DIY Bike Mount

Compared to roof mount

The towbar attachment has advantages over the most common types of bike carriers:

  • The aerodynamics of the car does NOT suffer even when driving at a high speed at a decent speed. Fuel consumption does not increase much, there is excess noise, power loss.
  • The vertical dimension of the car does not change. Sun threats from habit of trying to drive under the low crossbars of gates, garages, bridges with disastrous results.
  • Loading a bike on a low platform is much easier than placing it with outstretched arms on the upper tier.

DIY Bike Mount

Roof mount bike

There are also disadvantages:

  • Complicated access to the trunk;
  • The increase in size seriously interferes with reversing maneuvers;
  • More side swing of the load when driving on bumps;
  • Most serious disadvantage: the likelihood of problems with the traffic police due to the fact that bicycles block the visibility of lighting equipment and license plates.

Advantages and disadvantages of towbar bike racks compared to other options

None of the ways to transport bicycles on an external suspension can be considered the best. each has its pros and cons. Let’s compare the installation of a roof rack on a towbar with two other solutions.

DIY drawing for making fasteners

To make a bike mount for a car towbar with your own hands, you will need:

  • Welding machine;
  • Drill with a set of drills;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Several bolts and other fasteners;
  • Hand tools for metal.

If all of the above is in a workshop or garage, you have a minimum set of skills in handling metal, then the work will NOT be difficult.

Select the type of device you want to repeat. They come in two varieties: platforms on which the wheels of the bike are fixed in the groove, and suspension holders, where the bike frame clings, and the rest of the parts remain suspended.

As a blank for a primitive outboard bike rack for a car towbar with your own hands, take a square steel pipe and a piece of metal sheet. The design is simply a V-bracket with protruding “horns” that fit the bike frame. The only difficulty here is the support assembly, by which the device is rigidly fixed on the towbar support ball or screwed instead of the ball.

The device is rigidly fixed on the towbar support ball

Towbar bike mount

The need to buy an outdoor bicycle carrier for a passenger car often arises in lovers of walking on two-wheeled vehicles in attractive corners of nature. It is even more interesting to do this not alone, but in the company of friends. After that, they show interest in the means that allow transporting several bicycles on one car at once (up to 4 pieces). There is only one technical solution here. fastening outside the car to a special trunk.

Types of fasteners according to the method of installation on the machine:

  • Top carriage on the roof of the car;
  • Hinged mount on the rear door (station wagon and hatchback bodies) or an external spare tire (jeeps, minibuses)
  • Towing-mounted installation (towbar).

Bike carrier on towbar

The device with attachment to the towing hook consists of a support unit that rigidly fixes the entire structure to the towbar towing hitch, as well as the bracket or frame on which the bicycles are mounted. For reliability, locks or clamps are provided to keep the load from falling. On expensive versions, additional lighting devices are possible, Duplicating the rear lights of the car, if submerged bicycles cover them.

Factory solutions of ready-made high-end bike racks are offered by the leading brands of this market. The Swedish Thule catalog contains more than a dozen models with different price levels, but even the cheapest versions of THESE devices cost from 350 euros, the flagship versions of Thule EasyFold XT 3. about 1000 euros. Therefore, the desire to make a bike rack for a car hitch with your own hands is understandable. Let the appearance be far from the corporate one, but this is quite possible.

How to make a bike rack for a towbar with your own hands

The main problem with the rear bike carriers is that the towbar should already be on the car. For large vehicles with permanently fixed spare wheels, transporting cargo on them will be a worthy alternative to installation on a towbar.

Seeing an unusual device on someone else’s car, a supporter of a healthy lifestyle will want to make a bike mount for a car on a towbar with his own hands. We will find out what it is for and whether it is worth taking on the job yourself.

Compared to spare tire mount

Due to the considerable weight of several bicycles together with a bracket (up to 60 kg), their installation on an external spare wheel is possible only on large cars with large wheel sizes.

