How the kugoo m4 pro electric scooter folds

How to install the seat on the Kugoo M4/M4 Pro scooter?

Top modification m4 pro. For this price, you cannot find a scooter with similar characteristics. It is positioned as a good electric scooter for the city and light off-road. The model has been significantly revised, it has become more reliable and of higher quality. The 18Ah modification is recommended for people with weights above 80kg, or for those who need to travel long distances on a single charge.

Box dimensions 1192849 cm
Deck length 57 cm
Deck width 19 cm
Deck working surface 47 cm
Deck to handlebar height 94 cm
Width of the unfolded handlebars 60 cm
Width of handlebars folded 22 cm
Length of the scooter when folded 114 cm

Electric scooter of the famous Kugoo brand, version M4 Pro NEW 18Ah (2020), this scooter is excellent in terms of price-quality ratio, and has already gained popularity among riders.

Great news! This e-scooter model is now updated! In addition to the new design, added:

  • ignition,
  • voltmeter,
  • rear side lights,
  • steering wheel now with stem.

Kugoo M4 Pro has everything a user needs for comfortable use and safe driving, suitable for both city and rough terrain. Classic appearance yet stylish.

To begin with, this is a foldable electric scooter. For maximum compactness, fold down the handlebars, set the height of the handlebars to minimum, fold down the seat (if attached), and push the steering rack against the deck. When folded, the scooter can be taken with you on public transport, brought into buildings, stored at home.

The steering rack of the Kuga M4 Pro is telescopic, that is, the height of the steering wheel can be adjusted, adjusting for convenience to the height of the rider. There is a display on the right handlebar to keep track of all the information you need while driving. On the left side of the steering wheel there are buttons for the sound signal and turning on the backlight and turn signals.

An electric scooter needs lighting to ride safely at any time of the day. The Kugoo M4 has a headlight in the front to illuminate the road, a parking light in the back. to notify drivers behind that the scooter is on the road, there are also turn signals indicating the intention to turn, in addition, LED strips are attached to the sides of the deck, which not only make the scooter look like more attractive, but also serve as an additional identification signal.

You can attach a seat to the Kugoo M4 electric scooter for even more comfort, especially on long journeys. The seat is soft, with shock absorbers, adjustable in height. SEAT COMES INCLUDED.

The suspension of this model allows you to ride on uneven roads without feeling too shaky. This is all thanks to front spring and rear air shock absorbers that absorb vibration. Well, big wheels with a diameter of 10 inches, which form a high ground clearance, help to overcome obstacles.

To leave it in an upright position without leaning on anything, you can use the special parking step.

The deck is wide, so you can comfortably place both feet on it. It is also covered with strips of emery material to keep your feet from slipping.

A speed of 55 km / h and a mileage of up to 53 km is enough to enjoy the trip and be always and everywhere on time.

  • Electric scooter
  • Charger
  • Instructions
  • Instruments
  • Keys

To buy the 2020 Kugoo M4 18Ah Pro Jilong electric scooter means to purchase a convenient, compact and practical transport for everyday use, which will help you get around on business and just give you a pleasant experience of walking trips.

Electric scooter Kugoo m4 Pro Black (Black) kugo Jilong 18 Ah 600W 48V Kugoo m4 pro

KUGOO M4 pro. The smartest, most affordable, fully charged, foldable, electronic scooter. It is equipped with everything you need for efficient everyday driving. The factory in China used the highest quality components and installed smart technologies such as battery controller and smart display, a completely new folding system that eliminates backlash. Get your electric scooter and join the KUGOO lovers club! Inexpensive, lightweight, high quality electric scooter, it is easy to take with you everywhere and enjoy the ride while saving time. We started trading in e-mobility 18 months ago and are now committed to bringing all the benefits of e-mobility to the table. And a device like KUGOO M4 pro performs all the tasks assigned to it.

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The modern electric scooter KUGOO M4 pro 600W 48V 18Ah, equipped with a seat, allows its owners to make a fast ride in any chosen direction. The purchase of such a device that develops high speed was an excellent solution for urban residents who often face traffic jams.

