Do-it-yourself bike roof mount

Do-it-yourself bike rack on the car roof

To buy a bicycle rack was strangled by a toad (it is from 3.5 apiece and that two for 7 from tysh.) So I decided to make it myself from what it was. And there was a corner of a forty and 18 mm reinforcing bar. To this I bought 16 body washers 12×35 15 pieces, bolts M12 × 30 3 pieces with a head for an internal hexagon, nuts with M12 nylon 3 pieces, 4 bolts M8x30 also with an internal hexagon, 4 ordinary M8 nuts, and a squeeze for 2-inch pipe.

To begin with, I took a corner 40 and cut it lengthwise so that a bicycle could fit on it with wheels. Then he welded two corners to it so that they stood on the crossbars of the trunk of the car

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further to the front corner welded eyelets (made from the same corner)

then he took the purchased squeegee, cut off the threaded part from it, cut it in half lengthwise, and welded the folded 3 washers to one of the parts

then I collected the whole structure and grabbed it.

ears welded to the pipe halves, and on one side of the M8 nut

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after painting all the elements I assembled the structure

so that the frame does not scratch in the halves, I put the cut pieces of the car camera (it will be necessary to glue them later, otherwise they tend to fall out during installation. Then I put it all on the car.

fastened to the trunk with M8x45 bolts (previously purchased with a strength of 10.9)

when the bike is swinging, the whole machine is swinging. so the structure is sturdy. The tests have already been carried out, drove 10 km along the roundabout and 7 km around the city. It remains to do the second and you can go. In time, the truth was spent almost the whole day, although at first I thought to keep within a couple of hours)

Yes, many will be interested in whether or not it is necessary to fasten the rear wheel, I did not describe this moment, as I thought it was a matter of course. For now, I just fastened it with a rope, but there is no photo because when it was fastened it was already raining quite heavily and what kind of pictures are there. In the future, I will probably buy a long Velcro so that I can wrap it in several turns and fix it.

  • 2. About the weight. It’s actually not that big. The weight of the steel angle 40x40x4 is only 2.42 kg / running meter. for me 2 meters we will consider 5 kilos, reinforcement with a diameter of 18 mm. 2 kg / r.m. I have about a meter (two pieces of 50 cm each), well, let the rest be another kilogram, all together it turns out to be only 8 kilos, which is not so much for me. It’s clear that aluminum is lighter, but

Roof mount

An even more secure mount is available, but you need a welding machine to make it. The output will be a device that is practically no different from the purchased one. The assembly is carried out in the following order:

  • A corner (40 mm) is taken, cut to a length equal to your bike. This will be the foundation;
  • 2 pieces of the corner are welded to it. This is done perpendicularly. As a result, they must be on the trunk of the car;
  • The eyes are welded to the corner, which will be in front;
  • We take a squeegee from the pipe, suitable in diameter. The threaded parts are cut off from it, after which they are cut into 2 half-cylinders;
  • A thick washer is welded to one of the halves;
  • The structure is assembled for the first time, while the rods are lightly welded to the pipe with a washer;
  • The rods are removed, after which their connection to the pipe is carefully welded. This is an extremely important part of the job. The reliability of fasteners depends on the quality of welding in this place;
  • We weld the ears to the halves of the pipe. Holes are drilled into them for an M8 bolt. This will be the main bike rack;
  • We paint all the elements;
  • Putting it all together. The bar is attached to the main frame with bolts that act as an axle;
  • We glue the pipe halves from the inside with rubber;
  • Trying on a bike. If everything is assembled correctly, then you can install the mount on the machine.
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After installing the structure, you should test it. To do this, we install a bicycle on the car. It attaches at 2 points. The frame is placed in the tube and fixed. We strengthen the rear wheel with an elastic band designed for securing luggage.

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Many outdoor enthusiasts are interested in how to make a bike mount for a car with their own hands. After all, not everyone has a roomy crossover, in the trunk of which a bicycle can easily fit. You can fit a bike into sedans and hatchbacks only partially disassembling it. Which is not always convenient. Getting to the place of skiing by bike is not always possible. Many mountain trails can be hundreds of kilometers away. In this case, the use of special trunks for transporting two-wheeled vehicles helps out. There are a lot of options for solving this problem, your task is to choose the most optimal way.

Mount types

How to make a bike mount for a car with your own hands? To answer this question, it makes sense to first figure out what the existing types are:

    Tow bar. In this case, the mount is fitted to the hitch. This option is only suitable if a towbar is available. It does not affect aerodynamics, while it can hold up to 4 bicycles. They are closing the state. number. This may raise questions from traffic police officers;

The simplest mount

To do this, you will need to make a simple rack, but aimed at placing bicycles on it. To create such a device, you will need the following things:

  • Aluminum pipe of suitable diameter;
  • Aluminum corners;
  • Boards 20 mm.

For work, you need straight arms and the presence of ordinary arches on the roof of the car. Pipes are attached to them. The easiest way to do this is to use wing nuts and bolts. Angles are attached to the pipes perpendicularly. It turns out to be a rather rigid structure. Already on the resulting frame, boards are applied and fastened. The mount itself is ready. You don’t need any special skills to make it. Of the tools, you only need an angle grinder and a drill.

The bike is installed with the wheels up. The steering wheel is secured with muffler clamps. For greater reliability, you need to fix the saddle as well. This is done using a luggage rubber band. The only drawback of the design is the increased noise of the car while driving.

Mounts overview

The Fara Brio mount will cost you 1,500-3,000 rubles, depending on the completeness and model. The bike is fastened by clamping the frame in a clamp. Depending on the version, an eccentric or a screw is used for fastening. It can be made of steel or aluminum. Can be installed on any type of cross member. This option is easy to operate. The bike is mounted vertically. There is an anti-vandal lock.

Thule Xpress 970 can be distinguished from the towbar mounts. These mounts can cost about 10,000 rubles. But, the high cost is justified by convenience. You don’t have to drag your bike onto the roof. Also, you can install several bikes on it at once. This greatly reduces the disadvantage of this design. The attachment to the towbar is simple and reliable. You should not be afraid that bicycles will fall off the car as you move. Lever lock used. This allows you to minimize the time it takes to attach the bike to the car. Anti-theft protection is most often achieved by using special flexible bike locks. Some modifications have integrated locks.

Now, more and more often you can find cars with a standard mount. It is located in the place of the towbar. Pulls out when necessary. You can see such a device, for example, on Opel models. It is comfortable and looks quite aesthetically pleasing.

There are also various options for mounting on the rear of the vehicle. You can buy such mounts within 7000-12000 rubles. The cost depends on the car brand. When buying, pay attention to the shape of the trunk, the choice of fastening depends on this. The disadvantage of this design is the problem with access to the trunk. In most cases, the mount has to be removed, which is not very convenient.

Towbar bike mount

The need to buy an outdoor bicycle carrier for a passenger car often arises among fans of walking on two-wheeled vehicles in attractive corners of nature. It is even more interesting to do this not alone, but in the company of friends. Therefore, they show interest in means that allow transporting several bicycles (up to 4 pieces) on one car at once. There is only one technical solution here. fastening outside the car to a special trunk.

Types of fasteners according to the method of installation on the machine:

  • top carriage on the roof of the car;
  • hinged mount on the rear door (for station wagon and hatchback bodies) or an external spare wheel (jeeps, minibuses);
  • installation with support on a tow hitch (on a tow bar).
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A device with attachment to a towing hook consists of a support unit that rigidly fixes the entire structure to the towbar drawbar, as well as a bracket or frame on which the bicycles are mounted. For reliability, locks or clamps are provided to keep the load from falling. On expensive versions, additional lighting devices are possible, duplicating the rear lights of the car, if submerged bicycles cover them.

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Factory solutions of ready-made high-end bike racks are offered by the leading brands of this market. The Swedish Thule catalog contains more than a dozen models with different price levels, but even the cheapest versions of these devices cost from 350 euros, the flagship versions of Thule EasyFold XT 3. about 1000 euros. Therefore, the desire to make a bike rack for a car hitch with your own hands is understandable. Let the appearance be far from the corporate one, but this is quite possible.

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DIY drawing for making fasteners

To make a bike mount for a car towbar with your own hands, you will need:

  • welding machine;
  • drill with a set of drills;
  • angle grinder;
  • a few bolts and other fasteners;
  • hand tools for metal.

If all of the above is in a workshop or garage, you have a minimum set of skills in handling metal, then the work will not be difficult.

Select the type of device you want to repeat. They come in two varieties: platforms on which the wheels of the bike are fixed in the grooves, and suspension holders, where the bike frame clings, and the rest of the parts remain suspended.

Take a square steel pipe and a piece of metal sheet as a blank for a primitive hanging bike rack for a car’s towbar with your own hands. The design is just a V-bracket with raised horns that fit the bike frame. The only difficulty here is the support unit, with which the device is rigidly fixed on the towbar support ball or screwed in place of the ball.

The device is rigidly fixed on the towbar support ball

Compared to roof mount

The towbar mount offers advantages over the most common types of bike carriers:

  • The aerodynamics of the car does not suffer even when driving at a high speed at a decent speed. Fuel consumption does not increase much, there is no unnecessary noise, power loss.
  • The vertical dimension of the car does not change. There is no threat from habit of trying to drive under the low crossbeams of gates, garages, bridges with disastrous results.
  • Loading a bike on a low platform is much easier than placing it with outstretched arms on the upper tier.
  • access to the trunk is difficult;
  • the increase in size seriously interferes with reverse maneuvers;
  • more lateral swing of the load when driving over bumps;
  • the most serious disadvantage: the likelihood of problems with the traffic police due to the fact that bicycles block the visibility of lighting equipment and license plates.

Advantages and disadvantages of a towbar bike rack compared to other options

None of the ways to transport bicycles on an external suspension can be considered the best. each has its pros and cons. Compare the installation of a towbar rack with the other two solutions.

