DIY three-wheeled bike


Before starting the installation of the three-wheeled device, it is necessary to make all the drawings and calculations.

Particular attention is paid to the following elements:

  • stability, it is necessary to correctly calculate the location of the rear wheels;
  • the height of the steering wheel and seat is calculated individually for each person, depending on the height;
  • purchase a rear axle with a differential, which will not only be responsible for comfort during movement, but also, on the advice of specialists, is necessary for bladeless driving;
  • calculate steering features, the device should not fall to one side when cornering.

Advantages of using a tricycle for adults

Most often, this type of transport is used for people of age or for those who cannot normally maintain their balance while driving.

The tricycle has the following advantages:

  • this type of device is suitable for absolutely any person, regardless of age;
  • the cost of the device is affordable;
  • each person will be able to independently make this type of device, while there is no need to spend a large amount of money and have special skills;
  • the bike is stable while riding, regardless of the type of road;
  • can be used for the carriage of goods;
  • considered safer than a two-wheeled device;
  • low frame is suitable for people of different ages.

Tricycle drawings

three-wheeled, bike

How to make a tricycle for adults with your own hands?

In order to make a tricycle yourself, you need to decide on the type of device, as well as what the product will be used for.

  • If it is a cargo bike, models with a large front rack should be preferred.
  • For cycling enthusiasts, a classic bike with two wheels in the back and a passenger seat in the back is suitable.

How to make an adult tricycle yourself?

The use of a bicycle as a vehicle is popular in absolutely any city. However, in some cases, you can find a tricycle for an adult.

Such a device can be made independently, while you just need to follow the recommendations of specialists.

Required tools and materials

Before starting work, you must prepare the following materials:

Tools that may come in handy for the job:

Step-by-step instruction

For the manufacture of a three-wheeled vehicle for adults, the following steps must be taken:

  • set the old bike on the support with the handlebars down;
  • remove the wheels;
  • check and eliminate possible damage and rust;
  • using an angle grinder, you need to remove the back of the bike;
  • using metal clamps, it is necessary to attach the differential;
  • secure the bridge with clamps. When looking at the frame, the bridge should be at a 90 degree angle, any deviations can lead to discomfort during movement and a short service life of the device;
  • fix the constituent components using a welding machine;
  • mount fenders on the rear axle that can be used from an old bike;
  • weld a basket between the wings, the size of which depends on the size of the bike;
  • install two wheels on the rear axle and check their parallelism;
  • install the front wheel and, if necessary, the wing;
  • place the bike on a flat surface and, using a level, check the correct position of the handlebars and rear axle to the frame;
  • the places tightened with clamps must be tightened;
  • using two bicycle chains, you need to connect and make one long;
  • install the chain by removing unnecessary links by grinding;
  • install the brakes, the most optimal solution is the choice of disc brakes. The brake lever is mounted on the steering wheel;
  • install a gearshift mechanism, the shift lever is mounted on the steering wheel;
  • check the quality of the assembled parts, if necessary, additionally process the joints with a welding machine;
  • cover the device with paint.

Many users prefer to have a small basket in front to store the bag, this allows them to free their hands while riding.

How to do it yourself?

So, if you decide to make a tricycle without a differential, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Dismantle the rear wheel fork, install the pre-prepared aluminum tube frame just below the seat;
  • An asterisk is attached to the center of the rear axle. From the front wheel, the drive goes to the driven sprocket of the rear hub. An additional gear sprocket is needed in order to rotate the axle shaft of one of the rear wheels;
  • Fixing the brake cables.

This is a classic configuration without a differential, in which the drive goes to only one wheel (most often to the right). Therefore, slight roll is possible when turning.

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How to make a tricycle

Until the child has learned to pedal and steer himself, a tricycle with a handle is chosen for him. For most models, the pedals are either removable or with locks; up to a certain age, they rather act as a support for the child’s feet. At the age of 2-2.5 years, children begin to show interest in pedals, they can already understand the sequence of actions. pedaling. driving, turning the wheel. turning. From this time on, the child can ride on his own, without the participation of his parents, cycling becomes an exciting activity for him, which will not soon get bored.!

Basic requirements when choosing a two- or three-wheeled friend for a toddler:

  • The seat should be comfortable and soft. a soft spring saddle is often chosen for a child;
  • It must be stable, comfortable and reliable;
  • It should not have unnecessary elements that could injure the child. The handles should be soft.

And if the choice of tricycles for toddlers is really great, then the choice of models for adults is very limited. But if you put in the effort and ingenuity, you can assemble a tricycle with your own hands. In addition to the right attitude and desire, you will need:

  • Bicycle repair tool kit;
  • Base. for example, an old bicycle with wheels;
  • Additional wheel, chain links, rear bushing with additional sprocket, set of brakes, clamps;
  • Rear axle with differential assy.

How to make a bike with a differential?

Oddly enough, assembling a tricycle for adults with your own hands with a differential is even easier than without it.

First of all, you need to disassemble the rear, remove the wheel, chain and disconnect the brakes. The assembled factory bridge is fixed to the frame with clamps.

The axle is driven into the rear wheel attachment points. Once the bridge has been installed, a 90 ° angle must be achieved with respect to the frame. The bike is placed on a smooth surface, a level is hung on the handlebars. weight on a string. The thread should stretch strictly parallel to the frame, without deviating. After such a check, the bridge fastenings are again tightened with clamps.

It is also necessary to install a new chain. The structure has lengthened, and the chain should be longer. so we add additional links.

The final stage of assembly is setting up the reverse gears. Making a tricycle with your own hands is not an easy and costly task.

And at the end, here are some general tips for choosing a bike:

  • Choose a high-quality and reliable model, because your safety depends on it!
  • It should be stable and comfortable.
  • It must have a bell and brakes on it. It will not be superfluous to install reflective elements.
  • Pay attention to the dimensions. whether it goes into the elevator and to the staircase, how convenient it is to transport it in a car. Is it possible to compactly fold it without unnecessary labor costs.

Factory bridge installation

Great if your cargo bike comes with a factory differential, then the assembly won’t be a problem at all. All that is needed is to remove all rear parts (brakes, chain, trunk, etc.).

  • A differential (eg UK6S) is fitted to the factory seat of the rear wheel. The bridge stops are brought to the rear of the frame, and the axle is installed in the lugs and tightened well.
  • After mounting the rear axle, be sure to align it at right angles to the frame. The rear axle must be parallel to the front.
  • Now we need a chain. It will be much longer than standard models. To do this, we buy two chains and adjust them to the length we need.
  • It remains now to adjust the gear selector.
  • Disc brakes are installed on the rear axle. Congratulations! Your homemade cargo tricycle is ready for use.

The design of the trolley, its height, canopy, mesh sides are limited only by your imagination. There are many models with removable tops to make the trolley even more functional. These three-wheeled vintage-style homemade products can often be found in cafes and restaurants.

So what are they

If you want to assemble a cargo tricycle with your own hands, then let’s figure out what they are. So, our mini-trucks are of two types:

  • one wheel at the back, load frame on two front wheels;
  • two wheels with a load frame at the back and the steering section and seat at the front.

And also, when designing your homemade transport, you should consider the type of bridge. At the moment, engineers and progress have pleased us with 3 types:

  • Solid axle. The most budgetary and not the easiest cargo bike to operate. Creates inconvenience when cornering, because the wheels enter there with different turning radii, and, accordingly, at different speeds.
  • Driving axle shaft. This option is already quite good, although it has its drawbacks, since with effort or acceleration, the drive axle of your bike will push it in the opposite direction, creating inconvenience when driving. Also, this type of bridge can create discomfort when pedaling. Extra effort is required on tight bends.
  • Differential axle. The best, but also the most expensive option. When equipped with such a bridge, the force is distributed evenly. You can choose an axle with a differential for any wheel diameter. The main thing is to immediately decide in what conditions your homemade product will be used, and choose the optimal wheel diameter.
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To the delight of all lovers of a homemade cargo bike, there are ready-made axles with a differential, for example, the rear UK6S, which includes the differential itself, a Shimano derailleur and 6 sprockets.

DIY cargo bike construction

Has anyone met a cargo tricycle? This is an unusually functional and convenient form of transport that is suitable for a wide variety of occasions. For example, it is indispensable for summer residents, it will become a faithful assistant for people living in the village, and you can also transport children on it. over, such a bike is very beneficial for health: it strengthens muscles, increases endurance, and has beneficial loads on the heart.

Adult tricycle for transporting cargo

What is a 70 KM/H RECUMBANT 3 WHEELED EBIKE??? DIY BUILD Made by Staniewicz

And most importantly! This type of transport will pass on any off-road and get to the most distant summer cottage. Well, SUV drivers. envy.

There are some more pleasant moments: straight arms and imagination can turn this seemingly ordinary thing into a real work of art.

DIY tricycle

The width of the frame in a homemade tricycle cargo bike should not exceed 50 cm.Otherwise, the bike will need to be registered with the traffic police.

Measurements and miscalculations

A drawing with calculations for the design of a cargo bike

First, you need to calculate the details and take measurements that will be needed for the design.

  • A prerequisite is sustainability. The bike should not fall, roll over to one side during sharp turns of the steering wheel.
  • The height of the bike and seat should be calculated in such a way that it is comfortable for you to get on and off.
  • Pedals and wheels are better to buy high quality and new. Make sure to take care of the bell and brakes.
  • Everything should work quietly and smoothly. Squeaks are highly undesirable, you need to think about high-quality lubrication of parts at the first stage.
  • Reinforce the frame. Using reinforcement and profiles, strengthen the metal frame of the frame, as the load on it will increase significantly.

To make a cargo tricycle with our own hands, we need an old bicycle, a metal profile, a pair of wheels and, if desired, a differential. We cut the fork slightly below the seat (by 20 centimeters) and weld on the frame made in advance from metal profiles. We remember the permissible width, so that later you do not have problems with the traffic police.

We fasten the wheels with an axle, put an asterisk in the center of the axle.

