How to assemble a stern 16 bike

Fantasy 16

Suitable for girls 5-6 years old with a height of 100-125 kg. The weight of the bike itself is 10.7 kg. It is designed for loads up to 40 kg. The main structural elements are made of steel (frame, steering wheel, wheel rims, bushings). Depreciation is tough. There is a steering limiter.

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The speed is one. There are two types of brakes: rim front and rear foot brakes. The set includes fenders, safety wheels, chain protection, reflectors.

Children’s bicycles Stern

The products of this company are suitable for all ages. The Stern children’s bike is characterized by a stylish design, a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as the manufacture of high-quality materials.

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Rocket 12

The version with a wheel diameter of 12 inches is suitable for a height of 90-115 cm. The frame is steel. The weight of the bike is 6.85 kg. Depreciation Rigid. The fork is rigid. The steering column is not integrated. There is a steering limiter.

The transmission is single-speed. Classic pedals. Metal bushing. Rear foot brake. The steering wheel is steel, curved. The height of the handlebar and saddle is adjustable. The package includes safety wheels, chain protection, fenders.

Stern rocket

The Rocket line is designed for boys. There are 3 wheel sizes available: 12 “, 14” and 16 “. They are suitable for ages 3-4, 5-6 and 6-9 years old respectively.

Vicky 16

Children’s bike Stern Vicky 16. the choice of real princesses. Designed for ages 5-6 years. Stylish design and bright colors will impress you. Robust steel frame. The weight of the bike is 11.3 kg. The fork is rigid. Depreciation Rigid.

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Non-integrated steering column. Classic type plastic pedals. One speed, rim brakes on two wheels. Steel bushings. Single aluminum wheel rims. Tires WANDA P104 / P1023, 16 “x2.125”.

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Bunny 12

The Bunny 12 model for young cyclists is suitable for ages 3-4 (height 95-115 cm). The bike weighs only 7.5 kg. Designed for weight up to 30 kg. Steel frame with rigid fork. There is no depreciation. The curved steel handlebar is not height adjustable. Only the saddle position can be changed. Wheels with single rims and polymer tires 12 “x 1.75”. Foot brake.

Rocket 16

A rocket with a diameter of 16 inches is suitable for children 6-9 years old with a height of 100-125 cm. Withstands loads up to 40. The frame is made of Hi-ten steel. The model weighs 10.45 kg. The steering wheel is steel curved. Brakes front rim, rear. foot.

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Robot 14

Improved model for children from 3 to 5 years old. Permissible load. 35 kg. Steel frame. Projectile weight 9.9 kg. Rigid fork. Non-integrated steering column. Wheels 14 inches with an aluminum single rim. Tires WANDA P104 / P1023, 14 “x2.125”. Plastic pedals, classic. The speed is one. Rim brakes front and rear.

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