How to Assemble a Two Wheeled Scooter Scooter

How to assemble a stunt scooter. Methods for transforming a scooter, how to fold and assemble it correctly

The modern scooter is not much inferior to bicycles. The vehicle is actively used by people of all ages for city walks and long-distance travel. Beginners often have the question of how to fold and assemble the scooter correctly. Knowledge of the transformation methods of the product facilitates its operation, storage, transportation.

Basic folding methods

The scooter is an excellent tool for family or group walks, extreme rides. Some modifications are capable of transporting not only the owner, but also his pet or a small load. The advantages of products include the absence of harm to the environment, the ability to keep fit. The vehicles in question can be transported in the bag or trunk of any car folded (if necessary).

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As with any technique, folding scooters have their drawbacks. Most models are not suitable for obese people, as they have a weight limit. If you drive for a long time and with a load, you noticeably feel tired even among experienced users.

There are several systems for disassembling the vehicles in question, and those who do not know how to assemble a scooter should definitely familiarize themselves with them. Basic ways:

  • Classic scheme. In such mechanisms, a special lever is provided, located near the connection point of the steering and foot platforms. To assemble or disassemble the model, you will need to pull the indicated element up, move the stands away from the deck until the moment of a characteristic sound. All parts are folded into transport position. Some modifications are additionally equipped with an eccentric bolt, which is loosened for the above manipulations. After unfolding the structure, the fuse is tightened all the way to avoid accidental disassembly when driving.
  • Push-button system. To fold the scooter in this way, use the key located on the foot pad. Some models are protected by a cover, which can be removed and replaced depending on the operation. You can unfold the scooter by simply pulling the button towards the arrow, the steering wheel. from the platform to a specific click.
  • Super ReinForce. A simple and effective mechanism is used in most cases when it is necessary to unfold or fold a child’s scooter. The design has a safety tube that moves. Raising or lowering it allows you not only to transform the product, but also to set the angle of inclination of the steering wheel. A groove of a comb configuration is used as a lock.

Thanks to its convenience and reliability, the Super ReinForce disassembly system is in demand by most manufacturers of two- and three-wheeled scooters.

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Classic Circuit Super ReinForce Button System

Children’s scooter assembly instructions

You need to know not only how to fold and assemble an adult scooter, but also be able to transform children’s models. The latter are simpler, easier, and clearer. The procedure is performed in several stages:

  • Install the vehicle on a flat area of ​​a room, corridor or street.
  • Pull the steering column up slightly, keeping the lower deck of the scooter in a static position.
  • The steering wheel is lowered onto the platform.

The children’s scooter is then ready for storage and transportation. The older models have a similar mechanism, except for the additional equipment with large diameter wheels, improved brakes and an enlarged steering wheel. As an example, consider the step-by-step instructions on how to fold the Scooter 21 children’s scooter. Pull the locking sleeve up to the stop, in the next step tilt the steering wheel towards the rear wheel. Most simple budget models are transformed precisely with the help of the classic folding mechanism.

How to expand the structure

Users definitely need to know how the two-wheeled scooter unfolds in different ways. With the classical method, the following actions are performed:

  • Loosen the eccentric bolt, if available.
  • Pull the lever up, move the steering rack away from the platform until it clicks, confirming the locking of the structure for driving.
  • They fix the folding scooter with an eccentric, preventing the possibility of its accidental transformation during operation.

Models with a push-button lock are laid out as follows:

  • Turn over the vehicle, find the folding-folding mechanism key.
  • If the element is covered with a plug, it is pulled to the side along the marker (arrow).
  • Press the button, moving it towards the guide pointer.
  • Without releasing the latch, move the steering column from the platform to a characteristic click.
  • If everything is done correctly, the scooter is ready for use. A similar system is typical for many well-known manufacturers, including the brands Explore, MaxCity.

For models with Super Rein Force, the first step is to unscrew the comb clamp that secures the steering column. Next, raise the fuse tube located near the front wheel of the product, turn the steering rack until it clicks. Then the two-wheeled or three-wheeled scooter is ready to use.

Nuances of transformation of different models

Assembling the Micro scooter is easy. The range includes models for adults and children. Sequencing:

  • Most versions of this brand are equipped with a folding mechanism with a button and a lever. To transform the product, press two buttons at the base of the steering unit.
  • Set the steering wheel to a vertical position.
  • Tighten the lever lock located between the buttons.

The scooters are folded in a mirror order: the lever is loosened, the keys are pressed, the steering wheel is moved to its original position.

According to the instructions, to fold the Roces scooter, you need to pull the tubular (plate) lock up with your finger. The fasteners will be released, after which the steering wheel must be moved to a horizontal position. After this procedure, it is recommended to securely fasten the stopper to avoid unfolding during operation.

The electric scooter from Xiaomi has a folding design, is reliable and has a high level of autonomy. Step-by-step instructions for assembling the unit:

  • Cut off power to the unit.
  • Turn the ring retainer at the base of the handlebar, throw the lever down.
  • Install the handlebar horizontally, securing it with the provided hook. The last element is inserted into the ring to prevent loosening of the structure during transportation.
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The Xiaomi scooter folds up in reverse order. First, the steering wheel is released, placed vertically, then the system is attached using a lever lock. Stunt and walking scooters from the Oxelo trademark have different assembly / disassembly mechanisms. Modification of the Town-7 XL type is folded in the following order:

  • Pull the lever of the fixing device located at the steering base.
  • Tilt the steering wheel slightly towards the rear rim.
  • Place the column horizontally.

If you know how to quickly unfold a 7-XL Town scooter, it’s not difficult to cope with an analog of the Easyfold type from the manufacturer Oxelo. The product is equipped with a push-button system. The key is located in the upper bend of the frame near the steering wheel. The stunt scooter folds out identically to the other push-button options described above.

With proper maintenance and operation, scooters are safe and allow the user to stand out from the crowd. Before purchasing the vehicle in question, you must decide on its main purpose. On the market there are urban and stunt models, off-road products, electric scooters. Beginners should stop at the first option, designed for leisurely walks along park and asphalt paths. Such a model is distinguished by high strength parameters, is compact, has a low weight, which allows the product to be transported across floors.

Micro Roces Xiaomi 7-XL Town

Video. How to assemble a stunt scooter?

Most riders build their own stunt scooters. Such custom models are distinguished by their individual appearance and only their characteristic characteristics.

What you need to build?

The complete set of scooters may vary somewhat, it depends mainly on the type of models. But the kit should include:

  • steering column with fork;
  • deck;
  • compression and clamp;
  • wheels;
  • steering wheel.

The steering column takes part in the movement of the steering wheel, thanks to it the fork can quietly and easily rotate in the recess of the deck. This device is responsible for mobility and control. The steering column consists of a fork, two bearings, spacer wheels and a cover.

The deck is the scooter stand, the main part to which all the components are attached. Its upper part has a protective coating made of non-slip material. usually it is sandpaper or rubber. When choosing a deck, you should pay attention to all its dimensions: height, length and width. With a wider deck, maneuvering the scooter is more difficult, turns are difficult. It should be borne in mind that two legs should not be completely located on it, because the second is not placed on a whole foot.

Longer base parameters also do not add maneuverability to the stunt scooter, but on a short one it is much more difficult to maintain balance during tricks. A medium-length deck is ideal for this type of vehicle. It is also important that it fits well in height, otherwise the rider will get tired faster when pushing off.

The compression system of the scooter includes a clamp and some other parts, their availability depends on the model of the vehicle. This device connects the handlebar to the fork, the structure must be held tight so that the handlebar does not wobble.

Among the most demanded are SCS, which most riders consider the most reliable. It comes with a clamp, bolt and washer. The easiest and cheapest type of compression is thread.

Wheels are an important part of the scooter, axles and spacers are attached as additional elements. Some varieties have washers already installed in the deck. For a high-quality setting of maneuvers, the wheels must have a certain strength. These parts are made of wear-resistant polyurethane, they have a diameter of 100-125 mm.

The steering rack or handlebar is made from the most durable raw materials, since this part holds the main load when riding. Most often this part is made from steel or aircraft aluminum.

How to build?

In order not only to correctly assemble a custom scooter for stunts, but also to be completely confident in its safety, you should follow the step-by-step instructions for its installation.

  • Typically, it starts with installing the steering wheel. A spacer ring is put on the fork (some models have a built-in one), then the bearing and then the fork is inserted into the recess of the deck. Next, put on the bearing again, then the ring and then the cover. Thus, the steering column is ready.
  • The installation of the compression system is due to the type of kick scooter, and more specifically, it depends on the type of compression on it. The simplest is the thread, when the steering wheel and steering column are fixed only with a nut. Most riders prefer the SCS compression system, in which a clamp is put on the steering column, a washer is inserted into it and fixed with a bolt. It should be borne in mind that with a very tight compression, the steering wheel will be difficult to turn, and this can provoke some discomfort when driving. The clamp should not be fixed yet, this action is carried out after the steering wheel is installed.
  • Now it’s time for the wheels. To do this, they are placed in the appropriate connectors, the axle is inserted and tightened. Certain models have free-standing spacers. These elements help to evenly distribute the lateral load on the bearings in the wheel. It is imperative to check that the wheel is tightened properly: it does not wobble, but does not rotate very tightly either.
  • To install the steering column, first insert it into the clamp. Then all the bolts are tightened on it, doing this in stages: at first, each a little, and so on several times. When tightened in one step to the stop, the bolts may warp or even crack.

