DIY bike mount

Pros of attaching a bike to a towbar

What makes this way of transporting the bike by car different from many others? First of all, it should be noted the extraordinary ease of mounting the bike rack on the towbar. In addition, the risk of damage to the car body is minimized, since the bike simply does not come into contact with it. Other significant benefits include:

  • easy installation of a bicycle on a towbar: it is not required to expend as much physical effort as when hoisting it on the roof of a car;
  • ease of dismantling the mount if it is no longer needed;
  • absence of unnecessary resistance of the bike to oncoming air (as opposed to the location of the bike on the roof);
  • versatility: in addition to the bike, you can install a snowboard, skis and even a surfboard on such a fastener;
  • tilt function when the latch is released allows access to the luggage compartment without the need to dismantle the mount.

Do-it-yourself towbar luggage rack for transporting a bicycle by car

Cycling in a big city is a rather dangerous occupation. The risk of getting into an accident on the road through the fault of a reckless driver is too great. What to do if the soul requires a holiday, the desire to get behind the wheel of a tanned two-wheeled vehicle is irresistible? Drive out of town by car, taking your beloved two-wheeled friend with you! But here again the problem: how to fix the bikes to the car? Do not put them in the salon. over, they will not fit into every sedan. There is an exit! You need to install the bike on the towbar of the car using special bike racks. You can either buy them (if you don’t mind 300) or, if you have ingenuity and even hands, make them yourself. How? We will talk about this today.

Disadvantages of a bike rack mounted on a car’s towbar

However, this type of attachment is not ideal. Along with unconditional pluses. It is not devoid of some disadvantages. To begin with, ready-made towbar fasteners are not cheap, especially if you buy a high-quality branded item. Cheap mounts from an unknown manufacturer usually do not come with a warranty and lack the much-needed tilt function. Those who have firmly decided to make a bike rack with their own hands should know that the bike rack is on the towbar:

  • makes the rear of the car heavier. Which can make parking and maneuvering more difficult;
  • obscures the rear view of the driver;
  • can be installed not on all machines, but only on those equipped with a tow bar;
  • does not give a rigid fixation of the car in a vertical plane (as in the case of a roof mount);
  • while driving fast, there is a risk that the bicycles will hit the body and against each other;
  • can obscure license plates;
  • the undulating movement of bicycles gradually leads to fatigue of the metal from which the towbar is made; sooner or later this can provoke its breakdown.

Having weighed all the pros and cons, have you decided to make a bicycle mount on a towbar with your own hands? Below is the sequence of actions and the necessary materials and tools.

What types of towbars can be used to mount bicycles?

The towbars that the car market offers us today, according to the horizontal tractive effort, are divided into 5 classes. The concepts of vertical and horizontal load differ from each other. It is allowed to install bicycle racks on a car, the towbar of which is at least of the second class. In this case, the towbar is believed to be able to withstand the vertical pressure of the bike.

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Sometimes prohibitory symbols can be found on models of a higher class. With their help, the manufacturer is reinsured to avoid damage to the coupling. In addition to the towbar class, the weights of the bike carrier and the bike must be taken into account. The latter can vary considerably. Standard bike rack holds 1-5 bikes.

Do-it-yourself step-by-step instructions for making a bike mount for a towbar

  • profile, sheets and tubes of metal;
  • paint intended for metal;
  • angle grinder;
  • drill;
  • drill;
  • welding machine;
  • a hammer;
  • self-tapping screws.

If you have minimal skills in working with metal and a certain creative streak, making a bike rack is not particularly difficult. The work is carried out in this order.

  • Bend a sheet of metal on both sides using tiki, in the form of the letter P.
  • Flatten the edges of 2 tubes, preparing places for drilling holes and subsequent connection with a metal profile.
  • Drill bolt holes.
  • Measure the distance between the wheels.
  • Cut the grooves in the sheet metal between the front and rear wheels of the bike.
  • Screw a metal sheet in the shape of the letter P to the stand, put the profile on top.
  • Nail the tubes so that they go around the bike frame. Consider the frame configuration, which differs depending on the bike model.
  • Nail the tubes so that they go around the bike frame. Consider the frame configuration, which differs depending on the bike model.

It is not always rational to make long-distance cycling trips. Sometimes it makes sense to do it by car, taking the bike with you. We have considered all the advantages and disadvantages of the option of attaching it to the towbar of the car. By following the instructions above, you can make a bike rack with your own hands, saving a significant amount of money.

Bicycle roof rack

When traveling in summer by car, sometimes you really want to see what is hidden behind the bend of the trail in the forest. But a passenger car (and not only a passenger car) is by no means always intended for such research. Sometimes the urges to continue their way among the wild are also more mercantile in nature. to pick up mushrooms or eat strawberries. In any case, for quick reconnaissance in force. what is there, around the corner?. there is no better transport bike. But in order to take a bicycle on the road, you need to either partially disassemble it (pushing fellow travelers), or consider the option of buying or making a device for transporting a two-wheeled horse in assembled form. Some automakers (for example, Opel) have already taken care of this problem and created the FlexFix system, designed to conveniently place the bike on the car, but so far the task of installing the bike mounts on the car is solved by motorists on their own.

Do-it-yourself rack for transporting a bicycle on the roof of a car

Homemade bike rack mount on roof rails

The original and elegant bike rack can be assembled by yourself. The only drawback seems to be that the motorist has adapted the stabilizer bushings for fastening the steering wheel (similar to the VAZ 2108-09). PTFE products would be much stronger.

On the back door

Rear door mounted bike racks may cause hinges to sag.

