DIY ceiling bike suspension

Attaching a bicycle to the ceiling with a hook is considered one of the most rational ways to store bicycle equipment in poorly suited conditions. Of course, this is the way to store ordinary and mountain models. For expensive sports and racing bikes, only a lift with a discharge beam is used.

Movable hooks and hooks for attaching the bike to the ceiling

The system of fastening for the ceiling with movable hangers can be considered more successful. One of the options with a swinging hook-to-eye is shown in the photo.

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Structurally, the mount consists of two parts. a retainer and a swinging earring. Thanks to the hinge between the hook and the rack, the bike will not sway. The main thing is that the bike can be easily tied under the ceiling with a mounting cord between two hooks.

Another obvious advantage of using hooks is the simplicity and compactness of fastening. For example, if a family uses several bicycles, then it is quite possible to install two rows of suspensions on the ceiling, photo.

The distance between the axles of the wheels can be very different, therefore hooks-hooks are often installed on a movable profile installed under the ceiling.

Before hanging the bike from the ceiling, it is enough to move the movable mounting element to the required distance, turn it over and hook the car with the wheels to the hooks. It is clear that this type of mount can be used for bicycles of all types and sizes, from children’s to mountain mount bikes.

For your information! It is possible to store bike bikes in a hooked state only if the wheels are inflated, as soon as the air pressure drops to half the norm, the process of deformation and stretching of the spokes begins.

Therefore, for long-term storage, it is best to use frame or machine bike carriers.

Elementary ceiling bike mounts

The simplest design option for ceiling mounts are two hooks that rigidly fix the bike to the wheel rims on the ceiling. The disadvantage of this solution is the uneven distribution of the load. If the bike is equipped with a hydraulic brake, it is also possible for fluid to overflow in the system and will have to be pumped in the spring.

The simplest bike suspension also has many operational advantages:

  • the structure can be made with your own hands and fixed within 2-3 hours;
  • the suspension will not take up much space and will not be conspicuous;
  • each pair of hooks is capable of withstanding the load from a bicycle weighing up to 50 kg or more for a long time;
  • if desired, you can easily dismantle the mount for the summer.

How to store your bike properly

The main complaint you hear about overhead storage from cycling enthusiasts has to do with what they believe to be the wrong position of the bike when using the ceiling mount. In some cases, the bike is located horizontally under the ceiling, this mounting method is more economical.

There is a lot of truth in such claims. Even if mounting the bike to the ceiling in a horizontal position implies fixing only to the frame, the bike’s headset still experiences lateral bending loads, which in theory can lead to deformation of the bearing.

In this case, the steering column breaks to the side.

Most technical manuals and manuals for the use and storage of a bicycle require that three conditions be met:

  • The mount should provide a minimum load on tires and wheels;
  • When hanging the bike, gravity must be in the plane of the frame, or the weight of the bike must be transferred to the suspension on the ceiling through an additional lodgment or auxiliary structure;
  • It is allowed to mount the bicycle to the ceiling for units equipped with rotation bearings, provided that the gravity is directed perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the hub or carriage.

It is known from experience that most cycling enthusiasts prefer to plan the fixing of the bike to the ceiling in such a way that they can perform maintenance, inspection and diagnostics, ideally even minor repairs to the equipment.

Storing the bike in the sports corner

Even in a modern apartment there is not much space to tinker with a bike, the easiest way to do this is by placing the car on a suspension from the ceiling. In old Soviet apartments, such a task is extremely difficult to implement, therefore, most often they fiddle with the bike on the balcony, and only then send it to the ceiling mount.

Important! The bike, even with perfect care, remains source of debris and street dust, so you should avoid mounting options such as those shown in the photo below.

Rules for hanging a bike from the ceiling

Despite the obvious simplicity, the use of hooks and suspension brackets is fraught with a lot of nuances that must be borne in mind in order not to damage the bike during installation and removal from storage.

All hooks are made of metal, so every time the owner tries to hook his bike to the hook, there is a risk of damage to the nipple, tube or spokes. Therefore, before hanging the technique, you need to do a little preparation.

First, it is necessary to inflate the tire to the working pressure, this will give the wheel more rigidity. Secondly, the wheel is turned with the nipple down, and a canvas or polypropylene belt is fastened at the suspension point. It is easier and more convenient to hang the bike by the loop than trying to hook into the space between the spokes.

Sometimes amateurs use a bench with a bar, on which you can put the bike on the rear wheel and calmly put it on the hook, after leveling and fastening, the stand is removed, the bike remains hanging on the ceiling.

Multi-bike designs

If you own more than one bike, consider installing a railing system. It is made of an aluminum profile and consists of two longitudinal and three transverse beams on which hooks for suspension are located. Each of them can be adjusted in height and move along the profiles on special rollers.

The main advantage of this design is the ability to move the ceiling hook to the individual dimensions of each bike. In addition, the height adjustment makes it easier to set up the bike for winter storage. Roof rails will allow you to store not only cycling equipment, but also sledges, skis and other equipment.

Longitudinally positioned profiles must be fixed with maximum rigidity to the supporting structure of the ceiling. A correctly calculated load is the main task of implementing such a device. It must withstand a load of more than 100 kg for a long time, therefore, it is not advisable to save on hardware to secure the rails.

What we pay attention to

The fixing system for equipment can be invented on your own or you can use a ready-made, industrial production. For example, mount a bracket with a hook or install a professional bicycle lift hanger on the ceiling used for storing equipment at rental points.

In any case, a ceiling mount must meet two requirements:

  • The supporting structure or hook system is made of metal and is attached to the ceiling surface only with dowels;
  • Locks on the mount that fixes the bike to the ceiling frame must have a safety lock or an additional bracket to prevent an uncontrolled fall of the bike.

Advice! If the ceiling and walls in the apartment are lined with plasterboard, then as a suspension you will need to use a frame with fastening not to the cladding, but to the brick or concrete walls of the room.

Of course, it is best to choose a place for storing a bicycle on the ceiling under the wall, as there are fewer problems with equipment maintenance. In a standard apartment, especially a Khrushchev layout, the ceiling height rarely exceeds 250 cm.

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Taking into account the dimensions of the pedals and the steering column, even if the mount involves fixing the bike in a horizontal plane, it still runs at least 60 cm, so for adults the bike will hang directly over your head. Therefore, the best option is to assemble a ceiling bike holder for storage on the balcony, well, or try to remodel part of the corridor.

Bike ceiling mount options

Due to the low weight of the bike, the storage system is relatively simple and unpretentious, even if you do it yourself. Of the many existing schemes, experienced cyclists tend to prefer industrial-designed bindings or copied from branded devices:

The most popular known designs:

  • Steel profile ceiling hooks;
  • Lift systems with traverse or polyblocks;
  • Swivel on the bracket-parking for storing bicycles.

It is clear that the choice of a bicycle mount for the ceiling depends on the number of bicycle equipment, the frequency of use and the design of the machine. For example, if a mountain bike is equipped with powerful wheels, then it can be hung from the ceiling by the rim on a specially made hook. Whereas for a road car, such a ceiling mount is not recommended to be used categorically.

Ceiling mounted bike rack

Bicycle fixing to the ceiling (lifting mechanism), art. RC-1294

One hook must be attached to the handlebars of the bike, the other to the saddle or frame under the saddle.

By pulling the rope, the bike rises. The locking mechanism securely keeps the rope from coming loose. To unlock (in order to lower the bike), you just need to press the rope on the lock, lowering it down.

  • 2 ceiling units with pulley;
  • 2 rubberized hooks with a pulley;
  • rope (included for ceilings up to 4 meters, can be replaced with a rope of any length);
  • wall block for fixing the rope.

Bicycle mount to the ceiling packed in a box 26 x 15 x 10 cm.

Ceiling Suspended Bike. 4 Suspension Options for Seasonal Storage

Ceiling bicycles don’t take up space at all.

Nowadays, almost every full-fledged family has at least one bicycle. At the same time, not all apartment owners in multi-storey buildings have their own garage or a spacious, lockable storage room for seasonal storage of their summer mode of transport. Some families may have not one or two, but even three or four bicycles, and in this case, the issue of their winter storage in an apartment can turn into a serious problem. In order to resolve this situation, I propose in this article to consider several options for hanging bicycles to the ceiling.