The main undeniable advantages of an electric scooter are:

  • good economy in charge consumption;
  • stylish exterior and comfortable folding handles;
  • the ability to quickly mount and dismantle a soft and wide seat;
  • 10 “mounted pneumatic wheels fitted with spring-loaded shock absorbers;
  • disc brakes;
  • the ability to adjust the steering wheel and the installed seat in height.
    kugoo, electric, scooter, folds

Such a scooter, if necessary, folds quickly enough, which simplifies its transportation, as well as subsequent storage. The scooter is equipped with a special electronic computer with a color working display.

Also, the device has various settings and functions:

  • speedometer;
  • odometer;
  • active indicator of the residual charge of the device;
  • speed indicator.

A new motor-wheel, of higher quality and with more potential, since it is powered by a battery with a higher voltage. There is a good bright brake light on the fender.

On the steering wheel on the right side there are acceleration and brake triggers, as well as an on-board computer. It shows the exact speed and mileage of the scooter. The user can turn on the backlight, also with a button on the steering wheel.

The spring-loaded shock absorbers hide bumps in the road, making the ride more comfortable. The sturdy footboard withstands very heavy riders on the KUGOO M4 scooter. up to 160 kilograms!

If earlier, on the previous KUGOO models it was very inconvenient for people with large dimensions to ride, then on the new KUGOO M4 they made a comfortable seat, which is not inferior in size to the seats of some mopeds. Really comfortable.

Technical characteristics of the KUGOO M4 Pro electric scooter

Step-by-step instruction

The electric scooter can be folded in several movements. When folded, the head tube rests as close as possible to the board between the wheels. In the Kugo model, there is a latch notch on the rear wheel fender that allows you to fix the vehicle in this position.

In order to fold the electric scooter you need:

  • Place the front wheel on any support, such as a wall. This will lock the scooter in a stationary position to power the rest of the mechanism.
  • There is a tongue on the strip between the head tube and the wheel board. You need to press this lever for the holding frame to change position. Many models are protected from accidental pressing on the pedal, therefore, at the same time as pressing the tongue, you need to slightly pull the steering wheel forward.

Attention! The lever is usually pressed with the foot. However, this is not easy to do in soft shoes. Can be pressed with your knee, and some models lend themselves to “switching” positions with your hands without using force.

  • Clicking on the tongue may be followed by a click (optional). Next, you need to gently lower the steering tube until it stops. If there is a groove, as in the Kugoo S3 scooter, you need to put the handlebars on the fender and wait for a click.

When unfolding the electric scooter, the owner must first remove the lock. It is enough to lightly press on the rear wheel fender. The steering wheel rises and is slightly pushed forward until a characteristic click.

Some electric scooters have a kickstand. It is exposed so that the vehicle can stand unaided. The kickstand can be extended to fold the scooter if the front wheel has nowhere to rest. However, the footrest is not the strongest, so it can break under pressure. Also, the kickstand cannot completely leave the scooter motionless. In most models, a mechanism is provided in which the footrest folds itself when starting to move.

How to fold an electric scooter?

The electric scooter does not take up much space even when unfolded. However, it is better to store it in the winter or transport it folded. This is not only more compact, but also keeps the device intact. Instructions may vary slightly for specific models. Below is a diagram of how to fold the Kugoo S3 electric scooter. Models from other manufacturers add up similarly.

What to do if the scooter won’t fold?

The instruction on how to fold an electric scooter is as simple as possible. The tongue may look different in different models, but it is always present and protrudes at the bottom of the head tube. The mechanism is not designed for the use of force, so you do not need to pull the steering wheel forward too much or press the pedal with force. All actions should be soft and fluid.

  • Clean the scooter from dirt. With a dry cloth, wipe the place of the fold with special care and see the integrity of the parts.
  • Try to push the lever with your knee.

The folding mechanism is protected by plastic slats, however if they are damaged, if there is a risk of corrosion. The same risk arises if you often drive in rainy weather or through deep puddles.

It is not recommended to disassemble the electric scooter yourself in order to lubricate the parts of the mechanism. Doing so will void your eligibility for repairs under warranty. It is better to take the scooter to a certified workshop right away. Also, for a long operation of the scooter and all its parts, you must follow the storage rules. They are listed in the instructions for each scooter.

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On-board computer

In our opinion, this model is equipped with a non-standard computer. The upper and lower buttons switch the power mode. The middle button is responsible for turning the scooter on and off. The main feature of a computer is that it needs to be configured so that the indicators on the monitor are adequate. Pressing the top two buttons turns on the display of the average speed since the last activation. At the moment when the scooter is standing, the average speed is recalculated, taking into account the zero speed at the moment. After pressing the top two buttons again, the maximum recorded speed at the time of the trip starts to be displayed. Holding the upper and lower buttons opens the service menu.


The location of the footrest on the electric scooter is very convenient, when using it it seems that you are using a motorcycle footboard. The tilt angle is optimal, so the scooter stands very confidently. The footrest is covered with a rubberized material, which is a big plus, as it will not scratch the surface of a wooden floor or laminate.

Kugoo ES3 electric scooter review, comparison with Kugoo M4 and S3 models

The Kugoo ES3 electric scooter is similar in some respects to the M4, it has the same power and battery. But the Kugoo M4 is equipped with turn signals, suspension and seat, and additionally. an alarm. But the new model has its advantages. So, let’s understand in detail what this scooter is.

KUGOO KIRIN M4 Folding Electric Offroad Scooter 10″ Pneumatic Tires 500W Brushless Motor

We drive up the hill

The scooter has enough power to drive up a steep hill. We advise you to do this with a slight acceleration and stand confidently on the scooter with both feet. This need arises from the previous point; otherwise the scooter will soar into the air like a rebellious horse.

Arrival results

As a result of the race, we drove 29 kilometers. For a weight of 100 kg (together in a backpack). this is an excellent result! And if your weight is about 60-70 kg, and you will not include the maximum speed, then you can drive more than 40 km.

The main characteristics of the wheels

The main advantage of the Kugoo ES3 electric scooter is its large wheels, their diameter is 12 inches, or 30 centimeters. This is what makes the model different from other representatives of its class. This is clearly seen if you put them side by side: compared to other models, the ES3 looks like an older brother. Note that some buyers, purchasing a Kugoo S3, are starting to invest in tuning, purchasing an additional battery and inflatable wheels, and this brings the cost of the scooter closer to the ES3 model, which we are currently considering. However, the Kugoo ES3 does not need any tuning, the buyer gets comfort and power reserve immediately after purchase.

Kugoo Kirin M4: Best All-round Electric Scooter 2020

Let’s consider two more important points. We noticed a long free spin on the front wheel when manually started. However, the rear wheel stops almost instantly. Because of this, it is problematic to use the Kugoo ES3 in normal scooter mode, but this also applies to other models of electric scooters.

The ES3 wheels feel huge even when compared to the M4. At the same time, when folded, the scooter looks smaller in size. We will return to the benefits of large wheels when we test drive. And now let’s get acquainted in detail with other technical characteristics.

Battery charge

As the battery charge comes to an end, traction begins to disappear, the charge indicator flashes. We take out a multimeter, measure and see that the voltage indicator is close to disconnecting the battery. At this stage, we stop the test drive.

Kugoo electric scooters: model overview, tips for choosing

Today, electric scooters are incredibly popular, especially among residents of megacities. People buy devices for their daily commute so they need practical and budget options. The owners of electric scooters are very different people who differ not only in personal preferences and financial capabilities, but also in age, weight, and the ability to carry heavy objects. Device manufacturers take this into account by releasing low-cost functional models. Kugoo electric scooters are one example.

As soon as they entered the market, Kugoo immediately attracted interest. Both adults and children ride scooters from this manufacturer. Here are just a few of the advantages of such devices:

  • budgetary cost;
  • mobility;
  • compactness;
  • attractive appearance;
  • ergonomics.

The following are the models of the Kugoo line, a list of which is presented as they enter the market.

M3 Lux and M3 Pro: top versions of the season

The M3 Lux and M3 Pro are a successful continuation of the Kugoo model line. Both scooters are powerful and optimized in every way. They are distinguished by high cross-country ability: the devices have 10-inch pneumatic wheels and double suspension. paired spring shock absorbers on all wheels.

The M3 Lux and M3 Pro have quality, robust frames and can withstand loads of up to 120 kg. For this reason, even owners with large builds can enjoy a comfortable ride.

