How to attach your phone to a bike with your own hands

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    Using your bike as your primary (or sole) means of transportation requires some modifications to maximize your comfort and minimize the time you spend on transportation. a backpack that is too heavy or cycling home with grocery bags dangling from the handlebars. While cargo bikes are a great substitute for a family car or work car, the reality is that most single people or childless couples just don’t need to carry 200 pounds of cargo with any kind of regularity. Thankfully, there are several ways to turn your regular everyday bike into a work bike. a horse for transporting goods that will not break a penny or your back.

    We’ve described the many options available, from more expensive trailers to DIY options. There are a million backpacks, messenger bags and shoulder bags that are designed with cyclists in mind, and while they have many benefits of their own, we want to specifically focus on systems that make the bike 100% carry, so whatever you wear. this is your shirt. or shirtless, of your choice. While one setting may be ideal for one person, another may prefer a completely different method. It is best to think about how much you will carry with you every day, what you can afford and what your style preferences are, and then choose the option that suits you.

    Bicycle Basket Manufacturers

    The following well-known bicycle luggage companies stand out:

    • Elite;
    • Easton;
    • LizardSkins;
    • Look.

    All manufacturers of bicycle equipment produce their own additional attributes, including baskets of various types. Designs can be designed for a specific type of bike or have a universal character.

    How to attach the basket to the steering wheel?

    The basket is simply mounted, just follow these steps:

    • on the side that will be placed on the steering wheel, there are special holes for fastening;
    • using the special plastic fasteners included in the kit, fix it on the steering wheel;
    • fix the second part of the mount on the basket in the place of special holes with the bolts included in the kit;
    • insert the plastic mount into the lock until you hear a click. In order to unfasten the structure, press the button marked on the mount.

    If there are no fasteners, you can attach the luggage container using clamps or belts.

    How to choose bike bags and suitcases

    Whether you’re cycling around the city, taking a bike ride, or traveling across Canada, you’ll need to bring your gear with you. You have many options, so the main thing to think about is how many things you are carrying and what style of bag is most comfortable for your planned cycling trip.

    Bicycle racks

    Fully equipped for cycling, with front and rear rack, handlebar bag and small seat bag.

    Baskets are roomy rack bags that keep heavy loads low and center them on the wheels. Sometimes they are sold separately, sometimes in pairs, they are designed for either the front or rear rack (although some models will fit both). Most people use the rear baskets for short trips and then fold the front and rear baskets for longer trips. Either way, be sure to distribute the weight to keep the bike running smoothly. You can also find saddlebags that convert into a backpack for easy transport from the bike.

    If you plan on riding in heavy or prolonged rain, waterproof trunks or raincoats are a good idea. An inexpensive other solution is to line your baskets with plastic bags for groceries or trash to keep changes of clothes and laptop dry (ish).

    Great for: cycling, cycling and camping, city cycling and long trips.

    Bicycle trailers

    Trailers are another option when you are carrying a lot of gear over a long period of time. Keep in mind that trailers add a little weight to your system, but they are distributed differently than baskets and frame bags (which some people like). Some trailers are designed specifically for cycling with children.

    Great for: cycling with small children, cycling, city transportation.

    Put it all together

    • If you attach the spacers to the lugs on your bike, align the hole on the unbent end of the aluminum strip with the bolt hole above the axle.
    • Screw in the bolt with a suitable wrench as far as it will go.
    • Hold the other end of the rack under the bike basket and make sure everything is in order before securing it with a zip tie.
    • Thread the zip through the bottom of the basket and the hole in the metal strip. Close the zipper all the way.
    • Do the same on the other side.
    • Finally, cut off the excess zipper and cover it with a nice bow if you like.!
    • If you attach the spacers to the axle, the process is the same, except you remove the axle completely, line up the holes in the struts with the hole in the bottom of the fork and replace the axle by threading it back through and tightening the nuts or quick release.

    Aluminum stand

    You can start creating a holder after you have determined the place where it will be located. Now the necessary measurements are being made. The pipe is cut into three pieces. The short piece is attached to a 45 degree elbow tube. The horizontal part is held in 45 and 90 degree angle tubes. The longest part is a vertical pipe, 10. 13 cm long, will hold the rack.

