Fitting the front fender on a forward bike

Stationary long wings

They are made of metal and metal-plastic. Bolted to frame or fork at three locations. Provides maximum protection because it covers a quarter of the front wheel and half of the rear wheel, and is close to the tire. Stationary long fenders at the rear can be combined with the trunk. When buying such wings, one must take into account that they are heavy. Another disadvantage is that, due to the short distance, dirt gets clogged between the wheel and the wing. Therefore, such fenders are usually installed on road and city bicycles.

As you can see, there are no ideal bicycle fenders. The longer the wing and the closer it is to the wheel, the better the protection. But, such wings are not suitable, for example, for cross-country and other extreme disciplines. Even the best wings will not help in heavy rain. Extremals, for whom water and dirt are little things on the way to victory, they do not need them at all.

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But Kotovsky has a different opinion about the road racers.

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Sports wings

Sports fenders are usually made of plastic and have a maximum of two attachment points. Mounting the mudguards on a bike can be done at home and even in the field. The types of rear bog attachment can be as follows:

  • Seatpost clamp. It can be produced both with a plastic adapter and with a cloth tape, which is more versatile, but may begin to slide out over time. An incorrectly fixed and adjusted fender will constantly fall onto the wheel. Installation requires a hex wrench / screwdriver.
  • The saddle clamp is not a very popular but cheap type of mount that is less and less common. Has a regular bracket with two eccentric ears. Clamped by it, no additional tools are required.

Bicycles Forward

How to attach fenders to a Forward bike is a topical question for many owners of these solid bikes. To handle the front wheel, follow these instructions:

    It is necessary to install and fasten the wing on the bracket using M5 × 10 bolts, not forgetting about the spacer plastic washers. A similar procedure applies to both wings.

Road Bike & Hybrid Fenders

Here, the question of appearance is even more important than in the case of mountain bikes. There is a very elegant option that almost does not disfigure the road. the Crud RoadRacer Mk2. Personally, I haven’t had time to get it yet, but a roadie buddy recommended it.

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The system is easily removable and adaptive; such fenders are almost invisible on a bicycle. According to my friend, they protect from water perfectly.

Alternatively, the classic SKS Race Blade can be supplied. I put these on a hybrid, with the onset of the rainy season in our Estonia. The design is also easily removable, impressions from several years of operation are positive.

Installation of finished plastic fenders type PM-05

They are suitable for bicycles with wheel sizes from 24 “to 26” inches. Everyone starts from the back. The bracket is placed on the seat post. Then the front part of the wing is snapped into it.

If the brake system is on vibrating racks on a bicycle, they must be released.

Next, you need to take the bracket, screw and nut. We pass the screw into the hole, and on the outside we attach the bracket. You need to fix the structure tightly, lifting it to the top as much as possible.

I squeeze the edges of the installed bracket so that its edges lie in the grooves. It is quite simple to do this, even with one hand. The depth is chosen based on personal preference. The mount is based on a ratchet.

How to Install Honjo Fenders

Now take the front fender and the screw and nut. The front fender is also installed with a hole, but not in the crown, but in the gorilla of the fork. For convenience, you also need to release the brakes.

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Lightech 2018 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Carbon Fiber Front Fender Install | Sportbike Track Gear

The screw is threaded into the inner side. On the reverse side, we put on the wing, throw in the nut and fix it. You do not need to fully tighten the nut. For convenience, you can grab it with a spanner wrench, and screw it with a screwdriver.

How To Fit Road Bike Mudguards Or Fenders. Fit SKS Race Blades

The next thing to do is adjust the wing height. This is to prevent the protector from rubbing against it. Otherwise, when reversing, there is a high probability of damage to the product.

At the end of the installation, the screw is tightened completely. That, in fact, is the whole process of attaching the front and rear fenders. These fenders are perfect for road bikes, as the distance from the tread to the fender is minimal. Such an installation will almost completely protect against water ingress on clothes.

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Types of wings and their effectiveness