DIY Bike Scarecrow

DIY bike lighting options

Like a car, a bicycle has recently become a way of expressing a sense of style. It can be especially attractive at night, for which the backlight is created.

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Modern technology does not hold down the owner of the bike, as there are small power sources. Let’s consider the features of such work in more detail.

Why do you need lights on a bike?

Backlighting is required for a bike because it makes it beautiful and visible at night. At the same time, creating it yourself, you can make the bike more attractive.

Other features include the following:

  • The bright bike is visible not only to other cyclists, but also to other road users. It is at night that more accidents occur.
  • Bicycles with non-standard lighting equipment are much less stolen. This is because they are more visible and unique.
  • A bike like this could sell for a lot more. This is due to the uniqueness of the improvements made.

Types of bike lights

There are quite a few different light sources. The combination of belt and flashlights is very popular among cyclists.

This is because other light sources are simply not suitable for non-bicycle installations:

  • Halogen light sources are large and require a heavy battery to power them.
  • Neon versions do not withstand mechanical stress. Even a minor blow can cause a serious defect.
  • Xenon energy sources are too bright, so at the time of movement, other athletes may have serious problems.

When choosing, attention is paid to where exactly the light source will be located. Recently, they have been decorating wheels, since due to their rotation an unusual and very attractive effect is created.

How to make a bike light with your own hands?

On sale you can find just a huge number of different sets of light sources, but to save money, they are made by hand.

Diode backlight

Diode light sources are widely used.

Their placement is carried out using two methods:

  • Independent mount.
  • A special tube is created that withstands environmental influences.

Manufacturing can be done as follows:

  • Diodes are purchased, about 10 pieces, a 5 mm version is quite enough. The color is chosen according to your own preferences.
  • Wires are required to power the light sources. At the time of design, the required length should be calculated.
  • The work can only be carried out with a soldering iron and solder. This is due to the fact that this connection method provides high reliability of fastening and low resistance during current transfer.
  • All connections must be insulated. For this, a special electrical tape is purchased.
  • The switch is required for the case when the movement is carried out in the daytime.
  • A battery is installed as a power source. It can have a variety of sizes, the larger, the longer it will last during operation.

After finding everything you need, you can assemble the light source.

The instructions for carrying out the work are as follows:

  • Structural elements are being dismantled. In some cases, the light sources are attached to the wheel. For this they are dismantled.
  • The place for installing the diodes is cleaned, it must be grease-free. When carrying out the work under consideration, it is important to ensure the isolation of energy sources and conductive elements, since the frame is made of metal and acts as a conductor.
  • The mount is pasted over with electrical tape to eliminate the likelihood of contact with the spokes or rim. It is important to provide a high degree of insulation.
  • Checking the outputs.
  • The diodes are fastened. For this, the contacts are folded, but other methods can be used. The choice is made depending on how active the trip is
  • All diodes are connected by soldering. In this case, all contacts must be qualitatively isolated.
  • The wires are led out to the sleeve, which is fixed in a variety of ways.
  • System operability is checked. To do this, just turn it on and drive a little along the road, due to strong shaking contact may be broken.

LED Strip Light

The use of LED strip greatly simplifies the task of decorating the bike. Today they are sold in rolls of 5 meters.

When working with such a light source, consider:

  • Be careful when checking polarity.
  • Cutting should be done in segments.
  • It is necessary to monitor the total length of the tape.

Neon tubes

You can often find a situation where a neon tube is used. It looks quite attractive as it emits a soft color.

However, there are also several disadvantages:

  • Does not withstand environmental influences.
  • Neon consumes a lot of energy.
  • The color is not bright enough.

Dacha do it yourself

Dacha, which is associated with the dacha and country houses. Country house construction site.

DIY scarecrow

During ripening in dachas and vegetable gardens of various crops, it often happens that birds want to eat them. And to combat this problem, a scarecrow is most often made, which should scare away birds from the harvest. Today at we will talk about making a scarecrow with our own hands.

To create a scarecrow you need:

  • Smooth sticks of different lengths, or, if available, shovel cuttings.
  • Long nail, and therefore a hammer.
  • Old clothes that no one wears anymore.
  • A couple of buttons.
  • Bag, with straw inside.

Do-it-yourself garden scarecrow: master class

Connect two cuttings, or sticks, depending on what you find, crosswise. A long nail is also useful for attaching the poles. In general, this will be the basis for creating a garden scarecrow.

The second stage is to create a head, for this you need to take a plastic bag with a straw inside. Next, pull on the old children’s tights or a pillowcase on the package. The end result is something that looks like a head, but you need to make a scarecrow with eyes, for this you need buttons. You also need a nose, here you need a piece of any rag. And you can easily make lips from a terry rag. Next, the head should be fixed at the end of a long stick.

Next, you need to find an old dress, jacket or even a skirt, which must be fixed on a transverse stick. To make the scarecrow look more believable, you can put on a cap or panama hat, or a scarf on your head.

You can also involve children in the creation of a scarecrow, and then your garden will be guarded by some fairy-tale character. To create it, you will need all the same materials, but the manufacturing process will change slightly.

Start with the head, making a straight outline that will be the face of the scarecrow. To do this, you need to take a solid piece of material, put a basin on top and circle it. Next, you need to cut out two such contours, one of which will be the face, there you should mark the places of the eyes, mouth and nose with an ordinary pencil.

The mouth can be embroidered with a thick thread, the eyes can be sewn using a darker fabric, and the ears and nose must be made from the same fabric, for believability. Next, the contours need to be sewn together, and the free space must be filled with padding polyester.

It is also recommended to attach hair to the head; a bunch of thick threads will do for this. You can put a hat on your head, or you can make it yourself, say, from a bag.

Next, you need to make hands and a shirt, you can not take an old and worn one, but make a new one from burlap, you can also do with pants.

And in the end, all the made elements of the scarecrow must be fixed on the cuttings.

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See a useful Scarecrow in the garden with your own hands

Garden scarecrow, A scarecrow from plastic bottles with your own hands for a garden and a vegetable garden

Some summer residents began to make a scarecrow using ordinary plastic bottles. It must be said that the effect of such stuffed animals is much better, since they can make sounds in windy weather, and also shine, both day and night.

To create a scarecrow from plastic bottles, you need to find:

  • A certain number of plastic bottles, different volumes and colors.
  • Elastic bands with which it is necessary to strengthen the structure.
  • Bottle caps.
  • Wire.
  • Necessarily Shiloh.
  • Scissors and a knife may come in handy, as well as a stapler.

To make legs, you need up to six bottles, rub on each. You need about the same number of bottles for your hands. In each of the containers, you need to make holes through which the elastic will pass, and fasten your guard.

An old water tank can be used as a body. A five-liter eggplant is also suitable for the head, to which it is tedious to attach a face. In order for the scarecrow to make a lot of sound, you need to make a skirt from the covers.

The process of creating a garden scarecrow will not take much time, but it will scare birds away from your crop in the garden, thereby keeping it intact.

Ideas for those who want to make a garden scarecrow

The harvest is ripening, and I am thinking more and more often that it is time to build and put a scarecrow in the garden. “scary, but cute.” As usual, there is a long way from an idea to its implementation. To begin with, I went in search of ideas and inspiration in order to get down to creativity. And I just can’t help but share my findings. after all, this is much more than a way to scare away birds from the beds and bushes! The original garden scarecrow is a real decoration of the dacha, its “highlight”.

The original scarecrow is a real decoration of the cottage

In the view of many, the garden scarecrow is certainly disheveled, dressed in rags and looks really frightening. But most modern summer residents are aesthetes. And therefore, the scarecrows dressed up, dressed up, they look neat and stylish

And the scarecrow can be neat

Sometimes such a masterpiece will not turn out to be a scarecrow! Well, tell me, who can be scared by such a charming crow??

Scarecrow crow

You will object. they say, to create such a garden decoration you need skill, or even talent? Well, you can find a simpler option, but no less bright, interesting and original. How do you, for example, such a lady?

A flower pot, a couple of poles and an old dress. and you’re done with a scarecrow

Something, let alone an old flower pot in every summer resident on the farm, as well as a pair of poles for the base. We will build “curls” from any unpretentious plant, apply makeup to our taste, find a brighter outfit in the bins. The main thing in such a design is to secure the “head” more reliably, here it is heavy.

If the creative process fascinated you, you will hardly be able to stop at one single scarecrow. And then charming couples and even whole companies of funny garden scares appear

Sometimes scarecrows walk in pairs

Such colorful characters do not fit into the picture of your garden? For romantic landscapes and sophisticated natures, there is also a suitable idea! Take a look at this elegant pair, for example:

Scarecrows are elegant

In the old days, scarecrows were often made of straw. Now this material has become scarce in some places, but if it is in abundance in your area, you probably will not find anything better. Take a look at how plastic ordinary straw can be. craftsmen create real sculptures from it!

You can make real sculptures from straw

However, you and I don’t need such large-scale compositions, we will restrict ourselves to a simpler figure. And the outfit of such a scarecrow can be completely laconic.

Straw scarecrow

Speaking of outfits. Do you know that the custom of dressing up a scarecrow in the old master’s clothes arose for a reason? Together with clothes, we transfer part of the authority to our man-made watchman: now, instead of us, he will guard the harvest, take care of its safety. And not only birds were driven away by such a doll. it served as a kind of amulet, protection from the evil eye.

If you liked the ideas, but do not know where to start, watch the master class Protecting your garden, or How to make a scarecrow.

Do you have a scarecrow at your dacha? Share photos of your watchman, tell us about him. it will be very interesting to meet!

What to make a stuffed animal with your own hands: 10 best ideas

Adding an article to a new collection

A garden scarecrow, or a scarecrow, is a standard attribute of many summer cottages. It can be successfully done even with your own hands. And if creative ideas do not come to mind yet, then we go to you!

A scarecrow that will scare crows in your lands may look different, but it is traditionally made according to the standard scheme. On top of an old shovel, mop, or even two criss-cross bars, put on clothes, stuff it with straw, and attach it on top “head”. The list of materials that can be used for this with benefit is quite diverse. Here are some of them.

Old bike

Homemade stuffed animal “hands” attached to a bicycle handlebar, and it moves through the air, thereby creating the illusion of a living being. Instead of a bicycle handlebar, you can use a handlebar from a car.

Carnival costumes

Old costumes, which once took part in matinees with their owners, and now are gathering dust somewhere in the attic, will also fit as an integral part of the do-it-yourself effigy image. You can also adapt the school uniform that has become small and other unnecessary clothes here.


This material is more durable than clothing. And you can also sew additional accessories for a garden scarecrow from it. The easiest option for the lazy is to put a potato sack on the scarecrow.

Trash bags

If you decide to use this option for gardening, do not forget to pre-cut the plastic bags lengthwise. This is again needed to create the illusion of movement.

Plastic bottles

This container usually accumulates so much that you can make with your own hands not only the head of a scarecrow, but also a scarecrow full of human height. Look like this “piece of art” can also be different. For example, like a big crow, which with its appearance will definitely scare away real “female relatives”.

Blankets and pillows

Old bedding can also be given a second life in this way. An old blanket or a small light carpet from which you can make a kind of mantle for the scarecrow will also fit here.

Sport equipment

Balls, rackets, sports ropes, bars. everything that has previously become unusable as a result of merciless exploitation will serve an additional service, this time. at your summer cottage as a pretty scarecrow. The bars can be used as a frame, the rackets are great for limbs, and the ball will take the place of the head of the structure.

Building materials

Are there any building materials or plumbing left after renovation? Don’t rush to throw them away! Your garden and vegetable garden have long been waiting for a creative approach to design, and all of the above will come in handy. And the clothes of such a do-it-yourself scarecrow can even be decorated with a pattern cut from waterproof wallpaper, some of which will definitely remain after updating the home interior.

Household inventory

A leaky bucket, a slightly rusted watering can, a jammed pot and your other faithful assistants after a clear failure in their main place “work” also not worth throwing away. At least a head for a garden scarecrow can be easily made from them. And in order to give the designs beauty, do not forget to decorate “head” homemade applique images of eyes, nose and mouth.

Flower pots

After the traditional spring transplantation of indoor plants into another container, the pots that were previously used also need to find a subsequent worthy application. Let it be an unusual garden scarecrow, which is pleasant to look at! And if there are too many pots, then not only the head, but also other components of the creative structure will easily turn out of them. The main thing is to approach the process creatively and apply all the available imagination.!

Have you already installed a scarecrow in your garden or vegetable garden? What is it made of?

How to make homemade bike turn signals

In this instruction, I will tell you how to make blinking turn signals on a bicycle with your own hands at home. Flashing lights are removable. They were assembled from the components of old non-working flashlights that I found at my home. So this is more likely not a step-by-step instruction for assembling turn signals for a bicycle, but a guide to action, since your old flashlights may differ significantly from those that I had.

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Components required for assembling turn signals for a bicycle with your own hands:

  • Three Bicycle Lights You will need three independently controlled lights: one on the right, one on the left, and one in the center. The center flashlight is very important. The distance between the left and right headlights is much shorter than on a car, and it is not so easy to distinguish one direction of turn from another without the help of a central flashlight.
  • Two toggle switches
  • USB cable length 1.83 meters
  • A few old wires, clamps and other little things

Choosing the rear flashers.

The simpler the design of the rear light, the better. Most bicycle flashing lights are quite sophisticated. they have many modes of operation and LEDs. The rear flashers that I used had three LEDs and one button to turn off the flashing mode. I use the central flashlight in conjunction with the rear flashing lights. It does not function as signal lights. The two side lights were two ordinary cheap bicycle flashers.

Next, we need to create a system for turning the side lights on and off using a toggle switch.

Disassemble the flasher and turn it on. Next, you need to identify the wires that power the flashlight’s LEDs. It can be separate wires for each LED, or one pair of wires for all at once. To find the power wires, connect different wires with another wire. if the LED goes out, it means that you have found a power wire. Before finally making sure that the power wires are correctly identified, close and open them several times while observing the light.

Repeat this procedure with both side lights on both sides. Take the found wires through the small holes in the housing of the flashing lights.

Assembling turn signals.

We will use a USB cable to connect the switches on the front of the bike to the flashing lights on the back.

First, we need to combine three flashlights into one. In the center, I placed the rear flasher already installed on the bike. This is a detachable blinker that was already bolted onto my bike.

I screwed the other two side lights using screws and lots of hot glue.

Cut off the USB cable about four inches from one end (doesn’t matter which one), strip the wires, and find four separate wires (you may have more, but only need four). Combine them in groups of two, for example, red and green make up the left group, and black and white make up the right.

Next, attach these groups of wires to each flashlight. Fasten the USB cable to the board and secure it additionally with a little hot glue to ensure it does not dangle when cycling.

Installation of turn signal switches.

I used switches from an old toy keyboard. Connect both switches to the remaining USB cable, with the left group of wires connect to one switch and the right one to the other.

Now check your build is working.

Turn on all three flashlights first. If the flashing lights have many operating modes, then the best option would be to set the central flashlight to non-blinking mode, and the side ones to blinking.

Connect both connectors of the USB cable. Now you can turn the flashlights on and off using two switches: one toggle switch turns the left flasher on and off, and the other turns on and off the right.

The installation of the cable and switches on the bike depends on the type of your bike and the switches used.

The 1.83 meter USB cable should be more than enough to run from the handlebars to the back of the bike. Do not pull the wire too tight, as there should be a margin of cable in case of steering turns.

Install the assembly of flashing lights on the same mount that was used to install the central flashlight. When attaching the flashlights to the board, make sure that it will not interfere with the attachment of the center flashlight to its mount.

I secured the switches with clamps and tape along the edge of the brake levers.

The USB cable can be connected to the bike frame with more hose clips. Leave a few inches of cable slack between the handlebar and frame. Route the cable carefully so as not to accidentally pull on the brake cables.

Cyclist signals.

Remember to give timely signals while driving on the road. Your safety will increase significantly if the car driver is warned in advance about your maneuver

Keep in mind that these turn signals are practically useless during the day, so you still have to signal with your hands.

Also, always monitor the traffic situation. A little caution and knowledge of traffic rules never hurts.

Do-it-yourself garden scarecrow: 3 master classes photo selection of the best options

Throughout the summer period, the harvest of berries ripens at the dachas. cherries, strawberries, currants, raspberries, and hardworking summer residents cook compotes, jams and preserves from them. But not only they love to feast on sweet and juicy berries: cunning birds fly in flocks in search of dessert and leave behind only naked cuttings and garbage. It is quite difficult to cope with thieves, so gardeners are thinking about how to make a garden scarecrow with their own hands. it will at least partially protect the crop.

Scarecrow “Dachnitsa” from improvised means

A little free time and a little imagination. and a heap of old things turns into a mysterious lady, a real mistress of the infield.

Most often, a stuffed animal is given a human appearance, believing that this will scare the birds.

For creativity, you need very little:

  • two handles from shovels of different lengths;
  • large nail, hammer;
  • old clothes;
  • two buttons;
  • straw bag.

We connect the cuttings crosswise, hammering a nail, and we get the basis for the formation of a scarecrow.

Shovel cuttings, bars, poles, sticks, narrow slats are suitable for the cross.

Making the head: stuffing a plastic bag with straw. We pull children’s tights or a pillowcase on top of it. we get a head. For believability, we sew eyes. two large buttons, nose. a piece of fabric, lips. a terry shred. We fix the head at the upper end of the long handle.

Then we put on an old dress (skirt) and a jacket on the transverse handle. and in front of us is a quite pretty lady. Of course, a stylish woman lacks accessories. she looks much more interesting in a Panama hat and a romantic scarf.

The similarity with a person is manifested both in the design of the face and in the choice of clothes.

A scarecrow should also be beautiful. don’t forget about accessories

Cute Scarecrow for garden guard

You can attract household members to the creative process. and literally the next day the brave fellow Scarecrow will disperse all the crows in the garden. He is a bit like the hero of “The Land of Oz” Baum, but our children are more familiar with the Scarecrow from Volkov’s books. stupid, but very kind.

The daring smiling Scarecrow is a real decoration of any garden

So, the order of work. First of all, we make out the head. To make the contour of the face even, put a basin or a large dish on a piece of thick light cloth (burlap), circle it. Cut out two identical circles for the head. One of them is the face. With a simple pencil we mark the places where the eyes, nose, mouth will be.

On light-colored tissue, eyes, mouth and nose are more visible

We embroider the mouth with stitches using thick woolen thread. We cut out the eyes from a dark fabric and sew, not forgetting to shape the eyelashes. We make the ears and nose to match the complexion. it will be more natural. Sew two circles, stuff with padding polyester, sew on hair (several thick woolen threads). the head is ready.

For eyes, you can use pieces of fabric, felt, buttons, corks

The necessary touch is a hat made from a bag.

The hat not only gives completeness to the appearance, but also gives out the character traits of our hero

We cut out and sew hands. We cut out the collar, decorate it with bells. We make a shirt, pants and a fashionable shoulder bag from burlap.

Patches. traditional elements on the clothes of the garden scarecrow

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We trim the crosspiece of two bars with padding polyester, attach the head, arms, outfit. The scarecrow is ready to disperse berry thieves with a smile around the clock, although can such a kind garden scarecrow disperse someone?

The colors of the shirt, pants, hats can be changed to brighter

Scarecrow from plastic bottles

How to make a garden scarecrow so that it rustles, shines and scares away everyone who encroaches on strawberry beds? It’s very simple. with the help of plastic bottles. There are a lot of options for combining plastic containers of various sizes, let’s consider one of them.

  • plastic bottles of different colors and sizes;
  • elastic band for fixing;
  • bottle caps;
  • wire;
  • awl, knife, scissors, stapler.

Using plastic bottles of different colors, you can make completely different stuffed animals

We calculate the number of large containers for assembling legs and arms, for example, 2 pieces for each leg, 1 for each foot. In the bottoms and lids, we poke holes through which we stretch the elastic. The end of the elastic will be tied to the torso.

The body is an old tank, also plastic. Multi-colored caps. buttons are attached to it with wire. For the head, a 5-liter water can will do. We attach eyes, nose, mouth to the “face” using a stapler. Like the limbs, the head is attached to the torso with an elastic band. noise means less birds. Therefore, we make a “loud” skirt from the caps. The scarecrow is ready.

Passers-by can easily mistake this nice citizen for the owner of the dacha

This solar effigy is more of a decorative element than a means of scaring away birds.

It is unlikely that birds will be afraid of this stuffed animal, but people will definitely

The stuffed fisherman told us about his master’s favorite pastime

Another version of the Wise Scarecrow, kind and cheerful

Perhaps the birds will be afraid of their giant relative. the crows

It turns out that making a stuffed garden with your own hands is not difficult at all. Thanks to violent imagination, all new characters are born. Before us is a vivid series of interesting finds that faithfully guard our beds. Boring stuffed animals magically transformed into original decor elements, which are pleasant both to look at and to show guests.

Scarecrow in the garden: how to make a great stuffed animal with your own hands. 65 photos of creative ideas

Any vegetable garden, garden sooner or later becomes a delicacy for birds. During the ripening of the crop, birds from all over the area fly to your site. Rooks, crows, sparrows instantly peck cherries and cherries. People did not know how to protect cultures from gluttonous birds. And some sly man made a scarecrow that resembles a man.

Of course, the method is not very effective, because birds are smart, they can easily outwit a person. From afar, they watch the stuffed animal, which does not move for a long time and begins to eat the fruits, because the manufactured structure does not react to what is happening.

You can buy an electronic device that scares away birds, it is more effective. But people, as before, install a scarecrow on the site, regardless of technical development. Today this creation has changed its primary function and began to be used for garden decoration.

By turning on your imagination, you can turn a scary stuffed animal into a kind, cute little man who will settle in your yard and will smile sweetly.

Summary of the article:

How to create a proper and aesthetic scarecrow

Rumor has it that the birds have grown wiser, no longer be afraid of stuffed animals. The ancient people believed that the scarecrow was made not only to scare away. It served to protect the fruits and the whole house. Some peoples worshiped the scarecrow. For them, it was a deity with a mystical power that gave health and helped garden crops to germinate faster.

At first glance, the idea is crazy, but it can be verified. Make your own stuffed animal, believe that it is able to hear your thoughts. Also use jewelry to symbolize your requests. It can be a flower wreath symbolizing beauty, a fruit circle representing fertility.

If you decide to install the structure, following its direct purpose, then you need to know what to be afraid of the bird. Try to make all the details that can help and save the crop. What are birds afraid of??

  • Blue bright color.
  • Become wary when hearing loud sounds.
  • Fly away at the sight of moving objects.
  • Freeze from shiny elements.

The blue palette scares the birds. The color is too bright for them, because in nature it is not so often found. When choosing an outfit for a scarecrow, give up light and pastel colors, choose something from an aggressive blue.

Most people bring old things to the dacha. The gardener is obliged to constantly make loud sounds. Tie some rustling pieces or bells to your clothes. Believe me, even with a small gust of wind, the elements will ring frighteningly.

Add some sparkle to the monster with CDs and Christmas rain. In sunny weather, the details will show themselves and the birds will fly away. In our article, you can consider a photo of a scarecrow in the garden and pick up one of the ideas.

We decorate the land plot ourselves

To make a stuffed animal, you need to figure out how to make the base on which the rest of the elements will be held. You can take wooden planks, beams, fasten them together, the structure made should resemble a cross.

Next, put on a T-shirt, a jacket of a suitable size. To make a head, you can take a ball, wrap it with linen and pick up a cap. This part can be created from a bag full of unnecessary things, from a pumpkin it does not matter which improvised means you choose, the main thing is that they have a round or oval shape.

Scarecrows made from plastic bottles are sometimes found. an effective but not beautiful design. This is the simplest option, scary, but if you want the scarecrow to look decent, then start creating more seriously, think over all the steps in turn.

The second option is more labor intensive and time consuming. On the base, you can put on denim pants pre-filled with old things or foam rubber. These will be the legs of the future scarecrow. Make the body out of a jacket or shirt, stuff a rag there. For the head, take an old pillowcase or something like that, the main thing is to create the correct circle. Thanks to these materials, this part of the body will have a realistic look.

You can simplify the task and fill your head with dry grass and sew up the fabric. Be sure to mend the edges to prevent the contents from falling out of the clothes. Don’t forget that the stuffed animal looks strange without hands and feet.

Choose boots and mittens for the gardener. The base is done, do not rush to install it. To make it really a decoration, think over the small details, what you will put on your head, what facial expression the resident of the garden will have.

If an unnecessary huge hat is lying around in the country, then use it, its appearance will immediately scare the birds. Maybe there is a red or orange wig. Suitable for face details. pieces of fabric, eyes from toys, buttons, threads for knitting, connect your imagination.

There is no guarantee that the birds will be afraid of him, but if you obey the rules, it will gladly decorate the garden plot.

Gardeners who have the skills of cutting and sewing are doubly lucky, you can easily sew a scarecrow by sewing dolls. Thus, a summer cottage can turn into a fabulous corner. In our time, they began to create stuffed animals in the form of animals and cartoon characters. Your kids will be delighted with these ideas.

Whatever creation you remember, it should not only look beautiful, but also scare off crop pests. Sew bells or shiny ribbons to clothes.

We hope you understand that making a scarecrow for a vegetable garden is not difficult, but even an interesting process. When you work, connect your relatives, let them help. Together, the creation is more exciting, and your children will be delighted with such an undertaking.

Give up long-boring stereotypes, make an unusual stuffed animal to the envy of your neighbors. You will succeed, do not hesitate.