How children ride an adult bike

How to teach a child to ride a bike

How to teach a child to ride a bike? Probably many parents are asking this question. Of course, for the little ones there are tricycles with a handle, so all the training is to teach the child to turn the steering wheel in the right direction and pedal. Real learning to ride a bike begins when it comes time to get on a real two-wheeled children‘s bike. Although here, too, many parents decide the issue simply. they install additional wheels and forget about them for a long time, until the child has time to ride an almost adult bicycle, and then suddenly it turns out that without training wheels anywhere. So still, how to teach a child to ride a bike, when to start learning, what methods to use and how much to train?

From about 2 years old, a child can be put on a bicycle with 12 ”wheels (dutik size), of course, with additional training wheels. But by the age of 3-3.5, you can slowly start learning on two wheels. For this, some people first twist one additional wheel, and then, after a while, the second. In my opinion, this is not very correct and will only create unnecessary difficulties for the child. Therefore, we twist the training wheels, lower the saddle lower (so that we can reach the ground with our feet), choose an even path, be sure to put a helmet on the child and start learning.

First, the child must understand that the bicycle now has only two wheels and nothing will keep it upright while standing still. In general, this understanding should come pretty quickly, the main thing is not to overdo it and keep it safe all the time
Secondly, he should not be afraid of falling. Of course, there should be an understanding that you don’t need to fall because it will hurt, but if you are near, then there should be no fear of falling, this will interfere with learning.
Thirdly, explain that you need to constantly pedal and try to maintain speed, otherwise there will be “boo”
Finally, be patient and get ready to walk around and run

During training, you walk to the side of the child, while holding it by the arm, by the braces, or even just by the scruff of the neck, just don’t grab by the neck; You can, of course, hold on to the saddle, but in this position you won’t be able to walk for a long time, your back is not iron. Periodically try to loosen your grip and just hold, thereby giving some freedom. During the training, do not hesitate to cheer and praise the baby, this will strengthen his efforts.

For the first trips, 40-60 minutes will be enough, children quickly get tired of a monotonous activity, so the effect of prolonged training will be minimal. When it works out and the child begins to draw in, then the duration of skiing can be increased, but you should not ride more than 2 hours at the age of 3-4.

Particular attention should be paid to braking, i.e. stopping and dismounting from the bike, as well as starting the movement. The second, of course, is more difficult. Children‘s bicycles are very heavy and the crank lengths are short, which makes it difficult for many children to get started. Well, learning how to slow down and put your foot out shouldn’t be too difficult, you just need to rehearse it together.

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When the child has already, it seems, learned to ride and it seems that he can ride completely independently, then do not rush to get on the bike yourself and go on a bike ride with him. If the physical form allows, run a little longer next to him, let him finally base on the bike, try various maneuvers: turns, turns, braking, avoiding obstacles, etc. a person, a cat, obstacles, etc. Here, of course, you have to be very careful and not overdo it. But this will give you an idea of ​​how really the child is ready for independent driving. If you manage to drive, keep balance, stop, this does not mean that the child is completely ready for more serious trips.

For joint cycling trips, when the child will already feel confident enough on the bike, choose the riding places most carefully. After all, being in the saddle, you will no longer be able to react so quickly to the child’s maneuvers, support, insure. Therefore, for such trips, the paths you checked in advance in parks where there are no cars nearby are best suited. But here Honor has a moment that dogs are often walked in parks, you need to be careful with this.

At the age of 5-6, you can already start laying more extended routes, but try not to drive more than 20 kilometers. Of course, you need to take into account the level of physical fitness of the child. Someone even 30 kilometers will be fine, but someone 10 is enough for the eyes. At the age of about 6, my father drove me 50 kilometers, but of course this was clearly too much

Do not turn trips with a child into a chase for kilometers in order to achieve some results. Ride for fun, give your child the opportunity to stop wherever he wants, see flowers, squirrels, relax and have a snack.

Now a short story about how I taught my son to ride on 2 wheels in 4 trips. At the time of training, the child was just over 3.5 years old. In the spring I bought a bike Author Orbit (16 “), after that we rolled out on it ten times with additional wheels. But then we went to the dacha and took him with us. As a result, it turned out that it was simply impossible to drive on an uneven dirt road with additional wheels. Therefore, it was immediately decided to twist them and start training.

The first day. We walked for about an hour, getting used to new sensations, but there were no attempts to go on our own, that is, there was not even a hint of a sense of balance. Well, okay, I thought, by the end of summer you will see and go.

Second day. We also walk side by side, but it has already become noticeable that there is a certain sense of balance and an understanding in which direction you need to turn the steering wheel in order to “catch” the bike. Already good.

