Do-it-yourself waterproofing of the kugoo m4 pro electric scooter

How to choose the right model.

When choosing an electric scooter, you need to pay attention to its main characteristics, the speed and range of movement, as well as the convenience and comfort of operation, will depend on them. It:

  • maximum speed;
  • electric motor power;
  • battery capacity and voltage;
  • wheel size;
  • the presence of shock absorbers;
  • weight;
  • dimensions;
  • degree of protection of electrical equipment from moisture.


It is a very popular model among those who need to travel medium and short distances. The second, improved version of the first Kugoo. The engine voltage was increased to 36V, which increased the power to 350 W, now you can accelerate to 35-40 km / h. Maximum load. 120 kg.

The battery has an average parameters of 8.8 Ah, 36 V, 316 Wh, which allows driving distances up to 22-32 km, depending on the driving style. Charging time. 4 hours.

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Brakes: rear. mechanical and regenerative front.

Wheel size. 8 inches, 2 shock absorbers. This is an option for asphalt with slight irregularities, tiles and even primers.

The scooter folds easily to a very compact size, so it is convenient to bring it into the apartment and transport it in public transport or in the trunk of a car. Weight. 11 Kg.


Low-power, but very compact, reliable and inexpensive modification. an excellent option for leisurely trips on flat roads and sidewalks.

waterproofing, kugoo, electric, scooter

Super lightweight 8 kg foldable design, allows you to conveniently transport the scooter in any public transport and private car, as well as bring it to your apartment for storage.

Engine power is a modest 250 W. enough for leisurely trips on city roads and sidewalks, without steep climbs, acceleration up to 25 km / h.

We would like to especially note the proprietary Samsung battery with a voltage of 24 V and a capacity of 7.8 Ah. Using the regenerative braking mode allows you to travel a decent distance on a single charge. up to 20-25 km.

waterproofing, kugoo, electric, scooter

The size of the wheels is small. only 5.5 inches, it is only suitable for perfectly level roads and sidewalks. The front fork is equipped with a shock absorber that reduces vibration to the arms and spine for a more comfortable ride. Display available.

.3. Wheel size.

The larger the diameter, the better the softness, comfort and handling, but at the same time the weight and dimensions increase. Choose a diameter depending on the quality of the road surface you will be driving.

For perfectly flat roads, models with small 5-6 inch wheels are suitable, they are lighter in weight and compact in size, which affects the convenience when driving into an apartment and during transportation.

For driving on asphalt with slight irregularities, it is better to pay attention to the 8 inch inflatable options.

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10, or even better 12-inch inflatable modifications with shock absorbers, we recommend for bad roads and soil. 14, and even more so 16-inch options are rarely used, they are too large and heavy, it is inconvenient to bring them into an apartment of a multi-storey building and transport them. Although, if the road is completely bumpy, then 12 inches may not be enough, do not forget that the wheel is not able to overcome a hole half its diameter or more deep. Also remember that heavy vehicle weight not only interferes with portability, but also increases battery drain.

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.1. Maximum speed, engine characteristics.

The speed that a vehicle can develop, as well as the dynamics of acceleration and the ability to overcome long climbs, largely depends on the rated power of the engine. This parameter is always displayed in the technical data sheet. Sometimes the maximum power is also indicated, it is always higher than the rated one and displays the ability of the motor to work with overload for a short period of time.

For adults of average or light build, in most cases, you can recommend a medium-power engine, about 350-400 W, it will allow you to accelerate to 35-40 km / h on the plain. In this case, comfort and confidence are felt. At higher speeds, a sense of confidence and security is often lost. You can go up the hill, of course, not so fast.

If you are not afraid of high speed and plan to drive fast, 45 km / h and faster, as well as if your weight is above average, for example 100 kg, you will need a powerful motor. 500 W or more. But, such an engine does not always guarantee a fast ride; sometimes, for safety reasons, the maximum speed is limited by the controller. So, always pay attention to the maximum speed. On the other hand, a powerful motor always guarantees excellent acceleration dynamics and easy overcoming of long climbs.

For a leisurely ride on flat terrain at a speed of about 25 km / h, a 250-300 W motor is enough, of course, the speed will decrease uphill. Of course, this option is not suitable for heavyweights.

The maximum speed indicated in the characteristics is calculated for people of average build (75-80 kg), flat terrain and smooth asphalt. Please note that it will not always be possible to accelerate to the specified value, especially for heavyweights and uphill. The exceptions are those cases when the motor is powerful enough, and the maximum speed is limited to a relatively small value (for example, 28 km / h), then you can accelerate to the specified value almost always.

Electric scooter KUGOO M4 Pro 17 Ah

  • electric scooter for adults
  • wheel diameter 254 mm
  • maximum load 160 kg
  • maximum speed 55 km / h
  • folding
  • 45 km without recharging
  • motor power 600 W
  • 23 kg
  • shock absorber, foot brake, hand brake, disc brakes, footrest, inflatable wheels

Reviews of Electric scooter KUGOO M4 Pro 17 Ah

Advantages: Motor-wheel 600 W, powerful battery, key switch, gander.