    For greater strength, all fasteners are first greased with glue. A couple of cuts should be made in the case, into which the ties are inserted. The incisions are on the tube. The long pipe is pulled together with ties. Wooden sticks are glued between the aluminum pipe and the cover. The final stage is attaching the connecting tube to the car.

    Super phone holder for bike DIY. Simple bicycle mount for smartphone

    The main varieties and selection rules

    The simplest holder is the handlebar design with silicone loops. The adjustable panel bracket into which the gadget is inserted is compact and easy to install. Another very simple holder. a ball on a magnet.

    Designer stands are made of different materials, have different shapes. it all depends on the creative of the master. For example, there is a lawn on a plastic stand, and a phone holder below.

    The gadget holder can be designed as an elegant wooden stand. For example, in the form of a tree with a hollow or improvised stumps. A neat wooden stand with chaotically spaced slots, where a mobile phone is inserted, will look original.

    The wooden stand can be very laconic and resemble a photo frame where a smartphone is inserted. The wooden organizer on the panel can have not only a cell for a gadget, but also for pens and watches. The wooden stand in the form of a figure supporting the phone looks original, only it needs to be well fixed.

    Sometimes holders for phones in the absence of a gadget are a nice souvenir. For example, a stand for a gadget in the form of a disk phone looks original, showing the connection of times. Or to look unexpectedly creative when the holder is an alarm clock into which a mobile phone is inserted.

    The holder looks conceptually in the form of a marble figure with a gadget in its hands. Even in winter, a shell stand will evoke memories of the sea. The stand can look like your favorite food, such as sushi, hamburger, or caviar sandwich. In such souvenirs, the wildest fantasy can turn into reality.

    The highlight of the minimalist holder will be the original mount. For example, according to the principle of a table lamp attached to a table with a clothespin. Even an ordinary office binder will look original in the form of a phone holder.

    It is worth looking at things with different eyes and arranging a cozy soft pillow or armchair for your phone. If a woman is driving, it can be a fluffy basket, an original fabric. a soft envelope on a cute hinged loop. These knitted animals in the form of a stand will always help to keep a good mood. Stylish bright accessories will not only serve you by performing certain functions, but will also help you to think positively.

    Holders can have a flexible cord for fastening, a suction cup, an adjustable bracket.

    When choosing a phone stand, everyone is guided by their own taste preferences. In terms of functionality, the holder must have a good fit to keep the phone safe.


    In order to fix the phone on the wire holder, you will have to sacrifice the integrity of the front panel of the cabin, since you will need to drill holes on it. The holder is made of strong wire, bending it accordingly and inserting it into the holes. The phone must be firmly attached to the holder.

    From the paper clip

    Homemade holders can be of three types:

    • spoiling the salon;
    • not distinguished by strength;
    • representing a whole work of art that requires real skill.

    We take the binder, remove the staples, bend them so that a holder is formed, wrap it with a thread and determine it in its original place, ensuring fixation with an ordinary elastic band. It remains to attach a simple device to the duct. The phone is securely attached. The only drawback is that the phone cannot be quickly removed from the holder.

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    How to do it yourself?

    Why do you need a phone holder?

    With a phone holder, you won’t waste a lot of time searching for your mobile device. It will also be reliably protected. It is less likely that someone will drop it, step on it or spill tea, and most importantly, while driving, you will not be distracted. For aesthetic reasons, it can be an excellent decor for the interior of a car.

    How to make a phone holder in a car with your own hands? 3 simple designs

    Tablet attachments

    If you do not mind breaking the integrity of the dashboard, then you can attach the tablet in a book case. Choose a strong stainless steel wire, drill two holes in the panel. Insert the wire into them, after bending it. The tablet is suspended by the cover.

    How to make an alarm with your own hands. 3 best schemes

    • Mobile phone based
    • Motion sensor
    • From a clothespin

    Today we will analyze 3 working alarm schemes and the sequence of their installation with our own hands. The first project involves the assembly of a security device based on a mobile phone. The second circuit is a motion sensor alarm. The third is the simplest and is made from a regular wooden clothespin. So let’s go!

