How to assemble wheels on a bike

Choice of attachment wheels for kids bike

Wheels may not always come with the purchased vehicle. And this means that it is necessary to choose them wisely so that they last longer and do not have the ability to break, experiencing the slightest pressure.

It is worth noting that the main function of the attachment wheels is precisely to support the child’s body and prevent it from falling. The side wheels do not touch the ground constantly, so that when turning due to strong support on the surface, they do not break, and also do not create additional difficulties. If both attachment wheels touch the ground, then it will be difficult for the kids to go around the bumps.

It is important to consider that the baby is likely to roll over bumps, which means that the wheel rims and their spokes must be made of metal. If the inner part is made of plastic, then this option will last a much shorter period. Of course, they will be cheaper, but it is better to give preference to wheels made of metal.

Instead of tires, plastic or rubber is usually used as a lining, but chamber wheels are less common. It is much easier to pierce them, therefore it is better to choose wheels made from the first two types of materials. At the same time, rubber wheels are the quietest. But in the case of plastic, parents note that they rattle very hard.

Features of a bike with attachment wheels

If you have an old children’s bike in stock and you don’t want to spend money on buying it again, then you can install the wheels yourself by buying them.

Along with the well-known features, there are other significant advantages of a bicycle of this type:

  • There is no need to run next to the vehicle, insuring the child against falls and worry about him when he tries to drive on his own. The wheels do not allow him to fall, and after all, falling on an ordinary bicycle is inevitable, since at first, because of fear, children do not steer and look forward, but lower their gaze to the ground;
  • Allows the child, almost from the very beginning of mastering a two-wheeled bicycle, independently and freely move almost wherever he wants;
  • Even with fast driving and tight corners, the wheels help keep your baby from falling. Therefore, it is important to try to understand in more detail the quality of the assembly;
  • Helps develop the vestibular apparatus. Little by little, kids learn to keep their balance without the help of the applied wheels;
  • Improves coordination, strengthens the entire body. The sooner the baby begins to master this type of transport, the healthier he will become. After all, such loads will have a beneficial effect on him;
  • Performs an educational function. Thanks to this point, the child learns to navigate the terrain, to maintain the desired posture. For parents of those children who grow up in urban conditions, this is also an opportunity to learn the rules of the road with the kid from an early time. He will consider himself an adult and therefore not only will treat them with unprecedented care, but will also fulfill.

Why do you need extra wheels for a kid’s bike

The bicycle becomes a dream for little ones when they have already fully started to walk and have become comfortable. At first, parents buy three-wheeled vehicles for their children, thanks to which the child himself can begin to master the world. This is a special function that has a bicycle. But as you grow older, the question arises of changing the bike to a more comfortable one. Parents are afraid, because then injuries cannot be avoided, which can sometimes be very serious. And such precautions are justified. There is a special solution to this dilemma. the selection of a bicycle model with special additional wheels, which are called attachment wheels.

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Installation of attachment wheels

Since the installation of this type is quite simple and does not require serious skills and abilities, the help of a specialist is not needed at all. Everything can be handled.

You can divide the installation into several stages, which will allow you not to get confused and to do the work correctly:

  • For convenience, turn the bike upside down;
  • Use one wrench of the correct size to secure the rear wheel nut on one side. On the other hand, by throwing a key on it and unscrewing it;
  • Next, you need to install the bracket, and fix additional wheels for the children’s bike with bolts and nuts on them. It is important to take into account that the wheels should be at a small distance from the ground, otherwise cycling will not bring any pleasure for the baby, as it will become very difficult;
  • Before tightening the screws, it is necessary to check whether the attachment wheels will reach the ground. If you raise them too high, then they will completely cease to play the role of additional wheels, and also will not be able to protect them from injuries and falls;
  • Additional adjustment of the attachment wheels;
  • Final tightening of the nuts.

It is important to pay attention to the chain after installing additional wheels. The fact is that it could weaken after unscrewing the screws. If this really happened, it needs to be tightened. After the work done, the child can be asked to ride. If there are no difficulties at all, then the bike is completely ready for use.

Disassembling the wheels is easy. To do this, simply loosen the nuts, remove the brackets with wheels, and then tighten them securely.

How to make a kangaroo bag for your bike

Blanks for bags with material. It can be artificial leather, the so-called eco-leather or dermatitis.

A bag pattern is easy to make from a piece of cardboard right in place on the frame. Don’t forget to mark the straps or buckles.

The material for the bag is easily sewn on a regular machine.