How to make a bike mount for a towbar with your own hands

The main problem with the rear bike rack is that the towbar should already be on the car. For large vehicles with permanently fixed spare wheels, transporting cargo on them will be a worthy alternative to installation on a towbar.

Seeing an unusual device on someone else’s car, a supporter of a healthy lifestyle will want to make a bike mount for a car on a towbar with his own hands. We will find out what it is for and whether it is worth taking on the work yourself.

Compared to spare tire mount

Due to the considerable weight of several bicycles together with the bracket (up to 60 kg), their installation on an external spare wheel is possible only on large cars with large wheel sizes.

  • spare wheel mounting is simpler, takes up less storage space, is easier to install and remove;
  • better control over the behavior of the cargo in high-speed maneuvers;
  • lower price;
  • a bike mount for a car with your own hands for a towbar is more difficult to make than a simple suspension for a spare wheel.
  • difficult access to the rear door when the spare wheel is resting on it. with additionally mounted bicycles, lifting will become impossible;
  • if the wheel is mounted on a side-swinging bracket, the additional load will quickly break the axles.

For large vehicles with permanently fixed spare wheels, transporting cargo on them will be a worthy alternative to installation on a towbar.

Roof mount

Back in the Soviet Union, this option for transporting bicycles was considered the most popular. An important advantage of this method is saving money, since such mounts are the cheapest. A secure mount is installed on the roof, allowing you to fix the bike vertically. The wheels are inserted into a recess in the metal profile, and then secured with strong, reliable clamps. Some additionally use ropes to improve reliability, but manufacturers guarantee that these are superfluous measures. High-quality mounts perfectly hold bicycles without any unnecessary attachments. There are different types of roof bike racks, among which the following are popular:

  • for the frame (reliable mounting option, but you can scratch the car);
  • for the fork (you need to remove the front wheel);
  • behind the wheel (the bike is transported upside down);
  • per pedals (a reliable method rarely used today).
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Spare wheel mount

Another good mounting option is installing the trunk on the spare wheel. This option is only possible with vehicles such as:

  • off-road vehicles;
  • crossovers;
  • minivans;
  • minibuses.

The fastening is revised due to the use of special slings and brackets. In the event that the luggage compartment has a special bracket or opens to the side, access to it will not be disturbed. Naturally, very frequent door openings can lead to failure of the hinges, as they may not be able to withstand the increased weight. In the event that the tailgate opens vertically upwards, you will need to remove the entire structure from the spare wheel to enter the luggage compartment. Otherwise, the mechanism will simply not lift the entire load.

Towbar bike rack

It should be noted right away that this method of transporting bicycles by car is the most expensive, but if you already have a towbar on your car, it can be an excellent solution for transporting two-wheeled vehicles. Also, this option is the most aesthetic and simply convenient. 3-4 bicycles can be installed on the towbar at once. This mount is suitable both for large groups of friends and for family trips. Aerodynamics when riding a bike on a rooftop at high speed does not suffer at all.

Mount types

You can find many different bike rack options on the market today. First of all, the fastening differs in the method and place of fastening. in total, four options can be distinguished:

  • hitch;
  • roof mount;
  • on the back of the car;
  • on the spare wheel.

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About transporting bicycles by car

We note right away that transporting a bicycle in the trunk of a car is not a good idea for two reasons:

  • It’s just awkward.
  • You can damage the frame or wheel elements, stain the bike, scratch the car’s finish.

If you do not have a roomy crossover, you will hardly be able to shove your bike in the trunk at all. you will need to remove the wheels and handlebars, and this is unnecessary time and effort. You may face the same troubles if you try to transport a two-wheeled vehicle inside a car. In addition, you may even get injured if you brake suddenly. The best option is to buy a special bike mount for a car, which we will talk about.

DIY bike mount

A bicycle is a vehicle created for free people. If you are a bicycle owner and you are constantly on the move, you are unfamiliar with terms such as refueling and traffic jams. In some cases, the beginning of the planned route is far from home, and it turns out to be impossible to get to it without a car.

We will tell you about how to make a bike rack for the car roof and what options are there on the market at all? For those who know how to use ordinary household tools, it will not be difficult to install a ready-made or make a bike rack yourself.

DIY bike rack

If you have the basic skills of a carpenter, you can easily make a bike rack yourself. You can make your own towbar or roof mount. To do this, you need a metal profile from which the stand is created. You will also need the following materials:

If you want to make an attractive bike rack, buy additional metal paint to match the car body color. You may also need the following tools to work:

  • welding machine;
  • angle grinder;
  • drill;
  • drill.

You may not understand how to put the desired mount on the towbar. To do this, bend a metal sheet with a vise on both sides so that you get something in the form of a letter P. then take two tubes and flatten the ends like this. So that holes can be drilled in them and attached to the profile. We drill holes for future bolts, take a sheet of metal and cut two notches in it at a distance between the wheels of the bike. We advise you to measure it beforehand.

After that, you need to screw the curved metal sheet to the main stand and lay the profile on it. The tubes should be nailed in such a way that they encircle the bike frame. You should know how to do it better, since every car is different. You can experiment, set several profiles so that you can carry several bikes at a time.