DIY outdoor bike rack

Overview of street bike parking: varieties, pros and cons

Bicycle parking is a special design that can accommodate from a few to dozens of bikes. There are several common outdoor bike parking options:

  • compartment;
  • “Horizontal bars”;
  • longitudinal.

The first option is much more common than the other two. The compartment parking is a one-piece structure with cross pipes. The front wheels of bicycles are inserted into the space between them, and the wheel is attached to the pipes with an anti-theft lock. The dimensions of the compartments can be the same throughout the structure, or they can vary. It depends on the manufacturer. Road and road bikes tend to fit in narrow spans, MTBs with wide tires will require wider bays.

The structure has considerable weight, it is problematic to move it, and it is generally impossible to drag it away. However, the installers insure themselves and secure the parking lot to the tarmac or walls, and rightly so.

The second type of bicycle parking is U-shaped pipes standing in a row. Outwardly, they resemble horizontal bars, hence the name. High “horizontal bars” will allow you to lean the bike against them with a frame, the mini-version is suitable only for fastening a wheel or laying the bike horizontally.

The longitudinal bicycle parking is the same compartment structure rotated 90 degrees. It resembles a rack in shape, in the “floors” of which the bike is placed in a horizontal position. It will not be possible to make many such sections, a maximum of three, since it is simply unrealistic to drag the bike up high.

The compartment parking is convenient because it does not take up much space, it can hold up to 15 bikes. The disadvantages include the inconvenience of attaching only the front wheel and the unsteadiness of the bike if it does not have a footrest.

The horizontal bar is more convenient in terms of fastening, but requires more installation work. The full-size version is rare, and its “undersized” brother is, in fact, the same compartment parking.

Longitudinal structures take up a lot of space; in order to organize a spacious parking, you will have to install about 5. 6 of these showcases. On the other hand, the great does not shine in front of thieves, but lies securely.

Exquisite design solutions

Standard modifications can seem boring and do not fit into the architecture of the city. Here the inventors of “beauty and style” come to the rescue. The imagination of designers can take any form, but we will list only some non-standard options:

DIY Bike Rack. DIY Home Storage Project

The Ferris wheel is a suspended parking lot that every passer-by will notice. Its capacity, however, is small, up to six large. Free space may be at the top, but that’s okay: just spin the wheel, hang and secure the bike. Such parking is unlikely to be intended for everyone; most likely, it will be provided for employees of some organization. It is not yet possible to see her in our country, we will just admire her in the picture.

A bump is a road ledge with a slot for bicycle wheels. The depth allows you to put the bike on the ground fairly steadily, the rear wheel goes half inward. This sophisticated parking option is applicable only in closed areas and, not yet in our country. The tubercle does not imply fastening with a lock, and thieves do not sleep!

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The fruit is a beautiful, roomy and heavy construction. The bicycles installed around the center will bring a smile and admiration. You can fix it with a wheel and a frame. The different widths of the compartments will not only help to hook any type of led, but also add naturalness to the fruit itself. For our cities, this option is incomparable, we are waiting!

The comb is an original interpretation of the storage compartment. Suitable for large bikes.

The immersion depth is sufficient to hook a large lock on the frame, and the capacity is at the level of a standard “horizontal bar”.

Bicycle guards are parking lots made in the form of bicycles. They are actively promoted by the Beeline operator: openwork bicycles with a bee-colored lure beckon to attach your bike to them, even just like that.

Covered stops with a hinged door can be referred to non-standard bicycle parking. These mini-garages allow you to hide your bike from adverse rainfall and prying eyes. You can either simply close the bike or attach it to the inner tubes with a lock.

How to make a bike rack?

Cyclists who actively ride their two-wheeled friend to work and on business are forced to leave him on the street for a certain time. Due to the need to put the bike somewhere while its owner decides any issues, a special parking lot for bicycles was invented.

In a number of European countries, parking has long become part of everyday life, and you can meet it several times on the same street. In Russia, this industry has begun to develop rapidly over the past few years. And this is not surprising: more and more city dwellers prefer cycling because of the high traffic congestion, and bikes attached to trees, lamp posts and stair railings do not paint the city landscape. over, leaving the bike anywhere is inconvenient for its owner.

The installation of parking facilities is carried out by business centers, educational institutions, workers’ organizations, supermarkets, road services, activists, etc. Note that bicycle parking is an invaluable plus and a reason to rejoice in the development of urban infrastructure.

DIY bike parking

Self-owned bicycle parking is relevant in the country and in the countryside, where ordinary parking has not yet reached. Although, their absence may be within the city limits, so the question of how to build a bicycle parking complex with your own hands without special costs is very relevant. This plan can be implemented in several ways:

  • weld the compartment structure;
  • make from car tires;
  • dig U-shaped pipes.

Welding a metal frame requires precision so that the supporting elements do not warp. To protect the metal, you need to paint the structure with a moisture-resistant paint. Don’t skimp on the length of the compartments. let the bike fit into the parking lot with both wheels.

Give a second life to tires? Easily. We cut them in half, and then hammer the halves with a piece of wood along one edge. We fix the resulting parking lot to the wall or hard surface on the ground so as not to be dragged away. Another way to create a parking lot from tires is to dig them completely into the ground, as flower growers do to create mini-fences. When dug in, pour on top with a layer of concrete.

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And another type of do-it-yourself bike parking is U-shaped pipes inserted into the ground (analogue of horizontal bars). With the help of the drilling device, two trenches are made. The depth is selected in such a way that the pipes do not loosen. For additional fixing, they can be poured around with concrete.

To summarize: bike parking is definitely needed, and the more, the better. They haven’t appeared in your area yet? Then there is not long to wait, but you can spend a little time right now and design it yourself.

What is required for?

Although such vehicles are usually made of metal, plastic and other reliable materials, a two-wheeled vehicle is considered vulnerable. Prolonged downtime on wheels can adversely affect the quality of the rubber, which can crack and deform.

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In addition, transport takes up a lot of space, so it is difficult to leave it in small housing. A bicycle rack can solve 2 problems: keeping it in the right place and ensuring the safety of mechanisms. Some products are intended for repair.


There are many types of bike racks. The main structures include the following:

  • Classic. Products keep the rear wheel suspended to prevent contact with the surface. They are created from a variety of materials (wood, plastic, metal). One wheel is located in a special connector, which fixes the installed position of the vehicle. The second is dismantled and stored separately. There are several shapes of products. square, triangular, trapezoidal and in the form of the letter P.
  • The wall hook is suitable for cramped apartments. A special device is installed in the wall in order to place the transport so that it does not interfere with others. The device is mounted in places that are not used by people. For example, behind an open door on the corridor wall, and some are fixed to the ceiling slab.
  • Folding. These bike racks allow you to store vehicles on the loggia or in the garage. The main advantage of the product is the ease of transportation, besides, it does not take up much space. Bicycle rack under the wheel securely fixes the transport.

Best options

  • The floor stand for the X17 bicycle is in demand among customers. It contains metal tubes that form a triangle. The rear wheel hub is attached to the top of the figure. The attachment can handle a variety of bicycles, although it is compact and lightweight. A vehicle is stored on it, and it is also suitable for repairs.
  • Bike Hand YC-97 is presented in the form of a rack with rollers that move based on the dimensions of the bike. The transport is installed on a stand entirely, therefore, even with long-term storage, the risk of damage is minimal. Due to the special shape of the structure and low weight, there will be no difficulties with movement.
  • The PRO 26 is compact and lightweight, constructed from a thin sheet of metal in a right angle. There are rubberized holders on the top. The wheel is installed between them, and the transport will be fixed in a standing state. This unit is classified as an outdoor bike rack.
  • Triangular devices include the Peruzzo stand, created in the form of a trapezoid. The wheel is placed on the upper tubes of the structure. The device is ideal for inspecting the mechanisms of a two-wheeled vehicle.
  • The original version of the Cyclotech product is fixed to the wall. Some types allow you to mount 2 bicycles. The structure is secured with bolts. A movable P-shaped holder is installed on the frame. If the rack is not used, the holder is pressed against the wall to save space.
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For renovation

Many cyclists know how to do minor repairs and take care of their bike on their own. But if you put the vehicle on the steering wheel and seat, it will be inconvenient to perform such procedures. To do this, you need to purchase a special rack that is designed for such procedures.

In appearance, such a product is similar to a tripod for a camera, but there are differences in the mounting system that hold more weight. These racks are divided into several types: some attach the bike to the frame, and others to the seatpost. The product must rotate the bike 360 ​​degrees and fix the fork.

The stand does not have to be purchased, you can do it yourself. Then the design will be made taking into account all the wishes. It will be convenient to carry out any repair work with it.

Bicycle rack: types and features

Many bike owners have a transport storage problem. It is especially difficult if the living space is too small. A bike rack would be the best solution to this problem. You can either purchase it or make it yourself. The types and features of these structures are described in the article.

How to build a DIY bike rack with Matt Jones


Before choosing a stand, you need to determine where the bike will be located. When buying, you need to take into account 2 main nuances:

  • Material. It is advisable to choose products made of metal and high-quality plastic. They are reliable, so they will last a long time.
  • Design. It can be varied. The main thing is that the transport with a stand does not take up too much space.

Thus, the bike rack is a practical accessory that will facilitate vehicle storage. Due to the variety of models, the process of choosing the desired design in terms of parameters and convenience is facilitated.