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Torneo Festa C-307

Reviews of Torneo Festa C-307

Advantages: The principle of the “golden section” is observed: the price-quality ratio is optimal.

Disadvantages: Indeed, sometimes a creak appears. When trying to find the cause, as usual, the creak disappears :)). Adjusting the load regulator requires some skill (similar to adjusting the clutch cable on a car)

Commentary: Regarding the length of the stride: Indeed, 31 cm, but this is provided that the pedals are fixed in the same way (for example, in the center). On the lower surfaces of the pedal bases (“skis”) there are three holes through which the pedals are attached and which are just intended to adjust the stride length. Distance between them. 2.5 cm.Thus, if, let’s say we fix the right pedal on the front holes, and the left one. on the rear ones, then, according to the laws of geometry, we will increase the step length by 2.5×2 = 5 cm. Here is the desired 36 cm, declared by the manufacturer (in fact, even 36.8 cm). In addition, such an arrangement of the pedals (when one pedal is in a neutral state in front of the other by 5 cm) allows you to take the first step absolutely effortlessly and start training with pleasure, and not with “overcoming yourself”.

Advantages:. Affordable at a price;. Strong, solid construction;. Convenient adjustment of effort;. Optimal stride length;. Very easy to practice, the result is not long in coming. the weight “melts” before our eyes. For six months of classes for 25 minutes a day (under your favorite TV series), the figure changes for the better.

Disadvantages:. The bullet on the computer was hidden far away;. Whatever creaks, I still lubricated all the units with oil for sewing machines when assembling. I even smeared the plastic covers around the perimeters with a cotton swab with this oil. And also the place where the base (6 screws) is inserted, the handles (2 screws each), between the pedals and the piece of iron I laid a thin, thin elastic band (I cut it myself). As a result, during classes, ABSOLUTE silence (the refrigerator seems to work louder to me), nothing creaks, and I did not have to remove any covers (all the same, they protect from dust).

Commentary: I highly recommend it, great thing. The main thing is to collect yourself, carefully, and lubricate each piece with oil (or grease).

Advantages: For almost a year of operation, it has not collapsed, this is with my weight of 130 kg! And when I was buying it was 150, they didn’t even want to sell it to me.

Disadvantages: no bearings. backlash in connections with all the resulting sounds. Added: As it turned out, it’s just the screws are unscrewed, do not lose the keys, they will still be useful to you. 🙂 And so the second year went, the flight is normal.

Commentary: I immediately screwed the middle rack onto the normal bolts with the grovers. Where the bearings should be (for normal models, but there the price is different) I missed the graphite grease. does not creak. 10 minutes a day turned out to be enough not to gain weight, in order to lose weight, you will have to exercise more and eat less.

Advantages: As already written, good for your money. It is convenient to choose the load according to your mood.

Disadvantages: Creak at the connection of the computer rack. Intuitively incomprehensible how the PC works on the countdown.

Commentary: I rebuilt, missed, sawed and bent nothing, because I rarely look at the PC. If you try to keep balance and back, then there is practically no squeak in the stock. As the back is tired, the redistribution of loads begins and a creak appears. I’ll try to grease the compound with grease. The creak will certainly not go away completely, but it will be heard less. A one-piece frame without joints is ideal. But this is a different kind of money. Slowly with a load of 5 at a speed of 18-20 km in half an hour, sweat hail to the heart at 130-140. Fast with a load of 1-2 at a speed of 25-26 km, the same result in forty minutes. The son is 8 years old so there are no squeaks on his weight. The mass is not enough to swing the stem. Leading a sedentary lifestyle, lower back pain appeared. Deteriorated blood circulation. I was very tired. From 30 minutes to an hour every two days, the problems went away. I also want to take a rowing boat to warm up and stretch my back. If the device works for at least 11 months, its money will fully work.

Disadvantages:. Is the tilt of the computer display designed for a person’s height of no more than 150 cm? with a height of 175, you have to squat significantly so that the numbers appear on the LCD screen the computer counts calories without taking into account the load, that is, just 28 calories per 1 km.

Disadvantages: takes up a lot of space ((

Commentary: Sister bought herself on March 8th. Practicing every day! Here is willpower !! lost weight decently (10 kg). Muscles are visible. I’m happy. He says that the simulator is very comfortable. And in terms of price. quality, so generally. Satisfied, in short

Pluses: It is worth the money. I turn on the music in the player and go. 60min for 20km.

Disadvantages: There is a squeak, but it is not critical. At the junction of the oars / handles with the pedals, the plastic box collapsed (problems in the bolted connection). Repaired.

