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10 mistakes you make on the elliptical trainer

If you think that the elliptical trainer is too easy for you, then you are most likely doing it wrong. The elliptical trainer is able to make you a healthy and strong person, with the help of it you can lose weight, as well as pump up your legs as much as it is necessary for the harmonious development of the body. Such a simulator is not nearly as boring as it seems at first glance. How to diversify cardio workouts, as well as get better results on such a simulator? We’ve got ten anti-recommendations for you to study.

You can feel like a million bucks walking a mile in a minute, but without resistance, no matter what you do, it’s all in vain. You should establish a decent resistance that will make you exert enough effort to take a step. A moderate pace of work on such a simulator does not mean that you can walk on it forever without getting tired.

When you are on your feet, your abdominal muscles lengthen, giving you the opportunity to engage your entire upper body. Therefore, it is important not only to walk on this simulator, but also to use the upper limbs, attracting their strength to walking. The more you use your limbs when working on this simulator, the more significant the return you get. Yes, you have the ability to lean on the armrests of the elliptical trainer, but then you reduce the rate of calorie burn.

Most elliptical trainers are equipped with electronics, where not only you can, but also need to enter your data. If you correctly enter the characteristics of your body, then it will be easier for you to control the whole process. there will be more accurate calorie counting.

Backward movement will not only protect you from boredom, but will also increase the load on a number of muscle groups that are associated with the buttocks and hips. You may think that this is only important for women, but in fact the best workout is all-round training. So change your walking direction. For maximum effect, squat slightly with your knees at a 90-degree angle.

Intervals are a great way to break the monotony of your workout by increasing your calorie burn. This can be done in two ways: leave the resistance the same, but change your pace (change the pace every minute); or change the resistance, and leave the speed the same (change the resistance also every minute).

This is one of the biggest mistakes you make in your workout. too much stress has a terrible effect on your legs and, in particular, your toes. You will not achieve any development in this way, on the contrary, you will begin to walk less and less, and even the joints will begin to hurt. Instead, we recommend that you place your foot with your whole heel so that all the necessary muscles are used during the workout. This way you can walk much longer while training your endurance.

When choosing an elliptical trainer, you should follow simple rules:

The Svensson Body Labs Strideline EZA exercise machine meets all the stated requirements, and its price matches the quality.

These hand-gripping things aren’t just made for you to hold on to. They should be used when operating this machine. It is simple to use them. you need to periodically switch the strength of your movement to these handles, so they will help you move forward, removing the load from your feet. If we talk about intervals, then do this: leave 1 minute for the load on the arms, devote 4 minutes to the load on the legs. This interval should be maintained throughout the entire workout.

Some models of the elliptical trainer have the ability to increase the incline, just like a treadmill. But unlike a treadmill, tilting this treadmill too far does not improve workout performance. Regular walking is much more beneficial, it helps to build muscle. You can, of course, play with the tilt, but remember that this makes little sense.

And now about the bad news. An elliptical trainer will not solve all your problems, it should be used only for its intended purpose, as well as in conjunction with other training complexes. If you enter the gym just to work out on this simulator, then you are missing out on the lion’s share of your opportunities. In general, this error applies to any simulator that takes the leading place in your training. There shouldn’t be such a simulator. Throw in your workouts with free weights, treadmills, other machines and workouts. Make sure you stick to the main rule of the gym, which is that you love variety in your workouts. If the body gets used to the same movements, then it will stop building muscle mass.

Pre-workout nutrition: what to eat and what not

How to use an elliptical trainer to lose weight? Reviews of those who have lost weight indicate that the main rule of success is nutrition. You can work as much as you like, up to a sweat, on the simulator. But if after that you eat pizza or cake, chips with beer or other high-calorie dishes, then the result can not be expected. over, a person, instead of losing weight, can get better. And this is quite understandable from the point of view of dietology: after an intense workout, the appetite in the literal sense of the word “brutal”. many people succumb to it and gorge themselves in full.

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You should not eat any food for about two hours before starting your workout. It is optimal if there is an opportunity to practice in the morning on an empty stomach. After training, do not eat anything for about two to three hours. You can only drink clean water. During this period of time, the body draws energy for life directly from body fat. And if you eat a heavy meal immediately after training, fat reserves will remain in place.

Classic walking on an elliptical trainer

Ideal for beginners in the gym as a cardio workout. How to use an elliptical trainer to lose weight? In the first month, you can combine classic walking with strength exercises. This will help you develop endurance quickly and move on to more challenging modes of the simulator.

The technique of performing in classical walking involves the movement of the legs, like on a bicycle. At the same time, the body is straight, the back is straight, and the head is raised. The main load is received by the muscles of the legs. quadriceps, front and rear calves, as well as hamstrings.

Feedback from athletes confirms that such a load is too small for experienced athletes. They prefer either bent or reverse walking.

Power loads vs exercises on an ellipsoid

Newbies in the gym often face a choice: which is better. cardio or strength training? Of course, it is optimal to draw up a competent training program that will combine both types of loads. But if the goal is just weight loss, then it is quite possible to be content with cardio. It is enough for girls to acquire light muscle relief and get rid of body fat.

In addition, you can purchase an ellipsoid and practice on it at home on your own. You do not have to spend money on the regular purchase of a gym membership. This option is suitable for those who are ashamed of their excess weight and for this reason cannot exercise in front of other visitors.

How to properly exercise on an elliptical trainer at home? The basic principles of building a workout do not differ from the standard ones. Together with the equipment, it is better to immediately purchase a heart rate monitor, the use of which will allow you to track the required number of beats per minute.

Pulse tracking: how not to plant a heart?

Ideal if you can get a heart rate monitor. It allows you to select a pace at which the pulse will be in the fat burning zone.

How to lose weight to calculate the optimal zone of the number of heart beats per minute, at which will “burn fat”? It is very simple to do this: for example, the age of losing weight is 30 years. Out of 220 you need Honor 30. That’s 190 beats per minute. Then the heart rate is calculated. 60% of 190 is 114, and 70% of 190 is 133. This amount is the optimal heart rate value that should be maintained during training on an elliptical trainer.

How to exercise in order to lose weight. at a fast or slow pace? Of course, beginners will have to get used to the load first. Therefore, even small-amplitude movements will provoke fatigue, palpitations and sweating. After a month, the muscles will get stronger, endurance will increase, and it will be possible to significantly increase the intensity of the movements performed.

Reverse walking on an ellipsoid: the benefits and harms of loading

For a person who is looking for an answer to the question of how to exercise on an elliptical trainer in order to lose weight, there is a universal answer: try it regularly, five times a week, for an hour in the morning to do reverse walking. This is the best way to quickly get rid of excess body fat and strengthen the muscle corset of the whole body.

For training, you need to take a semi-squat position, your knees will be slightly higher than with classic walking. The load is distributed not only on the muscles of the legs, the muscles of the back and arms will also be involved. This is a great option for both men and women.

How to use an elliptical trainer to build your glutes? You should choose the mode of reverse walking: it is he who best loads the gluteus maximus muscle. You can alternate it with an incline walking: this workout will help speed up fat burning and make the buttocks more rounded.

The girls’ reviews indicate that this particular mode is the most preferred in most cases. The reason is a high load on the gluteus maximus muscle.

How many times a week to train to achieve the result?

How to use an elliptical trainer at home. every other day or every day? If you have the opportunity to train every day, you should do just that. Stretching should be done after each session to relieve the soreness the next morning. Do not forget about the importance of joint warm-up before training.

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If a person has a gym membership, then he will have to train as many times as prescribed in the conditions. It is optimal if the subscription is unlimited. this will provide the opportunity for daily training on professional simulators. The main thing is to motivate yourself enough so as not to miss class days.

How much do you use an elliptical trainer to lose weight? It all depends on the initial weight, age and health status. On average, with regular exercise and nutritional adjustments, from three to six kilograms of excess weight per month goes away.

Features of the load when using an elliptical trainer

During training on an ellipsoid, almost all the muscles of the body work: abs, legs, buttocks and even arms. Such a complex load is good for both beginners in fitness and experienced athletes. If we compare the ellipsoid with other cardiovascular equipment, then it surpasses everything in terms of the effectiveness of training.

It is necessary to remember and apply the correct technique for performing movements on an elliptical trainer. How to exercise to lose weight? The range of motion should be as complete as possible, no need to be lazy and give yourself indulgences. It is better to perform fewer movements per minute, but they will be correct and will allow you to provide the muscles with maximum load. Avoid sudden jerks: try to perform all movements as smoothly as possible, otherwise you can pull the joint or damage the tendon. The back should remain as straight as possible throughout the workout, you cannot slouch and press your head into your shoulders.

