Gps flush mount bike tracker

Control methods

The most obvious and modern way to receive signals from a GPS tracker is the manufacturer’s mobile application. Here you can configure the frequency of notifications and other options, activate work in additional modes. But this control method is used quite rarely. much more often there are options similar to classic anti-theft systems.

Receiving GSM notifications requires a SIM card slot and significantly speeds up battery consumption. In fact, the transmitter simply works through the operator’s base station, the message passes through the GPRS connection, and you will have to pay for it separately. Not the most convenient way, but it is the one that is most common. Another option for monitoring the tracker is using SMS. Short messages are sent to the owner’s device. Despite the archaic nature of the technology, it is quite popular.

The main factors of choice

The more expensive segment of the market offers options from 5,000 rubles. Here are models that work via apps or a GSM connection that can hold a charge for more than 7 days. Among the advantages of this technique is the ability to configure artificial intelligence to track specific threats. In many cases, along with the tracker, the manufacturer provides a SIM card and access to an account on the remote control service.

When choosing a model in any category, it is also worth clarifying the range of temperatures recommended for operation, otherwise, during a winter bike ride, you may encounter the problem of a lighthouse breakdown. In addition, battery life is of great importance. the best models have it up to 30 days.

Mounting method

Since the bike offers far fewer flush mount options, GPS beacon manufacturers go to great lengths to maximize camouflage for their products. The most popular installation options are discussed below.

  • In the frame, or rather, in the steering column. The cylindrical tracker is installed under the anchor, but this method of hiding the device is the most obvious and is not suitable for every bike. But removing it for recharging will not be very convenient. Among the advantages of this option are the ease of hidden activation with a key, high signal quality.
  • In the seatpost. Installation is carried out by analogy with the frame version, but the constant dismantling of the saddle for charging will require some effort. And the thickened frame tube can drown out the signal here. Of the pros. very hidden installation.
  • Into the tail light. The easiest to install and maintain, the dimensions do not change, the signal is excellent. But the hijackers are well aware of this trick. the tracker can be quickly recognized and disabled.

And in the event of a fall or accident, it can also crash.

Types and main functions

All electronic GPS trackers for bicycles work according to the same principle: periodically, the chip communicates with the satellite and sends the coordinates of the vehicle’s location to the owner. There are four types of beacons.

flush, mount, bike, tracker
  • Constant action. They do not turn off, but constantly monitor data and communicate with the base according to the established frequency of information exchange. The battery consumption of such devices is the highest.
  • Included. They are activated by means of a special button or an inductive type key. It can be activated at will, but there is a risk of recognition of the presence of protection by intruders.
  • Intelligent. You can activate the protection mode through the application on your smartphone or by SMS. The most accurate in terms of control, you can always monitor online.
  • The GPS beacon can optionally include a bike motion sensor, but this feature is found primarily in high-end models.

They send notifications to the owner that the equipment is in motion or the risk of its dismantling is increased.

Additional options

In addition to the basic set of functions, most types of GPS bike trackers have additional options. Among the most popular ones, we can note the presence of a built-in GPS receiver. it will consume less energy than on a smartphone, while the accuracy of the data will not decrease. Information from the chip is transmitted via Bluetooth to any paired device, making it possible to turn it into a full-fledged road navigator for trips and trips.

No less useful is another option that allows you to use the beacon also as a sports tracker. It records all the data during the movement along the route, and then they can be retrieved using special applications, view the distance traveled, even measure some parameters and analyze them. Usually, the list of taken into account data includes information about loads, speed, time of passing the distance.

GPS tracker for a bike: features and secrets of choice

The GPS bike tracker is a useful tool that allows you to fully monitor the location of your two-wheeled vehicle. Such an anti-theft device is similar to a car alarm and allows, in the event of a loss of transport, to track the route of its movement. The ultra-compact sensor does not take up much space and is often disguised as a flashlight or other electronic device, without arousing the interest of intruders. You can install a GPS tracker on almost any bike model without much physical effort.

How to Choose the Best GPS Cycling Beacon? What useful options should a bike owner pay attention to? It is worth taking a closer look at the existing types of GPS trackers and tips for their use in order to get a complete picture of the capabilities of this electronic device.

Usage Tips

If we are talking about devices with SIM cards, they will need additional activation. it is described by the manufacturer in the technical documents. One has only to take into account that it is necessary to send the activation command to the device from the number to which it is planned to receive notifications in the future.

Certain precautions should be taken when installing the tracker. When choosing a hidden location, you should not tell your friends and acquaintances about it. When mounting outside the enclosure, it is best to select locations with the lowest risk of shock or breakage. It is better to tune a device with a motion sensor to an average level of sensitivity. then smart technology will not react sharply to every gust of wind, but if necessary, it will definitely give an alarm signal.

