How to adjust the chain on a speed bike

External Shifting on Speed ​​Bike

The outer type belongs to most multi-speed bicycles. It is used on both mountain and city walking models. The mechanism is made up of gear shifters and stars that form a cassette or system. Variable speed with rear and front derailleurs.

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Elements of external type of gear shifting. derailleur and cassette

This type of gear shifting can be seen on both the Forward Dortmund city bike (7 speeds) and the Forward Agris mountain bike (24 speeds). You can customize this switch yourself by examining the mechanism.

Easy Way to Tension Your Fixed Gear Chain

How to adjust gear shifting on a stels bike

What to do if you can’t adjust the bike‘s rear derailleur

There are several methods for solving this issue. But if the standard tuning instruction did not work, to tune the rear derailleur you need to:

  • dismantle the chain, remove the cable;
  • move the switch to the chain position to the smallest star;
  • use adjusting bolts (this way you can tighten the cable);
  • set the adjusting bolt H to the extreme position;
  • move the part called the parallelogram to the big star and adjust the position of the bolt L.

The regulator is fixed with bolts. It must be set to the extreme position. After that, the chain must be displaced in this order: the front cassette is the largest star in diameter, the rear, on the contrary, is the smallest.

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Bicycle undercarriage device, principles of operation. video

Broken cable

If the part is damaged, it must be replaced.

  • Unscrew the fixing screw on the lintel.
  • Disassemble the shifter to pull out the cable.
  • Insert a new one, treat with special grease.
  • Run it through the shirts and put them back in place.
  • Secure the new cable to the derailleur.

How to set up gear shifting on a mountain bike or city bike

Speed ​​switches are actively used when riding both mountain and city bikes. Much depends on their quality work: the pleasure of cycling, the quality of the ride, and even your safety. Before each cycling season, this mechanism should be checked and, if necessary, correctly adjusted.

When to configure?

Setting up the rear derailleur

  • Setting the switch to the smallest star.
  • Loosen the cable. To do this, unscrew the clamp screw located on the rear derailleur.
  • Putting the front derailleur chain on the middle sprocket.
  • We check the operation of the chain. To do this, you just need to twist the pedals. If the chain starts to fall, adjust the high gear stop screw. As a result, your rear derailleur and the smallest chainring in the front should line up.
  • Pull the cable tightly and tighten the bolt, which is responsible for fixing the tightening.
  • We begin to test the switch by clicking each speed from the lowest to the highest. If in a certain place the system fails, then adjust the tension of the cable until all speeds are easy to switch.

When adjusting the speed switch, be sure to remember that all manipulations with the cable must be done smoothly and very carefully. Be patient and avoid sudden movements. When loosening or tightening the bolts, do it gradually, no more than one turn at a time.

Remember that speed tuning is a very important issue that affects the overall performance of your bike. Therefore, take the drive mechanism very seriously, and once you have mastered the technique of setting speeds, carry it out systematically.!

The bike chain is one of the most important parts of your bike, so not only the overall feeling of riding, but also your safety depends on its serviceability.

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In order to install disc brakes on a bicycle, you can go to any bike workshop, or carry out this process yourself.

The braking system of any bike is the most important element of the mechanics, which is responsible for your safety during the trip.

The need to remove the bike chain occurs when it needs to be replaced, cleaned or a broken link must be removed.

Weak tension

If your chain goes off on a bike without gears, all you need to do is unscrew the two nuts on the rear wheel axle and then pull it towards you. Tighten the nuts, but make sure that the wheel does not move closer to the center of the frame. By following these steps, you will see that the chain will not sag. Accordingly, the likelihood that it flies again is completely excluded. But in the case of the occurrence of this problem on a high-speed bike, you will have to sweat. A special spring is installed in the gear selector, which automatically pulls the chain. With prolonged use, it loses its elasticity, which leads to similar problems. Since the transmission is not separable, you will have to change the switch to a new one.

Lubricate the bike chain

Nothing! The question is not to be disclosed in two sentences, but it is useful to delve into the topic. Therefore, take an interest in the best way to lubricate a bicycle chain at home.

The chain is lubricated regularly. The specific interval determines the type of lubricant used or the mileage, after which a rustle appears.

The algorithm of actions when putting on the chain is approximately as follows.

  • Turn the bike upside down, placing it on the saddle and handlebars, or lift it up so that the rear wheel rotates freely.
  • If the bike has a bicycle chain guard, it is better to remove it. This will make it easier and more comfortable to reach the chainring. If you are too lazy to shoot, or you can already reach the asterisk. well, it’s your business.
  • Place the chain completely over the rear sprocket. (If you have not removed the protection, then it may be more convenient to completely put it on the front sprocket).
  • Place the chain over the chainring in the direction of rotation and pedal forward in the direction of travel. When the pedals are rotated, it itself is thrown over the remaining teeth.
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Here you need to understand that if the bike is upside down, then the chain is thrown onto the lower part of the sprocket (in relation to you) and, scrolling the sprocket itself by the pedal clockwise, we throw it on the front sprocket entirely. If you start to throw the chain over the top of the sprocket in relation to you, you will not be able to pedal. after all, in fact, you will have to press the brake.

If the bike is in the normal position (wheels down), then again throw the chain on top of the sprocket and pedal clockwise. as if you were driving forward.

How to prevent the chain from slipping on a speed bike under pedal load

If you did not touch the chain tension screw on the rear derailleur, and the mechanism itself works properly and accurately, there is no reason to go into its settings. An Intervention Has Occurred. Explore How Shimano Shifting Adjustments Are Made On A Mountain Bike.

5 Minute Gear Adjust | How To Set Up Your Mountain Bike Gears Correctly

For example, here’s a video on setting up the rear derailleur on a bike.

Causes of malfunction

Often, users ask the technicians what leads to the rapid wear of the transmission and how to find a malfunction. The first sign of malfunctioning is when the chain falls off on a high-speed or regular bike. This can be detected by depressing the pedals and simultaneously changing gears. The problem is noticeable when climbing a slope, when the driving force increases. The reasons that lead to the chain slipping on the bike under load: