight on the front of the bike. This is the so-called jump entry.
    • Straighten up and shift the weight of the whole body back. In addition to the torso, it is necessary to straighten the legs with force and pull the handlebars towards you. this is how the bike will assume an inclined position.
    • As soon as the rear wheel is off the ground, the knees need to be bent, and the handlebars continue to pull up to the chest.

    If the technique is correct, then the bike should land on the rear wheel. The position of the cyclist after the jump: the legs are bent, the arms are straight (as if they are still pulling the handlebars), the body is thrown back, and a significant part of the weight falls on the rear wheel.

    Jumping BMX

    Various BMX stunts are a native element. We can say that such bicycles are practically not used for riding, but they jump and fly well in the air. The sequence of performing the trick, in principle, was described above. However, there are some peculiarities that must be considered in order to get an accurate and high jump.

    The more the steering wheel is out, the lower the jump will turn out, while it will be easier to pull it back when jumping. It is best to keep the handlebars in mid-position so that you can easily drag the bike and fly high enough at the same time. The legs should be properly held in the tightening position, that is, the pedal is located above the foot. This gives the shoe better contact with the surface of the pedal and more effectively pulls up the rear wheel. At the peak of raising the front wheel, it is recommended to bend your arms slightly to tighten the steering wheel. Bunny hop on BMX is performed in several stages:

    • Pulling the rear wheel through the pedals.
    • Leg curl.
    • Pull the steering wheel towards you.
    • Flexion of the elbows.
    • Rear Wheel Landing.

    clearly how to do this correctly is presented on

    How to learn to do bunny hop

    In the field of cycling, the basic exercise is bunny hop. a jump from speed over obstacles. Without the ability to master this trick, it is unlikely that it will work out to learn other, more complex exercises, so everyone who wants to classify themselves as extreme cyclists starts with it.

    An important stage in mastering a jump is a correct understanding of its technical side. This does not mean that you will have to study some theory for a long time, no. On the contrary, on bikes the more practice the better. However, it is simply necessary to take a few minutes to read how this is done.

    Safety recommendations

    Bouncing on the bike always carries a high risk of the cyclist falling. Therefore, first you need to protect yourself with protective equipment:

    • Bike helmet.
    • Knee pads with elbow pads.
    • Closed shoes.

    All items of equipment must be clearly fixed!

    Keep the wheels in a locked position until the bike comes to a complete stop after landing.

    It is better to start doing the exercise without obstacles. As soon as it starts to work out and confidence appears, you can put small objects on the road: hemp, stones, cardboard boxes. The latter option is more acceptable for beginners, since there is no risk of falling from a bike when hitting.

    It doesn’t take long to learn how to bounce on a bike. two days maximum. The trick is simple to master, but it will help open the way to learning how to perform and do more complex things in the field of cycling.

    Bicycle front derailleur

    The transition to the setting of this mechanism is possible only when the rear derailleur is set. This feature is important to take into account before starting work. The figure shows the switch (round, black).

    Leave the chain on the middle sprocket of the front block and place it on the large sprocket in the rear block. If chain friction is observed, re-engage adjuster L. To adjust stop H, the chain moves to the largest sprocket at the front and smallest at the back. The adjuster will help to position the chain in the optimal position without friction and excessive tension on the chain. At the end of the work, be sure to check the quality of its implementation.

    How to fix defects

    The speed switch will work perfectly and the bike itself will be with a new (or not very old) cable, with absolutely intact shirts (and not dry!) ​​And not deformed (or in a small volume) stars and chain.

    If the cable is just stretched, then you just need to pull it up. But if the cable breaks, then you cannot do without replacing this element. The process of replacing the cable is not difficult, the main thing is to strictly adhere to the recommendations of the specialists:

    • unscrew the cable fixing screw, which is located on the cross-over;
    • pull the cable out of the shirts;
    • if necessary, disassemble the shifter and pull the cable out of it;
    • a new cable must be inserted into a special groove in the shifter, and it is the metal tip of the cable that must enter into the groove;
    • lubricate the entire cable with a special grease, you do not need to spare the consumable;
    • pass the cable through the shirts;
    • there are special grooves on the frame, into which shirts are tucked;
    • fasten the cable with a screw on the front end.

    In case of poor gear shifting, pay attention to the return spring. it must be clean and lubricated. To achieve this, you just need to rinse the spring under running water, dry it completely and lubricate it thoroughly.

    If the frame of the rear derailleur is crooked, then this can only mean one thing. the cock is bent. If this is not critical, then you can correct the cock with your hands. you need to take the rear switch in your hand, which is fixed on the cock, and hold the frame with the other hand. Slowly pull out the problematic transmission element (rooster) until relatively even setting.

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    Note: such repair of the cock is a temporary solution to the problem of shifting gears. The fact is that the rooster is a consumable that needs to be changed in time, and not constantly repaired / pulled.

    In some cases, the bike owner pays attention to a deformed rear derailleur (the front derailleur rarely suffers on impact). it can also be returned to its original position with the help of hands. But if the rear derailleur is deformed too much, then it is advisable to replace it.

    Note: After performing specific manipulations to repair bent / deformed parts, do not use the bike for too long. this may end up falling, another breakdown at the most inopportune moments. And in some cases, such carelessness can lead to a traffic accident.!

    How to properly adjust the rear and front derailleurs on a bicycle: photo and description of the process

    Despite the fact that the bicycle was invented a long time ago and, it would seem, should have been out of date for a long time, but this two-wheeled vehicle is gaining more and more popularity every year. Cycling enthusiasts prefer this type of transport due to its convenience, ease of operation, environmental safety and practicality. Not only ordinary bicycles are very popular, but also mountain, track bikes, in which modern innovative technologies are involved. In order for the owners to enjoy cycling, they need to take care of it and monitor the condition of all parts and assemblies. If, in the process of cycling, you hear extraneous sounds, creaking, knocking and twitching during gear shifting, it’s time to pay attention to such a detail as the gear selector.

    Parallelogram Spring Problems

    For better operation of the return spring, you need to wash it. Then lubricate after cleaning.

    How the switches work

    Using the handle and shifter, the cyclist activates the required speed. In a certain position of the handle, the cable is pulled. As a result of this tension, the frame is thrown onto larger sprockets; when the cable is loosened, it is not thrown onto small sprockets. As mentioned above, you can start setting up your bike from the rear derailleur. Procedure for adjusting the rear derailleur:

    • select the second star in the front block, and the smallest in the rear one and set the switch chain on them;
    • The bike’s rear derailleur system has two bolts that act as stops. One is abbreviated as H, and on the other. L. These two bolts are used to adjust the high and low gears on the sprockets. If during the adjustment process any extraneous sounds occur, you can get rid of them with the help of the latch;
    • check the tension of the cable and if the tension does not correspond to the required one, use the regulator located on the shifter;
    • Test the switching quality. If the switching occurs smoothly, no extraneous sounds are heard, then you did everything right.

    Front wheel separation

    Now let’s move on to the technique, and start by taking off the front wheel. This is the most important part in bunny hop, but most beginners get it wrong by simply pulling the handlebars towards you and trying to break the front wheel. The correct technique is not to push the handlebars towards you with your hands, but to push the bike out by:

    To do this, you need to stand up while pedaling and begin to shift your body weight back, while the legs can be slightly bent at the knees, and the arms must remain straight. As a result, you should get the pose as in the picture.

    Next, you need to combine this movement with pushing the bike out with your feet. As soon as you feel that the front wheel starts to lift off the surface due to the transfer of weight back, you should start pushing the bike out from under you with your feet. In the end, you must learn to do like this.

    Preparatory stage

    In fact, doing bunny hop can be divided into 3 main parts:

    Leveling the bike in the air and then landing.

    But before you start training, you need to get your bike ready. To do this, be sure to check that the wheels are not flat, and that all the bike components are tightened.

    If your bike has a tilt stem, position it so that it gives the maximum handlebar lift. this will make it a little easier to yank the bike out. It is better to lower the saddle to a minimum. in this case, it will not interfere with the tightening of the rear wheel in the second stage. And, of course, you need to choose a place for training, where passers-by or cars will not interfere with you.

    How to make a bunny hop // Technique for cycling

    Bunny hop (or bunny hop) is a jump in which a cyclist lifts both wheels from the surface to overcome an obstacle. This trick is a basic skill for all extreme cycling sports, but it can also be useful for ordinary cyclists who are faced with the need to overcome various small obstacles, such as city curbs. So let’s take a closer look at this trick together and learn how to do it. Go!

    Rear wheel separation

    As in the case with the previous part, it all starts with a standing ride. Next, you need to start shifting your body weight forward, slightly bending your arms and legs at the knees, taking a pose as in the picture.

    Then you need to pull the pedals up with your feet. As a result, you should be able to lift the rear wheel off the ground.

    Please note that if you bend your arms too much and shift your weight forward very sharply, you can fly over the handlebars. Therefore, perform this stage carefully.

    Leveling up and landing

    After you have learned to confidently do the first and second stages separately, you can proceed to the final stage, at which these blocks are combined into a single whole.

    First, you yank the bike out from under you, and when your front wheel is about 30 centimeters off the ground, start shifting your weight forward. When your legs are straightened at the knees, you need to raise the rear wheel with them. Then it remains only to land, unbending the legs and cushioning them.

    So we have analyzed all the stages that make up bunny hop and you just have to go to practice. We hope this versatile and useful trick will help you in the city and on the trails. And that’s all for today, ask your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, thank you for your attention. If you liked our article. like and share it with your friends. Until next time!

    Going down the hill

    If you have a free-wheeling bike hub, then any descent is an opportunity to relax and ride with the breeze without effort. But there are some subtleties here: it is best to control the speed with both brakes at once, starting from the rear: this way the pads will last longer, and the risk of accidentally flying over the steering wheel (for example, if the rear brake cable breaks on a particularly steep slope and emergency braking by the front one) is much lower.