    Alarm PCB and Installation Guidelines

    Before connecting the phone to the signaling, you need to dial button 1 to your number. Turn off the audio greeting. We open the phone and solder it to the buttons incl. I1 wires 20 cm long. 3 from the button incl. And 2 from 1. We check the work by closing the wires with the SB2 button and reset to zero. Then we solder the wires and check the operation of the device. In general, the main thing is to charge the cell phone battery on time.

    • See also how to make an alarm with a mobile phone and key-button.

    Files for programming the microcontroller and the program ohx.asm can be downloaded below.

    Mobile phone alarm circuit, parts required

    The circuit is based on the PIC12F509 controller and the K561KT3 microcircuit.

    The microcontroller controls the keys of the IC DD1, which in turn control the buttons for turning on the phone and calling. The SB1 button turns on the indication, green indicates normal operation, red indicates system operation. To reset the settings, press SB2.

    • PIC12F509
    • K561KT3
    • R1 1.8k
    • R2 10k
    • C1 0.1μ
    • Red LED
    • Green LED

    The alarm is powered by three AA batteries or one flat R12.

    DIY mobile phone alarm

    If you have an old mobile phone lying around, then you can make a simple alarm from it, for the protection of premises, cars, etc. It will send a signal to your mobile phone when any sensor of the system is triggered. Such an alarm works simply. the sensor acts on the auto redial button and you receive a call.

    How to make an alarm with a motion sensor with your own hands?

    • Motion Sensor;
    • NPN transistor;
    • resistor 10 kOhm;
    • home call;
    • volume control;
    • power button;
    • soldering iron.

    The motion sensor has 3 outputs: the short one is 5 volts, the middle one is the 3.3 volt output and one common wire. Such a sensor can be purchased on eBay for about a dollar. Note also that the volume control is optional.

    First of all, we present to your attention a diagram of the future signaling in order to facilitate understanding of the design.

    The sequence for installing an alarm with your own hands is as follows:

      We disassemble the doorbell. It is necessary to unsolder the wiring that goes to the positive contact of the battery compartment.

    The transistor has 3 pins. The right is the base, the middle is the collector, and the left is the emitter. The emitter needs to be soldered to the wiring, which we unsoldered from the plus in the previous step.

    Now we take a resistor that needs to be soldered to the middle wiring of the motion sensor.

    Solder the other end of the resistor to the base of the transistor.

    The wire on the sensor with the designation Ground, that is, ground, is soldered to the minus in the doorbell.

    We lengthen the shortest wiring on the sensor and solder it to the plus in the call. Note that you need to solder the wires with the batteries removed.

  • Now we solder the collector of the transistor to the plus, connecting it with a piece of wire.
  • The circuit is almost complete. It remains to short-circuit the wiring between themselves, which by default go to the bell button. Don’t forget to isolate.

    The motion sensor has two resistors. The first, which is located on the right side of the sensor, adjusts the output signal time after the sensor is activated. The left one adjusts the response range. from 2 to 5 meters.

    • Simple motorcycle alarm circuit

    Putting the bell together, installing the batteries. The alarm works according to the following principle. When an object appears in front of the motion sensor, the sensor sends a signal to the doorbell, which in turn starts to make a sound. In the end, we note that when using the power button, you need to keep in mind the following. after turning on the alarm, it will start to work, however, the doorbell emits one signal, after which the alarm starts working as intended.

    Video instructions for assembling an alarm with your own hands:

    The simplest DIY alarm from a clothespin

    To create an alarm, we need:

    • wooden clothespin;
    • battery;
    • the wire;
    • nylon threads
    • button;
    • soldering iron;
    • electronic match;
    • awl.

    The wooden clothespin must be disassembled into two parts.

    To the half that remained with the spring, we attach a finger battery to the flat side. You need to attach it so that the plus of the batteries is on the nose of the piece of wood.

    You can fasten it with a nylon thread, making several turns in two places of the halves of the clothespin.

    We take the tip of one wire and wind it on a pushpin needle. After that, we hammer it into a piece of wood all the way in the direction where the battery has “”. Immediately solder the wire from this button to the battery plus.

    Solder the second wire with one end to the minus of the battery.

