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People’s Topper e-bike frame. Electric bike crash test

Currently, the world community is experiencing an acute shortage of frames suitable for the construction of an e-bike.

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This niche could be filled by Ukrainian production, but unfortunately this is not happening yet. Also, there are a couple of pilot plants, however, the direction of development and the speed of decision-making, as well as the price, are currently depressing.

What was my surprise, okay. In order. A month ago I received a letter from one factory, like we want to make a frame for an electric bike. If you want. do.

Literally two days later they did it. I ate for a long time, but in order not to offend the letter I did not delete, I wrote down all the identified shortcomings point by point.

And after about 8 hours I received photographs of a new frame, already painted, with already corrected flaws. In general, forget all the tales about Japanese robots, about American workaholics and effective management.

I don’t know how it happens, maybe time goes slower in the shop, because the shop is on the space station. But it was done in 8 hours with a lunch break.

And then we changed places, from a lazy critic I turned into a Wishkin. Give, sell, AAAA want.

I apologize for some confusion of presentation, I have not yet recovered from the shock. Now I understand how we won the war. For 8 hours a frame, for 36 a tank, for 48 aircraft, for 72 ships. Something like this. (and, as it were, 2 years before the success was repeated from the moment of writing this note, the Russian soul is a mystery)

All wishes were taken into account. a motorcycle shock absorber:

Universal head tube for e-bike frame for any fork!

Horizontal slot for motor mounting.

And I’ll tell you what, we won’t stop (stop) Perhaps I understand how to make the perfect e-bike. And perhaps I found those who can do it quickly, with high quality and not expensive.

I already have a bunch of ideas in my head, forced cooling, a titanium pendulum, technological holes, a reinforced pendulum for high speed.

I will keep everyone informed. One feels that this version is just the beginning, but how many will there be? I think this summer I will be able to test my new electric bike, made especially for me, according to my requests, the width I need, weight, strength, etc.

So, the time to publish this material has not yet come, but there are the first results of summer (summer 2014) testing.

After riding with a moderate degree of rigidity, the frame was folded almost in half. All in all, these are two of the two. That is, from two space frames (from different manufacturers), it was possible to achieve visible structural changes and thereby prove the fact that any downhill double suspension will be stronger than any space frame (as long as it is).

The photo shows a test frame, which, when driving through the curb at 30 km / h, began to fold, and when driving across the field at 50 km / h, it finally formed into the position of the feet above the head.

Why is this experiment done? Any mass production must be crash tested. Where to find another moron dummy besides our humble author?

Of course, testing was carried out in a T-shirt, without a helmet. You say don’t believe?

Yes, it was just the day when it was necessary to urgently go to the restaurant, and only the test sample was charged.

And it was hot, I planned to go slowly and carefully. And then he went out onto the track, into the gullies, and on the way back into the field where not every tank will pass.

Never do that. Always use maximum protection!

Well, it’s okay, half a year of assembly and the second, enhanced version is ready. Which went into series, yeah, exhale, your frames won’t fold;)

We collect and go. But not to break, but to exploit.

And, the usual result in my practice, they worked and scattered. Everyone goes on their own way. Developers design frames, I roll on factory downhill double suspensions.

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Production is engaged in more profitable projects, and my ideas, as usual, are not massively implemented in metal.

Although the device came out not bad from an aesthetic point of view, it is quite suitable for driving on asphalt and light off-road.

What should those who want a frame do? It is tearful to ask the manufacturer and wait… wait… wait…. or or already now sign up in the queue, in case I decide to share the already assembled device.

Will China help us? At the moment when I write these lines, I hope that the test 3 frames of the Chinese factory assembly are already crossing the border with Mexico.

No frills, just a standard, time-tested design, of course not designed for exorbitant loads.


But according to the Chinese, it is quite calculated at 80 km / h. Only I refuse to break frames at speeds of about a hundred;)

However, the topper on the new serial frame has already been assembled, transported out of town, where it will be presented to the general public after its completion this summer.

Silver metallic color, painted by myself, it came out very well!

Building a Custom E-Mountain Bike (Part 1) with Paul Brodie. Framebuilding 101

Photos will be on the May holidays, possibly a video review!

The concept of the project is a comfortable heavy electric bike, for driving at speeds up to 50 km / h.

To guarantee safety when driving at higher speeds, while, in my opinion, it is impossible on any of the existing spatial frames.

p.s p.s I started this article on April 24, 2014, I decided to publish it remembering about it on April 29, 2015. Coincidence


I am often asked what is the ideal frame? Like a year has passed, and I never said. But I’m still looking for an answer. But I say right away that I am not ready to put my seal of approval on any mass-produced space frame. Unless with reservations for the speed and height of curbs and curbs.

Why don’t you just want to copy the frame of light enduro motorcycles?
(sorry, if not the topic. Just went to the site)

It’s good that it just bent under you, and did not drive the wheels in different directions. Alexey, be more careful chtol without a crew then).

You can try the roll bar like in the Grapeboy Model S. This is more reliable, the side panels made of plastic or thin sheet metal will give less weight and will be cheaper. And this view will be more beautiful, and the possibility of greater competition in price and quality.
Yes, a frame with a tubular frame is the most option, I wanted such a bi.

DIY velomobile: adult tricycle

In addition to simplicity, which is the main advantage of a bicycle, this stroller has advantages over its “progenitor”, the main of which are good stability in motion and at stops and comfortable, like in a car, the driver’s seat.

The prototype was a velomobile published in some magazine. But its rather complex spatial frame, two-stage drive and steering made me think about how to simplify these components and make the car lighter. I believe that the problem was solved and even obtained a copyright certificate for the manufacture of an industrial design.

I offer readers a description and drawings of the improved velomobile.

Such a “reduction” of the prototype velomobile led, in fact, to the creation of a new car. only the layout remained from the previous one: two front steering wheels and one driving rear. Therefore, before proceeding to the description of the bicycle wheelchair units, it is worth noting those of them that have been affected by the most radical changes.

Firstly, the frame has been lightened up to 4.5 kg. instead of spatial, it has become flat. Secondly, the two-stage drive with a countershaft (reduction gear) is simplified to a single-stage drive with an extended chain, which increases the efficiency of the transmission. Thirdly, the multi-speed hub of the drive wheel has been replaced with a single-speed one, thus eliminating the need for a hand brake. Fourthly, the steering wheel from under the seat was moved to its usual place. to the column in front of the driver, which eliminated an extra step in the steering. Finally, fifthly, the “chaise longue” seat was replaced by a simpler, but stiffer with a back tilted back, which provided better support when pressing the feet on the pedals, which is especially important when going uphill.

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As a result of such alterations, the total weight of the car decreased to 20 kg (in the prototype it was 26 kg), providing almost the same consumer qualities as the prototype with a multi-speed drive.

Step-by-step construction of a velomobile

The frame of the velomobile consists of two longitudinal spars 1200 mm long, made of steel pipe with a diameter of 25 mm. In front, the side members converge, and here the pedal drive carriage body from an old folding bike is welded to them. At a distance of 420 mm from the carriage axis, a transverse beam. 640 mm long traverse with pivot bushings at the ends. is welded to the side members from below. The traverse is made of a steel pipe with a diameter of 28 mm, the bushings are made of a pipe with a diameter of 18 mm. At the junction with the traverse, the spars have a slight bend and then run parallel to each other. Their ends are flattened in a vertical plane and equipped with tips from the rear fork of a road bike. At a distance of 395 mm from the axis of the tips between the side members, a spacer with an eyelet for attaching a mud fender is welded.

A steering column with a length of 330 mm from a pipe with a diameter of 28 mm is welded to the front cross-beam. Its stability is provided by two curly kerchiefs.

The base (distance between the axles of the wheels) of the bicycle wheelchair, in comparison with the prototype, is slightly reduced (the turning radius has also decreased), and the track (distance between the front wheels) is increased.

The chassis, wheel suspension and steering are pretty straightforward. The rear drive wheel, like a bicycle wheel, is attached to the ends of the side members forks. The suspension of the front steering wheels, although it differs from the usual bicycle one and looks more like a car pivot, is also simple. the camber and toe angles are not adjustable.

The pins are loosely inserted into the bronze plain bearings (you can also use fluoroplastic ones) of the bushings at the ends of the traverse, tightened from above with castellated nuts and pinned through the holes drilled in the threaded ends of the pins. The pins have cube-shaped heads with 12 mm through side holes. The axles (pins) of the front steering wheels are fixed in these holes.

In the lower edge of the head of each kingpin, a groove and two diagonal blind threaded holes M4 are made. The ends of the pivoting levers are fixed in the grooves with two M4 screws each. Their other ends are pivotally connected to the flattened ends of the tie rods made of a steel bar with a diameter of 7 mm. In the middle of the rod, an eyelet is welded for pivoting the free end of the steering arm. The other end of the bipod is welded to the lower end of the steering shaft, made of a thin-walled steel pipe with a diameter of 21 mm, in the upper part of which a longitudinal slot is made.

The shaft in bronze (or fluoroplastic) plain bearings is placed in the steering column, the steering column is inserted into it from above, and all the parts in the place of the slot are tightened with a clamp. Two more clamps on the same shaft at the top and bottom of the steering column prevent its longitudinal displacement.

The drive (transmission) is no different from the drive of a conventional road bike, only the chain is slightly longer. Its tension is adjusted by moving the rear wheel hub axle in the grooves of the fork ends. When the chain is extended, it is enough to remove one or two links from it, so that dragging adjustment becomes possible again.

The seat of the cycle carriage is ordinary. like a chair, only its back is tilted at a significant angle for a more comfortable fit for the driver. The base of the seat is an arch made of a steel thin-walled tube with a diameter of 16 mm with four crossbars made of a steel U-shaped profile with dimensions of 55×10 mm. The seat and back cushions are attached to the Turechins. Pillows are simple: foam rubber is glued to the plywood base and covered with leatherette on top.

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The position of the seat on the frame was chosen taking into account the optimal distribution of the load from the driver’s weight to the wheels. It was also taken into account that the driver’s seating height should provide him with the necessary visibility when driving in a traffic stream. Therefore, the seat is installed on two uprights-brackets made of the same profile as the cross members, only the size of the shelves is 15 mm. The brackets are pulled to the frame side members by a pair of brackets using four M5 bolts each. This mount allows you to move the seat (back or forth) if necessary to adjust the distance to the pedals according to the driver’s height.

The simplification of the design of the cycle carriage, in comparison with the prototype, did not entail the final elimination of the previous elements that create (albeit insignificant) comfortable riding conditions. If desired, without changing the frame and steering, you can install a multi-speed drive, a fairing with a windshield and a roof and a seat headrest, thus turning the wheelchair again into a velomobile.

Enduro Ebike Space Frame

Enduro Ebike Space Frame

The scope of delivery includes: the front part of the frame with plastic sheathing, the rear part of the frame (swingarm) with pads for the dropouts, the upper shock absorber mounting bracket with mounting bolts, seat platform with mounting nuts, 18 anodized aluminum bolts for fastening the skin, shock absorber mounting bolts 2pcs, swingarm pivot bolt, stainless steel dropout pad bolts, Enduro seat clamp, Zero Stack VP Components J305ACS steering column, VP Components BC-63 bottom bracket, plastic card. Electric Enduro quality certificate with serial number and hologram.


Enduro Ebike Spatial Frame for Building Powerful High-Range E-Bike.

Most of our powerful e-bikes are built around this frame. Excellent design, large battery compartment makes it possible to realize a lot of wishes for the layout of the bike.

Component compatibility:

The Zero Stack VP Components J305ACS headset is included and is compatible with two types of bicycle forks. straight 1.1 / 8 “and tapered 1.1 / 8. 1.5”. Head tube length 130mm.

It is recommended to use a shock absorber spring-oil, 200-240 mm long along the axes. If the wheels are 17-18 inches moto. then 240mm, if 26 inches. then 220mm. Spring rate 650-850LBS (for rider weight 60-110kg).

Battery. maximum width 140mm, for other dimensions, see the photo, maximum battery weight is recommended up to 20kg.

Motor-wheel. the recommended power is 1000-5000W, the width of the seat can be changed independently by rearranging the linings on the dropouts from 135×10 to 155x10mm.

VP Components BC-63 bottom bracket included, shaft length 145mm, bottom bracket length 100mm,
shaft for installation of cranks of pedals “under a square”.

Seatpost. Diameter 31.6mm

Powder coated Q235A structural steel tube frame, ABSPMMA plastic sheathing, anodized aluminum finger bolts for side covers, stainless steel bolts for dropouts, hardened swingarm shaft bolt, hot-dip galvanized shock absorber bolts, 3M double-sided tape.

Weight without packaging (frame with steering wheel, carriage, seat clamp). 10.7kg,

weight in packing (corrugated cardboard foam). 12.7 kg,

The delivery set includes: the front part of the frame with plastic sheathing, the rear part of the frame (swingarm) with pads for the dropouts, the upper shock absorber mounting bracket with mounting bolts, the seat platform with mounting nuts, 18 anodized aluminum bolts for fastening the skin, shock absorber mounting bolts 2pcs, swingarm axle bolt, stainless steel dropout bolts, Enduro seat clamp, Zero Stack VP Components J305ACS headset, VP Components BC-63 bottom bracket, plastic card. Electric Enduro quality certificate with serial number and hologram.

  • Frame material: steel.
  • Boxing covers: ABSRMMA 4mm
  • Bush for carriage 100mm on pendulum
  • Installation of rear shock absorbers 190-240mm is possible
  • Fork. It is recommended to use a fork of 150-200mm
  • Frame kit includes Zero Stack steering column on slip.
  • It is possible to install a plug of both 1.1 / 8 and 1.1 / 8.1.5 inches.
  • Head tube 130mm
  • For batteries up to 140mm wide
  • Included and installed. Shaft length 145mm, square
  • Maximum star 40 teeth
  • Seatpost. Diameter 31.6mm
  • Frame weight swingarm steering carriage = 10.7 kg
  • Pendulum dropouts for both 135mm and 150mm motors. Changed by rearranging the dropout amplifier inward.
  • Load capacity 150 kg