How to adjust sprocket shifting on a bicycle

How to set up gear shifting on a shimano bike. Velobaggio

The gearshift mechanism may seem like a rather complicated system at first. However, in reality, everything is quite simple. It takes a little time and patience to learn how to adjust the gear changes on your bike yourself. This article will help you understand all the intricacies of this process.

Before learning how to properly shift gears on a bicycle (no matter how many speeds it has. 5, 21 or 24), you need to set up the mechanism itself. There are two types of derailleurs. front and rear.

First, you should do the setting of the rear derailleur, and then go to the front derailleur. Setting the rear derailleur will take longer (more stars) so please be patient and tools.

Adjustment is done with screws H and L;

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Align the roller with the smallest rear sprocket using screw H, and then with screw L align the roller with the large sprocket;

Set the shifter (switch) to the latest speed;

Pull and fix the gear cable;

If large gears do not shift well, loosen the cable. If your gears are badly reset, then, on the contrary, stretch the cable.

Now it’s just a small matter. to adjust the accuracy of gear shifting. Place the chain on the back on the largest sprocket and on the front on the smallest. Using the tension screw, we set the roller in the desired position. in the immediate vicinity of the cassette.

Now you need to do the opposite: in front. a large star, in the back. a small one. The roller should not touch the cassette, much less rub against it.

Speed ​​modes

Each type of riding has its own speed mode, for example, when going uphill, it is easiest to use 1 × 1 (1st forward speed and 1st reverse). If you want to ride with maximum loads on the legs and some other muscle groups, then set the 3rd speed in front and 8th in the back, although this option is not suitable for everyone. you need to have good physical fitness and endurance in order to effectively press the pedals when this combination of stars.

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While riding, a person makes 60 pedal rotations (cadence) per minute. this is the best option for a comfortable and unhurried bike ride. Accordingly, for high-speed driving, it is necessary to increase the revs along with the increase in speed.

There are several types of switches:

  • triggers;
  • pistols;
  • grip-shift;
  • Dual control. brake.

What is good for mountain biking will no longer be as effective on road.

How to properly shift gears on a bike? Learning how to properly shift gears on your bike takes a little time and practice. The task can be complicated by the skew of the chain. when the front chainring is installed in the 1st position, and the rear sprocket in the 7th position. When climbing and descending a mountain, set the desired speed in advance.

Now grab your faithful two-wheeled friend and go on a scout. check out the work just done on setting the gearshift.


Front derailleur

How to set up cycling gear shifting on the front derailleur?

  • Set the minimum speed and loosen the cable;
  • Using the screw L, set the minimum distance between the chain and the switch. 1 mm;
  • Secure the cables with the bolt.

Pay attention to the distance between the chain and the switch body. it cannot be more than 1 mm. After that, repeat the operation, only with the screw H.

With these simple steps, the switches are fully configured until they begin to work freely. If the process is delayed, then try to pull or loosen the cable.

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How to Adjust Bicycle Shifting for Better Performance: cycling tips

How to switch speeds on a bike?

Any cyclist should know how to switch speeds on a bicycle and how to adjust them. Just stick to some simple rules to make your cycling comfortable and efficient. Plus, your derailleurs will last longer and save you money.

When we were little, there was no trace of speed on the bike, and no one thought about it. We just pedaled and the bike just moved. But today the simplest model of a bicycle is necessarily equipped with a certain number of speeds and has two brakes. At the same time, many people think they know how to switch speeds on a bicycle. But, in fact, it is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

How to adjust the speed on a shimano bike. Velobaggio

Either you do not know how to switch speeds, or you do not know the Rules for switching speeds.

Another reason for poor gear shifting is that the chain and the entire system should be cleaned. how to remove and wash the chain.

How to Adjust the Rear Derailleur for Crisp Shifting

But in this article, we will only consider setting.

Switching correctly

Correct gear shifting is determined by one main rule, the observance of which is very important. when driving, you need to make sure that the chain does not twist. This can happen if the chain is engaged at opposite extreme positions of the chainrings and chainrings. With this arrangement of the chain, it clings to all possible and impossible obstacles, is exposed to uneven load and wears out much faster.

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Here are some tips to help you switch gears correctly:

  • Better not to switch gears when driving downhill. The first thing that will happen to you is the loss of your riding rhythm, which will affect your stamina and movement speed, respectively. This is also not worth doing, since when climbing uphill the chain tension is already quite high, and if at the same time throwing the chain between the stars. Such actions will have a detrimental effect on the resource of parts, and, soon, a breakdown may follow. So you need to switch gears before lifting, at the moment of the greatest relaxation of the chain.
  • A huge number of cyclists rarely use the front derailleur on their bike. It is difficult to answer why it happened so, but, nevertheless, it is a fact. It is much more efficient to use forward gear when driving on a sloping road. One shift on the chainrings, in this case, will have more effect than two or three changes on the rear. Just put the chain in the back on the middle sprocket and shift with the front.
  • When a fairly serious descent is planned on your way, then, again, switch gears before starting to go down. This is due to the fact that when the process of driving downward begins, it is better not to be distracted from the brakes, and you will need to follow the road especially carefully, because falling on the descent is an unpleasant thing.
  • Gear shifting should be smooth. There should be no rumbling, rattling, knocking and other extraneous sounds. If you follow this, then the gearshift system will serve you for a much longer time.

How to adjust the speeds on a shimano bike