DIY bike tandem from two bicycles

Bicycle in landscape design

Bicycles, besides their main use as a means of transportation, can also be used as decoration. Old bicycles are still highly prized for their unadulterated beauty. They are especially interesting as a garden decoration. Let’s take a look at some creative ideas for using bicycles as flower stands. one of the most common uses for vintage vehicles. Here are some examples:

Here’s a bike in pretty good condition, but got two metal baskets, one on each side. These baskets are used as containers for ornamental plants.

You can repaint your vintage bike and make it look more attractive. Let him be the star of the garden.

This bike, it almost disappeared under the flowers to conquer the world and make it more colorful.

An old bike will also look good near a fence, all your guests will admire what they see

This is the same example, this time with a large basket in front and adorable pink flowers inside.

Here we have another lovely old bike, this time with white flowers reflected in the mirror hanging above it. The mirror reflects the rest of the garden and thus the whole decor becomes more interesting.

Another very beautiful view. your antique bike is resting under a tree.

A rusty old bike integrates perfectly into any garden. To make it stand out, use more delicate flowers in a bright color and the contrast will be charming.

DIY Tandem bike biuld

This bike is very beautiful even without the plants that have been added. This is a very sophisticated and stylish bike with delicate details and elements.

The next two bikes have undergone a heavy color transformation, and will add brightness to the garden.

This bike has been repainted red to match all decorations.

A tandem of two bicycles adds charm and movement to the flower beds.

Two bikes are better than one, but what if you have more than two? Well you could use all of them. Just look at these rusty old bicycles. They have just begun a new chapter in their existence as decoration.

So far, we’ve talked about how antique or old bicycles were transformed into garden decorations. However, this is not the only way to use it. This is the gate from the bicycle garden. Two bicycles were included in the gate design and became part of it.

What is a velomobile

If you look closely at the word “velomobile” itself, you can assume that this is something in between a bicycle and a car. In general, it is so. The velomobile is set in motion, like a bicycle, with the help of muscular strength. Only unlike a bicycle, a velomobile allows you to feel more comfortable. Velomobiles have a car-like seat, fairing, and sometimes even a roof. Agree, it is much safer to move around on such a device than on a bicycle. In addition, you will certainly become the center of everyone’s attention.

Four-wheel double velomobile

bike, tandem, bicycles

Four-wheeled velomobiles are less common than three-wheeled

In fact, these are two bicycles united by one frame. The frame is made of steel pipes. Its dimensions depend on the driver’s height. In addition to the frame, major changes are being made to the steering. The two front forks are linked by a pull rod. Of the features, it is worth noting the double pedal assembly. Each rider has his own. Only the chain length has been changed here. The brakes on the rear wheels remain original.

To assemble such a device, we will need:

  • two identical bicycles;
  • steel pipes with a diameter of 2.5 cm;
  • Chipboard, foam rubber and seat upholstery;
  • welding machine, angle grinder, tool kit.

To calculate everything in advance, draw a drawing

The manufacture of such a velomobile will take a lot of time. The difficulties are mainly associated with the manufacture of the frame. There will be a chance to prove yourself as an engineer and welder. But what a pleasure from the result! Just imagine a trip with your beloved on such a monster. What is the chance to spend time with children? They can also be attracted to the construction, let them break away from their smartphones. A pleasant pastime is guaranteed in any case.

  • convenience;
  • unusual design;
  • the opportunity to be together.
  • bulkiness (it will not work on the balcony);
  • complex design.

Children’s velomobile from improvised means

You don’t have to buy an iPhone or set-top box to make your child happy. Remember what they once said at school? The best gift is a handmade gift. In addition, you can make your childhood dreams come true and become a designer, mechanic and just a good person.

Children’s velomobile, made by hand

  • bicycle parts;
  • profile pipe;
  • wheels from a garden wheelbarrow;
  • primer and paint.

Agree, if you disassemble all the junk in the country, then it will certainly be found, and if you walk around the neighbors, then you can set up the production of such velomobiles and make good money.

The frame of the velomobile is made from pieces of metal profile

To begin with, we make the frame of the future velomobile. For this, trimming a metal profile will do. The frame does not need to be reinforced, the child will have enough strength, and the extra metal will only make the structure heavier.