    After that, we take an electronic match or any other electronic device that will respond to changes in battery voltage (speaker, flashlight, etc.).

    We wind one end of the wire onto the tip of a pushpin and hammer it into the other half of the clothespin.

    We also need one more half of the clothespin without a spring. We make a small hole in her tail with an awl and thread a nylon thread.

    Let us briefly explain the principle of operation of a simple DIY alarm system. First of all, the created structure is installed with a nail, which is driven into the surface through a clothespin spring. Insert the free piece of the clothespin between the ends of the assembled clothespin and clamp it. We tie the free end of the thread to a fixed support (door or tree). After that we connect the free ends of the wires together.

    • How to make a bite alarm for fishing

    If you pull on the thread, the piece of wood will fly out of the clothespin, the contacts will close and a short circuit will occur. Thus, you can immediately see that someone has entered your protected area.

    Video about assembling an alarm from a clothespin with your own hands:

    How to make a home phone from a plastic bottle?

    But it will not be just a toy, the device includes a granular air freshener, so it will also smell delicious.

    To create this device take:

    • plastic bottles with a volume of 500 ml;
    • sharp knife;
    • freshener in granules in a container;
    • a straw from Bubble Tee tea;
    • acrylic paints;
    • brush;
    • small foam balls;
    • dark woolen thread;
    • glue gun;
    • iron;
    • vom;
    • pen;
    • awl.

    Cut the bottoms of the plastic bottles so that these blanks have a height of 6-7 cm. Attach them in places of the cuts to the hot iron so that the edges become even.

    Place one of these blanks to the shape, circle with a pen. Cut out this future dial to the side for now. Cover the edges of the cuts of the bottom of the plastic bottles with glue, and also attach them to the foamiran. Let the silicone cool, then cut these circles along with the plastic blanks.

    You need to glue two foam balls to the back of the air freshener and make notches with a knife, so that you can then put the Bubble T tube here and fix it. But first you need to do some preparatory work.

    On the 1st and 2nd sides of the straw, you need to stick one small foam ball, cut off the excess. This way you will make stubs in a straw that will soon turn into a telephone receiver. This is necessary in order to thread a woolen thread here, which will act as a wire. Make holes on the 1st and 2nd sides of the foam plugs with sharp nail scissors or an awl, thread the thread here.

    Secure it with hot glue. Apply it to the bottom of one and the second plastic bottles, which will become speakers. Place a straw between them to make a pipe.

    Here’s how to make a phone at home next. Paint it white, when the solution sets well, then apply a red layer. Wait until it dries, Take a brush with a straight cut of the bristle, use it to apply white peas on the red surface of the phone and handset. Since the speaker is white, it must be covered with red dots.

    Remember, you still have a circle of foamiran? Draw a dial on it, glue it to the center of the phone with a pistol.

    The work is completed, you can take the phone as a craft to a kindergarten or school so that your child will take first place in the competition. Or leave this toy at home so that you have such an original air freshener.

    Progress does not stand still, such phones will soon become museum exhibits. Modern children already want to have cool devices. So they can play with these, make them with them from the available material.

    How to make an iPhone out of cardboard?

    Let’s consider several options. For the first one you will need:

    • corrugated board;
    • pencil;
    • scissors;
    • black electrical tape;
    • White paper;
    • glue;
    • transparent tape;
    • a printer.

    From corrugated cardboard you need to cut 3 identical rectangles measuring 762 mm by 1397 mm. Use scissors to round off the edges. Apply glue to the blanks, connect them to each other, placing them in a stack.

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    Now you need to paste over the front and back panels with white paper. We decorate the sides with black tape. Print the iPhone keyboard, stick it to the front of your phone.

    It remains to draw the rest of the elements of this telephone with a black marker on the panel, after which you can admire the wonderful work.

    For option 2, instead of plain paper, use photo paper, print the front and back panels of this telephone set on it, the sides are all one blank.

    As in the first case, cut out rectangular pieces of cardboard with rounded edges, but you will need 1 or 2. Roll the blank printed on photo paper accordingly, without cutting it. You will end up with a single piece with the front and back panels, as well as all the sides of the phone. Put the cut cardboard inside this blank, wrap the edges, glue them to fix in this position.