  • Spare wheel mounting is simpler, Takes up less space during storage, easier to install and remove;
  • Better control over the behavior of the load in high-speed maneuvers;
  • Lower price;
  • A do-it-yourself bike mount for a towbar for a car is more difficult to make than a simple suspension for a spare wheel.
  • Complicated access to the rear door when the spare wheel is resting on it. with additional bicycles mounted, lifting will become impossible;
  • If the wheel is mounted on a side-swinging bracket, the additional load will quickly break the pins.

For large vehicles with permanently fixed spare wheels, transporting cargo on them will be a worthy alternative to installation on a towbar.

DIY bike mount

Car bike rack

A bicycle is a vehicle created for free people. If you own a bike and are constantly on the move, you are unfamiliar with concepts such as refueling and traffic jams. In some cases, the beginning of the planned route is far from home, and it is impossible to get to it without a car.

We will tell you how to make a bike rack for the car roof and what options are there on the market? For those who know how to use ordinary household tools, and it will not be difficult to install a ready-made or make a bike rack on their own.

Spare wheel mount

Spare wheel mount

Another good mounting option is installing the trunk on the spare tire. This option is only possible with vehicles such as:

  • SUVs;
  • Crossovers;
  • Minivans;
  • Minibuses.

The fastening is revised through the use of special slings and brackets. In the event that the luggage compartment has a special bracket or opens to the side, access to it will NOT be impaired. Naturally, very frequent door openings can lead to failure of the hinges, as they may NOT be able to support the increased weight. In the event that the tailgate opens vertically upwards, you will need to remove the entire structure from the spare wheel to enter the luggage compartment. Otherwise, the mechanism simply will not lift the entire load.

Roof mount

Roof mount

Back in the Soviet Union, this option for transporting bicycles was considered the most popular. An important advantage of this method is saving money, since such mounts are the cheapest. A secure mount is installed on the roof, allowing you to fix the bike vertically. The wheels are inserted into the recesses in the metal profile, and then secured with strong, reliable clamps. Some additionally use ropes to improve reliability, but manufacturers guarantee that these are unnecessary measures. High-quality mounts perfectly hold bicycles without any unnecessary accessories. There are different types of roof bike racks, among which the following are popular:

  • Behind the frame (secure attachment option, but you can scratch the car)
  • For the fork (you need to remove the front wheel)
  • Behind the wheel (the bike is transported upside down);
  • By pedal (reliable method, rarely used today).

Transporting bicycles by car

Car bike rack

We note right away that transporting a bicycle in the trunk of a car is not a good idea for two reasons:

  • It’s just awkward.
  • You can damage frame elements or wheels, stain your bike, scratch the car’s finish.

If you do not have a roomy crossover, you will hardly be able to shove your bike in the trunk at all. you will need to remove the wheels and handlebars, which is unnecessary time and effort. You may face the same troubles if you try to transport a two-wheeled vehicle inside a car. Plus, you can even get hurt if you brake quickly. The best option is to buy a special bike mount for a car, in which we will talk.

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Towbar bike rack

Tow bar mount

It should be noted right away that this method of transporting bicycles by car is the most expensive, but if you already have a towbar on your car, it can be an excellent solution for transporting two-wheeled vehicles. Also, this option is the most aesthetic and simply convenient. 3-4 bicycles can be installed on the towbar at once. This mount is suitable for both large groups of friends and family outings. Aerodynamics when riding a bike on the roof at high speed does NOT suffer at all.

Mount types

You can find many different bike rack options on the market today. First of all, the fastening differs in the method and place of fastening. There are four options in total:

  • Tow bar;
  • Roof mount;
  • On the back of the car;
  • On the spare wheel.

DIY bike rack

If you have the basic carpenter skills, you can easily make your own bike rack. You can make your own towbar or roof mount. To do this, you need a metal profile from which the stand is created. You will also need the following materials:

DIY bike rack

  • Durable metal pipe;
  • Small metal sheet;
  • Bolt set;
  • Nuts.

If you want to make an attractive bike rack, buy additional metal paint to match the car body color. You may also need the following tools to work:

  • Welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Drill;
  • Drill.