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    Owners of fixed gears that are not equipped with brakes will have a harder time. If the descent is not very steep, and your feet are strapped to the pedals, you can simply relax, but otherwise you can use a technique similar to the one above. But the efforts should be directed not in the direction of the pedal stroke, but in the opposite direction. The pedal should be pushed when it is about to go back.

    Replacing the driven sprocket with a smaller one

    Gear ratio is an important parameter when assembling a bike. At first, while you are not yet accustomed to the loads, you can put the rear sprocket at 20 or 21 teeth, but then put another. at 16 or 18 teeth. But remember that the ratio depends not only on the chainring, but also on the chainring, so choose both of them wisely.

    The ratio of the number of teeth of the front and rear sprockets is selected as follows: on extremely flat terrain. about 3.0, if there are small slides and descents. 2.5, but the ratio of 2.0 will allow you to climb any rise without problems (but you will have to pay for this by limiting the maximum speed ).

    Making singlespeed from MTB

    You will need chainring, chainring and chainring (wider than multi-speed options). The big plus is that you can use old components. On a bike with speeds, this will lead to poor gear shifting, final wear of the sprocket teeth and even chain slipping, but on a single speed, there are no such problems. even the chain will make extraneous sounds, but your bike will always ride. Often old components are used by winter travel enthusiasts, when it is a pity to kill a new and expensive system.

    How to Bunnyhop a MTB. a tutorial

    Singlespeed from an MTB bike can be made even in the field (for example, if a switch or a rooster breaks):

    • To do this, put the chain on the middle sprocket in front, and determine which of the rear sprockets it will run as smoothly as possible, without skewing.
    • Remove the rear derailleur completely.
    • In order to compensate for the lack of a tensioner, the chain will have to be shortened. The length should be chosen so that it does not sag (this threatens to jump over the stars of the cassette), but at the same time it was not too tight (otherwise it will become much more difficult to pedal).
    • After selecting the desired length, we rivet it using a squeeze and remove the required number of links.

    Of course, you can’t ride such a bike all the time, but you will get home, and on the way you can think about the advantages.

    What is better fixed bike or single speed

    Its design is simplified as much as possible due to the absence of the most complex structural elements. speed switches, so such a bicycle practically does not need maintenance and can do without it for years. Why singlespeeds are so valued in the cycling community?

    How to ride the hills: subtleties and nuances

    If you immediately start doing all the climbs in a row without proper preparation, then you will provide yourself with a serious load on your knees. Get used to the load gradually, increasing over time the distance traveled, as well as the number of climbs, and you will be fine. And now more about driving technique.

    Making singlespeed with our own hands

    Singlespeeds are assembled on the basis of frames with special horizontal dropouts that allow the wheel to be positioned so that the chain is properly tensioned. It is possible to use a conventional frame, in which case you will have to install a special chain tensioner instead of the rear derailleur.

    But how to make this bike as simple and cheap as possible? Here are a couple of common options:


    All its advantages are due to the design:

    • Cheaper. If you buy new sprockets, a special chain and chain tensioner for it, it will still come out significantly cheaper than buying a multi-speed system. And if you wish, you can get by with the old rolled components, which can be obtained for a penny or even free of charge.
    • durable and more reliable. In a simple design, there is simply nothing to break. It has a shorter chain that is always taut, runs in a straight line between the two sprockets and is less stressed. Due to this, one chain lasts much longer: some do not change it at all for many seasons, forgetting to even lubricate it in time. Yes, the chain squeaks and crunches, but it still fulfills its function. And the sprockets in general can be used two times: their teeth are ground only on one side, but since they are symmetrical, the killed star can simply be turned over, after which you can leave the same amount on it.
    • Easier to maintain. With it, you don’t have to bother adjusting switches, cleaning them from dirt and adjusting them. It is much easier to clean the chain, and you can also install its full protection, which prevents sand, soil and dust from getting into the links. And if you assembled a bike using old parts, you don’t have to think about maintenance at all, only occasionally lubricating the chain.
    • Gives a lot of stress. If your goal is not just a relaxed ride around the city, but how to load the muscles of the hips and calves. You will not be able to skid on it, relaxed driving up the hill in a low gear. Yes, the first time will be difficult, but after adaptation, you will be guaranteed deep satisfaction from overcoming each difficult section of the route.

    Fix or singlespeed, what to choose?

    Singlespeeds with a bicycle hub that do not have free play are called fixed or fixed gears. Their culture originated among New York bike messengers, but lately such bikes can be seen more and more often in our cities.

    The tight connection between the drive and driven sprockets gives you maximum control over your bike. Once you learn to brake using the muscle strength of your legs, it practically becomes an extension of your body. Thanks to this, the fixies can perform various tricks and even go backwards.

    • You won’t be able to relax on the descent.
    • Since the pedals on the bike are constantly rotating, there is a risk of hitting the curb or falling over a sharp turn.
    • Jumping over obstacles is much more difficult, and it will not work to transfer body weight to one side.
    • Standing on a fixed pedal is ineffective.
    • Hand brakes are often not included in the design.

    Fortunately, there is a way to combine the benefits of both designs.