Advantages: Looks good in the room, comfortable enough, handles, platforms, stroke 36 cm. How not like. Do not spend less of a move, you will regret it later. Selection of one of the parameters, large numbers.

Disadvantages: Alas, you will have to fight with a creak: the rack that connects with 4 bolts before connecting it well, coat with solid oil (this will initially remove one of the problem areas); second place-the left and right levers to the maximum. Where it is fixed with plastic washers on the sides, I recommend placing washers along the diameter of the rod (the rod is a couple of millimeters shorter, and therefore the plastic will begin to fasten against the plastic) I think you will have to disassemble and drill a hole, cut the thread in a round rack under the rod. To fix the stem tightly, aligning it perfectly. and then put the levers on it and, as I wrote above, through the washers, otherwise the stock is short. The platform for the computer had to be bent, see five to the bottom, since with the height of 1.74, the numbers are not visible (then cut off 1 cm of the platform itself, since the PC went to the side. soars everything, good luck. And do not expect that good luck will smile at you for that kind of money, and you will not have to redo anything. If you want it differently, then there are 2 options: change the country of residence, or 5-10 times more expensive to buy. But there will be no guarantee even then.

Comment: Oddly enough, I like the simulator, a jar of solid oil, a hacksaw for metal, a file, a drill, a rifling tool, a set of washers and bolts. In any case, you will collect, and this is the constructor by definition.

Disadvantages: The pulse is not showing correctly, but I don’t need it. Most accurately a finger on a vein and a stopwatch

Pluses: I bought it for my wife, I am satisfied and happy! An excellent purchase in terms of price. quality.

Disadvantages: If it is normal to assemble and lubricate well, there are no shortcomings.

Commentary: Very comfortable, compact, suitable for the whole family.

Advantages: Good simulator. Very comfortable to run, helping with your hands. Measures heart rate. Shows the temperature in the room. Design.

Disadvantages: I did not find any. He does not make any extraneous sounds.

Commentary: A great thing to go for a run without leaving your home.

Advantages: Mm, I don’t even know how to praise the simulator))) I twist, in general, pedals for my pleasure, thanks to him for that)

Disadvantages:. Something crunches and creaks there, but not strongly and not constantly, you can’t hear it at all to the music))

Comment: I took this wonderful simulator on Avito for five (or so), maybe there are a great many people who buy the simulator, but then it turns out that it is not enough time to do it, and it costs them dust, occupies a stupid place, and sell as a result, in fact, in a state of new. This is so, information for thought. The simulator comes with an instruction in which it is written that you need to do it according to a certain scheme. I tried it. did not like. I prefer to spin it at such a pace, as if I am rather relaxed skiing through the forest, or walking down the street. Then I can practice on it for at least an hour and at the same time not overload my heart and joints. And there is much more sense from such exercises than from short shock loads, as evidenced by aching muscles =) And, yes, the load on it is at a minimum, because I don’t want to pump up my muscles. but at the same time, do not forget why the simulator was bought and practice on it, choosing the most comfortable training mode for yourself, so that the look of the simulator does not inspire awe, but still the desire to run on it.

Pluses: Works quietly, smoothly. A large display that shows all the necessary parameters. The required load is easily installed. Nice appearance.

Disadvantages: Not found after several months of use.

Commentary: We chose for a long time and stopped at Torneo Festa C-307. There is not much room in the room, but the simulator fits well. Before we bought it, we practiced in the gym, the simulator there is much more than that, but this gives the feeling that you are not mincing. The simulator was assembled without any problems. Everything is simple and straightforward. I highly recommend it for homework.

Pluses: Value for money. practicality. Still, for that kind of money, the simulator is very useful, in demand and gives the expected result.

Disadvantages: 1. Workmanship. From the first day there was a noise in the flywheel. Later, when the load changes upward. the noise disappeared. Tapping appeared at the points of attachment of the hinge joints (footrest handles). In general, there is a feeling that the simulator is short-lived. 2. Actual stride length. 31 cm. Yes, drum diameter. 36 cm (maybe in the specifications this value is usually taken as the length of the stride, however, it must be borne in mind that the footpegs are attached to the drum not to the very edge and in fact lags behind by

2.5 cm. That is, the real value of the stride length. about 31-32 cm (measured personally). Hopefully when they indicate the length of 40cm. this is the very 40 cm that the legs make. My height is 180 cm. In general, the stride length at Festa is a bit small, but not critical (you can practice for 30-40 minutes without any special inconveniences). Tried Ketter. 39 cm, there were no inconveniences at all.

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Commentary: 36cm is a hoax and a Torneo promotion. I am sure that if there was a real stride length. 31 cm, the machine would not be so popular. Good simulators cost from 20 thousand rubles. While I doubt whether it is worth exchanging this copy (14 days from the date of purchase have not yet passed). I know that I will do it, and therefore I want a comfortable (39-40 cm stride length, smooth) and reliable simulator. I look closely at Care Fitness futura with a step of 39 cm and is very popular in Europe due to its practicality and reliability, as well as the Infiniti VG30. Infiniti seems to be a daughter of Care Fitness and the quality should be appropriate, but in Russia they appeared recently, plus, of course, the production of both China.

Pros: Of course, this is the price. Adjustment of pedals along the length of the axis. The simulator is relatively quiet. Optimal exercise machine load and number of functions on the display for home use.

Disadvantages: The display does not turn off, but is in standby mode. After a week of use, a slight creak appeared. According to the instructions, it is not recommended to use it below t10, i.e. loggia, balcony. The simulator must be out of reach of small children.

Commentary: In principle, I am satisfied with the simulator, I use it every day for 15 minutes, I walk about 5 km. The load is palpable, because I use the lightest load out of 8. I’m losing weight little by little, the muscles began to pump up 🙂 Very reasonable price, the number of functions on the display is sufficient: calories, pulse, distance, speed, number of pedals. The only thing that upset. it is the impossibility of storage and use on the balcony. Considering that there is nowhere to put in a one-room apartment with a small child, and it is dangerous because of the baby (my daughter immediately shows intense interest and tries to get into hers for almost a year and eight and get stuck somewhere), I nevertheless put him on the loggia Perhaps after this a creak appeared, which can be easily eliminated with grease. And also the batteries began to stick out of the monitor, so as not to “burn” it in vain. I am waiting for the warmth, so that my new friend would be comfortable there :). In short, I recommend.

Advantages: First of all, it is an affordable price, the design is also not bad, very clear and convenient to use.

Disadvantages: Of course, dimensions, but on the other hand, we all want to be slim and fit, without sacrificing anything, and we will have to sacrifice our own strength and square meter, but it’s worth it.

Comment: I have been practicing for about 3 months, I will not say that I have lost a lot of weight, but there are results, I see not only me, but also those around me. The gluteal muscles tightened, the leg muscles became more elastic, the “reserves” on the sides decreased significantly. I used to study every day for an hour, now every other day, I’m already used to it and I practically don’t notice fatigue. And about the squeaks in the simulator, the correct installation, and no problems. Recomend for everybody.

Disadvantages: Poor design and poor quality of components

Commentary: Creaks. Very much. Starting from 5 minutes of training and the longer, the stronger. Assembled in strict accordance with the instructions, with straight hands, the tightening is checked before each lesson. Diagnosis: due to the ill-conceived design in the connection of the rack, the metal heats up from friction, which leads to a terrible squeak. It is impossible to practice with such “music”.

Pluses: Excellent carido trainer! can be used as a regular bike, or as a treadmill if you use your arms as well. Only I can’t figure out how to adjust the pedal along the axis? it is very important that they stand farther from the front body, since the hands are more tense

Disadvantages: slight creak. But this is for many ell. simulators.

Commentary: The main thing is to distribute the load correctly. I recommend alternately eg. 10 minutes to turn forward, 10. backward. And so on, depending on how long the workout lasts. Excellent load on the cardiovascular system. In contrast to the same led. As an experienced person in drawing up a weight loss program, I recommend.

Disadvantages: A week later, he began to knock heavily (knocking on a vertical handrail), but the called again master, reassembled, tightened the nuts tighter and everything became normal. The levels of load (by feeling) differ little from each other. For me, that level 4, that 8. is almost the same. I did not reveal any other shortcomings.

Commentary: I really liked it. I can study on it for 40-60 minutes and watch a movie at the same time. Wonderful toy.

Advantages: Smooth running, quiet operation of the simulator.

Disadvantages: For my height (177 cm), the movable handrails would be taller.

Commentary: No creaks, no knocks, no falling apart. Collected by the delivery service. I train at minimal load for a few minutes at a time. I can’t take it anymore, I’m tired. The whole family, all acquaintances and friends who come to our home are engaged in the simulator. I like to use the reverse gear, they say it is even more useful.

Advantages: training efficiency, price

Disadvantages: 1. my display does not turn off from the screen, I have to remove the battery. 2. for the price. this is not a drawback)))

Comment: I bought myself on AVITO for 5000 rubles, I really wanted something more serious (flywheel 15 kilograms) and of course new, but I decided to first try it on a budget model, since I am not an avid athlete either, and it became like- it’s a pity. The purpose of the lesson for me is mainly weight loss (weight 65 kg). The first week immediately for 20 minutes. I couldn’t get through. Overpowered during the day about 10 times for 3-5 minutes. In the second week, I managed to easily walk 15 minutes without interruption. and went and went. For a month (more precisely 38 days) I lost 3 kg. without dieting. I practice for 20-25 minutes. in the evening, because I work during the day. If you follow a diet, you can throw off more. Classes are not at all tense, under the news or a movie. super! Recommend. (The flakiness of the structure was felt a little, but tightening the nuts tighter, (or bolts. I don’t understand) functions well).

Advantages: in my opinion, the optimal ratio of price and quality.

Disadvantages: The length of the step would be slightly longer, but then the price is already much higher. Once every two weeks I tighten the bolts so that there are no extraneous sounds.

Commentary: In general, the triplicator is good for your money, you shouldn’t take it cheaper. You can be more expensive, do not skimp. 2 times a month you have to tighten up. more than a year has passed. my wife and I use it. I used to be dissatisfied with the width of the step, now I’m used to it. The only thing is that I don’t fasten the plastic covers, since time and time have to tighten the bolts, the key is always at hand

Which is better. treadmill, bike or elliptical trainer

The treadmill is a traumatic ellipsoid that allows you to quickly lose weight thanks to intense cardio training. A weight loss bike is ineffective, but much safer for your joints. Orbitrek combines the advantages of both, while minimizing their disadvantages.

A type Benefits disadvantages
Treadmill Engages back and leg muscles at the same time The load on the knee joints, which makes the exercise traumatic
Cardio trainer trains the cardiovascular system and provides fat burning Contraindicated in people with varicose veins, heart disease or knee problems
Bicycle Its cost compared to a treadmill is low Less intense workouts compared to treadmills. To achieve results, you will have to train more.
People suffering from varicose veins, serious diseases of the spine, feet and joints can safely exercise on this simulator Bicycle is a highly targeted exercise machine that mainly engages the leg muscles
Elliptical Trainer The orbitrek uses several muscle groups at once: legs, arms, back It is extremely motionless and takes up a lot of space.
For weight loss, it is as effective as a treadmill Not recommended for people with cardiovascular problems.
During its operation, the load on the joints and tendons is minimal, due to which it has almost no contraindications

The best elliptical weight loss machine is the orbitreck. The treadmill also allows you to quickly lose weight, but it has contraindications. Exercise bike is the least effective, but it is suitable even for those with serious health problems.

Orbitrek which company is better to choose

  • Jorgen Svensson is a world-famous company that produces sports equipment for amateurs and professionals. It has two trademarks: AppleGate and Svensson Body Labs. The first is used to sell relatively inexpensive orbitracks for the home. Models in this series are of medium size and several load levels. The Svensson Body Labs brand is designed to sell professional-grade ellipsoids that have a high degree of reliability, an abundance of modes of operation and training programs.
  • Hasttings is a Russian company that produces sports equipment for home and fitness centers. The model range includes professional and amateur simulators. The firm is characterized by adequate, fair prices. Most of the Hasttings equipment is equipped with measuring instruments that allow you to track progress.
  • Proxima is a world-class manufacturer of sports equipment. The firm produces products with attractive designs. The company also makes Accent on ergonomics. Ellipsoids created under this brand are convenient in terms of operation and have a reliable design.
  • Spirit is an American company whose products are popular not only at home, but also in Europe. The company produces ellipsoids exclusively with front-wheel drive and uses unique solutions to improve products. For example, the manufacturer uses the Extra-Smooth technology, which minimizes the stress on the joints. Due to this, even people suffering from rheumatic diseases can use the simulators.
  • Oxygen. the model range of the company includes exercise equipment for both beginners and professional athletes. The company focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Most of the company’s simulators are equipped with pulse-dependent training programs, which does not harm health and increases the effectiveness of training.
  • Body Sculpture is a venerable company targeting the home power station market. The peculiarity of the company in question is a democratic pricing policy: in the model range of the company there are budget units with decent characteristics.

Fans of the Torneo brand are well aware of all the pros and cons of its products. According to ellipsoid users, the equipment of this brand is undoubtedly the most profitable from the point of view of purchase for novice athletes and those who have decided to go in for fitness. Functionality, availability of modern sensors for measuring pressure and heart rate, reasonable price, impeccable design. these are the main advantages for which the Torneo elliptical trainer is appreciated. Reviews also note the negative aspects of operating brand models. As a rule, criticism concerns the unsatisfactory build quality of the equipment, sometimes the discrepancy between the technical parameters and the official data and the short service life.

Model Premium

The most functional and attractive in its capabilities is the Premium simulator. It should be noted right away that the model occupies a middle niche between home units and equipment for professional use in gyms. The advantages of the model include the availability of ample opportunities for adjusting the operating parameters. In particular, the user has access to 3 levels of adjustment in stride length, and the height does not matter. the simulator is universal in this sense. And the maximum weight for operation is 150 kg. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the cost at which the given Torneo elliptical trainer is realized. The price of the Premium version in the most advanced configuration is 40 thousand rubles. For comparison: the Vento model is estimated at 10 thousand rubles.

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Vento Series

It’s worth starting the review with the Vento budget line. The simulators of this series have gone through many upgrades, but in all versions they retain a fairly wide functionality, convenient control and a magnetic drive, which allows them to work without a network connection. The features of the latest models in the series include the use of materials made using Ever Proof technology. This determined the high strength of the structure, capable of providing training for people weighing up to 110 kg. At the same time, the Torneo Vento elliptical trainer is quite conservative. It lacks advanced electronic controls, so anyone can easily operate it. But there is one limitation, due to the design features of the elliptical trainers themselves. The fact is that this type of equipment provides for the exact correspondence of the user’s parametric data to the design characteristics. In the case of Vento, it is worth considering the height restriction. the model is designed for people no taller than 165 cm.

The promotion of a healthy lifestyle directly affects the topic of exercise. For many people, high loads become the main problem in the transition to such training. Even an elementary running or squatting can exhaust the body in a short time. Cycle paths can be considered as an alternative, but the cost of quality equipment is quite high and not everyone can afford it. The way out can be the products of the company Torneo. an elliptical trainer that provides metered strength loads and is inexpensive compared to other types of similar fitness equipment.

Varieties of elliptical trainers Torneo

Torneo equipment attracts customers by offering almost the entire range of models and versions of cardiovascular equipment. This also applies to elliptical devices. They are usually divided according to two characteristics. the type of drive and the location of the flywheel. In the first case, two variants of simulators should be distinguished. These are models with magnetic and electromagnetic effects on the flywheel, which sets the resistance system in motion. Electromagnetic Torneo models are considered the most convenient, safe and reliable. The elliptical trainer of this brand is also offered in different configurations for the location of the flywheel. Mechanical base can be rear, front and center.

Smooth running and stability in operation of the equipment is ensured by rear-wheel drive devices. Models with a central flywheel are the most technologically advanced and, as a rule, have all modern electronic devices. As for the front-wheel drive devices, they are gradually leaving the Torneo family. An elliptical trainer of this type loses to analogs in reliability, ergonomics and functionality. Now it’s worth taking a closer look at the models of cardiovascular equipment.

Stella Series

The modification is also aimed at the mass consumer, although its cost is higher than the previous version due to some additions. One of the main differences is the ability to train people weighing up to 130 kg. At the same time, the dimensions of the simulator are quite modest, so it can be placed even in a small room. As for the drive, it is electromagnetic with a power supply of 220 V. At the same time, the Torneo Stella elliptical trainer is one of the most functional in its class. The user has 14 operating modes, including 5 pulse-dependent programs. To measure your heart rate during exercise, just look at the sensor in the handrail. Also, this model is convenient for those who are just starting to master cardio training. The fact is that it is very important for beginners to have a large load range. Stella, on the other hand, offers 16 load modes, allowing you to systematically increase the pace of exercises and the degree of exertion.

In the fitness equipment market today, you can find a huge range of models equipped with the latest devices for monitoring health indicators, as well as ergonomic controls. What makes Torneo products stand out against their background? An elliptical trainer from this manufacturer can be interesting for a wide range of training opportunities and an affordable price. So, if it is necessary at home to periodically perform a set of simple workouts for the lower muscle groups, then it will not be easy to find a worthy replacement for the Torneo models. Another thing is that for demanding professionals, perhaps, additional functionality will be superfluous, and the quality of the technical basis will come to the fore. In this case, it is worth taking a closer look at the offers of other brands.

Elliptical trainer Torneo Stella C-507

  • elliptical trainer
  • magnetic loading system
  • step length 40 cm
  • user weight up to 130 kg
  • LxWxH: 140x63x157 cm
  • built-in programs: 14
  • functionality: heart rate measurement

Reviews of the Elliptical trainer Torneo Stella C-507

Pluses: Almost everything! Compactness in particular.

Disadvantages: Creaks and staggers. But these are my crooked hands, rather (I collected it myself). Apd: no longer creaks or staggers. Tightened up some bolts. and voila: 3 (however, you have to do this periodically on the counter) There are no shortcomings, in general)

Comment: In general, he is cool) No matter how I pass by. and pulls to use it for its intended purpose. Who says that heart rate sensors do not plow. lies and provocation, they just need to be gripped tighter. Well, everything works for me as it should) And yet, in my opinion, for the height of 172, the pens are slightly low. Therefore, they mostly hang out idly, because otherwise you have to bend your back in order to reach. Or maybe I’m just doing something wrong.

Commentary: Repaired three times, eventually passed it. They wrote correctly about the pedal bolt, after 20 minutes of work it overheats and creaks terribly, already the neighbors are running around))) The console refused twice.

Pros: Relatively inexpensive, relatively compact, good loading system, and heaviest flywheel in its class. For the price, one of the best on-board computers.

Commentary: For its price, it is quite an adequate unit. It is clear that the plastic is “Chinese”, but the main sources of squeaks. joints of metal elements.

It is necessary to put the simulator on a flat, solid surface (no rugs!) And drive the simulator under load, if possible together, so that the second person listened to all sources of squeaks.

After a week of operation, I disassembled and abundantly lubricated the joint of the strut with the base, and the attachment point of the rear cross member (on which the flywheel stands) with graphite grease, after which I stretched all the bolts and the result to my face. for several months now, no squeaks in almost daily use.

It is not worth focusing on the readings of cardiac sensors 100%, because the only sufficiently accurate sensors are only those that are attached directly to the body (with a tape on the chest), but they are not included in the kit and support for such sensors is not provided. I don’t really use cardio programs, because I don’t see much sense in them, but for strength training there is a very good choice of programs, in addition, you can adjust the load manually.

Advantages: 1. Large range of loads with the possibility of automatic regulation depending on the set program. You can create your own programs. 2. Quite good ergonomics (if you do not take into account the movable handrails). Heavy flywheel (12 kg), the stride is optimal, the trainer is not shortened in length like some models. 3. There are cardio programs, but they are really good for them.

Disadvantages: 1. On the very first day after the purchase, I discovered that the pulse was incorrectly determined. Built-in cardiac sensors catch heartbeats every other time (seen by the flashing indicator on the panel), or even do not catch them at all, as a result of which the pulse always remains at around 60-70 beats per minute (or even disappears altogether). Cardio programs in this situation become completely useless. 2. Movable handrails are located far away, you have to constantly bend forward a little (gives an extra load on the back). I could not find a way to regulate this somehow. 3. On the third day, the simulator began to creak, and this despite the fact that during the assembly it was all oiled (to see somewhere something needs to be tightened or loosened, but I absolutely do not want to find out and do it). 4. The frame, albeit a little, but still staggers when moving left-right. It does not particularly affect the workout, but it spoils the general impression of the simulator. 5. The bolts are soft, you need to unscrew / tighten carefully, otherwise you can break.

Restoration exercise machine. Elliptical Machine Restoration

Advantages: Large and reliable, nothing creaks and no backlash Good programs, everything works clearly Big step, at step 30. it’s inconvenient with my growth

Disadvantages: I do not know how such a model was released at all.) Probably, they did not test it at all. We bought it bu, almost new. My height is 172, So, with my height I do not reach the pens at all! it is unrealistic to engage and hold on to them, you need to bend your back, but you can’t do that. In addition, a very wide set of pedals, after the first lesson for 5 minutes my thigh ached, an unnatural bending of the joint occurs. First, they did it. they put 3 (!) Wooden steps under the front pillar, so I was able to get to the pens. Then they decided to redo it. unscrewed the pedals, drilled the holes closer and shortened the distance between the pedals, there is room, Now I am doing it normally! hurray) but if a new model were bought, we would definitely have handed it back as unfit for professional use.

Advantages: I liked it, it feels like the whole body works

Disadvantages: the creak zadolbal. After all the chassis were disassembled and well oiled, and everything is perfect and without noisy a pleasure. but again, it takes time and man’s hands, so I couldn’t do it alone. without male help, not how

Comment: the body is saturated with oxygen)) cool

Advantages: 1. does what is required of him. It develops the heart, legs, arms, and probably removes the stomach, but the weight is not yet clear. is compensated by an increase in muscle mass on the legs and arms 2. there are training programs, which is nice 3. all sorts of indicators are cool, although you understand their entire abstraction

Disadvantages: Realization that this is a cheap model felt through the creak of all moving and rubbing parts. You persuade yourself for a while that there is no other model with such a flywheel and such a computer.

Commentary: In the end, you can’t stand it, you disassemble the entire simulator, remove all plastic parts, disassemble all rubbing joints and coat 1. all rubbing plastic parts with graphite grease or silicone. better than graphite. on longer zvatit 2. All metal with the appropriate grease type lithola, I used some kind of grease for velos. 3. you twist the connections so that there is no distortion. at first, due to the tightly tightened pedal screw to the flywheel, there was a blow for each revolution (something shifted stepwise)

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And that’s all. you can walk even at one in the morning. silence broken only by breathing.

Advantages: Low price Electronic load level

Comment: I was looking for an ellipse with a stroke of 40cm. Of the proposals in my city, only this one fit into a suitable cost (up to 20 thousand rubles). Kettler is both more expensive and a step less. In general, it suits, it is comfortable to study. There are no creaks yet.

Advantages: Beautiful simulator, looks “grown-up”, load adjustment through the menu on the computer, so a wide variety of all kinds of programs for running.

Disadvantages: AWESOME quality of construction and materials kills all advantages.

I noticed right away that you can safely score on the heart rate monitor. He shows some kind of pulse, but completely far from reality. Want a real heart rate monitor? Take a Kettler with a heart rate monitor on your earlobe. No other way.

It was not so. A day or two of training and the creak begins. In the place where the pedal is attached to the flywheel (which is on the left, which is on the right). As a result, you call the service workers, they come in a couple of days, conjure something, tweak it. and use it again. I mean, a couple of days again.

The reason for these constant squeaks is in the poor quality of materials in general and in the disgusting construction of the knots in particular. Especially for the flywheel-pedal ligament. In this simulator, as I understand it, in general, bearings are present only on the flywheel axis. That is, there are NO BEARINGS in the flywheel-pedal, pedal-lever and lever-front strut connection. Everything works on sliding friction (and the quality of materials, I repeat, none). That is, the Chinese saved on the bearing in the second most important place. fastening the flywheel pedal. AND THIS WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO! Because, like the flywheel itself, this connection makes a FULL ROTATION around the axis during the operation of the simulator (4000 revolutions per hour). Therefore, when working for more than 10 minutes, this unit gets very hot and fails.

As a result, several times they tried to repair this unit. Then they changed it to a new one (which also creaked after 20 minutes). And then I turned it in and bought a Kettler.

Elliptical trainer: how to choose the best

Among those who finally decided to take care of themselves, there are many not only beginners, but also people with certain, more often acquired health problems, and these problems are provoked by the very way of life, which is usually called hypodynamia. often it is overweight, problems with the back or joints, which are caused precisely by extra pounds, as well as problems from the cardiovascular system. Well, since most of these people came to a fitness club, it is important to understand what equipment you need to work on, so as not to harm your health, and get the result.

Fighting excess weight is a long process and requires compliance with a number of rules, one of which says: training should be regular. But in order to practice regularly, you need to understand what exactly. And since in this article I am doing Accent on the fight against subcutaneous fat, then we will talk about the so-called cardio zone, because it is in it that tens of kilograms burn. The main thing is to train correctly and choose the simulator that will be effective and safe for you.

Slimming and slimming equipment

As a rule, the cardio zone is represented by a number of equipment: treadmills, elliptical trainers, horizontal and vertical exercise bikes, and a rowing machine. Let’s start in order.

Treadmill. Running is the most physiological and natural form of movement for our body, but most importantly, the most effective type of cardio training. For a 45-minute session, you can burn up to 500 kcal. That is why treadmills represent the lion’s share of cardiovascular equipment in any fitness club. But there are a few nuances here.

Firstly, unlike normal running, a motor runs near the track, which pulls the treadmill back (during the exercise, you move your leg only forward on your own, the simulator does the rest for you). So, compared to regular running, the effectiveness of the exercise machine is lower. To compensate for this effect, many start to run faster, which is not always correct, or slightly increase the tilt angle of the simulator.

Secondly, the main disadvantage of running with excess body weight is that you can get a serious injury to the joints or spine, because during the lesson, a so-called shock load is created. This means that this simulator is prohibited for all people with a large body weight, as well as injuries to the joints of the legs or spine.

Elliptical trainers belong to the group of cardiovascular equipment. With their help, you can strengthen the muscles of the heart, improve blood circulation, get rid of shortness of breath. The user himself determines the intensity of the load, focusing on the state of his health and well-being.

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Types of ellipsoids

Types of ellipsoids: magnetic, magnetic with electronic regulation and electromagnetic (induction), mechanical

When choosing an ellipsoid for a home or a sports club, it should be borne in mind that simulators of this class are divided into three types: magnetic, magnetic with electronic adjustment, mechanical and electromagnetic. The main advantage of the former is its low price. Servo-driven magnetic and electromagnetic trainers cost an order of magnitude more, but they have a number of advantages that make the exercise a real pleasure.