You may not understand how to put the desired mount on the towbar. To do this, bend a metal sheet with a vise on both sides so that you get something in the form of the letter P. After that, take two tubes and flatten the ends like this. So that you can drill holes in them and attach them to the profile. Drilling holes for future bolts, take a sheet of metal and cut two notches in it at a distance between the wheels of the bike. We advise you to measure it beforehand.

After that, you need to screw the curved metal sheet to the main stand and lay the profile on it. The tubing should be nailed in such a way that it wraps around the bike frame. You should know how to do it better, since every car is different. You can experiment, set several profiles so that you can carry several bicycles at a time.


There are arches on almost every car roof. It will be necessary to fix aluminum tubes to them. This can be done with wing nuts and bolts. A corner should be fixed to the pipes perpendicularly. The resulting structure is characterized by rigidity and reliability. Boards are laid on the finished frame, and then they are fixed. That’s all. The mount is now ready for use. The minimum amount of time is required to make it. And you will have to spend very little money on the purchase. Sets the bike up with the wheels. The steering wheel is fixed with muffler clamps. It is also recommended to secure the saddle. The only drawback is the increased noise while the vehicle is moving.

We recommend watching:

How to do it yourself?

In many cases, it is quite possible to make do-it-yourself bike mounts on the car roof. The main thing in this matter is to think over ways of reliable fixation at all levels so that the vehicle does not “flew away “from the roof even with sharp turns and braking. The basis of this design is at least two transverse arcs. You will also need to prepare a rigid steel profile, corners, long bolts and nuts, bushing axles, boards.

Pipes will be attached to the arcs with bolts and nuts in a perpendicular direction. The construction is tough and durable. Boards are already placed on it. they are the main part of the fastening. To create such a structure, you just need to arm yourself with a grinder and a drill. By the way, such a luggage system involves fastening the bike to the roof of the car behind the steering wheel, that is, the vehicle is placed on it with the wheels up. The steering wheel is secured with muffler clamps. For greater reliability, it is also worth fixing the saddle. for this you can use a luggage rubber band.

Bracket for tow bar

This method allows the mount to be fitted to vehicles with a tow bar. Their design is made in such a way that you can easily get to the trunk. This does NOT require removing the bikes from the platform.


A quality Thule roof bike carrier is a great solution for those planning to transport vehicles over long distances. The range of the brand includes various types of mounts, which are mounted on the roof and help to conveniently transport, load and unload bicycles.

The following factors speak in favor of choosing components of this brand:

  • Variety of mounting options;
  • Reasonable design, which makes loading and unloading easier and more convenient;
  • Possibility to install additional accessories.

It is easy and simple to buy a bicycle mount on the roof of a car in Tula and any other city in Russia, since the products of this brand are very popular. In the range of products, you can choose an option for any bike model, and the fixation will be reliable and durable.

Spare wheel mount

Another good mounting option is installing the trunk on the spare tire. This option is only possible with vehicles such as:

The fastening is revised through the use of special slings and brackets. In the event that the luggage compartment has a special bracket or opens to the side, access to it will NOT be impaired. Naturally, very frequent door openings can lead to failure of the hinges, as they may NOT be able to support the increased weight. In the event that the tailgate opens vertically upwards, you will need to remove the entire structure from the spare wheel to enter the luggage compartment. Otherwise, the mechanism simply will not lift the entire load.

Main advantages

Bicycle roof racks are made of aluminum and steel, and their racks are made of composite materials. The following factors speak in favor of choosing such devices:

  • Strong fixation on the roof due to rubberized pressed pads, which also protect the surface from scratches;
  • Saving internal free space of the car, which makes the trip more comfortable;
  • The ability to transport several models of bicycles at once, depending on the chosen design.

When using such devices, access to the main trunk remains open, which affects better vehicle handling. By being securely fastened, bicycles will stay firmly in the structure, even if the car is going at high speed. Special dividers prevent bicycles from touching if they are transported in quantities of several pieces. We offer an overview of the mounts offered by popular brands.