When using extreme cycling, you should take care that the tracker is protected from moisture and dirt. Do not exceed the recommended temperature range, otherwise the device may simply fail.

In the next video you will find a detailed review of the GSM / GPRS / GPS bike tracker.

Criterias of choice

The acquisition of such equipment usually does not cause any difficulties. This is primarily due to the small range of such devices. In fact, there are not so many models of them as consumers would like.

But still, there are certain parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing. The most important is the 3D signal receiver. It is necessary for a situation where there is no line of sight to the sky and the tracker becomes just a useless part. However, the presence of this receiver in it makes it possible to receive signals from satellites, which will be mirrored from metal surfaces. Of course, this causes distortions, there are some deviations from the exact location of the bike, but they do not exceed 50 m.

Therefore, you should not buy a cheap GPS bike tracker, as it will not help at the right time.

Another parameter that you should pay attention to when buying is the power supply. Usually a self-contained battery is used, which requires regular recharging. over, its size should not be too large, otherwise it will not work to place the GPS beacon secretly from prying eyes.

Aspects of choosing a gps beacon for a bicycle

The modern city with its eternal traffic congestion makes residents think about the choice of transport.

After all, where a trip by car will be associated with endless standing in traffic jams, you can very quickly reach the destination using a bike.

Today, this type of transport is becoming more and more popular, and not only due to its small dimensions, which allow driving along the narrowest section of the road. For many, a bicycle is a lifestyle, an opportunity to preserve the environment for posterity, without harming it with the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere. After all, traveling on a bike was and remains the most environmentally friendly way to travel.

GPS transmitter device

The design of this device is based on two modules:

The first is designed to send SMS messages to the owner, as well as activate the function of tracking the movement of the bike.

In addition to these two blocks, a SIM card of any mobile operator operating in the coverage area is installed in the tracker. GSM board allows you to inform the user about the movement.

Few GPS sensors and beacons

However, it will be difficult to find such a city in Russia where it would be possible to leave the bike on the street without chaining it to a support with a reliable chain and not using a GPS beacon for the bike as an alarm. Unfortunately, this is not the only limiting factor in the popularization of this type of transport. But still, let’s return to the main direction of our article and consider how to choose a security device for a bike.

This is a miniature device that can warn the owner of a possible threat. Usually it is installed discreetly and is located in the bike frame. Its principle of operation is based on receiving a signal from a GPS satellite and sending coordinates through the network to one of the monitoring servers. An antenna built into the gadget allows you to control its operation remotely using the Internet or mobile communication. Most GPS bike beacons are handlebar mounted and equipped with vibration sensors. They are triggered when trying to steal a bake. And at the same moment an SMS message will be sent to the owner’s phone.

Watching the video of what the beacon is for: The tracker hidden in the frame will be invisible to strangers and protected from moisture. In addition to the security function, it can perform other tasks. For example, record the mileage with the ability to view the data on the GPS monitoring site.

Such equipment is used not only on bicycles, but also on mopeds, motorcycles, allowing you to inform the owner in time about attempts to steal.

Review of popular models

When choosing a security system for your favorite bike, they pay attention not only to its performance, but also to the manufacturer’s brand. The modern market offers products from various companies. But the greatest demand is for foreign-made gadgets.

Among them, the most popular are devices of the following brands:

  • Coban;
  • Vjoy Car;
  • Piligrim.

The Coban tracker fits into the handlebars of your bike. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery and is capable of working without recharging for up to 30 days in beacon mode.

To activate the device, you need to send it a command from your mobile phone. In response, you receive an SMS message with a map on which the coordinates of the bike are indicated.

This GPS bike anti-theft beacon has a small size and weight, and can be used in both positive and negative temperatures. The package includes a charger, two batteries and an adapter from a euro socket.

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Watch a video about the Piligrim GPS beacon model:

GPS tracker Vjoy Car has an appearance with aging elements. This is done on purpose so that the device installed on the bicycle does not attract attention and is invisible to strangers. It is carried out in the body of the rear light of the bike and can determine the coordinates of the location of the vehicle with an accuracy of 5 meters. The device is equipped with a 4400 mA Li-Ion battery and can work in an autonomous mode for a long time. The tracker can be operated at temperatures of minus 10 ° C, which makes it possible to operate the bike equipped with it even in cold weather.

The Piligrim GPS beacon model is just slightly larger than a five-ruble coin. This one device has advanced capabilities for searching for equipment. In addition, it can be operated in the so-called sleep mode. At this time, it is possible to send messages and unload tracks.

