Height 180 What Is The Size Of The Bike Frame

Influence of height on frame length

In modern bikes it is impossible to adjust the handlebar height. The exception is city (road) bicycles with one or several speeds. You will NOT be able to move the stem to the desired height, which you will NOT be able to say about the height of the saddle. As an example, consider road bikes. Their speed is due not only to their lightness (complete absence of unnecessary parts, lightweight carbon frame), but also to the fit of the riders.

It is much easier to ride, overcoming air (and wind) resistance, “spreading out” over the frame, when the position (height) of the head approximately coincides with the position of the rear.

Height 180 What Is The Size Of The Bike Frame

The length of the road frame is noticeably longer than that of the standard road builder. Soviet bicycles, including single-speed bicycles, were produced with longer frames than modern single-speed bicycles of the same characteristics. However, height also affects frame length.

Choosing too “short” bike, the owner must somehow compensate for this disadvantage, Raising (or increasing, if adjustment is not available) the stem. The seatpost is also very lifted (or extended). All types of racing and touring bikes have a long frame well suited to tall people. when riding uphill or upwind, such a person spends much less effort.

How to determine the size of the bike frame?

  • Why it is important to know the frame size?
  • Determination methods
  • Influence of height on frame length
  • Tips from experienced cyclists

The bike frame is something without which the rest of the bike components would NOT contact, and would not interact with each other. Without a frame, a bicycle would not be a single whole, it would be impossible to ride on it even to the neighboring block, it does not mean long trips and cycling trips.

Determination methods

You can find out the size of the bike frame using a simple (universal) method or Using the method of the Most Comprehensive Calculation (it is based on other characteristics of the frame and the future owner of the bike).

Universal rule

This simple method is BASED on the meaning of a person’s height. Stand against a wall and attach a book or tablet to the top of your head. Mark a point on the wall equal in height to the top of your head. Measure this distance with a tape measure.

Find the resulting height value or the closest to it in the table.

Biker height, cm

Frame height for city bike or hybrid bike, inches

Mountain frame height, inches

Letter size of all bikes

To check that the selected frame size suits you, stand above the bike frame. In this case, the front end of the saddle should be at the level of the lower back. The distance from the top tube of the frame to the crotch should be 10 cm on average.

Scientific approach

A more accurate and reasonable calculation will allow you to get the maximum comfort from riding the selected bike.

To calculate ETT, the length of a line parallel to the road surface is taken. This line starts at the center of the head tube (front end of the frame) and ends at the point where the seat tube extends. The beginning and end of this line coincide with the center of the section of both pipes. The following ranges of values ​​allow choosing the Most Comfortable Bike according to the rule using ETT values.

Latest For racing, sport bikes.

Biker height

ETT value

This approach is used in conjunction with the previous one. That is, together with the size, it is recommended to check the value of the effective bicycle length. Choosing a model that is too short will not allow you to keep your back straight while riding. Too “long” bike also hi to sprain joints and back muscles.

Another calculation formula for men

Using a tape measure and the same board or book, measure the distance from the floor to the crotch, and not to the crown of the head. Multiply the resulting value by 0.57. for mountain bikes (including full suspension). For track bikes, a factor of 0.63 is used. When choosing a road model, the multiplier is 0.66. In a touring bike, the multiplier for calculating the frame size is 0.61, if a cushion seatpost is used, another 5 cm is subtracted from the obtained value.To convert the result to inches, divide the resulting value by 2.54.

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Why it is important to know the frame size?

To bend into three deaths on a teenage bike or, on the contrary, when short, it grows to barely reach the pedals with your feet, because the upper tube of the frame almost rests between the legs is a dubious pleasure.

For a child or teenager

Choosing a bike for a teenager in terms of frame size is not much different from similar actions for men and women. But with emergency braking, the child must reach with his feet to the road on which he is driving. if, for example, the brakes have failed.