DIY bike mount

If you like to ride a bike, it is not necessary to move everywhere only on it. It is much more convenient to bring it with you by car than to spend a lot of energy in order to get to the desired place. But there are some inconveniences when organizing the transportation process. Car mounts for bicycles will solve this issue. There are more than enough ways of transportation. It will only be necessary to decide on which one should be used.

Before deciding on the most suitable bike rack, you will need to answer the following questions:

  • Bike type;
  • Will it fit in the car;
  • The number of bikes must be transported at the same time;
  • Travel route.

The process of organizing transportation should be attributed very responsibly, as this will allow avoiding various unpleasant situations during movement. No one wants to be built up in the middle of the route because the chosen method of fastening turned out to be wrong.

Mont blanc

The Swedish company Mont Blanc produces reliable fasteners made of steel-aluminum alloy. These accessories are ideal for transporting bicycles over any distance. The Mont Blanc roof bike rack is a combination of high quality and functionality. The model range includes various devices that have unique design features. So, in the line you can find a specialized profile, thanks to which the bike is firmly fixed in an upright position.

Design features

Roof mounting is the most common solution and the safest in terms of transporting such vehicles. For their production, painted steel is used. this is a budget option. or durable aluminum. The fasteners and holders themselves play an important role: they must fit tightly and firmly hold the bike mounts on the roof of the car.

There are several types of such devices:

  • Universal designs, which can be used on any car models by adjusting the dimensions to the size of the roof;
  • Special trunk with keys, which is securely fixed and locked during movement with a lock
  • Fasteners with a rectangular profile.

In any of the options, these structures are ideal for transporting even large bicycles. The fasteners themselves are designed for 1-4 vehicles.

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Car bike rack

Carrying your bike opens up a ton of new places to relax. Anyone who is into cycling understands this. Such walks give new impressions and broaden horizons. In order not to limit the territory of cycling, you can easily transport a bicycle by car, provided that the roof is equipped with car racks for bicycles or a platform for transporting to a tow bar. The bike carrier is practical and aesthetically pleasing. A person who is going on a bike ride will install special mounts on the trunk of a car, and a bike placed on it will certainly attract admiration.

Bicycle attachment methods

Installing bike racks on the roof of a car is only half the battle, as the rack provides variations for mounting two-wheeled vehicles:

  • Method one: vertical.

The bike can be fastened in a standard way according to the simplest algorithm:

  • Installation of wheels on the frame.
  • Mounting with hose clamps Bike frame attached with a bracket.
  • Removal when using this method is easy.
  • Method two: inverted.

How the bicycle becomes is clear from the name of the method. Mounting is done for the seat and steering wheel. Some people think that this is quite convenient from the point of view of balance, but there are a number of supporters that this is not the case. Due to the fact that the roof is located at a sufficient distance from the ground, you have to strain and stretch your arms.

  • Method three: the roof is like a platform.

This is a frame and fork mount. The front wheel is removed and the rear wheel is replaced as usual. Front-mounted rail to secure the bike.

  • Method four: attachment to the pedals.

The reliability of this type of attachment, in which the roof is used, and not too high. At the same time, it has a significant plus, since this method wins in the felling of the fastenings and the roof is under less load.

There are collapsible types of luggage racks. After installation and transportation, it is possible to quickly dismantle and transport it in the cabin or in the rear trunk of the car, until they are again required. Often, such models are equipped with additional functions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Carrying bicycles on the roof has a number of positive factors:

  • Transport safety. Installed the bike carrier on the car once, the owner does NOT face this action anymore. Even leaving the car, there is no need to fear theft, as the bike attachment is locked with a key.
  • The ability to transport a large number of bicycles. The use of special roof racks allows you to carry up to six units.
  • Serious advantage of towbar-mounted structures. The bike carrier is mounted on a towbar and completely closes access to the luggage compartment. This causes serious discomfort, especially on a long trip. Therefore, the method of attaching bikes to the roof is more convenient.

Transporting bicycles using the Special Carrier Racks has a couple of disadvantages:

  • If the car is tall enough, the installation will require some dexterity from the driver.
  • Some bike models are quite heavy. It takes a lot of physical strength to install a reinforced roof rack, and then another bike of the same type.