The device is equipped with an inconspicuous panic button, a battery and can be connected to the bike’s network, if there is one. Pilgrim GPS beacon has a controlled exit, as well as control of stops and starts of movement. Using this equipment on your bike, you will be able to view travel routes from a free account using your mobile device. If necessary, the beacon can be switched to bookmark mode. How to do this is described in the instructions supplied with the equipment.

The principle of operation of the device

When the tracker is activated, you can monitor the direction of the bike in real time. This allows the owner of the bike to find it anywhere in the city without much difficulty.

Such a tracking system works as follows. The GSM module determines the location of the vehicle using data from the satellite. But it also serves to communicate with the owner of the bike. The presence of a SIM card in the tracker allows you to get the coordinates of the bike at any time. In this case, all traversed routes can be saved.

What users say about such devices

There is a constant debate about what will protect the bike from theft more reliably. Many owners consider the use of sophisticated locks in combination with a strong chain and sound alarm as the best way to preserve property.

Others, on the contrary, are confident in the need to install a GPS beacon. Each of them is right in their own way. But still, modern equipment has a lot of advantages. Firstly, the GPS tracker is the most advanced alarm system in existence. It has two-way communication, which allows not only to prevent theft, but also to find the bike in case of theft.

These devices are small and lightweight and can be used on any bike. Their installation and configuration does not require any special knowledge or skills from the owner. The beacon is controlled from a mobile phone with the support of all GSM operators.

As a rule, the device is housed in a waterproof case and has low power consumption. Typically, the device can operate up to 30 days from one battery charge.

The installation of the tracker is carried out secretly and it will be very difficult for a stranger to find it. As you can see from the above facts, such devices are one of the most thoughtful means of signaling and are able to reliably protect your vehicle.

Trapped in the snow: a GPS beacon can help you find your snowmobile

The scope of application of GPS trackers and beacons is constantly expanding, they are equipped not only with cars and trucks, but also various motor vehicles. Installation of GPS beacons on snowmobiles has become a popular service.

How a snowmobile beacon works

  • The receiver receives a signal from a GPS and GLONASS satellite (or from cell towers if the satellite signal is shielded) and determines the coordinates of an object equipped with a beacon.
  • The device stores all data in memory.
  • At a given frequency, it sends them through the GSM network and transmits them as an SMS message to a mobile phone or via GPRS to a server where all data is stored.
  • When entering the monitoring service, the owner of the snowmobile or another person in control can see the current location of the vehicle on the map or track the route of its movement for a certain period of time (if the device is in tracker mode).

The frequency of sending messages with coordinates depends on the selected operating mode of the beacon:

  • The standby mode is energy-saving, in which the beacon is activated once a day (in the settings, you can set more frequent or less frequent communications). For snowmobiles, this mode can be used in the warm season.
  • In auto mode, in addition to regular communication with a given frequency, the beacon wakes up at the start of movement and sends a message indicating the coordinates and speed of movement.
  • In tracker mode, the movement of the snowmobile is constantly monitored, and a route is built on the map in the form of a continuous mowing line.

Why equip your snowmobiles with GPS devices

Snowmobiles, like other forms of transport, are hijacked and stolen. Locks on garage doors, chains and cables do not stop criminals. Due to its small size and low weight, it is easier to steal a snowmobile than to steal a car, because you don’t even need to start the engine. it is simply loaded into larger vehicles and taken away. But thanks to a compact GPS bookmark, the existence of which the intruders do not suspect, the stolen motor vehicle can be found.

How do I get my property back, knowing its location? Going alone or with friends to fight criminals, especially professional ones, is dangerous. And the police are reluctant to accept statements about the theft of snowmobiles, since the likelihood of finding the stolen equipment is rather small. But if there are coordinates of a stolen snowmobile, then the matter is different. this is a solved case in less than five minutes.

Passive anti-theft protection and ease of search are not the only goals of equipping snowmobiles with GPS devices. Snowmobiles are often used in extreme conditions and are designed for off-road driving. There is a risk that, due to suddenly deteriorating weather conditions, the driver, along with his vehicle, will be far from civilization.

In a situation where it is impossible to clear the snow on your own with a snowmobile through snow drifts, more powerful equipment is required. A person trapped in snow should be helped as soon as possible to prevent hypothermia and frostbite. It is very important to accurately determine its location, and in conditions of poor visibility, it is unrealistic to find the snowmobile using external landmarks. In this case, the exchange of data with a GPS beacon or tracker, as well as an alarm signal sent by the driver, will help.