Child’s height, cm

Wheel diameter, inches

26 27.5 28 29 (by frame size and other parameters)

In Soviet times, when the choice of bicycle models was small and numbered only 15-20 models, the main emphasis for adults of different heights was also placed on the diameter of the wheel, and not on the geometry of the frame.

Choosing a women’s bike

For ladies, the above size values ​​are slightly different.

Girl’s height, cm

Size, inches

The girl can check if the bike suits her in the same way. if she prefers a frame with the upper tube raised high, like on a man’s bike. An example is the Road Bike. In cases where this tube is lowered, or a folding bike model with a single reinforced bottom tube is used, this step can be skipped.

Scientific method

From a professional perspective, it is not enough to simply measure one of the tubes to determine the size of the frame, ETT is used. the abbreviation stands for “effective bike length”. Calculated ETT as the length of a segment parallel to the ground from the top of the head tube to the extension of a straight seat tube (called ST itself).

Relying on a specific manufacturer of bicycle frames is not worth it, even the dimensions given in the documents sometimes turn out to be erroneous. Measurements should be done by yourself.

Road bikes

Usually buyers of such bicycles know which model and what size they need, but everything happens for the first time, and even professionals should find out the standard sizes.

Features of frame types

What should you pay attention to when choosing a bike? Consider the recommendations for the type of frame.

  • Versatile cross-country. The straight and clear frame makes this type a reference. When choosing, we use a universal rule and carefully look at the stem and the configuration of the saddle. They can be “unexpected” in size and seriously change the configuration.
  • Road bike frames Must fit perfectly, as every inch of leverage on a moving body directly affects power and speed. Important Pay attention Not only to the configuration and length, but also to the handlebars, which take on a very large load corresponding to the weight of the athlete.
  • For downhill and mountain bike frames, it is especially important to leave safety distances both under the saddle and at the level of the handlebars. it does not make sense to select a configuration that will interfere with a sudden fall or full activation of the fork.
  • Cruisers. The main thing is convenience. Pay attention to the position of the saddle and arms. There is no point in looking at the nominal dimensions, since even within the model range of one manufacturer they may differ.

Base table

Universal values ​​that can be used for initial estimates.

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How to choose the right bike frame size?

Many people choose a bike by wheel size, some by color. The main thing, of course, is the convenience of the athlete, and this is achieved by the following Key Elements:

  • Bicycle frame size and configuration.
  • Saddle comfort.
  • Drive quality.

In fact, only the frame and handlebars seriously affect the rider’s position and can either create ideal conditions for pedaling or seriously spoil the ride pleasure. Most importantly, an incorrectly selected frame can damage the cyclist, as serious loads will fall on areas of the body that are not prepared for this, such as the wrists or knees.

But if the load on the knees or feet can be compensated for by adjusting the seat tube or pedals, then the tilt of the body above the bike is very rare. In order to maintain your health and get real pleasure from riding, you should know how to determine the size of the bike frame.

Stunt bikes

Here is a table for BMX bicycles. it is approximate, since professionals, perhaps, begin to select a bike not for the rider’s height, but for the Planned tricks and their acrobatic level. And injuries from prolonged loads in stunt sports are far from as likely as falls and unexpected blows.

Universal rule

As a general rule, any bike should be tested before moving on to testing different types of fit. The same rule will help you quickly select the frame size.

So, you should stand over the bike frame so that the saddle rests on your back, and relax. At this point, the distance between the top tube of the frame and the crotch should be between 5 and 15 centimeters.

Too much distance will reduce the stability of the bike on the track and, most likely, corresponds to a too short base, and too little will create inconvenience and a greater likelihood of injury.

Double-suspended models

Difficult to select the size in the case of full suspension. high mobility and shock absorber change configuration sometimes too seriously.

Usage mode

The main thing in choosing a frame is the type of ride. How the bike can be used?

  • Walking bike. Size isn’t really that important because the loads will be sparse and not very Severe. You can leave extra space for convenience: lower frame, higher handlebars to easily get off the bike.
  • Racing and road riding are the exact opposite of walking. It is desirable to have a saddle wheel as low as possible in order to use additional force when pedaling. The dimensions of the frames in this case must exactly match the height of the cyclist, universal changes will not be enough.
  • Tourist or urban cross-country is a universal style, general recommendations are more or less suitable for it.