Most often, residents of multi-storey buildings store their bicycles on the loggia or on the balcony, since this is probably the only suitable place in the apartment that can be used for this purpose. If the size of the landing allows, then a place for temporary storage can be equipped in a closed entrance vestibule.

At the same time, I can explain why you shouldn’t leave your bike for several months on the floor near the wall, and I want to give several arguments in favor of hanging storage:

Even one bicycle standing on the floor takes up a lot of space. If you have several cycling enthusiasts in your family, then after winter storage of all two-wheeled bikes, they will occupy almost the entire area of ​​the staircase, loggia or balcony;

Even the usual wall mount does not completely solve the problem of free space.

  • In the case of a suspended ceiling mount, this problem does not exist at all, since all bicycles will be located taller than a person’s height, and, accordingly, will not occupy the usable floor space in the room;
  • The factory operating instructions prescribe to store the bike in such a position that the tires of its wheels do not touch the floor. Otherwise, under the influence of its own weight, cracks and local centers of fatigue deformation may form on the rubber over time;
  • Swivel swing arm with spring-loaded hinges allows you to easily lift a loaded frame to the ceiling.

  • Sometimes you can find this method of fastening when the bike is suspended from the wall on a hook for the front or rear wheel. I do not recommend using this method for two reasons:
  • The entire weight load acts on one point of the wheel for a long time. Over time, this can lead to uneven stretching of the spokes, and as a result, to local deformation of the wheel rim;
  • In hydraulic brake systems, prolonged vertical storage can cause hydraulic fluid to leak from the front to the rear. and as a result, to the ingress of air into the brake system. To remove accumulated air bubbles, before each summer season of operation, the hydraulic brake system will need to be pumped.
  • Suspended bike rack on the ceiling allows you to store it not only in the entrance, in the closet, on the balcony or on the loggia, but also in any other living room of a private house or your own apartment. This can be a bedroom, living room, corridor, hallway or attic floor. In this case, the main criterion for choosing a suitable place is a sufficient ceiling height.
  • In my opinion, this is the most inappropriate way.

    In addition to everything, I would like to remind you that any chosen place for seasonal storage of bicycles must meet the following conditions: no significant temperature fluctuations, relative humidity no more than 70%, as well as protection from direct sunlight.

    simplest ceiling mount

    Currently, there are many ready-made technical solutions that allow you to securely fix your two-wheeled vehicle to the very ceiling. Depending on the manufacturing plant, the specific model and the design of the ceiling bracket, their average

    So that the reader can choose the right option for himself, below I will briefly talk about the most common types of suspended ceiling mounts.

    Simple and secure mount for bicycles and sports equipment.

    The simplest ceiling mount is a pair of conventional galvanized steel metal hooks that have a specially shaped bend. In this case, the bike is suspended from the ceiling with the wheels up. In order not to scratch the inner surface of the wheel rim, a soft decorative and protective polymer coating is applied to the working part of each hook, which can have one of several color options. For fastening to a concrete slab, an M8 thread is cut on each hook, and two metal expansion anchors are included in the delivery set.

    Each pair of such hooks allows you to hang one bicycle weighing up to 40 kg in any room with concrete solid ceilings;

    These hooks without dowels can be used to attach to timber beams.

  • If you need to attach to load-bearing ceiling beams in houses with wooden floors, I advise you to use the same brackets, only instead of a threaded part, each hook should have a large screw thread. like large wood screws;
  • The main advantages of this option are its small size, neat and almost invisible appearance, as well as the low cost of a set of mounting hooks;
  • Such a mount can be quickly mounted, and if necessary, just as quickly dismantled using an electric perforator and a conventional hammer;
  • The main disadvantage of this mount is that you will need to use a high stool, a small sturdy table or a household step-ladder to hang and remove the bike;
  • The photo shows a ceiling hook attached to a wooden floor joist.

    DIY Mountain Bike Suspension Seat Post / Bike Seat Absorber

    Mounting on hooks involves hanging from the front and rear wheels, so the bike in this case will be upside down. As I said, this position is not recommended for storing bicycles equipped with hydraulic brakes.

    ceiling mount for multiple bikes

    If you have several bicycles in your house, then I recommend paying attention to a suspended ceiling system of a railing type, which can be installed on a loggia, in an entrance, in a garage, a basement or in any other suitable place.

    It consists of two longitudinal and three transverse lightweight anodized aluminum profile beams. The longitudinal beams are rigidly fixed to the concrete or wooden floor, and the transverse guide profiles are attached to them from below on roller bearing hangers.

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    At the bottom of each cross section, two metal hooks are installed, similar to those described in the previous section. Each hook is height adjustable and can move freely horizontally along the entire length of the lower cross section.

    As in the previous case, each bike is suspended by the front and rear wheels from its own pair of hooks. which are located on one transverse profile;

    Front view of the pendant mount.

  • The hanging height of each hook and the distance between them are easily adjustable. Thanks to this, such a system can be used to store both children’s and adult bicycles, with any size and shape of the frame, and with any wheel diameter;
  • Cross horizontal profiles can move freely with a load along the longitudinal guide beams. This makes it possible, if necessary, to push them apart, and easily remove any desired bike from the mount, even if it is not on the edge, but in the middle;
  • The same suspension system in side view.

  • The modular design of the suspension system allows, if necessary, to extend the longitudinal guides, or add additional transverse profiles. Thus, it makes it possible to easily increase the number of storage spaces;
  • This system can be called universal. since bicycles can be stored on it in the cold season, and in the warm season it can be used to store skis, snowboards, sledges and other winter sports equipment;
  • The disadvantages of this system are the same as those of the previous version. First, you will need to use a stepladder to maintain it. And secondly, given the fastening to the wheels, it is not recommended to use it for storing bicycles with a hydraulic brake system.
  • General view of the harness for several bicycles.

    Longitudinal guide beams and horizontal cross-sections have a certain height. The length of the hanging hooks is also added to this height, so such a suspension system can only be used in rooms with sufficiently high ceilings (at least 2700-3000 mm).

    roller mount with lift

    In my opinion, the most convenient type of ceiling mount can be considered a suspension on a strong nylon cord with a block roller lift. which allows you to easily lift bikes weighing up to 30 kg to the ceiling. The upper part of such a system consists of two separate metal platforms, on each of which one fixed roller unit is fixed.

    The lower part is made in the form of movable roller blocks, each of which is equipped with an adjustable double hook. In the working position, the upper and lower parts are interconnected by means of a thin but strong nylon cord that passes through a system of roller blocks and is firmly attached to one of the suspended platforms.

    The device of this mechanism is very simple, so it is easy to assemble it with your own hands, and the principle of the block lift is as follows:

  • Both platforms with fixed roller blocks must be rigidly fixed to the timber or concrete floor;
  • The dimensions for mounting platforms should be selected so that the distance between the axes of the two fixed blocks is equal to the distance between the steering column and the seat post of your bike;
  • One end of the nylon cord must be firmly fixed on one of the platforms. For this, each platform has a special clamping screw;
  • The other end of the cord must be passed through a system of movable and fixed roller blocks in the sequence shown in the diagram below;
  • Installation diagram of roller blocks and cord threading.

  • In any convenient place, in the area of ​​direct reach, you need to mount a clip on the wall for attaching the free end of the cord;
  • Before hanging the bike from the ceiling, roll it up under the fixed platforms, and loosen the nylon cord so that the movable rollers can be lowered down by hands;
  • The hooks of the front movable block must be placed under the steering tube, and the hooks of the rear block must be placed under the bicycle saddle;
  • After that, you need to pull the lace with a little effort and raise the bike to the desired height to the ceiling. To fix it in the raised position, the free end of the cord must be fastened to the clamp. which is mounted on the wall.
  • Despite the seeming complexity of this system, a block suspension for a bicycle on the ceiling has obvious advantages over other types of mounts:

  • Thanks to the block lift, such a device is convenient to use in rooms with high ceilings without using a stool or step-ladder, since the person controls the rise from his own height;
  • Due to the fact that the cord passes through the system of roller blocks, the force applied to it is halved. Therefore, even a small child or a fragile girl can cope with the rise of his bike to the ceiling;
  • A more sophisticated block lift model allows you to place the bike horizontally under the ceiling.

  • The bike is stored under the ceiling in a natural upright position throughout the winter. therefore, the hydraulic fluid in the shock absorbers and in the brake system is at rest, and does not tend to flow anywhere or to the floor;
  • In order not to damage the paintwork of the frame and steering wheel of your bike, there are protective and decorative overlays made of polymer material on the hooks;
  • If necessary, the suspended bike can be lowered and fixed at such a level that it does not touch the floor with the wheels. In this position, it is convenient to carry out routine maintenance, repair and adjustment of two-wheeled vehicles;
  • On the rightmost stationary roller, you can see a cam clamp for securing the cord.

    Some models of block lift ceiling mounts are equipped with a special cord clamp, which is installed on one of the platforms, and greatly facilitates the use of this device. In order to fix the bike to the ceiling, after lifting it is enough to pull and release the nylon cord sharply. As a result, the cams of the friction clutch will be compressed and securely locked in this position. To lower the bike to the floor, you need to, on the contrary, first pull slightly, and then gently loosen and etch the cord of the lifting mechanism to the end.

    How to store bikes flat against the ceiling

    cantilever wall mount

    Sometimes a situation may arise when, for one reason or another, it will not be possible to fix the hanging brackets directly to the main ceiling. In this case, I recommend using a cantilever-type ceiling bike rack that attaches with a bracket to the main wall.

    The wall bracket is rigidly connected to a horizontal cantilever beam that ends with an adjustable boom. To increase the carrying capacity, a metal strut is installed under the beam, and a fixed roller block is located at the end of the boom.

    General view of a wall bracket with a cantilever boom.

    The lifting mechanism of this device works in the same way as described in the previous section. The main difference is that in this case the bike is attached to the cord at one point, and balancing is carried out due to a special suspension made of soft cloth straps.

    Considering the design features of this device, this method allows you to fix the bike to the ceiling in apartments and houses with a non-standard layout.

    How To Build A Swing Down Bicycle Storage Lift (Free Plans!)

    Console mounting is practically the only possible option in cases where stretch ceilings made of vinyl canvas, or suspended ceilings made of plastic or thin plasterboard, are installed in the room;

    The horizontal arrangement of the bike under the ceiling on a cantilever beam.

  • Also, this option is well suited for rooms with curved or sloped ceilings. This allows you to hang the bike in the most inconvenient places, for example, under the steps of a mid-flight staircase, under a light protective canopy, or under the roof ridge on the attic floor;
  • To prevent the bicycle wheels from hanging over your head in rooms with low ceilings, it can be fixed horizontally using the optional harness that comes with this device;
  • In general, the cantilever wall bracket offers all the benefits of a block ceiling mount. described in the previous section, and in addition, provides a number of additional amenities for the owner of the bike.
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    Thanks to the double block system, even a young girl can easily cope with lifting.

    In order to secure the bike to the ceiling, you first need to tie the straps to the steering column and seat tube, and then lift it with a load cord to the height of a person’s height. After that, you need to attach a third strap to the bottom of the frame, raise the bike to the ceiling, and bring it to a horizontal position by pulling the second cord.

    The reliability and safety of all the methods presented above largely depends on how correctly you fix the guide beams or mounting brackets to the ceiling or wall. In order to store a bicycle on the ceiling does not pose a danger to the residents and guests of your house, then I will talk about how to attach such devices to load-bearing building structures.

  • To attach the hangers to a concrete slab, you will need an electric perforator with a drill with a diameter of 10 mm, a medium hammer, a stepladder and two 13 spanners. First, you need to attach each hanger to the ceiling, and make markings through the mounting holes:
  • Using the drawn marks, drill all holes in the concrete slab with a puncher to a depth of at least 90 mm;
  • Install one PFG LB 8 expanding anchor in each hole, and aligning the mounting holes, press the base of the suspension to the ceiling;
  • After making sure that it is located correctly, one M8x80 bolt must be screwed into each anchor, and then tightened one by one with moderate effort, until a characteristic metal squeak appears.
  • Expandable metal anchor and fixing scheme in a concrete ceiling.

  • To secure the console bracket to a brick wall, you need to use the same set of tools. Wall marking is also done according to the same principle. In this case, it is necessary to check the level so that the vertical base is located strictly vertically, and the horizontal boom is located strictly horizontally, parallel to the ceiling.
  • As in the previous case, according to the markings it is necessary to drill horizontal holes in the wall using a puncher with a 10 mm drill;
  • After drilling, all holes must be blown out of brick dust using a syringe or a thin rubber tube;
  • After that, insert one S-UF 10×80 plastic dowel or its analogs into each hole. In order for the dowel to enter to the very base, it must be slightly knocked out with a hammer;
  • Attach the bracket to the wall, and through the mounting holes, do not completely wrap one galvanized plumbing bolt with a size of 8×80 mm with a hexagon head 13 in each dowel;
  • After that, you need to level the bracket vertically and horizontally. and finally tighten the mounting bolts.
  • If the walls in the house are made of hollow bricks, then you need to fix them on chemical anchors.

  • In log cabins, houses made of laminated veneer lumber and frame-panel houses made of wood, the technology of mounting ceiling and wall mountings differs significantly from the methods described above. Only the markup remains unchanged:
  • The marked holes must be drilled with a conventional drill with a drill with a diameter of 6 mm;
  • Attach the suspension to a wooden surface, and screw wood screws 8×80 mm into each hole;
  • When choosing fasteners, I advise you to give preference to galvanized self-tapping screws with a large screw thread and a hex head for a wrench.
  • To save space in a typical apartment, you can use a combined option: one ceiling hook and two wall support brackets.

    It so happens that long and thick self-tapping screws fit very tightly into a hole of a smaller diameter in dense wood. In this case, I recommend lubricating their surface with a thick grease Litol 24, or, in extreme cases, with ordinary laundry soap before screwing.

    When choosing a suitable location for attaching the cantilever bracket, it is important to ensure that the wall is made of either solid bricks with a masonry thickness of at least one brick, or monolithic reinforced concrete with a base plate wall thickness of at least 100 mm. In wooden houses, such a bracket should be attached to a horizontal supporting beam or vertical support bar with a cross section of at least 100×100 mm.

    You can view more detailed and visual information on hanging bicycles from the ceiling in the video presented in this article, and all your questions and suggestions can be discussed in the comment form.

    How to hang a bike on the wall: all kinds of options from users Bicycle racks

    These are the simplest options for fixing the bike to the wall. over, in addition to the low cost of the presented equipment, such shelves have the following advantages:

    • The ability to securely mount the bike on the wall;
    • Can be used for various bike designs;
    • Possibility of fixing for the frame or for the seat.

    In addition, due to additional decoration, bicycle shelves can act as design elements and at the same time carry a functional load (for storing keys, bicycle attributes, umbrellas, etc.).

    Some manufacturers equip bike shelves with special fixing devices, due to which the bike structure is strictly fixed in the required position, which excludes spontaneous fall of the bike (especially important for families with small children).

    They have proven themselves well in large rooms. The peculiarity of these attributes of furniture is that not only a bicycle, but also related accessories, be it a bicycle helmet, special shoes and clothes, glasses, a pump, a set of tools and accessories, can easily be located in such a cabinet.

    As for the aesthetic side, a bicycle cabinet is the most attractive element for parking vehicles, as it can bring some drive and novelty into the existing interior. An additional advantage of such a garage is the ability to manufacture it according to individual sizes, taking into account the individual characteristics of both the bike itself and the premises of an apartment or house.

    They are presented today on the market for sports equipment in a wide variety and are quite widespread among users due to the following advantages:

    • Relatively low cost;
    • A wide variety of designs;
    • Easy to install and operate;
    • High-quality fixation of the bike;
    • Possibility of wall (vertical or horizontal) or ceiling mounting of the bike.

    If, however, to study in more detail the designs of bike hooks, then, depending on the manufacturer, these accessories can have as a common frame, or they can consist of separate elements that can be located in the wall area in specified places (depending on the type of bike).

    A stylish option for vertical bike storage is the Da Vinci system. Distinctive characteristics of such fasteners are impeccable appearance, reliable fixation of transport in an upright position on the wall, small dimensions.

    Although quite an exotic option, it still resonates with many bike owners. This mounting option is justified to use for long-term storage of the bike (for example, in winter). In addition, this will make it possible to optimally use the free space of even small-sized rooms.

    They are rarely used for storing bicycles due to their large dimensions. However, it is on such a fastener that up to three vehicles can be simultaneously positioned. That is why this type of bicycle storage is most often chosen by fans of family cycling.

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