Snowmobiles, like other types of motor vehicles, have a rather high accident rate. If the snowmobile GPS beacon has built-in shock and roll-over sensors, a notification will be sent to those who can assist the driver in the event of an emergency.

Criteria for choosing a GPS beacon or snowmobile tracker

First of all, you need to decide for what purposes the GPS device will be used.

To search for a stolen vehicle, you need a self-powered device with the possibility of hidden installation. The best option is a magnetic mount, such a beacon-bookmark does not need to be installed and can be fixed in any place where there is metal. It has a number of important options:

  • motion start sensor with automatic sending of notifications;
  • crash sensor and rollover sensor with automatic sending of SOS messages;
  • built-in microphone for listening to hijackers’ conversations and sound monitoring of the environment.
flush, mount, bike, tracker

If the main goal is to promptly search for a snowmobile that has got into a skid, deviated from the route due to bad weather conditions, then you need a self-powered model. Impact and roll-over sensors will also come in handy. It is also extremely important to have a panic button so that the driver can send a request for help, for example, GPS Marker M70 or M80.

If you need to constantly monitor the movement of the vehicle, you will need a GPS tracker for a snowmobile or a beacon that can work in tracker mode. This is a very power-consuming mode, therefore, devices that operate exclusively from an autonomous power source are not suitable for these purposes. You need either a device connected to the on-board network, or with the ability to power from an external and internal source, for example, GPS Marker M130. But connecting additional devices to the on-board network of the snowmobile in the cold is extremely undesirable. the battery resource is quickly eaten up. Knowing this, the developers of the GPS Marker M130 put the device to sleep at rest, but as soon as the movement resumes, the device wakes up again.

For any GPS model used on snowmobiles, characteristics such as:

  • Moisture-proof housing.
  • Wide operating temperature range, frost resistance. Among the self-powered devices, you need to choose models with lithium batteries, they show the best results at low temperatures. While the built-in rechargeable batteries drain quickly in freezing temperatures.
  • Low battery SMS notification function.
  • Built-in memory for storing large amounts of data in the absence of coverage necessary for their transfer (black box).
  • Use of alternative communication channels (A-GPS), determination of coordinates by satellites and towers.
  • The function of saving the last significant coordinates. A stolen snowmobile locked in a garage does not receive signals from satellites and sends a report with zero coordinates. It needs to instead send the last coordinates it received before the signal was shielded.
  • It is desirable to have a function for determining the ambient temperature.

Of the M-Plata products, the self-powered GPS Marker M60 model is perfect as a hidden bookmark, and the GPS Marker T150, which works exclusively from the on-board network, as a tracker. And M130 with the ability to work from a built-in and external power source can serve as a beacon and tracker.

Review of popular models

There are a wide variety of GPS beacons on the market that you can install on your bike or motorcycle. We offer models of domestic and foreign production, each of which has its own pros and cons.

Consider a few popular trackers:

  • AvtoFon Alpha Beacon
  • StarLine M15 GPS / GLONASS
  • Pandora NAV-07
  • Magic Systems PGSM Pointer

A miniature gps beacon for a bicycle with dimensions of 5.8×3.8×2 cm can work offline for up to 1000 days. It has a chip-SIM-card, which will never have to be replenished.

The device supports several types of positioning: GPS, LBS-location and Glonass. Information can be obtained through an Internet service, SMS messages, using an Android or iOS application.


GPS beacon StarLine M15 is a compact device designed for tracking a variety of objects, including motorcycles and bicycles.

The device is equipped with a SIM card, with which it sends text notifications to the numbers stored in it. The beacon can be used at any temperature and is reliably protected from moisture.

Embedded ARM processor gives it some artificial intelligence capabilities

The compact and inconspicuous device Pandora NAV-07 can operate from an autonomous battery for up to 30 days. Its dimensions are 4.8x4x1.2 cm and can be easily hidden even in a bicycle.

The tracker can work in beacon mode for up to 30 days without recharging. It is also equipped with a panic button.


PGSM Pointer allows you to promptly notify the vehicle owner when the vehicle starts moving, without giving any signals of its own presence. It is equipped with an internal power supply that can operate in beacon mode for up to a year.

The device is capable of sending messages to 2 stored numbers or displaying coordinates through a special service on the Internet. Thanks to the integrated CHIP-SIM, there is no need to top up the balance.


Criteria for choosing a reliable gps beacon for motorcycle and bicycle

The role of a favorite vehicle can be performed not only by a personal car. Many people prefer 2-wheeled vehicles. bicycles, scooters or more powerful and expensive motorcycles.

However, leaving unattended, the owner must be sure of their safety and integrity. For this, a special device was developed. a gps beacon for motorbikes or bicycles, which allows you to determine your own coordinates at any time.

Device and principle of operation

The GPS beacon is one of the common varieties of GPS trackers. This device calculates its own coordinates by analyzing the signals received from satellites that circle the earth’s orbit.

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Small in size, the device consists of a number of main components: a housing in which the control board is placed, GPS and GSM modules. Functioning as a whole, they are at any time able to determine their coordinates and send them to the recipient.

We watch a video of what the device is:

The GPS beacon is capable of exchanging signals in 4 directions:

  • Lighthouse. Personal computer (signal transmission occurs via the Internet)
  • Beacon. Server (signal is transmitted via GPRS signal)
  • Beacon. Cellular phone (signal is transmitted via GSM network)
  • Satellite. Beacon (signal is transmitted via GPS module)

Simple trackers for 2 wheeled vehicles usually only support two main directions: satellite. beacon and beacon. cell phone.

What they pay attention to when choosing

One of the most important and interesting questions for buyers is what should be a gsm beacon for a bicycle or other 2-wheeled vehicle. You must choose according to the following criteria:

  • Power supply method
  • Tracking mode
  • Additional features

When choosing a GPS tracker, you need to decide on the power supply method:

  • Autonomous
  • Combined

The most widely used devices for installation in motorcycles and bicycles are devices that function autonomously. They usually run on a pair of standard batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The main advantage of a stand-alone device, the absence of the need for a constant power supply, is at the same time the main disadvantage. If you do not regularly recharge the beacon or replace the batteries, it may suddenly shut down.

Combined devices are usually powered by the standard vehicle battery. They are not suitable for bike tracking, but are more reliable when installed on a motorcycle.

One of the important selection criteria is the tracking mode. There are two main types of it:

  • Monitoring mode
  • Beacon mode

The monitoring mode allows you to determine not only the instantaneous location of the object, but also to monitor its movement at any time. Such devices, as a rule, are equipped with an internal memory, in which coordinates are memorized at regular intervals.

The beacon mode is the main one. it is designed to determine the current location. Its main feature is as follows: the device is in sleep mode, saving power, and turns on only when it receives a control signal.

For a bicycle or scooter, they prefer to choose simple and cheaper devices that work exclusively in beacon mode. But if we are talking about an expensive, for example, a sports bike, you should think about the presence of additional functions.

Among the many possible additions, it is worth highlighting:

  • Control of other devices. allows, for example, to turn off the motorcycle engine after receiving the appropriate signal
  • Microphone. allows you to listen to what is happening around
  • Glonass module. designed for more accurate location determination
  • Motion sensor. able to wake up the beacon when the vehicle starts moving

How the GPS beacon works

A device that is complex at first glance works in a very simple scheme:

  • A small device fits into any secret place in the vehicle
  • With a certain frequency or at the user’s request, it turns on, analyzes the signals received by the GPS module and calculates its coordinates
  • Information is sent to the user as a text message
  • expensive and functional devices are able to remember the route and lay it, if necessary, on the Internet

Satellite signal is not always available. In this case, the device is able to determine its location by analyzing the received signals from mobile towers. However, the error increases. up to 150-200 m.

Summing up

Do I need to purchase a tracker for tracking? The answer will certainly be yes. You can install the GPS beacon yourself. It is very important to choose the right hidden place so that it is invisible to intruders and does not show any signs of presence.

Simple gps tracker

Install gps beacon

An unconscious animal invariably grew up, since the innate reflex of imitation of the gps tracker globalsat alone is not enough to educate a person.

flush, mount, bike, tracker

In the first two years, parents install a gps beacon navigator kiev or other educators teach the child to move like people. walk on your feet, use your hands.

At the same time, from the first days to install a gps beacon, there are attempts to teach him the main thing in a person. human speech. But the little man begins to communicate in the same way as primates, with the help of the gps tracker credit card, the so-called autonomous search gps gsm holophrase beacons. individual sounds that mean something.

By about two years old, the holophrases become more accurate until paired holophrases appear.

Next, the child quickly moves on to building sentences.

At the same time, install a gps beacon at the same time the child begins to use symbolic labels, the action gradually gives way to a word.

A certain scheme of generalizations is imposed on the child’s conceptual structure.

Little Filipino is forced to distinguish between 92 types and conditions of rice.

An Eskimo child must distinguish between a dozen different types of snow.

Initially, even calling himself the pronoun “I” at the age of two, the child does not distinguish himself from the world around him.

By imposing our ideas on him to establish a gps beacon about space and time, educators reach a state where the child begins to notice that only one object remains unchanged and “here” and “there” and “today” and “yesterday”.

The rest of the objects appear and disappear, he install a gps beacon, but invariably remains in the world he observes.

From this moment, in a hitherto empty, gps beacon of a person’s long-term event memory begins to be fixed to establish gps childhood memories.

The emergence of self-awareness. a revolutionary leap in the inner world of a person, which cannot be installed by a gps beacon by any of the most highly organized animals due to its lack of concepts of space and time.

Replacing external objects install gps beacon install gps beacon of the world with abstract symbols-words. a necessary but insufficient condition for the emergence of self-awareness in a person.

Home install gps beacon the role here belongs to the people around him.

The formation of a person does not end there, and the smallest gps beacon is just beginning.

For many years (sometimes all life!), People around inspire a person, gps beacon x keeper invis duos who he is (gender, origin, social status, nationality), gps glonass beacon findme impose behaviors and values, habits and moral standards.

Mastering moral norms, each person, to varying degrees, to install a gps beacon goes the way that mankind has traveled in 50 thousand years of its conscious life.

At first, these are numerous “taboos”, the meaning of which he does not understand to install a gps beacon, but he is forced to execute the starline m17 gps glonass beacon out of fear of punishment.

Then. these are all sorts of “10 commandments”, in the need to fulfill which one must believe, and already in adulthood they impose on him, relatively speaking, a “moral code of the builders of communism”, which is perceived by a person consciously (if perceived).

A person has no inborn properties of a moral character to install a gps beacon.

Inborn are the temperament and the power of various emotions, to establish a gps beacon by operating which mankind forms from to establish a gps beacon of an animal man.

The individual typological properties of the nervous set gps beacon system are relatively stable and the mini gps beacon persists almost all life.

However, based on the same innate properties of temperament, different personalities can be formed.

Unfortunately, none of the innate properties of a person compels him to remain human.

Physiological needs, temperament, emotions gsm gps beacon. it’s all taken from the animal kingdom and all my life to install a gps beacon pulls a person to get down on all fours and grunt.

Both the real prototype of “Robinson Crusoe” and other real hermits invariably run wild.

And now, in Erefia, a corresponding experiment is being carried out: not only have they stopped supporting the human in people, but also deliberately set a gps beacon push them into an animal state.

See how many ex-people around have dropped on all fours to install a gps beacon and chomp loudly how to bypass the gps tracker from pleasure.

There are especially many of these to install a gps beacon on television, because its owners profess the principle of a pig to install a gps beacon: “If something is good, the more it is, the better.” In answering this question, we will proceed from what can be observed with an unbiased “mind’s eye”.

We will not touch on religious ideas here to install a gps beacon about the soul. The eyes of faith see the gps navigation system gps beacon for a child the world differently than they observe, and do not analyze what they believe in.

In this sense, the encyclical of Pope Pius XII (1950) is characteristic: “.

We will install a gps beacon to consider the soul that humanity has created in every person.

Each of us can observe such a soul in himself.

Five of them are sensations of a human animal and are given to us for observing the outside world: touch (here we also include the feeling of warmth and cold, as well as pain), hearing, sight, smell, sense of taste.

TOP 3 GPS Tracker Bicycle Review. Anti Theft!

GPS bike tracker

May 18, 1979: The number of the mentally ill has increased in recent years.

they were registered 4486 thousand, of which gps beacon for a bicycle about 75 thousand.

people, according to experts, are considered potentially socially dangerous.

The network of hospitals dedicated to the gps bike beacon for the treatment of the mentally ill is underdeveloped, as can be seen from the following table: Quote (DrMax 11/22/2012, 1733) I know this.

as a gps beacon for a bicycle and a self-regulation system of OH- radicals in a gps beacon for a car with a magnet body.

But the gps tracker for dogs Ukraine is not very clear then why pharmaceuticals are so concerned about antioxidants?

After all, they block the ability of killers (macrophages) to fight gps beacon for a bicycle gps tracker watch for children with bacilli.

Yes, at the same time, they do not allow this peroxide to affect the tissues OUTSIDE the surrounding area: there, outside the T-lymphocytes that have started to work, they are surrounded by a protective layer of some kind. This gps tracker for children ukraine studies of gps beacon for a bicycle were carried out at the Research Institute of Medical Problems. one of the key units providing manned space exploration in the USSR.

They had enough funding for many interesting topics.

PSYCHOTRONIC KING KONG Well illustrates the situation in which the torsion mafia is trying to put people, a scene from the movie King Kong.

We are treated like savages, from above and without regret. The only difference between a GPS bike beacon and a movie fantasy is that the torsion monkey chooses his own lunch.

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Eating one person, he chooses the next menu for himself, while society, by its inaction, ceremonially presents human bodies and souls on a silver platter.