Bike size by height table

Frame size, inches Your height, cm. Frame size, cm. Frame size, conventional unit. Designation
thirteen “ 130. 145 33 XS (XSmall) Minimum
fourteen “ 135. 155 35.6 XS (XSmall) Minimum
fifteen “ 145. 160 38.1 S (Small) Small
sixteen “ 150. 165 40.6 S (Small) Small
17 “ 156. 170 43.2 M (Meduim) middle
eighteen “ 167. 178 45.7 M (Meduim) middle
19 “ 172. 180 48.3 L (Large) Large
20 “ 178. 185 50.8 L (Large) Large
21 “ 180. 190 53.3 XL (XLarge) very big
22 “ 185. 195 55.9 XL (XLarge) very big
23 “ 190. 200 58.4 XXL (XLarge) Maximum
24 “ 195. 210 61 XXL (XLarge) Maximum

Also, when choosing a bike, you should take into account your weight and the individual characteristics of your physique. Ideally. when choosing to sit in the saddle of the bike and ride a little, listening to your feelings.

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Selection of bike sizes

1. Measure your crotch height. It should be measured on the inside of the leg. The best and most accurate way to measure the height of the crotch is with a level and tape measure. If you don’t have a level, you can use a book and the like. Stand without shoes on a flat surface and clamp a level (or book) horizontally between your legs. Carefully slide the book forward slightly and measure from the top edge of the level (book) to the ground. It will be better if a friend or family member can help you with this. The resulting value in centimeters corresponds to the height of your crotch.

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2. Now you can define the required frame size:

The actual frame size should be selected by subtracting a certain amount from the theoretical size. Typically, this is about 5 cm (2 inches). When choosing a size, it should be assumed that a bicycle for sports use will be slightly smaller than a bicycle for quiet riding. In any case, when choosing a bike, you should sit on it and determine whether it is convenient for you. or not.

3. Determination of the frame size by the cyclist’s height is reduced to the selection of the required size in accordance with the following tables. But please note that the method for determining the size of the crotch height is more accurate.

What size of a bicycle frame to choose for height 185. Bicycle frame size

Choosing a bike is currently quite a daunting task. Particular attention should be paid to the size (bike frame size). The height and length of the frame depends on it. And it is the size of the frame that determines your convenience and comfort while driving an iron horse.

We have prepared a handy calculator for you, which connects the size of the bike frame and height. It is quite simple to use it. specify the parameter that you know and immediately get the unknown parameters. For example, your height is 187 centimeters. By choosing it in the calculator, you will find out that the size of the frame that suits you is 21 inches.

Bike frame size and height. Calculating the frame height you need

Using the accurately measured inner leg length, you can roughly calculate the frame height you need (determined individually for each type of bike) using a calculator: the number obtained from the measurement in centimeters is multiplied by a certain factor (different for each category of bike). The result of the multiplication is the size of the frame in inches (1 inch equals 2.54 cm).

1. For a sporty riding style, choose a smaller frame. 2. For a more comfortable fit, choose a larger frame.


In addition to your height, another measurement is critical to determining the correct frame size: the inside leg length. To get the right frame height for the perfect fit, pre-calculations are based on the inner length of your legs and depend on the bike type. Procedure:

Stand with your back to the wall, carefully, from clothes only underwear. Press your heels against the wall, DO NOT bend your knees. The pelvis is vertical. For the most accurate determination of the inner length of the legs, you need to use the building level, set it horizontally as high as possible between your legs. The height between the top surface of the level and the floor is then measured using a tape measure that has a scale in inches or centimeters. If you do not have a building level, you can use a book by resting it perpendicular to the wall with one end. For the best result when measuring the inner length of the legs, seek someone else’s help.

Bike frame dimensions

Selection of sizes for road bike frames: