DIY bike shed

The installation of wooden canopy columns is shown in this

For fixing the pillars are allocated at least three days. Only after that, the supports are connected with rafters and beams, a roof covering is laid, and gutters are removed.

Advice! It will not be superfluous to treat the structure with fireproof impregnation. This procedure is best done annually.

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A person who does not have a special construction education can build a garage or an open structure for a car. The main thing is to take into account the main points of the process, draw a project diagram and make an estimate of the necessary material.

In the article, we will show you how to make a carport for a car with your own hands cheaply, describe the types of canopies and used building materials, examples of extraordinary solutions.

Decoration and photo gallery of extraordinary solutions

To make a carport in the country for a car, and then refine the object, private craftsmen offer several options. Decor is an important element. This process is carried out after the completion of construction, but its aspects should be thought out in advance. For a completely open object, adding aesthetics is possible only around the perimeter.

  • Elite way of metal finishing. This option is expensive, but with regular processing, the structure will last for several decades and will not change its aesthetic appearance.
  • Slopes can be decorated with bars or made of a wooden Scandinavian mesh around the perimeter. They can be carved or decorated with a solid board.
  • You can trim the gables with clapboard or close them with polycarbonate sheets. This option will look harmonious with both wooden and brick columns.
  • If wood predominantly participates in the construction, you can refine the ends with wooden carved products, on which the drain will then be attached.
  • The forged version looks very rich, but it will also require corresponding costs. We must also not forget about the interior decor: furniture, curtains, flower pots.
  • Weightlessness, lightness and modern design solutions are reflected in the following variation.
  • The tent canopy can be mobile. The budget version of this design is shown in the photo below.
  • Stone combined with solid wooden beams is an interesting option for a shed.
  • We must not forget about lighting. For example, LED tube lamps.

You can also use spot lighting for the canopy.

Roof installation

The sheets are lightweight, so their installation is straightforward. As fasteners, you can use ordinary hardware and an electric screwdriver. With its help, you can create any roof configuration and even sheathe the walls of a hinged garage for a car with polycarbonate. The most popular configuration is the arch. If you make an object with screen-walls from sheets, then the car will be protected from any bad weather.

Basic recommendations for selection and installation:

  • It is better to purchase honeycomb panels from a well-known manufacturer.
  • It is better to purchase cellular polycarbonate. The monolithic version costs an order of magnitude higher in price, is poorly drilled and less convenient to install.
  • In order to make a carport, one-piece roofing sheets are purchased. If it is decided to close the walls, then this can be done from the remaining pieces after cutting the material.
  • To close the ends, punched tape is used, otherwise in a year you will have to redecorate the joints.
  • You need to lay the sheet strictly with a film protective element outward. Polycarbonate is easy to cut, so you can shape pieces according to the project.

Roof fixation is carried out with thermal washers. After that, the protective film is removed, and the ends at the top are enclosed with tape on an aluminum base. Further care of the coating is necessary.

Roof care tips:

  • Standard detergents are used for processing.
  • Cleaning in heat is not recommended.
  • In the summer, this material shrinks a lot and becomes more brittle.

Rules, features and requirements

For a private builder who has not previously carried out such installation work, it is best to make an extension to the main building. Having a fulcrum, fewer pillars will need to be dug in, and the structure will be fixed to one wall. If you make a stationary object, then you will need at least 4 columns. Key aspects:

  • Mobile awnings are less reliable, but this option allows you to change the location of the awning. You can create a folding canopy that can be removed and freed from the site or put away for storage.
  • To make a canopy with an increased protection function, it is better to design an object with side walls. Requires internal ceiling lining and gutter installation.
  • In order for the object to look organically on the territory, you should draw up a drawing, determine the dimensions and location.

The size of the canopy is determined taking into account the dimensions of the vehicle. Measure the car with the doors open. Optimal parameters for a passenger car: optimal height. 2.5 m; if the structure is massive, then this figure should be increased to 3 m. If the canopy is made too high, then precipitation will fall on the transport if there is no side sheathing. The reliability of the device is directly dependent on the supporting elements. The main points of drawing up a drawing:

  • taking into account the width, length of the building;
  • choice of location;
  • leveling the site with sand or gravel;
  • choice of support and roofing;

To decide what to make a carport out of, it is important to define the shape of the roof. The easiest option is a shed cover. Such a roof is economical and does not require special skills during construction. Hip design (four slopes): more reliable, guarantees protection from the wind. Structures in the form of an arch are very popular: increased rigidity and a presentable appearance of the object. If the last variation is chosen, it is important to observe the angle of inclination: no more than ten degrees.

On a note! If the canopy is being built for a truck, then a concrete platform, additionally reinforced, will be required from the very entrance. Passenger cars can be tiled or paved.

Support structure types

Before installing the supporting structures, you need to decide on the configuration of the object. To figure out how to make a carport, a support option is selected. Standard version: 4 pillars, which are joined together by partitions along the entire perimeter. The step for placing the supports should not exceed 1.5 m; the place of fixation is indicated in the diagram. Support options by type of material:

  • stone;
  • concrete;
  • metal;
  • wooden;
  • brick.

A metal object will require serious financial investments, as well as columns made of brick or concrete. In addition to the racks, the installation of a connected truss, lathing and an iron roof truss will be required. Massive pillars will look ridiculous in a small area and with a simple roof, but in the future they will not require constant maintenance.

If it is decided to build a solid large canopy, and the site allows this to be done, the use of special equipment and construction equipment will be required during the construction of the top of the structure. Help is indispensable when installing a metal support. Subsequently, it can be upholstered with additional material to make the option of a garage building.

The metal pipe must have a diameter of 8 cm or more.Such supports are poured with concrete and treated with an anti-corrosion agent.

Brick, concrete or stone look solid, do not require additional processing and can last for centuries, but a more budget option is wood. Roof variation should not depend on what material the columns are made of. Practice shows that if you combine the incompatible, then in the end you can get an original solution, and not a template version of the building.

What size to choose?

To correctly choose the parameters of the awning for transport, you should determine the target orientation. The dimensions of the carport directly depend on how many cars the parking lot is designed for.

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Let’s look at a few examples (length / width):

  • small car. 5 and 2.5 meters;
  • more than average cars. 6.5 and 3.5 meters.

To determine the height of the structure, the height of the machine itself and the load that is supposed to be transported on it is taken into account. Too high it is also not worth it: a strong gust of wind can easily turn the structure over if it is not additionally weighted. The optimal height is about 2.5 meters.

Assembling the frame

In the first method of arranging the foundation, the frame is installed almost immediately after securely fixing the racks.

With the second method, you should wait a certain time until the foundation is completely hardened (about 7 days). In the heat, hardening concrete should be periodically moistened with water. This way, further cracking of the base can be avoided.

As a material for the frame, wooden beams or a metal profile are suitable. Both the beams and the profile should have a smaller section than the support posts. This will reduce the load. First of all, the racks are connected, the beams are fixed on top. The last stage is the manufacture of the lathing and the assembly of the rafter legs.

Installing a carport step by step

You can build a car park with a roof yourself, just have the necessary tools on hand. The stages of construction are approximately the same for any type of roofing, so we will consider the important points in the construction of an awning.

Roof installation

Installation of roofing material is the final, but far from insignificant step. Let’s consider each option separately.

bike, shed

DIY carport: step by step instructions

A carport in the country is a useful and convenient device. It will protect the car from direct sunlight, precipitation, and add an interesting design element to the backyard area. We will tell you how to build a carport with your own hands, and what material is best suited for your site.

The main types of structures

Depending on the design features, there are several options:

  • Arched awning. It has an unusual and pleasant appearance and good strength characteristics. The arch-shaped roof allows precipitation in the form of snow and rain to slide down unhindered. There are standard shapes and sizes, as well as individual solutions for projects. For installation, metal support posts are required: 6 pieces. for a separate structure, 3 pieces. for an awning attached to a residential building.
  • Shed carport. It is a separate awning or an extension to a residential wooden house.
  • Carport with two slopes. It has two planes, which allows the entire structure to withstand heavy loads. A huge advantage is that the roof does not trap dirt and precipitation.

Polycarbonate carport

One of the widespread and popular awnings that summer residents and owners of country houses often use. We wrote earlier about various structures for a summer residence that you can build with your own hands. Such material can be monolithic or consist of cells. Their differences are:

  • Thanks to the honeycomb structure, cellular polycarbonate is lightweight and easy to install. Monolithic base will be able to withstand high pressure and loads.
  • Cellular material is cheaper, but its service life is significantly shorter.
  • The monolith is installed on a strong and reliable frame, for a honeycomb. it is enough to use supports of small thickness.

After you have chosen a suitable material, you should proceed with its installation. Sheet parameters are determined by the dimensions of the structure itself. Cut it off with a specially designed power tool.

Important! If cellular polycarbonate is used for the roof, then water must not be allowed to enter the channels. The sheets should be placed perpendicular to the ground. If these measures are not taken in time, then the accumulated moisture will mix with dust, thereby disrupting the attractiveness of the canopy. Monolithic coating has no such problems.

  • After cutting the polycarbonate, holes are made for the fasteners. This must be done before starting the installation process.
  • The diameter for the holes in the sheets is chosen larger than the hardware itself. This is done because the material itself changes at high or low temperatures, and if the diameters match each other, then cracks or chips will appear at the attachment points.
  • The bottom of the sheets is covered with a special tape with perforation, the top is solid.

Bicycle shelter

After rain, there is a risk of getting a rusty and dirty bike if you do not take it to your garage or house. But what to do when there is no way to hide the iron horse nearby? It is necessary to build a small shelter for the bike, which will protect it from rain and sunlight and fit well into the exterior of the house.

Materials (edit)

Bicycle shelters can be made from a variety of materials. The most common option for outdoor structures is made of metal supports and with a roof made of polycarbonate or safety glass. Outdoor bike sheds can also be wooden, but are rare.

bike, shed

often, a shelter for bicycles made of wood is made in a private house. precisely, as a structure attached to the fence. In this case, you do not have to spend a lot of time on the construction of this shed, because the fence serves as a kind of wall, support. It is enough to attach the roof with the help of fasteners. and the shelter will be ready. This option is very good as protection from rain and other climatic phenomena.

Features of the

The bike shed is designed to shelter the vehicle from the vagaries of the weather. The most practical option for a summer residence, private sector or a cottage is a structure with a polycarbonate roof on supports. Supports can be made of metal (profiles or pipes), wood (from solid processed trunks) and in the form of brickwork.

Polycarbonate is the most preferable for roof material because it is the most durable and unpretentious in contrast to glass or metal. Polycarbonate bike sheds generally consist of:

  • from the foundation;
  • supports;
  • decor elements;
  • roofs;
  • frame.

Such awnings are also attractive because they can be easily installed by yourself. They are necessary for those who take care of their two-wheeled vehicle and want to keep it in working order longer, because the usual bicycle parking on the street is not always equipped with a roof and supports. Often these are just markings on the sidewalk or metal structures dividing parking spaces without a canopy.

In addition, keeping your two-wheeled vehicle under the open sun is a completely unfortunate decision. First, the paint will fade and corrosion may occur. Secondly, in the summer it will be unpleasant to ride on it due to the fact that it is overheated.

There are several types of bike sheds. To a large extent, their design depends on location and function. The outdoor shed is adapted for parking a large number of bicycles, so it often has only a roof and supports, and no walls. A country or backyard bike shed can have both walls and doors. That is, it can look like a kind of mini-garage.

Garage bicycles made of polycarbonate materials are especially popular. Since polycarbonate bends well, it can be mounted in the form of an arch, a tent, a pyramid, or a pagoda. Lightweight composite walls can be added to the canopy for added comfort. Such a design will perfectly protect vehicles from snow, hail, rain.

Polycarbonate awnings are also used as a summer kitchen arrangement, gazebos, as a shelter for a pool, benches.

Making a 7×4 Pent Bike Shed DIY | The Carpenter’s Daughter

How to do it yourself?

On your personal plot or in the country, you can make a bicycle shed yourself. It is best to build it for several bike bikes at once. The best option is to build an impregnated lumber shelter. It will be more functional in terms of resistance to climatic conditions. rain, snow, wind. and environmentally friendly in terms of health safety. For one bike, a width of 60 centimeters will be enough, for two. a meter, for three. one and a half meters.

It is worth starting the construction of a bicycle shed by drawing a drawing. You can draw it by hand, you can build it in a special, easy-to-learn program, for example, Corel Draw, or contact a specialist designer. At the same time, he will do everything ergonomically, think over all the details, and the implemented project as a result will not only be practical, but also beautiful. For the construction, you should hire a team, whose work the designer will accompany, so that she does everything as he depicted.

But if there is a strong desire to make a bike shed on your own, then you will need to tune in to painstaking work, consisting of several steps.

  • Procurement of building materials (elements) and assembly of the supporting structure.
  • Installation of pillars. For this, 4 holes are dug 80 centimeters deep, the pillars are treated with bitumen or used engine oil and strengthened in the soil. If the supports are level, the holes are buried tightly.
  • Fastening the rafters. To do this, you will need 6 bars, in which you will need to cut out the grooves for fastening. Then they are assembled according to the drawing.
  • Walling. To do this, collect 3 rectangular frames and sheathe them from the outer sides with boards horizontally. Materials are fastened with metal screws and corners.
  • Roofing. As a material, they take corrugated sheets of fiberglass, pre-cut. They fasten them together with nails with wide caps.
  • In conclusion, the floor of the canopy is laid out with paving slabs for greater convenience and aesthetics of the building. In this case, you get a fairly roomy shelter, which will take up a lot of space.
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But if you need to save space, the best solution would be to make a very small bike shed with compact dimensions. It can be no higher than 1.5 meters high, 1-1.5 meters wide and the size of a standard bicycle. It will be able to fit 2-3 of these vehicles. The best option in this case is to make a canopy with three walls, a roof and a door, and sheathe it all with impregnated boards. It will take up very little space, but the bicycles will be well attached.

The canopy can be made according to the type of street. city, from metal structures and with a roof made of safety glass. But in this case, you will need the ability to work with a welding machine, because the structures will have to be welded. But this option will be more modern, durable and easy to maintain. Metal structures must be taken from stainless steel.

Thus, there are many options for self-building a bike shed, the main thing is that the result is exactly what is required. Because this vehicle is one of the most popular at present due to its environmental friendliness, accessibility, convenience and simplicity. And it is good if he is provided with appropriate care to keep him in excellent condition.

For more information on the bike shed, see the video below.

Materials (edit)

What to make a canopy from? Priority is given to inexpensive but durable types. The most commonly used materials are:

Decking and metal tiles. They are quite durable and resistant to damage. Has a long service life. Coating with a special paint allows the color not to fade for a long time under the influence of sunlight.

Polycarbonate. Very durable and easy to install and maintain material. Better to use the cast version.

Asbestos-cement slate. It is made from a mixture of cement and asbestos. It can be flat or wavy.

Fiber cement slate. For its manufacture, mineral fillers reinforced with fiber and cement are used. The material is very durable, but it is rarely used for self-construction.

Lumber. It can be moisture-resistant plywood, boards, beams or OSB.

Metallic profile. It can have a different sectional shape: square, circle, rectangle.

Fasteners. Self-tapping screws, bolts, nuts, washers and steel corners are used.

You can always add new decorative and functional elements to the design of your home. One of these is a canopy.

Usually it is performed over the terrace or to hide a car standing near the house. Let’s figure out how to make a canopy yourself.

Stages of installation of awnings

To install a canopy over the porch of a country house on the side wall, you must perform the following steps:

  • Anchor the structural beam.
  • Install vertical supports.
  • Mounting on the Mauerlat supports strictly parallel to the load-bearing beam, but below it to create a roof slope. It is recommended to tilt at least 20 degrees. This will allow the snow to slide off the roof.
  • Installation of the lathing.
  • Roof anchoring.

Optionally, you can install a gutter along the edge of the roof to drain rainwater to the side.

In the case of using a wooden frame for a canopy, all parts are connected using wood screws and metal corners. Welding is used to assemble the metal frame.

Installation principle

All types of awnings have the same installation principle. Most often they are installed close to one of the walls.

To attach the canopy to the wall, use a beam of the required length. It is fixed with anchors or ordinary dowels. If you want to leave the wall intact, then you can install vertical supports close to it.

For ease of implementation of the canopy, a shed straight roof is usually installed. If it is necessary to install a canopy as an element of decor, then it can be made rounded, double, using different styles.

Assembling the frame

The question arises of how to attach a canopy to the house. To fix it to the wall, it is most rational to use a load-bearing beam. It can be rather easily fixed on any external covering using dowels or anchors.

The only exception is the siding wall, since the inside is hollow. In this case, it is necessary to use vertical supports.

But even in this case, you will need to fix each post in one place. This will allow you to maintain the level position of the pillars without the use of triangular struts, the installation of which will increase the time and cost of installing the canopy.

After installation, the pillars can be poured with concrete, making a terrace or porch from it.

To install the supports on a wooden floor, reinforced steel corners are used. They are screwed in from both sides of the post. This is sufficient to provide the required fastening strength.

With a long canopy, it is necessary to install supports at a distance of no more than 2 m.Otherwise, in winter, the beam may sag under the pressure of snow.

It is very convenient to use steel supports with flanges for fastening. They are used to connect beams and supports using self-tapping screws. If the canopy is made of steel, then with their help you can weld parts together.

Having completed the installation of the supports, they overstep the fastening of the front load-bearing beam, as well as the rafters. The latter are used as lathing to secure the roof.

For installation, it is best to use reinforced steel corners or large bolts. It is important that all fasteners are securely connected and do not move. Otherwise, the design will be unreliable.

It is very convenient to use steel fasteners to connect the supporting beam to the rafters. If you do not have it, then the corners fixed on both sides of the rafters will perfectly cope with this task.

There are no strict rules for installing a frame for a canopy. The main thing is to ensure the strength and durability of the structure.

The wooden frame under the influence of precipitation will quickly deteriorate without special treatment. To extend the service life, immediately after installation, it is necessary to cover the structure with wood stain and varnish.

You can also use paint to match your home’s design. In the future, you will need to monitor the status of the coverage and update it in a timely manner.

If you plan to make a metal frame for a canopy, then use an assembly scheme similar to that used for a wooden frame.

Welding is used to connect parts, and in some cases. bolts with washers and nuts. It is worth noting that making connections by welding is much faster.

Roof installation

We have listed the materials that can be used for installation on the roof of the canopy above.

Self-tapping screws are used to fix polycarbonate sheets on the crate. A special press washer will help close the hole to prevent water from entering it.

A detachable profile helps to connect polycarbonate sheets to each other. When using a honeycomb profile, an end profile must be fixed to its edges with glue.

Sheds from a profile and metal tiles are laid with a slight overlap. Fix them using self-tapping screws with a special press washer.

The latter is made of rubber. This allows fastening not only on the most convex part of the material, but also between the waves. To create a beautiful roof, you need to select screws of the same color as the roof.

Slate begins to be laid from the very bottom row. It is also placed with a slight overlap. At the highest point of the wave, the slate is fixed using special slate nails.

It must be remembered that when heated, this material tends to expand, so the nails are not driven completely. 1 mm is enough to compensate for thermal expansion.

Inside, the nails are not bent, because on hot summer days, the slate can crack from this. If you don’t like the sharp edges of the nails that stick out under the roof, then an angle grinder will help you get rid of them.

As you can see, making a canopy yourself is pretty simple. No special building skills or tools are required for this.

The canopy is a very functional structure. In addition, its implementation will not require significant financial costs, which allows everyone to install it.

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The most expensive option would be metal roofing in combination with a metal frame. The most budget can be called a canopy with a lumber frame and a slate roof.

Do-it-yourself photos of awnings help to determine the variety of options for their installation. We are sure that you will not have any problems with self-installation of the canopy.

Option 3

  • Wide and thick log
  • Chainsaw
  • Clipper
  • Sandpaper
  • Protective varnish
  • On the log, you need to make marks for the location of the bike wheel compartments. It is better to measure them beforehand by adding a couple of centimeters to the gap.
  • Cut the compartments with a chainsaw.
  • A nailer will be needed to remove wood from the grooves.
  • The resulting compartments must be processed, sanded.
  • Then cover with paint or varnish for protection. Then your device will serve for a long time.


  • The second name is corner.
  • 45 degree angled with multiple compartments in the design.
  • Significantly save space, although the design is not reliable.

Option 1. Compartment iron structure

  • Metal pipes
  • Paint
  • Welding machine
  • The pipes must be connected together using a welding machine. Remember that this kind of work requires experience in this area. Because the creation of a metal frame requires precision.
  • Then cover the structure with moisture resistant paint.

Good bike rack. what it should be?

Street bike theft is common in many countries. The scale of the problem is impressive. First of all, safety rules must be followed.

  • Bicycle parking must be visible from outside the buildings, also from the inside;
  • Do not place it in your backyard, near waste bins or other deserted places. This increases the risk of theft;
  • The best location is as close to the main flow of people as possible;
  • It is important to have a canopy from rainy weather, good illumination. Then it will not be difficult to keep track of the bicycles in the dark;
  • The parking stand should be fixed as well as possible in order to avoid damage with a hand tool;
  • It is advisable that a security guard or CCTV cameras monitor the parking lot.

What a proper bike rack should look like:

  • It should be easy to find. Then the likelihood of its use will be higher. It is desirable that a pointer be installed about its presence and location. This will be a hint to users.
  • Location plays an important role. It is better to place a bicycle parking near the entrance to a building, be it a supermarket or any educational institution. The distance from the entrance to the parking lot for a short stay should be about 10 meters. Long term. up to 100 meters.
  • In addition, the parking lot must be easily accessible without the slightest obstacle. It should not interfere with pedestrians, intersect with traffic.
  • It is important that the bike rack meets all safety requirements. It should not block the approach to ramps, fire exits, stairs, passages to them. It is not recommended to place it near windows.
  • It should be easy to use.
  • Another important factor is compatibility with different types: mountain, urban, folding, etc. etc.
  • The bike must be firmly secured in place.

Horizontal bars

  • Made in the shape of the letter P.
  • A convenient option for modes of transport with two wheels. Common view.
  • Differ in relatively low cost, ease of installation.
  • The parking is stable and secure.
  • U-shaped bike stands are usually made of stainless steel.
  • The biggest plus is the long service life.

Types of street bike parking lots, their pros and cons


  • They are made in the form of columns.
  • Good option for urban installations in any terrain.
  • There are the simplest designs, as well as stylized.
  • They will be a great addition to any architectural solution.

DIY Storage Shed // Bike Shed // Garden Shed

Parking for bicycles: types, how to do it yourself?

Cyclists are road users just like motorists. They need specially equipped bicycle racks. Most often, there are no properly equipped parking spaces. You have to use trees, poles, stationary objects.

This creates discomfort for passers-by and cyclists. People usually refuse to ride a bike due to the lack of parking for them. Let’s consider in more detail what a bicycle parking should be, as well as how to make it yourself.

How to cover the frame

There are a lot of roofing materials suitable for arranging sheds today. In principle, you can make a roof out of anything, even glass. The only question is rationality. In this aspect, the following types are most popular.

Pool enclosure

A great solution to have a great time by the water. Some projects suggest making it a closed type, providing it with sliding wall panels. In this case, it will be possible to swim in the tank even in cool windy weather.

It is worth taking a closer look at the ideas offered by the photo, where a polycarbonate canopy adjacent to the house combines the building into a single composition with a pool. The transparent overlap looks very aesthetically pleasing and does not interfere with the unity with nature.

The canopy unites the house and the pool into a single composition


Representative of the economy segment of modern roofing materials. Flexible, lightweight, quiet, ondulin allows you to mount canopy roofs in any configuration, has good decorative performance and is available for DIY assembly.

Ondulin allows you to mount canopies of any shape

Gazebo canopy

The most common solution in suburban architecture. Designs can appear in any design. They can be given the shape of a hexagon, square, circle. Canopy can also be made of non-standard configuration.

Since this is always a detached building, distinguished by the beauty of its forms, they try to place it in the most picturesque corners of the site, on the hills. The openness of the design can be played up in an original way, making it even more comfortable, but more on that below.

Metal tile

Aesthetic modern solution, quite often used, judging by the photo, to cover the awnings attached to the house, protecting verandas and terraces. Lightweight, but at the same time durable material is well cut, does not bend under wind gusts and weight loads.


This term is called mobile awnings, which look like fabric awnings. Their task is to protect the windows of the house, open balconies, terraces from rain and scorching sun. Awnings are nominated as needed. It is possible to adjust the size of their disclosure.

What to assemble the frame from

Since this is the main structural element that carries not only a weight load, then it must be made of especially durable materials.

Naturally, metal will come first. It is highly durable, quick to assemble. Hollow steel is lightweight, and after proper processing it will be sufficiently resistant to corrosion.

The metal frame is highly durable and quick to assemble

The metal frame is welded and prefabricated. The latter is easy to assemble with your own hands without outside help.

The next most popular tree is the tree. The material is distinguished by its design variability. By choosing it, you will be able to design awnings of any architectural complexity. Treatment with antiseptic and protective compounds significantly extends the operational life of the building. The main advantages of wood as a building material are:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • material availability;
  • aesthetics;
  • ease of assembly.

Although wood is inferior to metal in terms of strength indicators, and will serve less than it, this does not prevent the material from being the leader of choice. The secret is that wooden structures carry a special comfort, which we so lack in urban dwellings.

You can compromise and make a polycarbonate canopy frame attached to the house, as in the photo, combined. That is, make the supports metal, and leave the supporting beams and the crate with wooden.

Stone is an excellent alternative to metal and wood. The frames made of it are massive, ready to withstand significant loads, but their creation requires a solid investment. In the case when you build a structure for centuries, this is your option.

Stone supports can withstand significant loads

bike, shed


An incredibly effective roof solution. Reed roofs are lightweight and durable, so you don’t have to build powerful frames for them. And they will last quite a long time, despite the naturalness of their origin, since the material is not afraid of dampness, and mold does not like it.

Having chosen such a solution, take care of providing fire protection for a unique structure. To do this, it will be enough to treat the roof with fire retardants.