You need to monitor your breathing: try to take the deepest possible breaths, exhale all the air from your lungs. You can not hold your breath. this provokes a heart rhythm failure.

The simulator can be used in several modes:

  • classic walking;
  • reverse walking;
  • inclined walking;
  • sedentary walking.

Orbitrek (elliptical trainer) Sportop (E350 LCD)


Orbitrek (elliptical trainer) Sportop (E350 LCD) is designed with the latest technology in mind. Suitable for fitness club and home use. Withstands a continuous training load within 4 hours a day, it is recommended to start the next workout not earlier than after an hour of rest of the simulator. Designed primarily for the active study of the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Regularly exercising on it, you can lose weight, strengthen muscles, and become more enduring. The convenient and easy-to-use LCD display shows: speed, time, rpm, distance, calories, heart rate, watt, room temperature, clock, graphic profile of the workout. The software module has 12 built-in programs. The load level for each program is adjustable within 16 positions. Has heart rate monitors to monitor your heart rate during exercise. Comfortable handlebars and large non-slip pedals make your workouts comfortable. Equipped with floor uneven compensators and transport rollers, making it easy to rearrange it to a convenient place. Made in a modern sporty style. ergonomic, functional design.

  • electromagnetic type of loading;
  • power supply via adapter (220V);
  • for a fitness club / for home;
  • high build quality;
  • ergonomic design;
  • modern management console;
  • LCD display;
  • manual adjustment of the load level;
  • heavy flywheel;
  • step depth adjustment;
  • sensory heart rate monitors;
  • test for the state of the heart system / recovery function;
  • Body Fat Test function. fat analyzer;
  • the possibility of interval training;
  • multi-position handles;
  • does not add up;
  • transport rollers;
  • floor uneven compensators.

Trainer type: orbit track;
Load type: electromagnetic;
Load regulation: manual;
Step depth adjustment: 43-56 cm
Q-factor: 9.5 cm;
Flywheel weight: 12 kg;
Frame type: does not fold;
Display type: LCD display;
Display readings: speed, time, rpm, distance, calories, heart rate, watt, room temperature, clock, graphic workout profile;
Interval training options: 10/20, 20/10, MAX;
Number of programs: 12;
Load levels: 16;
Dimensions in working position: 1, 27×0.91×1.68 m;
Maximum user weight: 120 kg;
Exercise machine weight: 95 kg;
Color: dark gray.

Manufacturer: Sportop.
Sportop is a world famous brand of the American-Taiwanese corporation IVIVA International Corp., a manufacturer of high-quality fitness equipment for home and light commercial use. Today, Sportop is primarily top-end cardiovascular equipment: orbit tracks, exercise bikes, steppers, rowing machines, treadmills for home and small clubs. All fitness equipment of this TM is characterized by high quality, original design and reasonable price. Sportop exercise equipment has been a success among Ukrainian consumers for several years. Buying an orbit track or treadmill from this manufacturer is a good investment for many years.

The main advantages of the Torneo simulator

  • The number of load levels. up to 8.
  • Mains supply.
  • Weight. from 30 to 50 kg.
  • Average step length. 330-450 mm.
  • Standard sizes 130 x 57 x 146 cm, 140 x 60 x 157 cm, 166 x 63 x 162 cm, 159 x 63 x 162 cm.
  • Maximum user weight. 100-130 kg (depending on the model of the TORNEO elliptical trainer).
  • Data displayed on the built-in LCD monitor. workout time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned, trainee’s heart rate, room temperature.
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Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical trainer is another popular cardio trainer for the gym. Today he has many of his fans. The advantage of the ellipsoid is that during training, not only the legs are loaded, but also the upper body: arms, shoulders, chest, back.

The essence of training on an ellipse is simple. it is as if you are walking up the stairs, but at the same time you do not touch the ground. A kind of “air ride”. The task seems elementary, but we assure you that after half an hour of such a workout, seven sweats will come off you.!

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A few rules for training on the orbit track:

Restoration exercise machine. Elliptical Machine Restoration

  • Adjust the resistance you want for a moderate pace of walking. Walking briskly without any resistance won’t do you much good.
  • Don’t just walk on an ellipsoid, but use the strength of the upper limbs.
  • It is better to train in intervals: load your arms for one minute, put the entire load on your legs for four minutes. Follow this principle throughout your workout.
  • Use the workout programs installed on the simulator computer.
  • Move the simulator not only forward, but also backward. This will put a lot of stress on your hips and buttocks.

Choosing Svensson Body Labs

Before you start choosing an orbit track, you should familiarize yourself with all their varieties. It is also worth noting that various types of ellipsoidal simulators differ in cost. They are divided into several types: magnetic, electromagnetic and generator orbits.

Magnetic elliptical trainers are mid-range. Their work process is based on magnetic action. There is absolutely no noise during operation.

However, if you want to purchase a powerful simulator, in which the load is distributed as accurately as possible, you need to pay attention to electromagnetic models. Their principle of operation depends on the data set by the user on the screen of the mini-computer, on which it is possible to select the appropriate step intensity, distance and duration of training.

The generator version of orbitrecks combines all the advantages that the two above types have. They do not make any noise at all, have a quick reaction to the task assigned to them, and it is also very easy to select the appropriate load level in them.

When choosing an ellipsoid trainer for home use, do not forget to pay attention to what kind of setting it has, manual or programmed. Manual configuration is considered a basic option that suits almost all users. And the ellipsoid trainer, which has a programmable setting, will be an excellent solution for every user who is accustomed to frequently changing the parameters of his workout.

It is also perfect for young and progressive athletes who, even during training, want to use only innovative technologies.

What are the advantages of training on an ellipse?

  • muscles of the whole body are strengthened: thighs and buttocks, as well as arms, back and abs;
  • due to the “air” movement, the load on the ankle and knee joints is minimized;
  • you can shift Accent to certain muscles by changing the posture and direction of movement;
  • during training, a large number of calories are consumed, fat is burned perfectly;
  • regular exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Torneo Elliptical Trainers

Torneo is a brand of exercise equipment primarily for home use. Torneo simulators are very popular in Russia. In 2012, Torneo received the Product of the Year honorary award in the Training Equipment category. The production of Torneo simulators is concentrated in Taiwan, which allows them to significantly reduce their cost relative to other brands. The quality of the Torneo simulators meets the requirements of the European standard. Warranty for all simulators for 2 years, and separately for frames 5 years.

Elliptical trainers for home TORNEO train the muscles of the arms and legs, make the abs more prominent, and strengthen the heart muscle. All that is needed for this is to select a suitable program and press the “Start” button.

Svensson Body Labs Elliptical Trainers

Svensson Body Labs Comfortline elliptical trainers are mid-size high-tech rear-wheel drive magnetic and electromagnetic ellipsoids that incorporate a host of state-of-the-art innovations. The frame design is based on body-Fit ™ biovector technology, which provides optimal positioning of the arms, legs and torso in relation to the pedals and handles. At the same time, the system is balanced for a user of almost any body size.

Oversized two-position anti-slip pedals will help you find the most optimal position during your workout. The distance between the pedals (the so-called “Small Q-Factor S.Q.F. ™”) is only 19 cm. one of the lowest values ​​for a rear wheel drive ellipsoid. The lower this value, the more the training on the simulator is closer to the natural movements during running.

The drive system is a complex complex of various mechanical and biomechanical solutions. For the smoothest glide at all load levels, the SpinMaster EMS ™ A-class electromagnetic loading system, the body-Glide ™ 3-piece extended radius disc pedal assembly (stride length up to 46 cm), and a balanced flywheel with an inertial weight of up to 22 kg.

The training computer is represented by a multifunctional color LCD display with a diagonal of 14.5 cm. The software package includes up to 12 preset programs aimed at training speed qualities, endurance, strengthening the cardiovascular system and losing weight. In addition to the preset programs, you can use the independently adjustable manual mode, as well as create your own program.

For heart rate workouts, there are 4 heart rate programs with presets of 55%, 75%, 90%, and 100% of your target maximum heart rate. The ergonomic function (watts) allows you to fix the required level of load. it will remain constant regardless of the pedaling speed. Upon completion of the workout, the Recovery function will assess the cardiovascular system’s ability to recover.

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