Folding bike adult which one to choose


  • Front Shock. Used on high speed rovers. A rare occurrence on medium speed prototypes. Allows you to move around any area, overcome obstacles.
  • Rear shock. rarely seen on portable models.

Best Women’s Folding Bike

The folding bike Stels Pilot 350 does not have a wide line of designs, but it has a large selection of bright colors. The body and assemblies are made of durable steel, which prevents damage from impacts or falls. There are 6 speed modes in which the rear wheel sprockets are involved, one driving sprocket is installed on the front one. A robust chain without distortions lasts a long time. Designed for a measured ride. Compact when folded, easy to transport.

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  • Brake pad quality. average.
  • The quality of adjustment from the manufacturer is average.
  • Great weight for a child.
  • No depreciation.

Wheel diameter

The compactness of the bike and the speed that can be developed depend on the diameter of the wheel. Prototypes are equipped with wheels with a diameter of 14 to 28 inches. The larger the diameter, the faster and smoother the ride, the better the bike overcomes bumps in the road, but more difficult to handle when cornering.

  • 14 inches are the smallest wheels. They are rarely used in folding samples.
  • 14-18 inches. fit for compactness and ease of transport.
  • 20 ”. standard size combining performance, compactness, comfort.
  • 24-28 inches. full size diameter, close to awkward prototypes. Not considered compact when folded.

Best Mountain Folding Bike

All the mountain bike benefits include the Soldier 2.5 bike. It is distinguished by its light weight, sturdy frame, good maneuverability on difficult road sections. Converts quickly to compact size in frame and pedals. Withstands loads up to 120 kg. Good value for money.

Montague Paratrooper

Foldable adult bike (24 inches) is suitable for outdoor trips, off-roading and walking on city streets. However, his element is mountain trails. The size of the bike can be chosen and larger, because the model implies three types. The choice is made based on the height of the biker and his personal preferences.

Many are satisfied with the large number of speeds. 24. For better handling and greater comfort, a shock-absorbing system is installed. Brakes are ideal for twisty terrain and are disc mechanical option.

Among the main advantages are the following:

  • full depreciation;
  • additional stiffening rib, which gives an advantage when driving on rough terrain;
  • optimal wheel size, so less effort is required to overcome mountain trails.

The model also has disadvantages. Experienced bikers are not satisfied with a narrow saddle. Often users change it to a more familiar version. The pedals also stick out when folded because they don’t fold. And the price of transport is quite high.

Tricycle for adults

The folding tricycle for adults is gradually gaining popularity. Steering is carried out using the steering wheel, which is connected to the front wheel and axle. The models differ in their purpose:

Due to the fact that such a design is quite dimensional, the possibility of folding is a priority.

The sports option most often involves a recumbent or semi-recumbent position. Due to the aerodynamic property, this position allows you to gain high speed.

For relaxation, models with a vertical fit are assumed. They can already be found on city streets, but they are not yet so popular. Usually they are used by people with disabilities or those who cannot ride a regular two-wheeled vehicle.

Tricycles are gaining more and more popularity among tourists. Due to their size and large trunk, they can be loaded with a large number of things.

Working options are used for excursion purposes. They are designed to transport people and are often used for sightseeing trips.

Manufacturing companies

But the choice of the average consumer is often greatly influenced by the available budget. Therefore, if you need a high-quality and durable folding adult bicycle, then you need to pay attention to the companies Cronus, Stark and Strida.

Manufacturers such as Shulz and Smart Bikes are in the mid-priced category.

But there are companies that are recognized as popular and supply transformer bicycles. They are affordable for everyone, but the quality is controversial. These brands include Forward and Stels.

Of course, elite samples are produced by European brands. However, domestic options do not lag behind in popularity, mainly due to the availability and constant improvement of their models.

Stark cobra

The model belongs to standard hardtails. This means that there is no rear shock absorber, which makes difficult trails less comfortable to overcome. But it compares favorably with double-suspension in terms of speed at the start and maneuverability when cornering.

The aluminum frame of the foldable adult bike makes transport strong but lightweight. Among the main advantages are the following:

  • when folded, the bike is very compact, it is convenient to transport it in public transport and store it at home;
  • hydraulic brakes help out in emergency situations and do not fail on mountain slopes;
  • the steering wheel has a comfortable shape, so the biker is comfortable even on long journeys;
  • there is a place for attaching a child seat;
  • assembly is fast and does not require any special skills.

The disadvantages of the model are also distinguished. There is no second suspension, so the comfort level is reduced. However, this can be attributed to the features of the model. Some are put off by the high price.

Smart Simple

If you need a folding adult bike (20 inches), then you should pay attention to this model. Large wheels are not always necessary for a city bike, but not all manufacturers produce such samples.

The model has one speed, but the frame is strong because it is made of steel alloy. Users are also attracted by the unusual design and the ability to choose from the presented bright colors. To make the bike fit the user’s height, an adjustable handlebar is provided.

The bike has the following advantages:

  • reasonable price, which makes the model affordable for many buyers;
  • robust steel frame for reliability and durability;
  • light weight and compact size, so that even a teenager can carry the bike.

However, it is worth considering the disadvantages that this model has:

  • lack of amortization, so driving off-road is uncomfortable;
  • poor-quality paint that peels off quickly;
  • no bell and trunk as standard.

Choosing a mountain folding bike

These bicycles are chosen by lovers of cross-country and other mountain sports. If quite recently such models were a rarity, now the range has expanded significantly. A mountain bike for adults has all the benefits of a conventional sports bike. It should be strong but lightweight and have high flotation. It can be quickly folded into a compact size if needed and carried.

City bike

Modern walking models are suitable for trips to the park or out of town or for overcoming forest trails. The folding mechanism allows you to easily enter with them into catering establishments, put them in the trunk of a car or transport them on the subway.

Stealth products

Folding structures of this brand surprise with the ratio of and quality provided. Bikes with a wheel diameter of 20. 24 inches are in demand. Models are available in a wide range of colors, single and multi-speed, for the elderly and very young riders.

Belorussian folding bike Aist

It is intended for walking in the city and suburbs. The foldable model is equipped with a rear rack, which can carry loads of up to 7 kilograms. The cyclist’s weight limit is 85 kilograms. It takes 10 seconds to fold. You can forget about parking lots and traffic jams that complicate city travel.

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How the bike folds

Depending on the manufacturer, the model has a single folding option or several. The complexity of the process depends on the cost of the vehicle. Folding models from the expensive category are equipped with ingenious hinges. In this case, folding takes seconds.

Dahon folding bike

The buyer is pleased with the products of this company both the variety of designs and the characteristics of the running gear. The model of this mowing line is easy to choose according to individual preferences: with wheels of any diameter (16. 24 inches), with a universal frame, suitable for people of different heights (140-190 cm), with or without a speed switch (with cassette switches). with a planetary hub that protects against the ingress of dust and dirt, with a lowered frame for people of age, etc.

Cons and pros of folding bikes

Before deciding to buy a folding bike, it is recommended to weigh the pros and cons. The main positive feature is its compactness, thanks to which it is allowed to carry a bicycle in public transport, lift it to floors, store it in an office or apartment. For this, the bike is placed in a bag that is carried over the shoulder. And if so, then you don’t have to worry about the thefts that happen to vehicles left on the street.

Disadvantages cannot be kept silent either. In every model, be it classic or folding, you can’t do without them. The main thing, when choosing a bike, is to choose a model whose disadvantages will cause a minimum of problems for you. When purchasing, for example, transport for city trips, it does not matter how it behaves on mountain roads.

The main disadvantage for folding models is the price. Such bicycles are more expensive than classic ones: you have to pay for multifunctionality, design, convenience. Another disadvantage is that they are all suitable for short routes. They also produce folding models for long-distance travel, but their cost is even higher.

From what has been said, it turns out that folding structures have more advantages than disadvantages. To understand if a specific vehicle is right for you, take a ride on it.

Child and adult models

If a bicycle is bought for a teenager or a small child, you should pay attention to folding models, since it is easier to transport them for a child. For children who have to lift their bicycles to the upper floors without the help of adults, they represent an unbearable burden (in situations with non-working lifts).

With folding ones, there will be no problems even when transporting in fixed-route taxis. They are suitable for the representatives of the fair sex, who cannot lift a heavy bike due to their fragility.

About bike manufacturers

Langtu folding bikes

The products manufactured by the company attract potential buyers with safety and reliability, elegant modern design of every detail, compactness and convenience during travel.

How to choose

When choosing a folding bike, first of all, you need to answer yourself a few questions:

Well, first of all, why is it foldable? Do you want to carry your bike in the trunk of a small car, store it on the balcony or take it with you on the subway? Depending on this, you need to choose the size of the wheels, because this is the main parameter that determines the dimensions of the bike when folded. The smaller the wheel, the more compact it is. In addition, bicycles with small wheels are generally lighter than their larger counterparts.

The second question that is worth answering for yourself is where to ride? If you are planning trips in the woods or on bad country roads, then you should pay attention to bicycles with larger wheels. If you will mainly ride around the city, and want the bike to be transported in the trunk of a car, then it is better to pay attention to models with small wheels. In addition, small wheels are more maneuverable, which is also very important in urban environments, where there are many obstacles in the form of pedestrians, curbs and cars. It is also easier to jump off a small bike in an emergency.

Folding bicycles are not divided into men and women, but there are some features to consider when choosing. For example, many girls find it more comfortable when the bike frame is lowered. Men, on the other hand, should pay more attention to the rigidity and reliability of the folding frame mechanisms. After all, as a rule, they ride more actively and the frame has a large load. Inexpensive bicycles often use springs or plastic parts, which have a small margin of safety and quickly deteriorate.

The most important parameter is also the weight of the bike. The higher the level of the equipment installed and the more high-tech the frame, the less the bike weighs. In addition to being much more comfortable to use, a lightweight bike (easy to take out of the trunk, or take the stairs home), it also has better speed characteristics and better coasting.

In addition, the models differ in the number of speeds and in the type of their switching. For short walks around the city, 3-7 speeds will suffice, and for long trips, extra speeds will not hurt, because they will help to spend energy more efficiently.

It is also important to remember that the bike should be selected individually for a specific person and specific tasks. Our consultants will help you to do this accurately from 11-00 to 20-00 (Moscow time) by phone:

8 (800) 775-16-71. for regions the call is FREE

How to choose the right bike frame size for your height?

And now we come to the main reason for the discomfort on the bike. frame size

The wrong size of the bike leads to excessive fatigue of the muscles of the back, knee joints, arms and neck muscles.

Naturally, such trips will not bring you much pleasure.

Every modern bike has its own size. Often, one and the same model is produced in several frame sizes, which means that there should be no problems with choosing a bike for your height.

Get on your bike, grab the wheel.

The arms should be slightly bent at the elbows. You should not reach for the steering wheel, and when cornering, your hands should not lose the steering wheel.

If it is a mountain bike or sports bike, then the landing should be slightly tilted on the handlebars; the load is evenly distributed over the back and arms.

On road and city bikes, the seating position is usually with a straight back.

Very important: sitting on the seat with your foot on the pedal in the lowest position. the leg should be almost straight, this will save your knee joints from unnecessary stress.

Stand forward from the saddle. For safety, there should be a gap of 5-10 cm between the inner thigh and the upper tube.

Use this table and you can easily determine which bike frame size you need.

Choosing a bike size according to your height

Frame size, inches Your height, cm Frame size, cm Conditional value Designation 13″ 130-145 33 XS (XSmall) Minimum fourteen” 135-155 35.6 XS (XSmall) Minimum fifteen” 145-160 38.1 S (Small) Small sixteen” 150-160 40.6 S (Small) Small 17 “ 156-170 43.2 M (Medium) Middle eighteen” 167-178 45.7 M (Medium) Middle nineteen” 172-185 48.3 L (Large) Large twenty” 178-190 50.8 L (Large) Large 21 “ 182-195 53.3 XL (XLarge) Very big 22 “ 195-210 53.9 XL (XLarge) Very big

Bicycle wheel size selection

The size of the wheels of a bicycle determines its overall clearance (the height of the bicycle), and also affects the maneuverability, handling and roll of the bicycle.

Recently, bicycles with 29 “and 27.5” wheels have become quite popular. as a rule, such bicycles belong to the class “mountain bike” (mountain bike).

It is no secret that the larger the wheel of a bicycle, the larger it becomes, and therefore less maneuverable compared to other bicycles, but this does not mean that such bicycles are poorly controlled. But these bicycles go better. roll smoother and more confident, well, the speed will be higher.

26 “wheels are still considered the standard for an adult bicycle, but city, road bikes and hybrids usually have a base with 28” wheels.

How to choose the right adult bike

And so, now we are faced with the question of choosing the right adult bike.

Folding Bikes: Everything You Need to Know

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How to choose the right bike for yourself, where to start?

The first step is to decide which type of bike you prefer:

  • City bike. for driving along city streets and bike paths
  • Road bike. for fast driving on asphalt roads
  • Mountain bike for riding on rough terrain and bumpy roads
  • Or maybe even a hybrid, in which there is a little of all of the above types of bike

If you have not decided yet, perhaps this article will help you make your choice: What are the bicycles

Now that we have decided on the type of bike, we move on to the next, but no less important stage.

Now that all the main selection criteria have been taken into account, you can safely go to our bicycle catalog to choose your new two-wheeled pet.

We hope that this information was useful for you, and you will definitely find a bike that is perfect for you.

Bicycle catalog

Meet the folding bike

A folding bike is a compact version of a city bike, which, due to its design, can be easily transformed into a portable device weighing from 5 to 18 kg. A folding bike has a standard composition. the only difference is that the frame, wheels, handlebar and saddle have flexible moving parts that can be mounted or bent if necessary. The bike converts into a compact portable suitcase with wheels.

Such a bicycle takes up a minimum of space in an apartment, fits easily into the trunk of a car, and is easily transported in the metro and minibuses. But for long trips and off-road riding, a folding bike is not suitable.

Choosing the right folding bike: tips for beginners

Home Choosing a bike How to choose the right folding bike: tips for beginners

On the net you can find reviews of various folding bicycles, tips on how to quickly disassemble, service or install additional electrical equipment. But most novice cyclists are interested in a completely different question. the question of choosing a folding bike, taking into account the weight and height of a person, his basic needs. To fill this gap, we decided to figure out what folding bikes are and how to choose the right model.

Secrets of choosing a folding bike

Many residents of megalopolises often ask themselves: what are the advantages of folding bicycles and which one to choose in order to last a long time.?

Good folding bicycles are expensive. Their starting price starts at 350. However, they justify their price. Folding structures are made of steel, aluminum, less often titanium. The strength of the vehicle and its service life depend on the material.

When wondering how to choose folding bicycles, the following factors should be considered.

  • Weight. Folding bicycles weigh from 5 to 18 kg. Weight depends on material of construction and wheel diameter. If you are buying such a bike for a teenager, you should choose a model with an aluminum frame and small wheels. For an adult who does not have diseases of the musculoskeletal system, a folding bicycle made of steel and a large wheel diameter will be the best option.
  • Load. A folding bike has restrictions on the weight and height of a person. Such bicycles are not suitable for people taller than 190 cm and below 140 cm.Person’s weight should not exceed 120 kg.
  • Bicycle assembly speed. All prefabricated bicycles are manufactured in the USA and Europe, less often in Russia. Each has a technical passport. Knowing the technical characteristics, you can choose the desired assembly option. So, there are bicycles in which the saddle and handlebars are lowered, the frame and steering column are folded. Such models are simple and will suit any person. The main disadvantage is its large dimensions compared to other models. There are also models with hinges that can be folded into a small suitcase. They have a collapsible handlebar, wheels, saddle, pedals and other parts. These bikes are more expensive and last less long than others.

Considering the above characteristics, we can conclude that the price of a bicycle depends on the weight, dimensions and build quality. Based on your budget and your own tastes, it is worth deciding which folding bike to choose and which brand to give preference to.

Guidelines for choosing a folding bike for men, women and children

How to choose folding bikes based on gender and age? Let’s sort it out in order.

  • Because men are more powerful, folding bicycles with wheel diameters of 20 to 24 inches will suit them. These bicycles are faster, more maneuverable, and withstand a lot of stress. When choosing a men’s bike, you should pay attention to the height of the saddle and handlebars, the mount at the bend of the frame. The length of the tube should be optimal so that the man can adjust the handlebar and saddle to his height. The fold of the frame must be strong. The clamp must not dangle.
  • Women who are wondering which folding bike to choose should pay attention to models with wheel diameters from 16 to 18 inches. These bikes are stiffer but more reliable. They are designed for weight up to 90 kg and travel distance up to 160 km. A prerequisite for choosing is the presence of a rear suspension.
  • For children, it is worth buying keri bikes with wheel diameters up to 16 inches. Such models are light, although inactive. They have no shock absorbers, but the tires are the softest. The number of dismountable parts is minimal.

When choosing any folding bike, you should pay attention to the height of the seat tube. It must be of the optimal length so that the saddle can be adapted to the height of any family member.

Want more information on which folding bikes are available and which one to choose? Especially for you, we have selected a video on this topic:

Editor’s Choice

FORWARD Tracer 26 3.0. model made for a comfortable trip around the city. Wheels with a diameter of 26 inches provide excellent roll, maneuverability and overcoming small obstacles. The frame is lightweight due to the aluminum alloy. The bike weighs only 14.6 kg. Two Promax TX-119 rim brakes will give reliability to your stops. The strong point is the planetary hub, which provides minimal time for transmission maintenance. There are only three speed modes. Of course, there is a folding function, otherwise this bike was not in this top. Components. fenders and footrest.

Robust, secure frame Easy to fold Lightweight

The Novatrack TG-30 bike is suitable for both men and women and children. This is a budget model, without various bells and whistles for walking around the city. The bike is distinguished by simplicity of design, absence of speeds, shock absorption. The brake is available only back, foot. But it can be folded, easy to ride and the price is very small. The bike is reliable, there is almost nothing to break in it. Cheap and angry option. Good equipment. trunk, chain guard, running board, fenders and bell.

HIPER Engine BF200. an interesting, modern model of a folding electric bike for a city dweller. It is compact in itself, and when folded it takes up very little space. The frame is made of steel. The bike is capable of withstanding considerable mass, especially in combined mode, when the motor helps to pedal, the load can increase up to 130 kg. The electric motor is capable of accelerating the bike to 25 km / h, followed by the use of cruise control. This will give you maximum comfort during your trip. If the battery is discharged, then it does not matter, you manage it like a normal bike with a six-speed mode. Since this is a city bike, not the most expensive V-Brake disc brakes were installed on it. This will be enough. The power of the electric motor is 250W and the capacity is 8500mAh. Bright headlight and brake light available for night driving.

High-quality assembly Electric motor Fast acceleration

This model combines comfort, functionality and practicality. At least that’s what the manufacturer says. The STELS Pilot 970 MD 26 V022 bike is mountain-oriented, its frame must meet the criteria for extra strength. The material for the frame is an aluminum alloy, which is especially resistant to corrosion and has high strength, with a low weight. The bike has a soft hard tail fork with 60mm travel. Wheel diameter 26 inches. a fairly common size for a mountain bike. The braking system is represented by disc mechanical brakes. There are 21 speed modes. It is worth noting the stylish appearance. Convenient folding Looks good

Strida SD is a bike with a very unusual design. triangular folding frame. A very curious technical solution, Engineer Mark Sanders, creating this model, wanted to achieve minimalism in dimensions and which is comfortable to carry with you. The unusual design gives rise to its own peculiarities. For example, changing from a regular bike to a Strida SD is very difficult. It is difficult to maintain balance at first. Another design nuance is increased maneuverability, it is possible to turn around literally on the spot. A kevlar belt is used instead of a chain. Mechanical disc brakes are very sensitive. The set includes a trunk and a footrest. The model has two speeds. The average speed of driving in the city is 20 km / h. The weak point is the hinge connection of the steering wheel to the frame. Easy to fold down to resemble a luggage bag with wheels.

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Sophisticated bike folding system Placement of speed switches on the pedals

Another budget and simple folding bike designed for urban use. It features a robust steel frame, only one speed, rear foot brake. The wheel size is 24 inches, which is not bad for the city. Generous equipment. trunk, chain protection, fenders, bell. This bike is suitable for those looking for an inexpensive and reliable option for easy cycling. The possibility of folding is also very conveniently implemented, which significantly reduces the space it takes.

Budget Foldable Easy Assembly

Airwheel R3 214.6Wh is another type of folding e-bike in our top. This model is endowed with a folding frame, steering wheel and pedals. Very simple disassembly / assembly. When folded, it is compact, occupies no more than 0.2 cubic meters. m. The battery is of the lithium-ion type, which gives a long service life. The bike has three types of riding: electric motor, combined, manual. An electric motor can drive a maximum of 100 km. Battery charging time is about 3 hours. The frame is lightweight and durable, made of aluminum alloy. Maximum load up to 100kg. The diameter of the alloy wheels is 14 inches. Perfect for getting around the city. Pros include reflector and easy battery charging.

Electric motor Lightweight Easy to charge

Foxx Zing H2 26 belongs to mountain folding bicycles. This model is more suitable for cross-country, as for extreme riding on mountain peaks, the bike can withstand such loads, but the risk of sudden breakdowns will be increased. The Hard tail is damped by a Foxx MD-N790 soft spring elastomer fork with 80mm travel. This bike has a standard aluminum alloy frame and 26-inch wheels. In this category, nothing extraordinary, everything is within the normal range. Mechanical disc brake STG, 160mm is quite reliable and unpretentious. A total of 21 speed modes with Shimano Tourney FD-TY500 and Shimano Tourney RD-TY300 derailleurs will help you comfortably adjust your pace. The set includes wings that will protect the cyclist from dirt.