The original of the already sewn bag. You can carry a lot of weight on both sides.

How to assemble Dyna craft 16 inch Suspect Boys Bike, Blue

The thickness of the bag is based on the diameter of the frame tube, do not forget to make discounts. The total width of the liner for my bag is 50 mm.

The kangaroo bag is ready for installation. Adjacent yellow decorative stripe enlivens the black sheen of the leatherette,

I see no reason to make the bag removable, so I just sewed it to the frame.

10-11. Kangaroo bag and re-assembly pouch.


Self-made reflectors add personality to the bike. It is not at all difficult to make them, there are many options:

For those who decide to put homemade reflectors on their bike, it is important not to overdo it. Otherwise, the vehicle on the road will not attract, but distract the attention of motorists with its extraordinary appearance. And this already increases the risk of road accidents.

At dusk and at night, the cyclist is not clearly visible on the road. Therefore, it is necessary to install reflectors on a bicycle. This moment is clearly regulated by traffic rules. Many bike owners use more than standard reflectors, showing imagination and making the vehicle original.

wheels, bike

LED Strip Reflective Stickers Fluorescent Paint


How to choose and install

Traffic rules clearly regulate the installation of reflectors. The front reflector should be white, the rear reflector should be red, and the side reflectors should be orange. This general ordering ensures that the bike in motion is positioned unambiguously. For the absence of reflectors or their incorrect installation, an administrative penalty is provided in the form of a fine.

When choosing reflectors, you need to take into account that glass ones weigh more, can break and are more expensive. But plastic is not so good reflective. The larger the area of ​​the reflectors, the more noticeable they are.

It is more convenient to install reflectors in the following places:

  • Front. directly on the steering wheel, head tube or on the front fork. The latter option is preferable, since it is not recommended to clutter the steering wheel, but you will need a special mount. If there is a rack or basket in front, it is not prohibited to attach the reflector to them.
  • Red. on the trunk, seatpost. Can be attached to the rear wing, but the reflector will quickly collect dust.
  • Orange. on wheels (spokes). If the reflector is two-sided, one for each wheel is enough, one-sided one requires a pair. Cyclists install them against the nipple, compensating for the alleged imbalance, although the mass of modern reflectors is negligible. Most bike manufacturers equip pedal reflectors, some also use LEDs on the nipples.
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The question of how to install reflectors rarely arises. The simplest models come with 1-2 screws and washers. advanced options are equipped with special latches.

On the trunk On the seatpost On the handlebars On the spokes

wheels, bike

Carrycot to the bike

From the boards I made a frame for the stroller of arbitrary sizes (such that it does not interfere with pedaling). He pulled off the structure with self-tapping screws and corners from the inside. I laid a workpiece of a suitable shape from a chipboard on top and attached it with self-tapping screws. Bolted a large plastic box to it. I cut out the front part in it with a hacksaw for metal, giving the workpiece the shape of a cradle. I cleaned the edges with a file and medium-sized sandpaper. Sewed the foam seat and put it tightly in the drawer.

Attached the stroller to the bike on the left side (the chain interferes with the right) using a metal tube (1) and a clamp (2).

On the side of the stroller seat, I screwed a wheel from a children’s bicycle using L-shaped metal plates (3). To close the wheel from children’s hands, I cut out semicircular parts from the plastic protection of car fenders according to its dimensions. He pulled off the parts of the protective cover (4) with self-tapping screws and attached to the wooden frame of the stroller.

DIY bike upgrade

While my wife was in the hospital, two of our kids stayed with me. Walking along the street with them was inconvenient and long. So I upgraded the bike for family needs.

[4K] Installation of Training Wheels on a Girls Kids Bicycle Raskulls Wallmart After Market Wheels

It took: a bicycle, boards Chipboard, bolts, nuts, screws, metal corners, metal tubes, a small metal plate, 3 plastic boxes, clamps, wheels from a small bike, foam rubber, scissors, a needle, thread, fabric, a hacksaw for metal. sandpaper, file, drill, drills, a set of keys, screwdriver, plastic protection, car fenders VAZ-2109.