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Day three. Not a trace remained of yesterday’s sense of balance. But the fear of falling appeared and the child even stopped trying to go, but simply fell to the left, that is, to where I was going. You pull it to the right. it goes, you give it a slack. we steer into the ditch. Even a couple of times I gave it a soft landing in the bushes, but it didn’t help. I thought about how to overcome this fear. The way out turned out to be very simple. I just went from the other side. Of course, it was not so comfortable for me to hold the child with my left hand, but what an effect. It was no longer interesting to fall to the left, and apparently just did not have time to reach the right Another 10-15 minutes passed and I realized HE IS GOING! At this lesson was over and went to bed.

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Well, on the fourth day we went out onto an asphalt path in a neighboring area. By the way, I reached it already quite confidently, I only had to hold and push on uneven places. Well, on the asphalt there are no problems at all. he drives, and I run. These are the things, maybe genes

Honestly, I can hardly remember my feelings when they bought me my first bike. However, the first was a very small three-wheeled one, then there was a larger three-wheeled one, even with a chain drive, and then a dutik with 12 “wheels. The attached training wheels, of course, were included with him, but they stubbornly did not put them to me, they still lie somewhere in their original form Therefore, I had to learn on my own, pushing off with my feet for a long time and crawling in this way around the house in the country. This is where you begin to understand why run bikes were invented. Although, as practice shows, you can perfectly do without them


At first, the press was interested in the practical benefits that frequent cycling can provide. Bianca Beldini is a US triathlon coach. During a conversation with reporters, the woman noted that even a short five-minute workout is enough to increase the athlete’s heart rate.

According to the woman, cycling or exercising on a stationary bike can be beneficial for the heart, lungs, skeleton and muscles. The woman also notes that such training can have a beneficial effect on the human mind.

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Such activities will help you become stronger and avoid overloading your joints. Speaking to the press, Bianca Beldini described cycling as non-stunted aerobic exercise. That is, any additional load on the joints of a person is excluded in principle. At the same time, athletes manage to improve the efficiency of the heart and blood vessels. With regular exercise, there is a strengthening of inert and muscle tissue.

Secret of success

Cycling will help strengthen muscles, get rid of extra pounds, and improve the quality of the cardiovascular system. However, the secret to success is consistency. Doing it once a week and counting on some kind of positive result is impossible in principle. It is best to draw up a specific training schedule for yourself and adhere to the formed schedule strictly.

It will help you get stronger without putting too much stress on your joints. Is cycling a good exercise?

Many people love cycling. The benefits of this exercise are very diverse. Many people ride for the sake of fighting overweight, others strive to strengthen the muscles of the legs with emphasis. Some cycling fans do not even think about the effectiveness of the presented workouts for health and well-being. People ride solely to reinforce childhood memories. For ecology enthusiasts, the bicycle is one of the best and safest modes of transport. In general, the variability can be very diverse.

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The journalists decided to find out all the benefits of cycling. To do this, press workers interviewed several experts from the fitness and health industry at once.

Increasing complexity

During the conversation, the journalists also touched upon the issues of increasing the difficulty of cycling. During training in the gym, people can simply set the required load and continue moving. This cannot be done when driving in open areas.

Jessica McManus recommends choosing your route carefully in advance. It should include driving on flat and hilly terrain. Also, a positive effect can be achieved with small changes in the training structure itself. It is necessary to abandon the usual idea of ​​pedaling at the same speed. The intensity should be alternated. That is, it is necessary to periodically increase and decrease the load.

However, this training option can only be used by trained people. Beginners are not allowed to do this. Interval training puts a tremendous strain on the heart and blood vessels. You shouldn’t write off this fact in principle.

About calories burned

Before starting any activity, people are interested in the number of calories that can be burned in an hour of exercise. In fact, this approach is somewhat erroneous. Experts unanimously point out that in principle there is no single universal formula for calculating the number of calories burned. This factor depends on a variety of components.

For example, the Honor needs the speed of movement, the presence of additional loads (riding uphill), the weight and age of the rider. There are a lot of options.


Jessica McManus is the founder of one of the fitness centers. During a conversation with reporters, the lady noted that cycling can be an excellent alternative to burpee or regular running. At the same time, during such activity, the load on the hips and knee joints is noticeably reduced. Risks of injury are excluded in principle.

A bicycle can also replace running. Many runners often complain of knee problems. During training, an additional shock load is applied to the joint. The tissue is gradually destroyed, which reduces its elasticity and causes painful sensations. In the future, this destruction may lead to a decrease in mobility.

Outdoor and Indoor Cycling

Bianca Beldini advises novice athletes to practice directly indoors. People will gain more control over the situation, which will significantly increase the effectiveness of the training. Later, you can move on to exercises in the open area.

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