Magnetically adjustable models are the simplest, most compact and cheapest. They do not require an energy source, which means they can be used in any conditions. Their only drawback is the lack of training programs. The load on such simulators is regulated with a round toggle switch. As a rule, it is located under the monitor, which shows the speed, movement time, distance traveled, kilocalories spent.

Magnetic ellipsoids are loaded with magnets on the flywheel. Depending on how the distance between the flywheel and the magnet changes, the resistance also changes, so the user can adjust his load.

The best magnetic grade elliptical trainers can be designed for both general and home use.

Bike And Elliptical Trainer Resistance

Electronically adjustable magnetic ellipsoids have excellent performance characteristics. They are equipped with a variety of training programs. The load is distributed by the servo (its task is to set the magnets at a certain level from the flywheel) and is regulated using the buttons on the monitor. Such models differ from simulators with magnetic adjustment of smoothness of movement. True, to work on them, you will need a 220V power grid.

Electromagnetic (induction) elliptical trainers allow you to more accurately and quickly set the load, which varies with the current strength. As a rule, such equipment is powered from a 220V network, but generator models are also on sale. The disadvantage of electromagnetic ellipsoids is the high price and small assortment. True, such simulators are not required for an ordinary user. They are used in rehabilitation centers where high load accuracy is important. In addition, professional athletes prefer electromagnetic elliptical trainers.

If we talk about the reliability of ellipses, then the type of the model does not matter. As a rule, low-quality simulators break and do not withstand the loads. Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to reliable manufacturers.

What are the ratings of elliptical trainers based on??

  • Ease of use;
  • Compactness;
  • Design;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • Stability;
  • Training load;
  • Quiet and smooth operation, no squeak;
  • Step length and its versatility for different users;
  • Additional functions;
  • Combination of quality characteristics and cost.

Depending on the load and the principle of operation, elliptical trainers are divided into the following types:

  • mechanical;
  • magnetic;
  • electromagnetic;
  • aeromagnetic or self-generating.

The latest simulators are relatively new. Their peculiarity and advantage is that they can work without additional power sources, only on the generator, which is already built into them. Such simulators are quite expensive, and they are rarely bought for the home, therefore, most often the rating of elliptical trainers for the home does not include them.

Types of elliptical trainers

Types of elliptical trainers: home, professional, semi-professional

Manufacturers offer three types of elliptical trainers: home, semi-professional and professional. The models in each group are matched with a number of advantages. Home exercise machines are more compact, some are foldable. They can be easily moved from room to room. However, such a simulator will not withstand the intense loads of gyms. It will fail quite quickly if it works 12 hours a day without interruption.

Professional ellipsoids are designed to withstand intense loads of hours. However, it is impractical to purchase such a simulator for the home. It takes up a lot of space, is heavy.

Semi-pro models are a successful attempt to find a middle ground between professional and home sports equipment. They are characterized by optimal weight and dimensions, resistance to intense loads, and reasonable cost. Such a simulator can be used both at home and in fitness clubs, where training on the ellipse is only part of the workout.


Mechanical ellipsoids are not very popular now, and they are produced in very limited quantities. Therefore, if you want to choose the best elliptical trainer, the rating advises you to pay attention to the Body Sculpture BE-5920X.

This machine is considered a classic among mechanical ellipsoids. Its advantages are the following:

  • The device is quite compact;
  • It is able to measure speed readings, calorie consumption and distance traveled;
  • There is a heart rate sensor on the handle;
  • Quite low cost.

But the model also has disadvantages:

  • The design cannot be called strong and reliable;
  • The simulator is not designed for a user with a weight of 100 kg or more; It works quite noisy;
  • There is no way to regulate the load;
  • The design is short-lived.

The drive belt can fail quite quickly.

Flywheel location and weight

According to the location of the flywheel, elliptical trainers are divided into front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. The trajectory of movement of such models is somewhat different, but it cannot be said that some are much better than others. An individual approach is important here. Tall people tend to find it more comfortable to practice on rear wheel drive ellipsoids. Choosing a front-wheel drive simulator, they should give preference to models with a step of at least 51 cm and a base length of 190-200 cm.Training on ellipsoids with a base length of 170 cm can cause knee pain.

Another important parameter is the weight of the flywheel. The larger it is, the better the inertia. However, most manufacturers today prefer to indicate not net weight, but its equivalent rotational mass. Some people even overestimate this parameter, for example, the flywheel of a 55 kg simulator cannot weigh 20-25 kg in any way. In this case, the reliability of the entire structure (primarily the frame) would be in great doubt. It should also be borne in mind that the necessary load can be created by an electromagnetic field. Then the weight of the flywheel does not matter at all.