The front fork of the velomobile is made of two bicycle

We cut off the pedal assembly completely from the old bike and weld it to the frame of the velomobile. The rear axle of the velomobile is made of a metal tube to which a cassette of sprockets is welded. You can use one, in this case no speed switch is used.

We weld the sprockets to the rear axle of the velomobile

Moving on to painting. Before that, we clean out the rust and cover the frame with primer. Let the paint dry. As a seat, you can use the trophy that you brought in your youth from the enemy stadium. As a last resort, a child’s chair is suitable.

Ready-to-use children’s velomobile

The child will definitely appreciate your work. He will have a desire to spend extra time in the fresh air, which is doubly useful for modern children. There can be no drawbacks in this design. On the positive side, it should be noted:

  • simplicity of design;
  • lack of hard-to-reach materials;
  • the smile of a child is priceless.

TOP 5 tourist velomobiles in the world

So, let’s name the advantages of a velomobile:

  • comfort;
  • safety compared to a bicycle;
  • the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

You can easily move around the city on a velomobile

  • bulkiness of the design;
  • high prices.

A velomobile can be assembled from a regular bicycle. Therefore, rather disassemble the trash on the balcony, in the garage or in the country. Patience, hands, tools and supplies will certainly come in handy.

DIY single velomobile

Velomobile made from an old bicycle

  • bicycle;
  • 2 meters of steel pipe with a diameter of 2.5 cm;
  • 6 meters of a profile pipe with a cross section of 3.83.8 cm;
  • profile pipe with a cross section of 2.52.5 cm (about 3.5 m);
  • profile pipe with a cross section of 1.31.3 cm (about 1.5 m);
  • steel plate 0.47 cm thick;
  • Chipboard, foam rubber, seat upholstery;
  • bolts, nuts, seat upholstery, primer.

The frame of the velomobile is made of shaped pipes

Such a velomobile looks, of course, powerful, but you have to pay for it with its lightness of construction. There will be an opportunity to pump up your legs well. In addition, there are suspicions that the main load will fall on the weld, which is located closer to the steering wheel. All this will lead to the fact that one day the frame will break down and burst at the seam.

It is worth noting that the front wheel drive idea is well implemented. Please note that the drive sprocket that used to be in the back must now be turned over. We also turn the switch upside down and set it further 5.7 cm and 0.15 cm higher. The bracket on which everything will stand is made of steel plate.

For the speed switch to work properly, it must be installed upside down.

The hardest part is over. If you have mastered this, there should be no problems with the rear of the velomobile.

Velomobile can now stand on its own wheels

As you can see, you need a third wheel. You can carefully take from a neighbor while he is resting after a heavy lunch, but it is better not to risk it and warn him in advance. Many will be happy to get rid of junk.

Rear wheel mountings are made of steel plate

The next step is to move on to the brakes. Of course, “what Russian does not like driving fast.” In addition, everyone has long known that brakes were invented by cowards. But let’s think about those around us. Can you imagine what will happen to a person when such a colossus runs over him? So the brakes. We simply carry them over from the remains of our old bicycle. We weld the brake caliper to the new front fork and transfer the brake mechanism to it.

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Welding the brake caliper to the front fork

We make the frame of the future seat from a metal profile.

Three bolted sections allow us to adjust the backrest and headrest

The base of the seat and backrest are made of chipboard and foam rubber. We choose the softness ourselves, like the upholstery.

After you finish celebrating the end of work, be sure to test drive the velomobile

Stages of work

  • Need to disconnect the steering wheel.
  • Disconnect the front plug.
  • Remove the cables (they are no longer needed).
  • Using a hammer, remove the grooved race from the ball bearing on the head tube that supports the fork at the front.
  • A metal hacksaw is used to cut a glass located under the handlebars, so that a bowl is obtained to surround the seat tube in the front bike.
  • The wheel is removed, which is behind.
  • All devices are removed from the rear wheel required to change gears of speed.
  • The pipes that supported the wheel at the back are sawed off with a hacksaw. You only need to remove the feathers on top, we still need feathers on the bottom.
  • Tie the upper part in front of the last bike to the tube under the saddle from the first bike using electrical tape. This must be done as neatly and firmly as possible, keeping the adhesive tape constantly with the adhesive part inside.
  • In order to avoid bends in the middle of our tandem at the junction, you need to take two pre-prepared sticks and pull them tightly to the frame pipes that are on top. Insulating tape is not worth saving on this. Next, we bind the poles to the pipe under the saddle or to the joint.
  • The pre-set fork at the front of the bike is cleared of excess until it changes from a Y-shape to a U-shape.
  • The plug will need to be mounted on the pipe. To center it on the pipe, you will need to cut two notches at the base (V-shape).
  • The fork is installed so that it wraps around the pipe under the saddle. The ends fit towards the other two tubes on the first bike.
  • The tube should be where the chain is. Continuous work with a hammer on the frame and fork will help us in this, until the free passage of the chain is established, without catching the pipes and fork. Frames must complement each other as much as possible.
  • We tie both ends of our already assembled tandem bike with electrical tape. To begin with, the end of the fork is connected to the end of the frame at the front (this is done end-to-end). Then the fork is attached to the pipe under the saddle and to any other frame part for additional reinforcement.

“Soviet” version of the tandem bike

This option differs from other home-made tandems in a high level of security and simplicity. As a basis, you can use two “Soviet” bicycles, for example “Sputnik”. How to make a tandem of two bicycles? Connect them into a coherent system.

Triple tandem

If your family or company has three people and everyone wants to ride the same bike at once, then you will have to create a tandem tricycle with three seats. This option is perfect for a family with a child, for whom riding on such a rare and unusual form of transport will become a truly unforgettable adventure. However, it should be borne in mind that maintaining balance on this model is much more difficult than on a single or double.

The principle of work in order to make a tandem bike with 3 seats with your own hands is the same as the two-wheel option mentioned above. But to create it, you need three original bicycles, where the third joins the second in the same way as the second is attached to the first.

Metamorphosis of two broken bicycles

There is an option to make a tandem bike with your own hands, using two out of order, two sticks and one roll of duct tape.

  • Hacksaw for metal.
  • Insulating tape.
  • Adjustable spanner.
  • A hammer.
  • Tool capable of squeezing a chain or chain links connected together.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Any two bicycles that have a high top tube frame (usually found on men’s models).
  • The derailleur for the front gears should have the two smallest sprockets and the same number of teeth (it can be removed from the old bike if it fits in the parameters, or you can buy a new one on the market).
  • Long cable for rear brake.

Ride track

The second type attracts much more, but in order to make the sled track itself at home, it will take more effort, money and skills. To do this, you will need special rollers, because it is thanks to them that rotation will occur and similar to what we see on factory exercise bikes. How to make an exercise bike out of a bicycle at home?

The material of the rollers can be almost any, the main thing is that it is durable and meets all the requirements. Often the preference is given to metal tubes, but sometimes this role is played by such “exotic” devices as wringer rollers taken out of a washing machine unsuitable for repair.

They are needed not only for the rear, but also for the front wheel. A drive belt is attached between the rollers. The big advantage of this simulator is the ability to adjust the load with your own hands. This can be achieved by installing the tie rod in the rear rollers.

So, with a little work, you can get a completely working unit. Of course, it will be inferior on a number of points to branded products, but it is realistic to perform the main tasks on it.

Exercise machine on a stand

  • Boards;
  • Pegs;
  • Dural posts;
  • Screwdriver.

The front wheel can be removed and left in mono. If you decide to remove it, the front part of the future exercise bike will be fixed to the corners, if not. by analogy with the rear part.

Planks are the foundation of the structure on which everything else will be held. The pegs are attached to them, and the bicycle is already attached to the pegs. You must immediately make sure that the product is stable. Instead of the front wheel, we mount duralumin struts, and the work is almost ready.

This is not the only, but the easiest and most economical way to make an exercise bike at home from a bicycle easily and quickly.

Benefits of homemade exercise bikes

Homemade exercise machines have their positive aspects, although they are inferior in functionality to a bicycle. But you cannot ignore the fact that when using a work bike, you will become the owner of two products at once. In the cold season, it will be possible to study at home, and as soon as it is time to get out for walks, you can simply disassemble the bike rack with your own hands and go for a drive outside.

A big plus of homemade products is also compact. It is easy to move from one place to another, disassemble and reassemble. Repair of such a structure will cost much less than a purchased one. You can even completely swap out a few parts and get a completely different type of product.

  • Install the brake to create additional load. Its presence affects the rotation of the wheel and your efforts while pedaling.

This way you can increase your workout efficiency and add variety to your activities.

Needless to say, such activities are beneficial for health. Workouts are also effective in the fight against excess weight, but in this case, carefully consider the material of the parts on which the bike is installed so that you do not have to repair bent tubes or rollers. They just might not support a lot of weight.

How to make a homemade exercise bike out of a bicycle at home?

If you don’t want to have your old bike repaired, try making an exercise bike out of it yourself. So you will get almost the same product, but in a new quality. Even a homemade exercise bike from a bicycle has the characteristics necessary for productive activities, and in some situations it surpasses its counterpart.

But before you want to make an exercise bike out of a bicycle, you need to decide what exactly you want to get in the end. Sports equipment is diverse, which means that making a choice in favor of one or another will not be so easy.

Despite the fact that the assortment is huge, if you refused to repair and decided to build an exercise bike with your own hands, you should concentrate on only two of its types.

The simplest one can be called an ordinary machine on a stand. Making it yourself is quite simple, even without having special repair skills. The second type. sledding track. is more difficult, but is wildly popular. It will take a little more time and knowledge to build such a structure, but the result will definitely please.

Disadvantages of converted bicycles

Unfortunately, homemade simulators also have drawbacks, and they must not be forgotten. If something turns out to be a significant obstacle for you, it is better to think about buying a finished product or think in more detail about your assembly work.

The effect of training, of course, is not the same as from training on a special simulator, because you will not have the opportunity to monitor the load and take into account other parameters. The most you can do is pedal. Based on this, calculate the final result. Of course, there will be benefits from physical activity, but you should not harbor illusions.

Although it is not so difficult to assemble a simulator with your own hands, not everyone can do it. There is nothing wrong with that, but you must soberly assess your abilities, otherwise there is a danger not only not to do what you intended, but also to ruin an ordinary bicycle. Possible injury during assembly in the absence of experience in repair work.

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Now that you know the pros and cons of this event, it will be easier to make a decision. If you are not planning to purchase new sports equipment, and you have an old, but working bike, you can try to give it a second life.

DIY Bike Rack. DIY Community on DRIVE2

After many falls of the bike to the ground, when trying to twist or adjust something, I realized that a bike rack is simply necessary for a person who constantly repairs bicycles. Having looked at the for branded bike racks, I realized that I could not afford it, it was decided to make the rack myself.

Having looked at the design of clamps of world manufacturers, I decided to focus on the design of the clamp by all the well-known ParkTool company. I didn’t want to make an exact copy of the partula clip, my goal was to make the clip easier and cheaper to make. After making a few sketches and some calculations, I went to a local metal warehouse and bought all the materials I needed and proceeded to cut the metal bushes I needed and then weld all the parts.

The stand is adjustable in height from 120 to 175 cm, every 10 cm the pipe is fixed with a pin for greater reliability, on the back there is a clamping bolt for better fixation. The clip is removable and can be rotated 360 degrees.

The I-beam stand is removable and the stand can be installed permanently.

I will not describe in detail the manufacturing process, everything is already visible in the photo.

Bicycle frame fence

From bicycle frames and metal pipes of small diameter, you can quickly assemble an original fence for a garden or other plot of land.


Bicycle storage trays

When storing multiple bicycles, you have to push them against the wall and against each other. This is not always convenient, especially when someone is propping up your bike and you have to pull it out.

An ordinary wooden pallet for transporting goods can solve the problem. It fixes bikes in an upright position, making them much more convenient to use.

Like to ride a bike barefoot, but the pedals hurt your feet? One of the ways out of this situation is to attach ordinary kitchen sinks to the pedals. They can be glued or otherwise secured.

But, if there are no special spikes on the pedals, then it is better to ride barefoot, your feet will quickly get used to it and it will even be useful. Metal cleat pedals can also be swapped out for conventional pedals such as plastic or aluminum.

Homemade wooden scooter

We present another and rather nice homemade product from our readers. Konstantin sent us a story about a homemade scooter made of wood. The scooter has a fairly simple design, so if you wish, you can assemble something similar for yourself.

Homemade bicycle sprocket watch

From the rear and front bicycle sprockets, you can make an excellent homemade watch with an original look with your own hands.

The easiest option is to attach a large chainring to a round base (plastic, wood, chipboard) using screws, bolts or even glue. Well, displaying arrows and adding numbers is no longer a problem (by the way, you don’t have to add them).

Exercise bike out of a bicycle

An ascetic exercise bike made from a bicycle. Despite the external unattractiveness, the simulator works and the most important thing is elementary and cheap.

Bicycle stroller for dog

The guy made a small stroller for his bike, in which his dog rides with pleasure.

Homemade catamaran from a bicycle and plastic water bottles

A simple and cheap home-made catamaran for stagnant water and rivers with not very strong currents. For production, you need a bicycle, large water bottles, a furniture board, several boards and a metal profile (corner).

Homemade bicycle sprocket watch

From the rear and front bicycle sprockets, you can make excellent homemade watches with an original look with your own hands.

The easiest option is to attach a large chainring to a round base (plastic, wood, chipboard) using screws, bolts or even glue. Well, displaying arrows and adding numbers is no longer a problem (by the way, you don’t have to add them).

DIY bike homemade products

On our site you will find the most interesting homemade bicycle products collected from enthusiastic craftsmen around the world. Most of them can be made with your own hands, with a minimum of tools on hand. From homemade products for a bicycle are presented, including:

  • Solutions used to improve bicycles and expand their scope (strollers, racks, trunks, etc.).
  • All kinds of products made from bicycle components (furniture, souvenirs, wall clocks, tools).
  • Non-standard bike models from professional designers and DIYers.
  • Indoor and outdoor bike storage (parking, racks).

We will also be glad if you add any of your homemade bike with descriptions and photos.

Homemade wooden scooter

We present another and rather nice homemade product from our readers. Konstantin sent us a story about a homemade scooter made of wood. The scooter has a fairly simple design, so if you wish, you can assemble something similar for yourself. (Further…)

Homemade bike: from project to production

A team of students of the Product Design course, Level 4 talks about how they created a unique bike and what difficulties arose during this.

One of the assignments this semester was to make a velocart, a custom type of bicycle that has 3-4 wheels and is propelled by human power. And most importantly, he had to actually go.

Initially, we were given a little over a month to work, but we immediately set ourselves a rather difficult task. to make a complete structure out of metal. We were stubbornly against the advice of our teachers and friends, who said: “Guys, don’t worry, make it easier, don’t bother, there is plastic, plywood” In the end, we are very pleased with the result, although we suffered for three months and spent a decent amount of money on it. (Further…)

Making a tandem bike with your own hands from scrap materials

Before you “catch fire” with the goal of making a tandem bike with your own hands, you should check the availability of the necessary materials. During the assembly process, you will need two old or new bicycles, which will give their components to the new device. Better if a newer version of the classic bike is chosen for the front of the paired device. The second design will “present” the homemade unit with the rear part. In addition to consumables, some tools will come in handy:

  • hacksaw for metal;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • a device that helps to squeeze out the whole chain or several of its connecting links;
  • different screwdrivers;
  • a hammer.

There will be no extra duct tape. It is worth noting that it is preferable to choose constructively male models that are equipped with a high tube as donor bicycles. To save money on assembling a homemade tandem bike will help if the two units have a front gear derailleur, which would have the same number of teeth in the last two sprockets.

Characteristic advantages of the model

Almost all the advantages that a tandem bike has are in no way related to the specifics of cycling technology. Its main function is to develop a “feeling of fellowship”, to unite for a team trip. When multiple people have to co-ordinate the same device, they learn to find compromises. Among other technical features of the tandem, it is worth noting:

  • lack of fatigue. The fact is that for the same distance, walking in a tandem, a person will need to make half the effort. Paired control saves energy.
  • high speed. A tandem bike can move almost twice as fast as a classic device for one cyclist, reaching speeds of up to 30-35 km / h.
  • fast descent. Driving down a hill or hill, a tandem bike is able to reach a high speed, despite the fact that the torque remains the same, the unit is fed forward more strongly due to twice the weight.
  • change of places of cyclists. If the person behind the wheel feels tired, he will be able to switch places with the second passenger. Sitting on the secondary seat, you can ride with your eyes closed or letting go of your hands.

The design of the tandem bike is such that the frame and wheels are able to withstand much higher static loads than a standard single bike. This feature ensures the strength of the entire unit, which can last a very long time if the owner only skates on a flat road surface. The tandem bike has reinforced tires and tubes, more powerful rims, thicker spokes, a sturdy frame and a longer chain.

Stage two. Assembling a twin bike

The roll of electrical tape should be as tight as possible so that the adhesive tape can firmly tighten the parts. It is important to remember that it exhibits excellent properties in tension and at the same time is not suitable for shear loads and compression. In view of this circumstance, the compression upper tube and the stress-functional lower part will have to be equipped with stronger connections and crossbars. For those who assemble a tandem bicycle with their own hands, it is fundamentally important to make the structure as strong as possible, capable of withstanding any loads.

The next step is to connect the rear of the bike to the seat tube of its front elements. First, you need to firmly tie the pipes together with electrical tape. Do not be upset if parts of the structure “walk” up and down or back and forth in the process, the main thing is that they cannot bend. Two sticks will help to resist the bend in the middle of the structure, which will be tied with electrical tape to the top of the pipes of the two frames. The overall shape of the paired bike will be determined directly by the height of the upper tubes.

Then you need to start the articulation, which is located at the bottom of the tandem bike. Photos of factory tandems can help to do this manipulation, having considered the typical options, it will be easier to understand the principle of action. You can unite the disparate parts using the front fork, which was previously removed from the first bike, which became the back of the tandem.

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The part left in reserve should be freed from unnecessary components so that instead of the Y-shape, it acquires a U-shape. Once a pair of V-notches have been cut, position the fork so that it curves around the seat tube at the rear of the tandem. Subsequently, the edges of the part must be fitted with the ends to the pipes of the front of the unit. In the place where the chain will be located, a tube should be installed. Using a hammer, you need to achieve a perfect passage of the chain through the frame tube and forks.

The next step in assembling a tandem bike with your own hands is to connect the front and rear parts of the structure, using electrical tape, you need to tie the ends of the fork so that they are parallel to the ends of the front part of the frame (side by side). Then attach the fork directly to the seat tube. Strength can be increased by attaching any other nearby part of the frame. It is most prudent to connect the intersection of the fork to the two tubes of the front of the structure and the diagonal tube at the rear of the frame.

After assembling the entire structure, you need to check the pedals. this part of the device must be synchronized with each other, which will avoid mutual “kicking” during a walk. The lack of synchronization of the pedals affects the inability to set them in a horizontal position on turns and races on curbs, in addition, the bike will not maintain balance at a decent level.

Significant disadvantages of the device

As practice shows, a paired bike has only two disadvantages:

  • At high speed, it is difficult for an elongated bike to accurately “enter” a corner with a small radius (two cyclists need to coordinate the speed limit, develop the skill of pair riding).
  • The braking distance increases, the brake pads wear out faster (both indicators are affected by the significant mass of the structure).

Stage one. Collecting the necessary parts

The start of assembling a homemade tandem bicycle will be preceded by the dismantling of two donor structures. First of all, you need to start the bike, which will give the follower the back.

It is necessary to free the unit from the steering wheel, front fork and cables, since all these parts will not be involved in further actions. It is also necessary to remove the front derailleur, but you do not need to throw it away yet. it will come in handy later. Using a hammer and a few blows, you will need to remove the bearing race, which is located in the head tube. A hacksaw for metal will help to cut the head tube; this manipulation must be done as carefully as possible, so that in the future it will be possible to create a “cup” surrounding the seat tube in front of the device.

To make a tandem bike with your own hands, special attention will have to be paid to the front of the structure. To do this, you will have to remove the rear wheel and gear selector from the donor bike. The next task will be to saw off all the pipes that supported the rear wheel in the previous design. The do-it-yourself tandem creator needs to get rid of all the top feathers, and the bottom feathers should be preserved.

Stage three. Checking the assembled tandem

Any self-assembled unit is different from the factory counterpart, as it has its own driving characteristics. According to the instructions above, a tandem bike can be assembled, which will be equipped with one gear and a single brake located at the front of the structure. As practice shows, a homemade tandem needs a long cable through which the rear brake will be connected. Otherwise, one braking element may not be enough to brake sharply at high speed, due to the significant weight, it will not be possible to stop overnight.

Some professionals install a modern gear shifting system on the tandem, however, due to too weak brakes and not the highest reliability of the unit, it is best to set only one optimal gear on a homemade tandem bicycle. The hand-made tandem can accelerate to 56 km / h, while the factory models can have a top speed of 72 km / h. It is most prudent to decide in advance on the most convenient gear in which the homemade device will go.

A tandem bike can have two handlebars, although a DIY design is less stable, a second handlebar can negatively affect balance. It is more expedient for the second passenger to hold on to the cyclist sitting in front, since in this case it will be possible to follow the leading device by a person, for example, bending synchronously when cornering.

Tandem. two-seater bike

A two-seater bike, or tandem, is ideal for leisurely family walks. Its principle is simple: both cyclists rotate the pedals, and the driver in front controls the turns and braking.

The tandem is interesting because it brings people together, makes them be a single indivisible system. Classic tandems are designed for smooth country roads, and this is justified: the longer the frame, the more difficult it is to drive over bumps, and the stronger the vibration and vertical loads, in the end, leading to the destruction of the strongest structure.

From the history of tandems

The history of tandems begins in the 19th century. As soon as a single bicycle appeared, the search for a modification for pair riding began immediately. As you can see in the bottom photo, “all ages, classes and types of clothes are submissive to the tandem”:

It’s not just the classic bike design that has been “doubled”. For example, the famous model called the “penny-farthing” or “spider” was also processed into a tandem bike. One can only guess about the convenience and safety of riding such a bike:

During the First World War, two-seater tandems were equally popular, and as a result, uniform bicycles appeared for entire military units:

It goes without saying that this is a European development. For such structures, smooth roads are needed. In addition, the middle of the structure experiences colossal loads, since the total weight of all soldiers can be about 700-800 kg.

Tandem advantages

Many of the advantages are not at all related to the specifics of cycling technology. For example, the development of a “sense of fellowship” and team travel. Developing agreement, the ability to find a compromise when asking “where to turn”. As for the technical advantages, they are as follows:

  • The distance that two people travel allows you to spend half the energy on the path that you traveled alone before.
  • The speed in tandem is much higher, and can easily reach 30-35 km / h. therefore a two-seater bike is an “adult” bike.
  • Downhill the tandem develops a much higher speed, since with the same torque, the weight of the vehicle is twice as much.
  • In case of fatigue, you can switch places. This gives a significant variety, because the last cyclist can ride with his eyes closed, and in some areas even letting go of his hands. It gives an unforgettable experience! A two-seater bike is still freedom!
  • Structurally, the tandem frame and wheels are designed for high static loads, greater than those of a single bike, so when riding on a flat road you can not worry about the strength of the structure. It has reinforced tires and tubes, powerful rims, thicker spokes, stronger frame, longer chain.

Disadvantages of tandem

The “bike for two” and the main drawbacks are two:

How to make a tandem bicycle from two bikes

  • it is difficult to “fit” into a small radius turn at a significant speed (this requires the skill of joint pedaling and the choice of a speed mode);
  • longer braking distances and faster wear of the brake pads (after all, the mass is significantly increased).

How to make a tandem with your own hands

There are a lot of reference materials on the Internet on how hobbyists assemble two-seater bicycles. But since these models do not meet the basic safety requirements, we will not recommend them in this article, it is enough to show the photos:

Therefore, we will advise an option on how to make a tandem with your own hands, developed back in Soviet times.

Most importantly, the designs of the bicycles, in this case the Sputnik, have not changed. This is a semi-tandem. It is the connection of two separate bikes into a single system, and the connection point is the place where the rear bicycle rotates around the vertical axis passing through the trunk of the front.

  • Add a rear bike bracket to the steering column.
  • The front bike rack is reinforced and a cross-shaped tube is installed on it, which is a hinge. First, a support is welded to the trunk, a pivot is screwed to the support, which was made from the rod of an old front fork, and a hinge is put on top of the pivot.

The figure shows an empirical connection diagram. The bike enthusiast can come up with any other fastening scheme. Most importantly, there is no need to saw the frames and each of the bikes can be used separately. This tandem has separate chains, each bike has its own. The principle of this tandem is relative freedom of design, which has a turning point. Therefore, only on straight sections of the track, the cyclist who rides behind him adds momentum to the overall system with his pedaling. When cornering, an inevitable angular displacement occurs, so the rear cyclist does not need to accelerate when cornering, but passively follow the leader.