Thus, the stunt kick scooter is assembled and fully operational. You do not have to buy this vehicle as a set, but select the components yourself, based on your own wishes. Such a custom scooter will serve no worse than models assembled in production, because the owner has put his strength and part of his soul into it.

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A visual assembly of the scooter is demonstrated in the following video.

How to properly assemble a stunt scooter

The question of how to assemble a stunt scooter may be of interest to beginners who have recently acquired it. But even experienced riders who decide to replace some of the structural parts will find information on its assembly useful.

What you need to assemble a stunt scooter

The complete set of scooters may vary depending on the device model. The kit includes:

  • steering column;
  • deck;
  • compression system;
  • wheels;
  • steering rack, or steering wheel.

The steering column is the mechanism by which the steering wheel rotates and turns the front wheel. It consists of a fork, two bearings, spacer wheels and a cover.

The deck is the kickstand of the scooter, its basic part, to which all the components are attached. From above it is covered with a non-slip protective material. sandpaper or rubber. When choosing a deck, you need to evaluate it by 3 parameters: width, length and height.

The wider the deck, the less maneuverable the apparatus becomes, it is more difficult to turn on it. Both feet should not fit well on the deck as the second is usually placed not on the entire width of the foot.

As with the width, the long deck reduces maneuverability. On the other hand, the short one is more difficult to hold on when performing tricks. Choose a deck of medium length. It is necessary to optimally select the deck in height, otherwise, pushing off, the owner will quickly get tired.

The compression system includes a clamp and other parts depending on the scooter model. The most popular compression among riders is SCS (Standart Compression System). It is considered the most reliable and consists of a clamp, bolt and washer.

Wheels are important elements of this device. Axles and spacers are attached to them. In some models, the latter are integrated into the deck. The wheels must be strong to perform tricks. They are made of polyurethane. The diameter is usually 100-125mm.

The steering rack (steering wheel) of the scooter is made of the most durable materials, since it bears the main load during operation.

Stunt scooter assembly instructions

To properly assemble your stunt scooter, you need to follow these steps:

  • Start by installing the steering column. First of all, you need to put the lantern piece on the fork (in some models it is integrated), then the bearing and insert the fork into the deck. Then you need to put on the bearing, lantern piece and cover again. Steering column installed.
  • The algorithm of actions when assembling a compression system will depend on the model of the scooter, or rather, on what kind of compression it has. The simplest is the thread. In this case, the steering wheel and steering column are fixed with a nut.
  • The most popular mechanism among riders is the SCS. A clamp is put on the steering column, a washer is inserted into it and fixed with a bolt.
  • If you tighten the compression system too much, the handlebars will turn hard, which will create inconvenience when using the scooter.
  • The clamp itself does not need to be tightened yet, this is done after installing the steering wheel.
  • The next step is to install the wheels. It is necessary to place the wheel in the desired socket, insert the axle and tighten it. Spacers are installed separately on some models. They serve to evenly distribute the side load on the wheel bearings.
  • After installation, you need to make sure that the wheel is optimally tightened: it does not dangle, but it also turns without difficulty.
  • To install the steering rack, you need to insert it into the clamp.
  • The last step is to tighten the bolts on the clamp. This must be done gradually: each of them is twisted in turn several times. If the bolts are tightened all the way immediately, there is a chance that they will bend or burst.

The assembly of the stunt scooter is now complete and ready to use. You can assemble a unique stunt scooter without buying it as a set, but choosing individual parts that are most suitable for the owner. Such devices are called custom, that is, made in a single copy.

10 freestyle scooter tricks for beginners

Have you purchased a freestyle scooter? It’s time to learn the tricks!

All the hassle of buying is over, your stunt scooter is ready to use and you can’t wait to do your first tricks on it? We’ve compiled 10 essential tricks specifically for beginner riders. They will create a base for further training and gain confidence in riding.

Note: we give original names so you can identify each trick. Tricks come as the difficulty increases.

You will need: helmet and protection, areas without cars and pedestrians, good mood!

Hop (Hop, or jump)

Hop is bouncing on a scooter where both wheels are lifted off the ground at the same time. One of the first and basic elements that you will want to learn on your freestyle scooter. He will open the door for you for further combinations and combos.

Performance: you ride slowly on two legs, squat as you would before a normal jump on the ground, and push up sharply. At the same time, lift the wheel of the scooter up with your hands. When landing with springy feet. The trick is done!

