DIY wall mount for a bike

Types of fasteners and their installation

So, currently there are the following types of bike mounts to the wall or ceiling:

  • special cabinet;
  • bike hooks;
  • racks;
  • shelves.

How to fix a bike to the wall with your own hands

Mount the bike to the wall for long-term storage

Bicycle mounting methods

Before choosing mounts for storing a bicycle, you should decide on the most convenient storage method for those living in an apartment. There may be several of them:

  • parallel to the wall. This method allows you to save space as much as possible and install a rack for two bicycles at once;

Mount the bike parallel to the wall

  • perpendicular to the wall. It is recommended to install the bike vertically if the apartment has a niche, storage room or enough free space. In other cases, the bicycle will be constantly touched by people passing by, and the vehicle will periodically topple over;

Fixing the bike vertically to the wall

  • to the ceiling. This is a way to save space in the room, but it is inconvenient when installing and removing the bike. It is not recommended to hang vehicles near windows, balconies and heating elements, as the paintwork may deteriorate.

Storing the bike by hanging it from the ceiling

Varieties and method of installation of the rack

Racks are special bike storage devices made of metal tubes. Such devices take up a lot of free space, therefore, as a rule, they are not used in apartments.

  • from one pipe;
  • from two pipes.

Any rack is complemented by hooks to hold the bike in one position.

Cabinet manufacturing and installation

The most convenient and aesthetically pleasing wardrobe is designed for storing a bicycle and other accessories: a helmet, knee pads, spare parts, and so on.

Special box for bicycles and other accessories

To make a cabinet, you will need to purchase:

wall, mount, bike
  • furniture shields;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • corners for installing shelves;
  • hinges for door mounting;
  • simplest bike rack.

Making a cabinet with your own hands is done according to the following scheme:

  • a drawing of a future piece of furniture is being developed. When developing a drawing, the overall dimensions of the bike should be taken into account;

Bicycle storage cabinet layout

3 Amazing Wall Mounted Bike Rack Invention Ideas

Selection and installation of bike hooks

The easiest and cheapest way to secure your bike is to use bike hooks, which are divided into two large groups:

  • hooks for horizontal hanging;
  • hooks for vertical hanging.

The wall mount for the bike in the form of hooks for horizontal storage can be one of the following types:

  • separate hook in the form of a staple. For secure storage, two hooks are installed on the wall, and the bike is suspended from the frame;

Individual wall-mounted hooks

  • hooks on the frame. This metal structure is characterized by ease of installation, versatility and ease of use. The design allows you to hang bicycles of different sizes without additional devices;

Mounting in the form of hooks mounted on the frame

Bicycle suspension device from the ceiling

Mounting hooks is straightforward. To install you need:

  • mark the location of the fixing bolts in the previously defined area;
  • drill holes;

Drilling holes for attaching hooks

How to make hooks for hanging a bike to the wall with your own hands, look at the video.

Storage shelf options

A unique aesthetically pleasing solution for hanging a bicycle in an apartment will be the use of a shelf that can be decorated in various ways (flowers, books, etc.).

  • for hanging the bike from the frame. A special recess is assumed in the design of the shelf, into which the frame is inserted. For reliability, the niche can be equipped with a hook or lock;
  • for hanging the bike by the seat. Such a shelf is less reliable than the previous design, but it can serve as an additional decor for the room.
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Bicycle rack with saddle holder

It is not difficult to make and install the shelf yourself. The shelf is manufactured according to a scheme similar to the manufacture of a cabinet. The shelf is mounted on special corners fixed on the wall.

Thanks to the simplest devices presented in the article, storing a bicycle in a small apartment does not cause any problems.


The dimensions of the shelf are determined individually, focusing on the dimensions of the bike and the wishes regarding its functionality

The dimensions of the shelf must be determined individually, focusing on the dimensions of the room, the bike and the wishes regarding its functionality. For example, you can place personal small items on the top of the shelf. To determine the dimensions, it is necessary to measure the following parameters:

  • The depth of the shelf depends on the distance that starts from the stem and ends with the end of the grip.
  • The size of the cutout is determined by the frame diameter, to which you need to add 0.5-1 cm.
  • As the size of the frame increases, the length of the upper tube and the width of the attachment increase.
  • The length should be about 60% of the total length of the bike frame. If you make it very long, then the bike will not fit well into the groove. The bike will not be secured well enough on a short shelf.

According to these dimensions, it is necessary to make a drawing of the future shelf.

The working process

We cut the board or plywood according to the drawing made. Do not rush to connect the parts together, for a start it is worth making a trial version of the fastening. Initially, you need to cut out the top wall for the future shelf and two side parts.

Before connecting the parts together, you should make a trial version of fastening

Draw a cutout for the frame in the side walls. To cut it out, you need to use special equipment (jigsaw), which will allow you to get an even cut corresponding to our sketch. The outline can be of any shape, but the beginning must be higher than the end. The subtleties also apply to the thickness, which should be the same along the entire length.

Now you can assemble your own bike wall mount. We glue all the parts together, having previously degreased them. The remnants of the glue must be removed immediately, before it begins to dry. Since it will be extremely difficult to do this later.

The top cover can be hinged or glued to the overall structure. In the first case, you get a box, and in the second, a shelf. Decide for yourself what is preferable for you. Next, you need to make holes for the fasteners. Do-it-yourself bike mounts on the wall in the form of a wooden shelf are ready. You can leave it like this, or you can work on the appearance and do sanding, cover it with wood stain and varnish.

How to build a DIY bike wall mount

The problem of storing a bicycle is relevant for every cyclist who has to drag his transport to the apartment. You won’t just leave him in the corridor or any place you come across? It will interfere, spoil the interior, and indeed, there are many options for equipping a special place for storing a bike.

The problem of storing a bicycle is relevant for every cyclist who has to bring it into an apartment

We already had an article in which we described in detail the methods, options and interesting ideas for storing a bicycle. But you must admit that it is much more interesting to do something with your own hands. It is this topic that our conversation will be devoted to.

Shelf mount

Of all the wall mounts available to the modern cyclist, the shelf option is the most popular. Let the cost of such a device seem too high, but you can do it yourself, while reducing your costs to a minimum level.

Preparation of materials

Before making a bike mount on the wall with your own hands, you need to prepare consumables and standard tools. We need:

  • Wooden board or plywood 1 sq. meter and a thickness of at least 1.5 cm. The choice of material must be approached seriously. It is not recommended to use fibreboard and chipboard, since the holder in this case will not turn out to be particularly reliable and after a while it may break at the location of the fasteners.
  • Good glue that is designed to work with wood.
  • Wood treatment products (wood stain, paint, varnish).
  • Fasteners in the form of bolts with washers.
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Other options

Simple bike mount on the wall

This bike storage solution has a number of advantages, it is easy to build and looks good. But on the shelves, the light did not converge like a wedge. Simpler structures such as hooks or brackets can be used to store your bike.

It is not difficult to make a hook for a bicycle on the wall with your own hands. It is necessary to decide on the desired design, choose the dimensions, prepare a durable material and give it the required shape.

Fasteners can be not only practical, but also decorative. Making a bracket for a bicycle on the wall with your own hands in the form of horns of wild animals or a bicycle handlebar is not difficult at all. But such a mount will definitely be unique and will cause the envy of your cyclist friends.

DiY Mountain Bike Wall Mount

There are many ideas for storing your bike. You can take any of them and try to do something similar. Even if you do not succeed, although we believe in you, no one canceled the benefits of negative experience.

How to fix the bike on the wall with your own hands? Mounting methods: with bicycle hooks, on a rack, on a bicycle shelf. Making a bicycle shelf. How to make the right bike mount: tips and tricks.

wall, mount, bike

How to make a headlight for a bicycle yourself? How to choose the right LED for your flashlight? The parts you need, how to assemble and mount on the bike.

How to assemble a bike mount on the car roof with your own hands? The most effective design in runet, time-tested. Step-by-step instructions for assembling a bike rack.


The most successful solution for those who decided to make their iron horse another piece of art hanging on the wall. They can be as simple, intended only for storing a bicycle, or multifunctional. for books, bicycle accessories and other small gizmos. By the way, you can do it yourself on the wall in the form of a shelf. you don’t have to have any special skills for this.


Typically wall-mounted with floor support. The racks may have additional hooks for a helmet, jacket and other bicycle accessories.

Ideal for apartments with several riders, as the upright rack can hold up to three bicycles at once. It is on such a mount that you can realize the idea of ​​storing a bike with a lock, because it usually stretches from floor to ceiling.


The easiest way to mount your bike on a wall. All you need to do is screw a couple of special hooks into the wall.

By the way, the vertical bike mount is implemented with this type. you install the bike between two rails and hang it by the wheel on the hook. Instead of hooks, you can use an unnecessary handlebar from a road bike, and if you have several of them, you can make a whole wall with bicycle accessories.

Types of bike mounts to the wall

Hanging the bike on the wall is not only an excellent solution for freeing up space, but also an original interior move. Numerous developments from well-known companies allow not only storing several bikes in a relatively small area, but also decorating empty walls. There are several types of wall mounts: hooks, stands and shelves.

wall, mount, bike

Types of wall mounts and tips for choosing them

Do you like to ride your bike, but don’t know where to put it? You don’t have a garage or a spacious hallway where an iron horse could be kept? Maybe you just leave him in a cramped hallway and constantly stumble, trying to get into the kitchen? Or is the bike chained to a battery in the stairwell, and you can’t sleep worrying about its possible loss? Many questions, but only one answer. it’s time to think about a wall mount for your bike.

There are three ways to mount your bike to a wall: 1. The frame is parallel to the wall. The bike is close to the wall, taking up quite a lot of space. It is advisable to hang it with the wheels down, so as not to strain once again, turning the bike over for the next ride. A very convenient solution for storing two or more bicycles.

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The frame is perpendicular to the wall. Takes up less wall space, but more space in the room. An ideal place for vertical mounting would be a corner behind the refrigerator, front door, gas water heater, etc. With this method of fastening, the wheels should be located against the wall, and the frame should be parallel to it. this makes it easier to drive the bike along the wall and fix the front wheel on the hook.

Ceiling mounting with hooks or bracket. The most efficient way to store your bike, especially in high-ceilinged areas. The bracket is more attractive because does not require much physical effort.

What to consider when choosing a bike mount on the wall?

The first thing to consider when choosing a wall mount for your bike is the material from which the wall is made. Different types of materials have different densities, so it is not recommended, for example, to hang your bike on a gypsum concrete wall. over time, such a mount can break.

The second thing to think about is how high the bike will hang. Ask a friend to hold the bike at different heights and see how it will be more convenient for you to walk by, and whether the whole structure will fit into the interior. The easiest way is to hang it close to the floor, but then it doesn’t free up space at all. If you hang the bike approximately in the center from floor to ceiling, then you can walk safely without touching the steering wheel, but you still have to bypass the pedals. In addition, a person with a fragile physique is unlikely to like to make extraordinary physical efforts every time to remove the bike from the wall.

The most rational and effective will be the wall mount under the ceiling. a lot of space is freed up, and the bracket system will allow you to raise and lower the bike without much effort.

How to make a wall mount shelf with your own hands?

To make a shelf mount, you will need:

  • a wide board made of natural wood or a plywood sheet of 1 sq. m, the recommended thickness is 1.5 cm. It is better not to use Fiberboard or Chipboard, because over time, such a shelf can break out of the mountings;
  • wood glue;
  • wood stain and varnish (optional);
  • fastening bolts with washers with which the shelf will be attached to the wall.

To determine the required dimensions for your future shelf, measure three parameters:

  • the distance from the stem to the end of the grip. this will be the depth of the shelf;
  • the diameter of the upper tube of the bicycle. this will be the size of the cutout;
  • the maximum possible shelf width. the smaller the frame size, the shorter the length of the upper tube, and the smaller the fastening width.

Depending on the size, make a drawing of the main parts.

Saw the board in accordance with the drawing and make a rough version of the box (but do not connect the parts together!).

Draw and then saw out a cutout for the top tube. It is better to do this with special equipment.

Now it’s time to assemble the shelf. Place all the pieces on the glue. Before using the glue, clean the surfaces from dust and degrease them. It is better to remove the remnants of glue immediately, so that in the future it does not interfere with the painting.

The top panel can be hinged to create a drawer, or simply attached to the base to create a shelf.

Drill holes for fastening bolts.

Now you can safely hang the shelf on the wall, or you can take the next step. sand all the surfaces of the shelf, paint them with a stain (you can use two colors) and varnish.

An option for making a simpler shelf can be viewed here:

A wall mount for a bike will be a great solution for parking your bike in a small apartment. over, this is not only an option for long-term storage (for example, in winter), but also for daily use, because the bike is so easy to remove and lift up again. What type of attachment to use is up to the rider himself, depending on the free space and his physical capabilities.