Bike rack manufacturers

    Thule is a giant firm. The most famous company in Europe, which is popular due to quality and reliability.

Types of bike carriers

You can shove your two-wheeled friend into the back seat and hit the road. But this will cause a lot of inconvenience. You need to think about a bike rack for a car. It will be useful. There are many types of similar devices on the market. The classic version is often chosen and bought. Devices designed to mount a bike on the roof and with the same price are similar. However, there are differences in design and construction.

It is possible to divide them by quality level into three types according to the following characteristics:

  • Low quality level:
  • Cheap and unreliable.
  • Rough construction.
  • No adjustment.
  • Average quality level:
    • Limited by functionality.
    • Lungs.
    • The type of crossbars does not play a role.
    • Equipped with additional fasteners.
    • High quality level:
      • Made from modern materials.
      • Shows improved aerodynamics.
      • Equipped with original means of restraint.
      • Additional functions are included, such as lifting devices.
      • The roof racks are made of high strength steel. Soft types of metals are used to make inserts. The polymer parts are made of ABS plastic. A negative property of cheap models is open metal parts that are prone to corrosion.

        DIY trunk

        An exciting topic, like the invention of the bicycle itself. Some craftsmen, after a successful or unsuccessful experience, want to put fenders on the roof of a car, but that’s another story. If there is a desire to spend money on buying a branded trunk, then a cheap option is to make a bike mount with your own hands.

        You will need the following list of tools and materials:

        • Prof. Trumpet.
        • Metal letter.
        • Metallic tubes with sufficient strength.
        • Bolts with matching nuts.
        • Paint. It is better to choose a color that will blend in with the car.
        • Metal drill set and drill.
        • Welding machine.
        • angle grinder.

        Having collected this list of components, With the desire and ability, you can inexpensively make a trunk. A ready-made drawing is taken as a basis, and then finalized to fit the features of the roof and the bike. Knowledge of the theory in the strength of materials will come in handy. The low price is a plus. Negative point. your own product will NOT work in comparison with factory models.

        Cycle carrier overview n

        Fastening device

        • Basic device. In the minds of the majority, a bicycle rack is a kind of grille installed on a drain. Since the bike carrier is mounted on the roof, it creates aerodynamic resistance and this method of transportation can damage the vehicle or deform the gutters. Firstly, not all fasteners are mounted on gutters, and secondly, a competent approach will eliminate an error. Devices for transporting bicycles by car, containing the same set of components:
        • Load bearing beams.
        • The pipes with which the wheels are attached to the trunk.
        • Clamp-holder for secure fixation of the frame.
        • Overhead clamps.
      • A few words about roof rails. Car-mounted bicycle racks are often attached to roof rails. If we take in comparison the bicycle mounts on the tailgate or the options for mounting on the towbar, then the fastener installed on the roof is the most convenient because:
        • DOES NOT hide the back of the car.
        • Space in the cabin or trunk is used for its intended purpose.
        • Roof rails make it easy to attach the bike holder to the car.
        • Many vehicles are equipped with roof rails as standard.
        • Bicycle mounts for the tailgate. This type of bike mount requires a rear door. The structure is attached to the upper and lower parts of the door, and has a stop in the glass. Fastened with belts or slings. There is a nuance in the need to select a trunk for the car. Universal models are rare. Unique prototypes allow transporting from one to three units of bicycle transport.
        • Towbar mounts. They are presented in two options:
          • The folding device looks like a long handles for a trolley, at the ends of which there are 5 cm tube-clips. They pinch the towbar layer when pulling the handles to the sides. The design is equipped with upper and lower brackets to secure the bike.
          • Platform. In principle, the fastening is identical to the folding one. Only equipped with light devices that duplicate car displays and security locks.
          • Usage tips

            • The roof is suitable as a place for installation, but it absorbs the amount of precipitation. Therefore, it is useful to use a cover or film.
            • Compliance with a moderate speed limit is a guarantee of a safe trip. After installing the roof rack, the roof is exposed to excessive stress caused by air resistance.