Disadvantages: A bit heavy, in my opinion. Although I understand that it is hardly possible to do it easier.

Commentary: Preparation required. it is obligatory to broach all connections. lubrication of cables. Waterproofing is highly desirable. Speed ​​with my weight of 90 kg. 45 on board PC. This is the maximum. Rides quite smoothly compared to city scooters. In general, I am personally satisfied.

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Pluses: Good speed. powerful engine, not particularly picky about good roads. capacious battery. enough charge for about 40 km. the exterior design is interesting too. high seating position due to 10 inch wheels. easy to operate.

Disadvantages: The collapsible steering wheel has a tendency to make noise when driving. more weight than any bike. although for me this is not critical. a 17 amp / hour battery will become fully charged over 8 hours. The fastening should be checked from time to time. the bolts are mainly designed for a hex wrench. not the most successful idea (it is easy to break the edges). The front headlight does not shine brightly enough. probably in order to save battery power.

Commentary: Good technique. I don’t regret buying.

Advantages: It is worth every ruble. And benefit and pleasure.

Disadvantages: You need to stretch all the nuts before leaving, kmk, on Halten you also need.

Advantages: An excellent scooter for smooth roads, travel on a single charge of almost 50 km, good speed, up to 50 km / h, fast acceleration dynamics,

Disadvantages: Heavy, 25kg, long charging time 8.5 hours, lack of waterproofing, no shock absorption, sluggish weak brakes, endless backlash and gaps, weak and low-light head light,

Commentary: The scooter needs to be finished and finished for extra. money, and this is another 5-8 thousand. ₽, and then twist it yourself and stretch it in a circle, well, there are a lot of problems in the electrician

Advantages: It is well controlled, it accelerates decently and the range is quite good.

Disadvantages: Noisy charger, build quality

Commentary: Well, about the fact that it is necessary to pinch it right after the purchase has already been written more than once, but it is still not bad to disassemble the rear shock absorbers and fill them with grease (when I opened the aluminum shavings, there was just a spring in the casing). With my great weight 120kg, it boldly stretches me 30 km around the city. Good apparatus

Advantages: It drives 40-45 km, the range of a scooter is usually the most important thing, and the speed of 40-45 km is also a very good performance for its price!

Disadvantages: There are plasticine moments that are generally corrected. Somehow I wound up sideways, touched the cord, I had to re-solder both the wheel and the controller, it is too poorly protected. Not even protected at all.

Pluses: Good device. It is comfortable to drive on it, but first, of course, you have to push through everything and it is advisable to miss the deck with silicone. I am very happy. he took me to the hospital and back three times a week. Faithful Horse

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Disadvantages: But. I passed it after three months (((the battery is dying and now he is barely carrying me, my weight is 69 kg. I barely and the acceleration is weak.

Commentary: But I love him very much and gave him the name-Cookies

Pluses: great, city scooter

Disadvantages:. Build quality. It has become better, but it is still necessary when buying. immediately lubricate everything, tighten, seal, check for squeaks, cuts on the seat, and so on. I bought one scooter like that. squeaks like a cart, nothing helps, I immediately changed it from the seller for another one, not squeaky. On the changed one, however, I then noticed a shaggy cut on the seat, i.e. small marriage seat. Check carefully when buying, all scooters are assembled at the factory a little differently, but you can choose a solid one for yourself when buying, with due care Headlight light, as for me. none at all (for example, a flashlight from a phone for 15t.r. is radically brighter and shines farther). So the headlight. so that you could be seen, but not that you could see something. You can ride like this at night, but with certain restrictions. For fragile young ladies. the scooter at first turns out to be the cause of bruises, abrasions, muscle pains, etc. For smart young ladies of any age. everything is fine There is no alarm on the KUGOO M4 Pro New 2020 version. It’s not cute.

I strongly recommend, if possible, not to leave in parking lots / in entrances, but to carry with you. It is not that difficult and cumbersome. Nowadays, light vehicles are being hijacked with amazing efficiency, I am already tired of buying bicycles. all stolen, all locks bite / open in a matter of seconds. Especially here at the entrances of the metro in the bicycle parking lots under the cameras: leave there. it’s like giving. I took a lock on the scooter, I’ll also take a GPS tracker, but I understand that all this is more likely to calm down.

If you are going to buy a rear-view mirror (useful for safety, when driving on roads), take only convex ones, a kind of “fisheye”. Plain mirrors, flat. rather for scooters, mopeds, etc. suitable, not scooters.

You should always get a service. moisture insulation. Want to save money. do it yourself, on YouTube there are videos about that. This is a common recommendation for the vast majority of electric scooters.

Phone holder for steering wheel. very convenient, sooner or later you will still take.