Lightweight removable stroller to the bike-implementation

For a long time I wanted something with a stroller. I didn’t have enough money for MT (and there is no garage), I didn’t get a license (yet), and so on. In the meantime, the idea was ripening, a way out and understanding was sought, but what do I actually want? And he set the following requirements: 1) light in weight (about 5 kg with a wheel came out) 2) relatively quickly and easily removable and put on a bicycle pedal (key for 10 and 13 and 7 minutes of time) 3) storage in a place with a bicycle 4) not spoil the bike and retain the ability to use the bike without a stroller 5) create with the most budgetary means The goal is increased passenger carrying capacity Based on this, as a material I chose a 20x20x2 profile (the only thing I bought was 3 meters-40 UAH), a 3/4 pipe, and pieces of trimming steel, etc. (Everything is made in the auto-design laboratory, where I work as a laboratory assistant)

And the design work started. all the charm of design (many will understand) I sat down at the lectures and drew (I am a first-year chemist student. they looked at me strangely, since the professor asked what I was doing and whether I would be able to protect what I was doing. sketches and prof. fell into an insoluble sediment, of course, but.) As a result, a concept was found, calculated (in proportion to mt) for a Salyut-s type bicycle and an adult city led with 26 wheels and gears (but this idea disappeared in porces buildings and because of the possibility of spoiling himself led).

first estimate, the frame is on a wheel, a pipe and books, in the photo me and grandfather filich

The first one wanted a transfer, and after scrutinizing the work of kab-as, an implementation was found (for which thanks to Alexander Vasilich for orienting), 24 inch wheels from an unknown mountain bike got up on Salut (they were asked from a friend) and 6 gears were tuned:

The stroller consists of a triangular frame, a wheel with an axle, a rack for attaching to the steering column and a brace (not shown in the photo yet) Fastening at three points: the rear axle, a column and a brace for adjusting the saddle height adjustment of the stroller wheel due to the backlash of the holes with subsequent fixation position. A modernized pedal axle (mazurchak type) is used as the wheel axle. I know, flimsy, she is already in the process of modernization

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photo at the time of grabbing the ear of attachment to the axle to the frame)

Well, my last thing, after the first test drive

A distracted glance. I’m tired and I’m thinking about adjusting the wheel of the stroller and the option of the brace. Well, the photographer did his best. (in spite of it, she is the most not overexposed of those that are with me

It’s too early to draw conclusions, it is necessary to slightly modify (which will be done soon). the wheel rubs heavily in the turn, but the emotions are positive. And ride! I ask you to comment on technical points for correction during debugging.

Make a side trailer for a Motor Vernor XC bike with handy tools

As a lover of long trips with overnight stays, I often did not have enough space to place all the necessary luggage, and after a few weeks, after buying a Motor Vernor XC bike, I started to create a trailer. At first it was a trailed version of a trailer at the back of the bike, but after making the first prototype and testing it a couple of times at short distances, I stopped working in this direction, and at the beginning of last season I took up the creation of a side trailer.

In many ways, the decisive factor was that the trailer was conceived for transporting a dog too. The path to the Chusovaya River, 50 km away for a hunting dog, stretched for 100 or more kilometers. At the end of the way, it was a pity to look at the dog and in 2-3 days the way back was coming. I borrowed an interesting idea for such a side trailer on the Internet. The essence of this idea was to connect only at the lowest point, which allowed the bike and trailer to keep the center of gravity independently of each other on uneven ground. The base for the frame is taken from the seat of an old car, the wheel and fork are from a teenage bike. From a long search. how to connect Motor Vernor XC with a trailer. such.

The structure was originally created in a folding version to prevent unpleasant moments in very narrow sections of the path (in my cases, sometimes this happens).

But it so happened that I could not use a real trailer and I could not ride a Motor Vernor XC bike on the Chusovaya River (distance 50 km one way) (there were two short trips at a distance of about 10 km). The defining moment was the dog’s categorical disagreement with such a vehicle. As he did not fight, he could not force the dog to sit while the bike was moving. And time goes by and the season of 2014 is ahead. What will happen. we’ll see in the summer

We modernize the bike rack

I attached a child’s tricycle seat to the trunk (using the latches available). The design is stable.

To transport things, I remove the seat and fasten a plastic box in its place with clamps.

I made a side step (6) for the child seat from an L-shaped tube by drilling a hole in it. I put the part on the rear wheel axle and screwed it with a nut.

If necessary, I can easily transport two children under 8 years old and loads on a bicycle at the same time!

Swivel bike trailer

A trailer for transporting products / things weighing up to 20 kg was made from the rear of a tricycle frame. I attached a plastic box to the existing ears of the structure with clamps.

I bolted a metal U-shaped plate (5) to the stroller, drilling holes in its legs opposite each other. I insert the trailer frame (also with a hole) into the plate and fasten it according to the hinge principle: the bolt goes through 3 holes, I fix it with nuts from below. When the bike is moving, the trailer easily turns left and right.