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The steering column is telescopic, it can be fixed in different positions, and the seat, which is supplied in the kit, can be installed on the deck.

These electric scooters can be folded into a mobile structure in 2 counts. They have simplified folding mechanisms: the steering column must be pressed against the platform, and the handlebars must be pulled down. The seat included in the kit for each model also folds. The devices are designed for long, high-speed trips, so a seat is indispensable. It has a ventilation slot, springs and a cushioned pin.

Each model has a wide, abrasive surface. You can put a backpack or a small child on the platform.

The platform of the M3 Lux model has a carrying handle, which makes it quick and easy to transport.

Both scooters have disc brakes. To secure movement at night, manufacturers installed rich LED headlights on the front side, and turn signals and brake lights on the back.

Electric scooters are rear-wheel drive. The power of the M3 Lux motor is 400 W, the top speed is 30 km / h. M3 Pro engine. 500 W, speed. up to 35 km / h. The batteries of the models are lithium-ion, voltage. 36 V, capacity. 11 Ah. On one charge alone, you can overcome about 40 km.

The onboard PC of the models is located on the right handlebar. Thanks to him, you can control the speed modes of the device by means of the throttle trigger. Also, the user quickly receives information about the current speed, mileage, battery charging.

Kugoo S2: an inexpensive and nice looking electric scooter

The electric scooter was launched on the market in the summer of 2017. This is a budget option that has a high-quality assembly and stylish appearance. Outwardly, it looks like a regular scooter. primarily due to its minimalist design and a small number of accessories.

The device has a front motor-wheel with a power of 350 W and a 36 V, 6.6 Ah lithium-ion battery, which are “disguised” in the deck. The maximum speed of transport is 30 km / h, on one charge you can drive 25 km.

The on-board PC in the center of the steering wheel has a large color LCD display and displays a lot of useful parameters. current speed, distance traveled, total mileage, current battery charge.

To the right of the display is the throttle lever, to the left is the reuperative brake trigger. At the bottom you can see the buttons for signaling, setting, turning on and off the power, starting the LED size. The front side contains a headlamp, thanks to which the user has excellent visibility at night.

Large 8 “cast wheels, 8 cm ground clearance and dual shock absorption systems ensure a comfortable and safe ride. The model has a folding mechanism on the handles and frame, so it is easy to transport.

Kugoo S3: new 2018 with optimized build and package

This version fixes the shortcomings of the previous model:

  • controller protection is improved;
  • technical details finalized;
  • the model received a rear marker light: when the brake is pressed, it glows red;
  • the device now has a folding footboard for parking an electric scooter (a fairly convenient thing, especially for those who use the vehicle in question every day).

In terms of technical features, the S3 model is the same as the S2: front-wheel drive, the power of the motor-wheel is 350 W, a 36-volt lithium-ion battery. The engine has a regenerative brake. There is a cruise control function, thanks to which a constant speed is maintained when the throttle is released.

There are also 3 speed modes. for beginners, “seasoned” and advanced users. PC is the same.

These two models additionally differ in the following advantages:

  • the steering rack can be fixed in 3 different positions. this will be appreciated by people of different heights;
  • the maximum load is 100 kg, which should be taken into account (otherwise the electric scooter may suddenly break down, which will lead to a risky situation on the road);
  • “Emery” surface of the deck provides a firm grip on the soles of the user;
  • the maximum weight of devices is up to 12 kg, so both girls and teenagers can easily drag the electric scooter.

Review of Kugoo models: S2, S3, M2, M3 Lux, M3 Pro, M4

With the help of electric scooters, you can go out for a walk with the whole family, with friends or alone. Being outdoors in warm weather is much more pleasant than suffocating in a car or public transport. For this reason, more and more people are switching to electric scooters, and Kugoo can often be found on city streets.

Kugoo electric scooters are versatile, reliable and comfortable to use. They make moving around the city with its traffic congestion fast and convenient.

Manufacturers produce Kugoo in several models, which differ in engine power, battery energy capacity, weight, wheel size and equipment. Standard options are designed for everyday walks, and optimized ones have improved technical parameters, removable comfortable seats.