    If a small child likes to turn the dial, then show him how to make a phone out of cardboard by doing this work together.

    Here is such a believable toy. To do this, you must first prepare the following:

    • corrugated board;
    • a soft cheese lid or other suitable one;
    • paper to match the cardboard;
    • two pebbles;
    • scissors with thin ends;
    • a pen or felt-tip pen;
    • glue;
    • clerical nail;
    • wire;
    • cord;
    • large scissors.

    We proceed to the “cutting” of the details. The body of the phone looks like a bow. The following calculations are given in inches, but you can easily translate them into Russian measure of length, remembering that one inch is 2.5 cm.

    To make a dial for a phone, glue the cover and its sides with paper.

    Using scissors with thin ends, cut out the round holes in the dial. Of course, it’s better to draw them first, so that this part of the work will work out. neat. To make this part heavier, you need to glue a couple of pebbles to it.

    DIY Phone Mount for your Bike!

    Cut a small circle out of the corrugated cardboard. Place it on the back of the dial, fasten these parts to each other, as well as to the phone case with a clerical nail, you can also use a bolt with a screw for this.

    Write the numbers with a pen, roll two levers out of the wire, stick them into the top of the phone. To fix these parts, make eyelets on the back side.

    Now attach the side parts of the phone blank to the corrugated cardboard, circle, cut out two elements from this material, glue them in place.

    To make a handset for your telephone, cut out two identical semicircular pieces. Connect them at the top and bottom with a strip of cardboard. Make a hole in the lower part, pass the ribbon here, tie it in a couple of knots on the back side.

    These are also great ideas that help to keep your beloved child busy, and so that the baby does not spoil the expensive thing. And all this can be created from junk material, so ready-made toys will be almost free, like the next one.

    The handset will also be a new toy for the baby.

    To create one, take:

    • corrugated cardboard;
    • pencil;
    • a toothpick;
    • scissors;
    • hot melt.

    Cut out two sidewall pieces from corrugated cardboard. They will be the same.

    Now, using scissors from the same material, create a strip 5–6 cm wide. Bending it slightly at the corners, glue it to the back of the tube. Better to use tape for attaching. Using the same adhesive tape, attach the toothpicks to a small circle of cardboard, stick the other end of the toothpick into the top of the phone, sticking it here.

    Cover the ends of the tubes with rectangles of cardboard where the speaker and microphone are located.

    Another corrugated rectangle will become the phone’s keyboard. Also glue it from the inside with scotch tape, apply the dial.

    How to make a phone and stand for it?


    • From a plastic bottle
    • iPhone made of cardboard
    • Walkie-talkie from cups
    • Stand

    Nowadays, many people cannot imagine themselves without a telephone. Even young children are interested in playing with this communication device. But they can break a real phone, so it’s better to make such a thing for them from junk material.

    How to make a walkie-talkie from cups with your own hands?

    This is another communication tool that will make a great toy for two children. After all, they can disperse it even at a distance of 20 meters and perfectly hear each other. The trick here is that the sound is perfectly transmitted along a well-stretched thread, but first it hits the glass. The first person speaks into it, the second at this time puts his glass to his ear and hears everything well.

    Here’s how to make a walkie-talkie for such negotiations. Take:

    • two cups made of cardboard or foam;
    • awl;
    • strong thin thread;
    • two wooden sticks.

    Use an awl to make holes on the bottom of glasses 1 and 2. Pass the rope here from the outside, pull it out from the back. She should be inside. Tie a stick to this end of the thread, it will not let the rope jump out and make the hole in the cup even larger.

    Now the children can go in different directions. The sound will be well transmitted when the thread is taut. If you urgently need to take two children, there are only yogurt cups at hand, they are also suitable.

    You can also use other plastic cups, the mounting method is illuminated in more detail in this photo.

    Using these items, you can also make a phone stand. You will learn about the intricacies of this manufacture right now, we will continue this topic.

    How to make a phone stand?

    Make such a quick one from what is at hand. As you can see, this is:

    • two plastic cups;
    • toilet roll
    • Scotch;
    • knife.

    Attach with a clerical knife in the sides, closer to the top, in each glass, one round notch. The diameter of these holes matches the diameter of the sleeve. Insert it into them. Tape the bottoms of the cups together with tape. After that, the do-it-yourself phone stand in 5 minutes is ready.

      If you need to quickly fix your phone in order, for example, to watch a video on it, and only pencils and rubber bands are at hand, this is what you need. You will need 6 pencils and 4 rubber bands.

    With the help of these simple objects, you will assemble a geometric figure called a tetrahedron. To do this, first connect 3 pencils with an elastic band, which will become the vertices.

  • Then attach one more pencil horizontally to each resulting corner at the bottom, also fix them with rubber bands.
  • An empty plastic container for shampoo or hair gel. just a godsend for those who are thinking how to make a stand for your phone so that you can also charge it at the same time? Cut off the top of such a container with a neck, cut out a rectangle. On the back of the same part, using a knife or scissors, you need to remove a small square. In this recess, you will thread the charger, and put the phone in the resulting .

    If you want to make a desktop device, then wash the empty shampoo container well, dry it. Turn it upside down, cut off the bottom, cut out a figurine that looks like a frog. Here’s how to make a phone stand out of similar plastic bottles.

    From the remaining material, cut out the frog’s soles with toes, glue them with hot glue. From an ordinary plastic bottle, you can build both a phone stand and a convenient device for you to hang it while charging.

    To do this, you only need two items:

    • clean plastic bottle;
    • scissors.

    First cut off the bottom of the container, then you need to cut it out as shown in the photo. That is, at the top there will be a kind of loop, here you will begin to thread the charger. The phone itself is conveniently located at the bottom of the bottle.

    These accessories can be painted with stained glass to make them look even more interesting.

    If you run out of liquid soap in the vial, do not discard the container. Rinse it well in running water and dry it. Cut off the excess, you get another stand for your phone, which will help and charge it at the same time.

    Other junk material will also contribute to creating these kinds of things. If you have cardboard left from the purchase, cut a strip of 10 by 20 cm from it, fold it in half. Draw a broken line as shown in the photo.

    You just have to cut along this line, unfold the workpiece, straighten it, and you can conveniently position your smartphone.

    If you have an unnecessary plastic card, it turns into a useful accessory in a minute. Fold it in half, bending the top and bottom small sides. Here’s how to make a phone stand really, really fast.

    If you still have an old cassette cassette body, it will quickly become a stand too. Place a communication device in it. The Lego constructor will also help you quickly make this accessory.

    If you give a paper clip a different shape, then it also quickly turns into a phone stand.

    If you want to see different options for how to make a phone stand from available tools, then sit more comfortably at the screen and turn on the video player.

    Next, you will learn how to make an iPhone 5S phone out of paper.

    How to make an electric bike with your own hands

    Assembling an electric bike with your own hands is quite simple when there is a ready-made set of components. To turn a regular bicycle into an e-bike, you need to install a motor-wheel, a battery, brake levers with power cut-off sensors, and a throttle handle. Among other things, these parts must be connected to the controller using male-to-female connectors. There are many wires on the controller with different connectors corresponding to their elements, it is impossible to confuse them.

    Installing the battery

    Depending on the type of battery, installation can be done on a bicycle frame, on a trunk in a bicycle bag, or in a backpack, as it is convenient for anyone. Connect the battery to the controller by finding the appropriate connectors on it. When connecting, there may be a small spark. this is normal, do not worry, you will not mix up the polarity.

    Brake and throttle levers on the steering wheel

    The set includes 2 brake levers with a sensor that turns off the electric motor when braking. They must be installed in place of the standard bicycle brake levers. On the controller you will find two identical connectors for each handle, connect them in any order as each sensor does the same job.

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    The throttle handle, it is also the accelerator handle, is installed after the brake levers, has a connector that is inserted into the same connector of the controller, it is impossible to confuse them or connect incorrectly.

    Installing the control panel

    The control panel displays the battery charge level, amperage and engine speed, installed on the steering wheel. Some models have a power off button or ignition switch. After installation, you need to connect the wire from the panel to the controller.