Tricycle or tricycle

Of course, the tricycle moves faster, but pay attention to the many advantages of the first and the disadvantages of the second.

A cargo bike, like any other bike, is quiet, does not create unnecessary noise, environmentally friendly and very healthy. And also good news for everyone who was going and is going to lose weight by the spring. A cargo tricycle or regular bicycle burns 500 kilocalories per hour. Great, isn’t it? Especially with a daily intake of 1500-1700 kcal in an adult.

And most importantly, you made your own homemade three-wheeled truck with your own hands, and this is the main reward and pleasure to use.

Too small living space for storing transport for cycling at home is not a reason to deny yourself pleasant hobbies. over, the issue of storing a bike has already been solved by craftsmen, who offer their own options for how to make a stand for a bike under the rear wheel with their own hands.

How to make a headlight for a bicycle yourself? How to choose the right LED for your flashlight? The parts you need, how to assemble and mount on the bike.

How to make three wheeled BIKE!

How to decide on the choice of battery for an e-bike. What are the characteristics of different types of batteries. How to assemble a battery with your own hands.

DIY tricycle

Who doesn’t want a happy childhood for their child !? And sometimes this is not only just the presence of parents and material wealth, it is also care and love that we can give our child more in labor than replacing the same with crisp pieces of paper and the clink of coins. Let’s say a bicycle. It’s good if the child has it. And if such a bicycle is also in a single copy, moreover, it is made by the hands of the Pope. Isn’t that the best great in the world !? In the yard, no one has such a thing, and even in this piece of iron he feels the warmth of the soul of his father, who pored over such a means of transportation. If you at least partly share our opinion, then this article will be for you. Our article is about how to make a bicycle with your own hands. Even if it may not be so detailed and thorough, even if in the end your bike will be different, but this article is primarily informational and indicative. It will help you open your eyes to the fact that you can, like someone else, assemble a bicycle for your child. So let’s get started.

We start from the rear axle. A pipe is taken as a basis, on which bearings are put on both sides and housings for bearings are welded from a square pipe.

On the one hand, adjustment is provided in order to set the axis perpendicular to the direction of travel.

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Now let’s move on to the frame. Here you will also need a pipe, a pipe bender and a welding machine. A donor was also used for the pedal assembly and fork installation. bicycle.

As for the fork, you will again need a pipe and plates to attach the fork to the frame.

The armchair is made of sheet iron. It looks a little spartan, but in the end it will be covered and by itself it will look a little more noble.

On the other hand, fasteners are welded.

The plates were also welded under the seat, the rear axle was welded.

We put the plug and seat and you can start trying on.

Also taken from the donor are the chain guard, the handles for the fork and the lamp. Something is already looming.

So the chair is upholstered. Sitting on it is much more comfortable.

And what about a vehicle without a license plate.

Actually, this option can be considered the end of the project, although there is always something to finalize. you can pay attention to ergonomics so that the handles on the fork are slightly lower. It would not be bad to put a damper on the central pipe so as not to be injured. But overall it’s a homemade chopper-style tricycle. This clearly will not leave indifferent the child, and his parent, who will watch the rides on it.

Do-it-yourself tricycle, cargo bike

Earlier we have already described how to make a velomobile with our own hands, today we will talk about an adult tricycle cargo bike, an indispensable assistant on a personal plot.

You can assemble such a truck on three wheels with your own hands, if you dream a little and find the necessary parts. Actually, to assemble such a cargo bike, you will need an old bike, and useful junk that you can easily find in your garage.

Some tools are required to assemble the cargo bike. You cannot do without a conventional angle grinder and electric welding. After a short work, you will get a fairly practical tool, very simple in further operation and repair. On private property, such an assistant will be indispensable.

The load capacity of the bike will be approximately 125 kilograms. That is, a bicycle can transport 5 bags weighing 25 kg. Actually, the carrying capacity can be greater, since the body is made with a large margin of safety.

The size of the bike body was designed to be spacious to accommodate bulky loads. Due to the spaciousness of the body, you can easily use it in construction for transporting all kinds of materials and tools. It can also be used as a mobile stepladder, very much in demand at a construction site.

Bicycle drive chain, with an intermediate shaft, closed to the rear wheel (see photo). The bike is propelled by conventional pedals.

The brakes on an adult cargo bike work in the same way as on an old bike. As practice has shown, you can completely leave the stock brakes and not try to invent new ones.

The bike is easy to upgrade and increase its carrying capacity by installing the best wheels.

Homemade three wheeled motorized bike

The body of a cargo bike is quite durable, because profile pipes were used for its assembly, therefore, damage to the body is excluded.

The main components of the bicycle, which are responsible for its operation, are not altered, therefore it is not difficult to maintain them in the future.

In the process of further operation, you can take care of the installation of shock absorbers, a speed switch and strengthen the brakes by making manual ones on the front wheel (see video).

The weight of the cargo bike is quite impressive, about 35 kilograms. The body, mounted from pipes, significantly adds mass to the bicycle, but otherwise, when a person gets used to its features, the weight of the bicycle will not be noticeable.