When a fire breaks out in the village, he sits side by side and watches how our friends and relatives are roasted, instead of knocking down the flame with one breath.

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Use antediluvian cell phones, follow with interest the information battle. cause pipe radiation cancer or not, get angry at the unauthorized president of America who does not want to patch up ozone holes, swallowing chemicals, like a gps beacon for a bicycle and in the last century, to strangle some diseases that replace others, a gps beacon for tracking a person sometimes gps a bicycle beacon without knowing exactly how they work, instead of an easy, fast, cheap and harmless treatment with torsion medical equipment.

The barbaric consumer attitude towards nature and natural resources will eventually turn against humanity, if the latest technologies developed at our expense are not taken away from the animal.

This is a wide range of materials, without which our everyday life will return to the agricultural system. GPS beacon for a bicycle with wooden hoes and natural irrigation.

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By that time, the most armed countries will not wait until their lamps stop lighting up in the front door and raw materials are supplied to factories and factories.

Those who did not have time to properly arm themselves to that bb mobile gps beacon ii k0030g time, information war will be recognized as second-class people, gps for cars that do not have the right to indulgence and will be destroyed, either in concentration camps, or in a fast food restaurant sausages, ground in gentle gps bike beacon.

Multinational corporations helped them not to get a gps bike beacon, but to develop their production, science, accumulate information, a gps tracker for cats and highly educated human resources, creating a self-sufficient economy that allows them to produce everything, including an intercontinental GPS beacon for a bicycle of atomic weapons.

And, if by this time, organizations, often at the cost of the lives of their members, a gps bike beacon fighting psychotronic terror, will not be able to convince society and the state to pay attention to global theft and banditry using technologies that can save humanity from hunger, crime and nuclear gps beacon for the bike of wars, a colorful picture of armageddon from the movie will no longer be so safe and removed by the TV screen.

If someone else has a window, then this picture can be seen with a gps beacon for a bicycle in it, melted and stinking of decomposing corpses.

Today gps beacon for a bicycle on May 4 at 6 o’clock gps beacon for a bicycle in Moscow time The Kremlin turned on the psychogenerators. three days before the inauguration of the impostor.

The approved symptoms usually disappeared after the person left the radiation zone.

Reflecting on the political, economic and cultural path of Russia Yeltsin was killed with psychotronic weapons Perhaps it was a CIA satellite 23 04 at 14-45 people the satellite manager hit BN Yeltsin.

Later in the evening we learned that it was at 14-45 that Boris Nikolaevich’s heart stopped at the time of the blow.

Price tracking beacon


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Steering column tab

The tracker is a small cylinder less than an inch in diameter that fits into the steering column under the anchor. Complete dismantling is not required. The place is quite obvious, and the constant assembly and disassembly for recharging will leave their marks.

  • good hidden mount;
  • the ability to fit a good battery;
  • excellent signal;
  • operation of the security mode key, invisible from the side (just bring it to the steering wheel).
  • partial disassembly of the bike is required for recharging;
  • not all speakers fit, it is difficult to find the size;
  • most popular mounting point.

and selection

The selection of bicycle beacons on the market is not very large. It all starts with simple Chinese inserts for 2-3 thousand rubles (hello, gps tracker free shipping cheap. With Aliexpress), which are controlled via SMS and sometimes do not work correctly in Russian networks.

The next level is economy devices from more or less well-known brands. Such models will cost 5-10 thousand rubles and already have the basic qualities:

  • have been working for more than a week;
  • controlled through normal interfaces;
  • have intelligent behavior programs (tracking shocks, sending coordinates to the service);
  • the device often comes with SIM cards (for example, products from Starline) and accounts on special web tracking services.

The VIP level is represented by single elements, since the tracker, which is more expensive than the bike itself, is of little interest to anyone. Everything here is completely borrowed from car alarms. intelligent subscription services, international roaming and other proportional improvements from the models of the middle segment. The cost of these products starts at 15,000 r.

Management and use

It has already been mentioned several times about keys and SMS messages. Actually, most trackers are controlled by two channels:

  • Direct connection to a computer and smartphone. oddly enough, it is still a very rare method of control, since proven industrial configuration methods are respected in the signaling markets.
  • Control via GSM network. connection through the central server of the signaling manufacturer through any channel. GPRS communication will be required, which increases the device’s power consumption and communication bills.
  • Control via SMS. surprisingly, this way of communication and control of GPS beacons is still the main one.

Seatpost tab

The shape is absolutely similar to the previous one, only the cylinder is inserted into the seatpost of the frame. There is even more space, but you will have to make an effort to recharge, the key cannot be used unnoticed, and the massive frame, in which installation is usually carried out, can disrupt the GPS and mobile network signal.