    Installing a set of accessories:

    Wheel motor

    Converting a bicycle into an e-bike begins with the installation of a motor-wheel. this is a regular bicycle wheel with a motor inside, installed as usual. The contacts on the wires coming from the wheel must be covered with a cap or wrapped with electrical tape so that oil does not get on them. When installing, you must not turn the wheel, since this is a generator that generates current, and if the contacts are not closed, a short circuit may occur. The connector coming from the wheel must be connected to the wire from the controller at the very end of the assembly, after installing the battery, brake levers and throttle levers. It is impossible to connect something wrong without changing the design of the contacts, each pair of connectors is unique and you will not be able to confuse them with others, this is done for ease of connecting elements and to protect against fools.

    Installing the controller

    The controller and its contacts must be protected from moisture and dirt, install in a bike bag on the trunk or anywhere else.

    After installing all the elements, you can connect the wheel motor to the controller and check the performance of the electric bike.

    That’s all, the homemade electric bike is ready, now you can take a test drive.

    Measuring and Cutting the Plastic Cover.

    The clamp must click into place on a plate that is too wide for it. In order for them to fit well together, the plastic plate will have to be cut.

    Center the clamp on the plate and mark where the clamp ends.

    Using a small T-square or any other right angle tool, trace the perpendiculars to the end of the plate. Cut off excess with a dremel or other tool you have.

    Be sure to carefully trace the lines before cutting. It is very easy to cut more plastic than you need to. And unfortunately, you can’t add it back.

    You should end up with something like this.

    Since the plate is not thick enough, the clamp may play a little. Therefore, on top of the cutout, you need to attach two strips of foam rubber.

    After that, it is much more pleasant to attach the clamp to the plate.


    DIY bike mount


    • Auto
    • Mountaineering
    • Cycling
    • Aeronautics
    • Jet ski
    • Diving
    • Jumping
    • Other
    • Skates
    • skiing
    • Moto
    • Paragliding
    • Parachuting
    • Parkour
    • Sailing
    • Paintball
    • Food
    • Swimming
    • Rafting
    • Rollers
    • Surfing
    • Rock climbing
    • Skateboarding
    • Snowmobile
    • Snowboarding
    • Airsoft
    • Tourism
    • Fitness

    Installing the mounting brackets.

    The mounting brackets are two 3/4 “round clamps. Clamp the handlebars firmly on either side of the stem.

    Place the plate over the clips and align the bottom edge of the plate with the holes in the clips. Place the plate in the center of the stem. For this purpose, you can use any measuring device.

    Mark around the edges of the plate for the hole locations of the stirrups. The mounting holes need to be drilled virtually along the centerline of the plate. I was able to firmly install the clamps just next to the stem. Perhaps in your case you will have to place the clamps a little further.

    Transfer the hole markings to the center line of the plate.

    Drill the holes for the 1/4-inch screws. Attach the clamps to the underside of the plate using 1/4 “lock nuts, 1/4” and 3/4 “long screws.

    The nuts should be on the back of the plate. Also note that the clamps have square holes and a round hole where the mounting screws should be screwed. Clamp each square hole with a 1/4 ”carriage bolt. They are specially designed for square holes and allow the nuts to be securely tightened without the use of a screwdriver. The smooth round head of the bolt should be on the side of the square hole in the clamp and facing the bike saddle. Check that both clamps are positioned in the same way. This is necessary so that while driving, the sharp ends of the screws do not come into contact with your hands.

    Useful to pay attention

    A very convenient device that can be adapted to a mobile phone or tablet will help to solve the problem with the difficulty of accessing the phone while driving. To do this, you can use the bike holder for your phone.

    How to do it yourself?

    When everything is done, you will be able to convince yourself of the need for this device from your own experience. After all, now a lot of minor inconveniences that arose while cycling will be resolved.

    It is very important to always remember that you should not be often distracted by your smartphone or tablet while cycling, especially if you move in areas of heavy traffic. It is necessary to limit communication on the mobile. After all, safe driving is much more important than the convenience of using a smartphone or tablet.

    What problems does the bike holder solve??

    • Convenience. Agree, it is very inconvenient to stop on the road, pull out a case with a tablet or smartphone to answer, view missed calls, messages or check how updates are being downloaded. The bike phone holder will solve this problem;
    • Easy to navigate. A modern mobile phone has long been equipped with GPS navigation and can be downloaded at your request. You can track your movement by attaching a phone case to the handlebars of your bike. This requires a bracket. Choose a good mount for the bracket. There is a wide variety of mounts on the market now. The do-it-yourself phone holder will be almost ready;

    The phone holder for a bike, despite the obvious advantages, has not yet become widespread among cycling enthusiasts. If you are a bike lover, then you can always solve this issue yourself and make a phone holder with your own hands. The Internet will help with this, where it will be enough to enter in the browser line “how to make a holder for a phone”.


    • grinder with cutting and grinding discs
    • drilling machine with a vise or clamp (optional, but this tool will greatly simplify the work)
    • drills with a diameter of 6, 8 and 10 mm
    • taps
    • center punch
    • hammer
    • welding machine
    • canvas gloves and welding mask
    • roulette
    • felt-tip pen


    • steel inch square tube
    • steel strip 504 mm, length 30 cm
    • steel strip 254 mm, length 30 cm
    • threaded stud 4 cm long (wheel hub axle of old bike or headless bolt)
    • two nuts diameter 10, step 24
    • four bolts diameter 6, pitch 20, length 5 cm
    • two bolts diameter 10, pitch 16 4 cm long with nuts and washers
    • four eye bolts ø 8, pitch 18 with nuts and washers
    • MDF sheet 70 100 cm, about 18 mm thick (it can be any other material that you deem suitable for making a platform)
    • ball joint
    • two bicycle wheels with tires about 20 inches in diameter.

    Bicycle trailer manufacturing

    The bike trailer is of the following structure:

    • large platform 70100 cm
    • brackets for attaching to a car trunk
    • steel tube frame that can accommodate wheels up to 29 ”
    • place for fixing the tool box
    • adjustable drawbar to attach the trailer to any bike

    DIY bike trailer

    Nowadays, many residents of big cities are switching from cars to bicycles. This type of transport not only helps to preserve the environment, but also effectively solves the problem of endless traffic jams. Of course, in addition to the advantages over a car, a bicycle has serious disadvantages, and the main one is the impossibility of transporting more or less oversized cargo. You can solve this problem by making a bicycle trailer. How to make a trailer with your own hands. read our instructions.

    Bicycle trailer manufacturing technology

    Make plates to fit the wheel axle. These plates are easy to cut from 504 mm steel strip. The easiest way to cut the strip into pieces is to use a grinder with a cutting disc. The length of the segments should be equal to 75 mm. The result should be 4 identical plates.

    Using a ruler and felt-tip pen, mark the center of each plate, place a center punch at the mark and hit with a hammer. Place the part in the vice of the drilling machine. Drill a through hole in each of the blanks at the lowest possible rotation speed. Saw strips with a grinder from the holes to one side of the plate.

    Weld the bike trailer frame. It can be made from square inch steel pipe. Prepare pipe sections of the required dimensions and weld the frame parts together.

    Make a drawbar. The drawbar is the knot used to attach the trailer to the bike. The drawbar can also be made from 1-inch square pipe and 254 mm steel strip. Attach this assembly to a vertical tube fixed to the frame with two tie bolts. Insert the upper bolt into the hole drilled in two steel plates, which form a kind of clamp. Fasten the lower bolt perpendicular to the upper one so that it passes through the lower clamp, and screw into the hole drilled in the vertical tube of the frame. By drilling several holes, you can adjust the height of the drawbar and use the trailer with any bicycles.

    Make a platform. We used an MDF sheet for this, but it is better to choose a waterproof material, since when the MDF gets wet it begins to crumble. If you have a plywood sheet, use it. From plywood or MDF, cut a 70100 cm canvas, place it on the frame, mark how best to round the corners, where to drill holes for all kinds of fasteners.

    Install the tow bar. To do this, your bike must have a trunk. On the trunk, fix the part of the split joint with the ball. The second part of the hinge must be fixed to the drawbar.

    Secure the toolbox. The trailer frame is larger than the platform itself, so there is room in the front for such a box. The easiest way to secure it is with an elastic rope.