Reliable Buildable Nice Design

ALTAIR City Kids 20 Compact folding bike for children aged 5 to 9 years. No gear shifting, only one speed. The bike is simple and sturdy in design. The frame is made of steel. The rigid steel fork is perfect for leisurely city driving with the whole family. The braking system is the foot pedal brake. The bike comes with removable side wheels. Rich equipment: trunk, side wheels, fenders, footrest, bell, protective pad on the steering wheel. Good model for teaching a child.

How to choose a folding bike

A folding bike is usually chosen by city dwellers or people who are often on the road and take the iron horse with them in the trunk or just in their hands. Some models not only fold down the frames, but also the pedals and handlebars, making them even smaller. For such bikes, special covers and bags are sold so that it is convenient to carry them and not get dirty with the tires of others.

Most often, folding models are equipped with small diameter wheels. Such a bike allows you to be much more mobile, and on city streets the maneuverability of small bicycles is higher. Of course, such a bike is not suitable for serious off-road racing.

At the same time, the lightness of the folding mechanism is important. If it is too heavy, then mobility will not be a joy. The steel folding mechanism weighs a lot, which reduces speed and comfort. They are more budgetary, but their quality usually leaves much to be desired. Therefore, the rating considers models with aluminum frames, which combine lightness and strength.

Folding bicycle 16” vs 20”. Which folding bike is better?

Folding bicycles are gaining popularity in the market today. They differ in many indicators: frame configuration, transformation principle, weight. The lightest and smallest folding bike in existence, weighs only 5.5 kg.

Which compact bike is not worth buying

You should not buy the cheapest options for domestic auchan bikes such as Forward or Stels for a number of reasons:

  • the steering column of such cars does not fold, therefore, when folded, they take up almost more space than when disassembled;
  • the folding mechanism of the frame itself is very old and unreliable, the quality of fixing the frame is unsatisfactory;
  • the assembly-disassembly process is very laborious and time-consuming;
  • these bikes, especially the adult version, are very heavy;
  • all equipment, awnings and accessories are of extremely poor quality.

You can also take the following criterion for a folding bike as a standard: it should fit into the trunk of even a compact car when folded without any problems and easily be pulled out of there.

Popular compact folding bicycles

A folding bicycle has always been and remains a desirable acquisition for a modern urban person. Not all houses have freight lifts, and it is not very convenient to drag a bicycle to the twelfth floor.

In addition, the compactness of housing, the presence of storage rooms, loggias makes, first of all, think about purchasing folding bike modifications. The way to store the bike in the apartment, such as hanging it from the ceiling, also involves, first of all, purchasing a folding bike. Let’s talk more about folding bikes.

Which manufacturers produce folding bikes?

Stels Pilot folding structures are in great demand. They are inexpensive, there is a wide range of different colors and models for sale, there are both aluminum and steel frames. Wheel diameters from 20 to 24 inches. Bicycles have both one constant gear and several speeds. A mini bike is produced for children (Stels Pilot 310), and an adult version. models SP 710 or 770.

Forward is another manufacturer of inexpensive compact bikes used for walking. One of the company’s traditional folding bike options is the Forward Portsmoth. This is the traditional model.

The compact bike, which has a high class of attachments and an original design, was developed by Schulz. This refers to the Shulz GOA 8 Disk model. This model has disc brakes and 8 speeds. Seeing such a bike, you can remember its characteristic shape for a long time:

There are also very distinctive Strida models, which can be easily recognized by the recognizable brand triangle of the frame. At the same time, a folding bike is equipped with a bag, and its speed and dynamic characteristics remain at a quite decent level.

The French cycling idea is reflected in the distinctive and quality bicycles from Mobiky. The classic model is the Mobiky Genius, perhaps the most original folding mechanism.

The bike is disassembled within 3 seconds. For 700, it is sold on the market of the EU countries. The wheels are only 12 inches, like a scooter. The aluminum frame folds down like a scissor. This model weighs 13 kg. When folded, this model can be easily rolled. The bike is equipped with three speeds that are easy to switch. They provide some help when climbing uphill.

It should be said that compact bicycles began to be produced by those manufacturers whose models have always been distinguished by traditionally rigid frames. Compact units allowed expanding the assortment, which was able to satisfy the most demanding consumer needs. The Author Simplex model is popular. Below it is presented in disassembled and assembled condition.

The frame design is good enough, the compact bike has good disassembled rigidity.

It should be noted that almost all folding bicycles are more relaxed in nature. The design itself does not welcome shock loads, jumps. Therefore, it is among fans of a folding bike that road injuries are the most rare, compared to other types of bikes.