Once you’ve mastered Hop, you’ll soon want to try Bunny Hop, a jump off the front wheel where the rear wheel comes off first, then the front wheel, but both end up in the air. Bunny Hop is the key to many tricks like Nollie.

Fakie (backward movement)

This is riding the scooter in the opposite direction. Moving backwards will allow you to start doing tricks that in combination require elements with a reverse gear, such as the 180-turn and DS WHIP.

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Performance: standing on the scooter in the normal position, start pushing slightly backward. You can choose a track with a slight downward slope, but not too steep so as not to accelerate too much. Make turns with the steering wheel smoothly and remember that everything works the other way around, as you drive back.


Ride the rear wheel of a stunt scooter. The trick looks simple in theory, but in practice you will need a little time to master it. If you push it a little harder, the scooter will go forward, and you risk being on the ground. Press too lightly and the front wheel won’t come off the ground. Once you find a balance, you can increase your movement speed and create some interesting connections.

Performance: you ride the scooter, then step with both feet on the back of the deck (it is important not to put pressure on the brake or wheel, otherwise you risk falling). As soon as you stand at the end of the deck, tilt your body back with a sharp but moderately strong motion and lightly spring with your feet. The steering wheel goes back behind the hands. The first few times it may seem that this is impossible to do, but the main thing here is patience.

Nose pivot 180, 360 (Nose pivot)

Rotation of the scooter board on the front wheel, without jumping, 180 or 360 degrees. This trick will be very useful later, especially in conjunction with Fakie (backward ride).

Performance: you are riding a scooter with your feet pointing slightly to the side in one direction. We put our front foot closer to the steering wheel. this will make it easier to fall forward. Start shifting your weight forward. As soon as you feel that the rear wheel is slightly off the ground, make a sharp turn of the scooter deck with a smooth motion. We recommend starting at 180 degrees. Then proceed to 360 degrees. Later, at the end of the trick, you can add a small jump. this will make it more effective.

180 Hop (180 Hop)

Jump and turn the scooter in a different direction. When Hop and Nose pivot are mastered, your next stop is a 180 degree jump.

Performance: you are riding a scooter. Start jumping. In flight, you need to turn 180 degrees, using your shoulders and head first. In fact, you need to look over your shoulder. then the scooter and legs will twist after the body. Be sure to relax a little when landing and bend your knees to soften the impact.

By learning this trick, you can pair Fakie with Nose Pivot and add 180 Hop at the end. This is how you get your first cool combo bundle!

Jump 180 over an obstacle

With practice, you will start jumping higher and higher. It’s time to complicate the jumps a little. Try jumping, making a 180 turn, while jumping over a curb or pipe. Trust your head. let it guide your body, and your eyes will choose the point to land. As always, remember to bend your knees slightly when landing.!

One hander / no hander (one hand / no hands)

One-handed or hands-free scooter operation. Once you learn how to do jumping tricks, try to master the scooter with one hand or no hands at all. This trick looks very impressive in conjunction with jumping, especially on the ramp.

Performance: during the jump, you need to be closer to the steering wheel and, when you release your hands, clamp it between your body and legs, bending your knees.

An important point: you must have time to put your hands on the steering wheel before landing, otherwise it will not be very soft.

No footer (No legs)

Objective: remove both feet from the scooter board. For this trick, you need to learn to stay in the air for longer (on a ramp or when riding on a flat surface). While in the air, try to lift both legs off. Advanced. extend or spread your legs while jumping.

Another variation is when you remove both legs on the scooter without jumping. But in this case you need strong hands and good balance.!

Bar spin

Turn the steering wheel of the scooter 360 degrees. This trick will also require more time in the air, although you can place the front wheel on the curb for training.

First, you need to practice turning the steering wheel 180 degrees. it is better to do this by turning the steering wheel with your strong hand into a weak hand (usually we have the stronger hand with which we write). Once it becomes easy for you to do this, add another 180 degrees for a full rotation.

Good exercise: first quickly move the steering wheel, alternately grabbing the steering wheel and accelerating the turn.

This trick looks especially impressive in conjunction with jumping.


Rotation of the scooter deck around the steering wheel axis. A very popular trick. Much of your success here depends on the work of your hands. It is best to practice Tailweep on a flat surface or in a quarter.

Performance: jump as high as possible and in flight hit the deck with the toe of your back foot. With the help of your hands, begin to rotate the steering wheel, while making sure that the deck is directly below you. At the end of the circle, you need to put your hind foot out and catch the deck. Stand on the deck of the scooter, keeping your balance to smoothly land and continue moving.