The pluses include the absolute non-obviousness of the place. Even a professional hijacker might not know about him.

Forms and attachment points

If even on motorcycles GPS \ GSM beacons were still produced in the form of boxes, which were fixed under covers and upholstery, then on bicycles there is no place for such bulky elements.

Therefore, each manufacturer began to offer its own options for mounting microcircuits in such a way that both the power supply, the GPS sensor, and the controller with the GSM transmitter could be invisible on the bike.

Why is GPS tracker useful for a bike and how to choose it?

GPS trackers have come on bicycles for a long enough road. The first such models appeared, of course, on cars. back in the early 90s. Now the business of smart car alarms has stabilized, and it is impossible to introduce especially new technologies, so manufacturers have paid attention to related areas.

Little by little, motorcycle trackers began to appear. Functionally, they are no different from automobiles, but they began to be made more compact, since the space on the same scooter is noticeably smaller. The next step in the direction of the bicycle was the autonomous elements. They are also found on cars, but very rarely, and it was for compact motorcycles that they began to be mass-produced.

And only the latest step in evolution was bike trackers. There are still few of them, but the general statistics of the rise in for bicycles and their parts leads to the fact that even in the regions of Russia it is already quite logical to spend 3-5 thousand on additional security for your two-wheeled vehicles.

Additional functions

The application of the navigation module is quite varied, and often the function of the beacon itself becomes secondary. How the tracker can be used in addition to basic functions?

  • Additional GPS receiver. on a smartphone, it will consume a large amount of energy, and on a beacon, the navigation chip is specially optimized for low power consumption. In this configuration, the smartphone with the tracker becomes a single whole via the Bluetooth interface.
  • Full-fledged sports tracker functions. not everyone uses the corresponding applications on a smartphone, and some intentionally save battery on long trips, so many services offer to record the entire trip on the device, and then allow you to view the recorded coordinate chain in the form of a map, sometimes with load analytics. speed and other parameters.

Principle of operation

This device works in a fairly conventional way:

  • It must be hidden in such a place that it cannot be seen by strangers, and only you would know about its location.
  • After certain specified periods of time or at the request of the bike owner, this device turns on and analyzes the signals received by him and determines its location.
  • The user receives this information in the form of an SMS message.
  • If your device is more expensive, then one of its functions can also be memorizing the route and, if necessary, it can upload the route to the Internet.

Top Models

The range of lighthouses is quite diverse. There are several models that are quite popular among users. And now we will consider them, and analyze what are their features. In general, they are all similar in principle of operation and can differ either in shape or in the additional functions that they have.

SPY BIKE Coban GPS-305

The most popular device among users. It is invisible, has a sleep mode that saves energy, but also automatically exits this mode whenever you move the bike. When the charge is low, the device will send an SMS with a request to charge it. You can use your Android gadget to track the location of your bike using map apps.

StarLine M15 GPS / GLONASS

Also, like the previous versions, it is equipped with a SIM card, from which SMS messages are sent to numbers stored in it.

What is this device for??

What to consider when choosing this bike protection:

  • what are the ways to power the beacon;
  • what tracking modes are available;
  • what additional features does it have;

According to their way of feeding, they can be autonomous and combined.

Let’s take a look at the features of each of the types of such beacons:

  • Stand-alone beacons are those that run on batteries or a battery that is being charged; they do not need a constant source of charging, but at the same time it can turn off if not recharged in time.
  • Combo ones are those that run on the vehicle’s battery, but they are not intended for bicycles, but are usually used by moped owners.

The tracking mode is perhaps one of the most important elements when choosing this device. Why? Right now you will find out.

There are two main tracking modes:

  • the first is the monitoring mode, which allows you to determine not only the place where the bike is, but also monitor its movement. In devices with this mode, most often there is an internal memory, which allows you to memorize the coordinates with some frequency, by the type of DVRs and, if necessary, you can track it on a computer.
  • the second is the beacon mode, which allows you to determine the current position of the bike. It is usually in sleep mode, which conserves battery, and turns on when it receives a signal when the bike starts to move.

Installing the device

The bike anti-theft beacon is quite easy and simple to install. You only need to take this unit, choose a place where you want to hide it, for example, a steering wheel or a frame under the seat and place it there. Or, if you bought a lighthouse in the form of a stop, then simply mount it to the rear fender of the bike or on the frame behind the seat.

Pandora NAV-07

Equipped with a panic button and can work autonomously for up to 30 days. This is, in principle, like any other device of this type.

TrackHead GPS Bike Tracker