            Now the choice of bike racks is simple, but understandable and studied. The roof rack will add extra function and the pleasure of carrying your bike comfortably.


            The most successful solution for those who decided to make their “iron horse” another piece of art hanging on the wall. They can be as simple, intended only for storing a bicycle, or multifunctional. for books, bicycle accessories worthy of small things. By the way, you can do it yourself on the wall in the form of a shelf. for this it is not at all necessary to have any special skills.


            The easiest way to mount your bike on a wall. All you need is to screw a couple of Special Hooks into the wall.

            By the way, the vertical bicycle mount is realized with this type. you install the bike between two rails and hang it by the wheel on the hook. Instead of hooks, you can use an unnecessary handlebar from a road bike, and if you have several of them, you can make a whole wall with bicycle accessories.

            Types of wall mounts and tips for choosing them

            • What to consider when choosing a bike mount on the wall?
            • Types of bike mounts to the wall
            • How to make a wall shelf mount with your own hands?

            Do you like to ride a bike, but do not know where to put it? You don’t have a garage or a spacious hallway where the “iron horse” could be kept? Maybe you just leave him in a cramped hallway and constantly stumble, trying to get into the kitchen? Or is the bike chained to a battery in the entrance, and you cannot sleep, worried about its possible loss? Many questions, but only one answer. it’s time to think about wall mounts for your bike.

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            There are three ways to mount your bike to the wall:
            1. The frame is parallel to the wall. The bike is close to the wall, taking up quite a bit of space. It is advisable to hang it with the wheels down, so as not to strain once again, turning the bike over for the next ride. A very convenient solution for storing two or more bicycles.

            2. The frame is perpendicular to the wall. Takes up less wall space but more space in the room. An ideal place for vertical mounting would be a corner with a refrigerator, an entrance door, a gas water heater, etc. With this method of fastening, the wheels should be located in the walls, and the frame should be parallel to it. this way it is easier to drive the bike along the wall and fix the front wheel to the hook.

            3. Fastening to the ceiling with hooks or brackets. The most efficient way to store your bike, especially in high-ceilinged areas. The bracket is more attractive because Doesn’t require much physical effort.


            Typically wall mounted with floor support. The racks may have additional hooks for a helmet, jacket, etc. Bicycle accessories.

            Ideal for apartments where several riders live, because up to three bicycles can fit on a vertical rack. It is on such a mount that you can realize the idea of ​​storing a bike with a lock, because it usually stretches from floor to ceiling.

            Types of bike mounts to the wall

            Hanging the bike on the wall. This is not only a great solution for freeing up space, but also an original interior move. Numerous developments from well-known companies allow not only storing several bikes in a relatively small area, but also decorating empty walls. There are several types of wall mounts: hooks, stands and shelves.

            What to Consider When Choosing a Wall Mount Bike?

            The first thing to consider when choosing a wall mount for your bike is the material from which the wall is made. Different types of materials have different densities, so it is not recommended, for example, to hang your bike on a gypsum concrete wall, because Over time, such a mount can break.

            The second thing to think about is how high the bike will hang. Ask a friend to hold the bike at different heights and see how it will be more convenient for you to walk past, and whether the whole structure will fit into the interior. The easiest way is to hang it close to the floor, but then it does NOT free up space at all. If you hang the bike approximately in the center from floor to ceiling, then you can easily walk, and not touch the steering wheel, but you still have to worry about the pedals. In addition, a person with a fragile physique is unlikely to like the extraordinary physical efforts every time to remove the bike from the wall.

            The most rational and effective will be the wall mount under the ceiling. a lot of space is freed up, and the bracket system will allow you to raise and lower the bike without much effort.

            How to make a wall shelf mount with your own hands?

            To make a shelf mount, you will need:

            • Wide natural wood board or plywood letter 1 sq. M, recommended thickness is 1.5 cm. It is better not to use MDF or chipboard, because Over time, such a shelf can break out of the mountings;
            • Wood glue;
            • Wood stain and varnish (optional);
            • Mounting bolts with washers, which will attach the shelf to the wall.

            To determine the right dimensions for your future shelf, Measure three parameters:

            • The distance from the stem to the end of the grip is the depth of the shelf;
            • Bicycle top tube diameter. this will be the size of the cutout;
            • Maximum possible shelf width. the smaller the frame size, the shorter the length of the upper tube, and the smaller the fastening width.

            Depending on the size, make a drawing of the main parts.

            Saw a board in accordance with the drawing and Make a “rough” version of the box (but not connecting the parts together!).

            Draw, and then sawed out a cutout under the top tube. It is better to do this with special equipment.

            Now it’s time to assemble the shelf. Place all the pieces on the glue. Before applying the glue, clean the surfaces from dust and degrease them. It is better to remove the remnants of glue immediately, so that in the future it does not interfere with the painting.

            The top panel can be hinged to form a drawer, or simply attached to the base to create a shelf.

            Drill holes for fastening bolts.

            Now you can safely hang the shelf on the wall, or you can take the next step. sand all the surfaces of the shelf, paint them with a stain (you can use two colors) and varnish.

            An option for making a simpler shelf can be viewed here:

            A wall mount for a bike will be an excellent solution for “parking” a bike in a small apartment. Moreover, this is not only an option for long-term storage (for example, in winter), but also for daily use, because it is so easy to remove the bike and lift it up again. What type of attachment to use is up to the rider himself, depending on the free space and his physical capabilities.

            Mount the bike

            Such a rack has the following advantages:

            • This mount is NOT strictly focused on a specific bike model, that is, it is universal;
            • Installation of a bicycle in this form is much easier than loading and fixing it on the roof of a car;
            • The attachment to the towbar in conjunction with the bike itself does not increase the overall dimensions of your car, so you can not help but worry about movement in special cramped conditions (bridges, arches or tunnels)
            • External trunk does not impair vehicle aerodynamics;
            • The possibility of transporting bicycles. Several at once;
            • Fast enough and NOT complicated installation and dismantling;
            • The movement is considered safe, since such a trunk is provided with side lights and a special place for the car’s license plate.

            Important details about the mount

            Before purchasing such a fixing device, evaluate the actual dimensions of your machine, it is necessary that the purchased item corresponds to them.

            A towbar mount will certainly save your bike, but you have to be careful yourself, especially when reversing. In order to keep your two-wheeled friend clean during the trip, we recommend using a protective cover.

            Bicycle towbar

            Sometimes there is a desire to ride a large outside the city, immersed in the surroundings of nature and a calm measured atmosphere. Often at such moments the question arises of whether to take the bike with you or find a rental place. But hire is not available in all beautiful corners, which are far from the city. In this case, the ideal solution is to build a roof rack on the towbar of your car.

            Towbars on which the mount can be installed

            Towbars are of five types, it depends solely on the maximum possible load that it can withstand during operation. Most often, class determination experiments are carried out on the horizontal impact of force. The bicycle mount creates different conditions for the towbar, that is, this part starts to work for a break. Since in such a situation, it is, in fact, used as a trunk.

            In order for the mechanism to be installed to prove itself worthy in action, before you install the bike mount on the towbar with your own hands, specify which class it belongs to. It is recommended to install a bike carrier on a towbar from the second class and above. The first class drops out of the list, respectively, not in all car models it is possible to build such a useful trunk. Some manufacturers write warnings on high-class towbar that prohibit such an installation. They suggest that this bike rack could damage an important part.

            Thule HangOn mount

            Transportation of several bicycles is possible with the help of special bike carriers. The Thule HangOn mount model can hold 3-4 large, provided that the weight of each. Less than 15 kilograms. The Swedish Thule mount is a compact and convenient option to use. The advantage of this device is the absence of the need for adjustment, its weight is also insignificant, the mechanism is folding and will NOT take up much space when stored in the off-season on the loggia or trunk of your car. Supplied with soft fixing straps to protect your bikes from bumps and chips.