Such designs, despite their thoughtfulness, still raise doubts about whether the door hinges, the lock, the iron itself will withstand the bicycle load. when you try to push such a shrunken car, you are afraid to simply crush a thin tin. And the owners of UAZ. Patriots prefer to remove the spare tire from the rear door. the hinges sag.

Car roof rack

If the roof of your car is empty, then in order to be able to fix the bike rack on it, you will need to install crossbars on the roof.

For those lucky people whose car roofs are already equipped with roof rails and crossbars installed on them, it is enough to purchase a special bracket, which actually represents a bicycle roof rack. As you can see, there is nothing special in the design. a common frame, on which locks for the wheels and a fork for fastening the frame are made. If the roof of your car is empty, then in order to be able to fix the bike rack on it, you will need to install at least crossbars on the roof. When purchasing them, be sure to find out whether the maximum permissible load on the product corresponds to the weight of the bicycle (take into account the rule of resistance to 30% safety margin). However, as in any production, there are leaders among manufacturers whose products have proven themselves to be reliable and easy to use. Thule is undoubtedly one of these leaders.

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On the tow bar

The bike rack can be attached to the towbar of the car. If the bottom is strong. why not? True, it is necessary to provide for the lights and the license plate to be visible. For example, this option is acceptable, but also purchased:

In general, a trunk for a bicycle for a car is wonderful! You can force small rivers, climb into the distance along field roads. and all this without gloomy thoughts about clutches, handouts, stripped bumpers!

DIY towbar bike rack

Homemade bike mount for a car towbar: photo and description of a homemade design.

It took a mount to transport a bicycle on a car, I decided to make a homemade one with a towbar mount. I looked at several options on the Internet, in the end I made just such a simple design.

Folded device fits in the trunk.

To install the device, just put it on the towbar and tighten the screw.

Pull the lever down and tighten with the bolt at the back.

Using a homemade towbar mount, you can transport bicycles by car.

This carrier can also carry snowboards in winter.

Simple and convenient carrier for bicycles and snowboards.


A bicycle rack must be attached to any roof or cross member, regardless of gutters, roof rails, etc. Two-wheeled vehicles installed on the luggage crossbars of the car and all other things:

  • do not interfere with the view while the car is moving
  • do not take up space in the cabin
  • do not increase lateral and longitudinal dimensions
  • firmly fixed, guaranteeing the integrity and safety during transportation
  • in most cases do not require dismantling the bike.

The main pros and cons of transporting a bike on the roof of a car


There are still several rather significant inconveniences for a bicycle rack on the roof of a car:

  • sometimes a weighty bike has to be lifted to the height of the roof of the car, and this requires real effort. Sometimes you even need a ladder
  • the aerodynamic characteristics of the car deteriorate, a hum appears, especially noticeable at high speed and with a crosswind;
  • the vehicle height increases. The driver should not forget and constantly monitor the possibility of entering a covered parking lot, garage, parking lot, avoid driving under low tree branches, wires, especially when walking in nature, outside the city.
  • Maximum 3 bicycles can be mounted on the roof. And each bike will require a separate bike carrier. If there are 3 or more bicycles, then it is easier to purchase a rack for a towbar

Transporting a bike on the roof of a car: detailed instructions

The most reliable and popular way of transporting a bicycle out of town for cycling on rough terrain or suburban highways is its transportation of a bicycle on the roof of a car.

The roof rack for a bike is a special design designed to mount bicycles on the roof for long-distance transport. It is valuable for its versatility and thoughtfulness of the idea, reliable fasteners, convenience.

bike, mount

DIY Bike Rack for 20 / Bike Storage Stand & Cabinet for Garage | Crafted Workshop

Reliable, well-chosen options for bike roof racks can be used for any bike model: road, mountain, walking, road, touring, hybrids and others.

Variety of bike racks on the car roof

A roof rack for a bicycle is equipped with a variety of racks, supports, guy ropes, traverses or factory-made anchor points. Mounts of the brands ATERA, FAPA, MONT BLANC are very common. All of them are different in configuration, type of bike mount on the roof, and at a price. They are united by reliability and quality.

There are several types of fasteners for the roof of a car for a bicycle:

  • frame strengthening. A popular and reliable method that has one drawback is the ability to accidentally scratch the frame;
  • fastening for the front wheel of a bicycle
  • pedal reinforcement. it seems unreliable, although in fact it is not worse than frame fastening;
  • the fork mount is not very convenient because you have to remove the wheel every time you are going out of town for a walk or on an excursion to another city by bike.
  • handlebars, in which the bicycle is mounted on the roof with the wheels upside down and the bicycle is attached to the frame behind the handlebars. Deprecated.
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The price of a bicycle rack on the roof is different and depends on the brand of the company, the material of manufacture, the cross-sectional profile, the presence of a lock against theft of the bicycle and the trunk itself.

Mount the bike

Such a rack has the following advantages:

  • This mount is not strictly focused on a specific bike model, that is, it is universal;
  • Installation of a bicycle in this form is much easier than loading and fixing it on the roof of a car;
  • The towbar mount in conjunction with the bike itself does not increase the overall dimensions of your car, so you don’t have to worry about driving in special cramped conditions (bridges, arches or tunnels);
  • The external trunk does not impair the aerodynamics of the car;
  • The possibility of transporting bicycles. several at once;
  • Quite fast and not complicated installation, as well as dismantling;
  • The movement is considered safe, since such a trunk is provided with side lights and a special place for the car’s license plate.

Towbars on which the mount can be installed

Towbars are of five types, it depends solely on the maximum possible load that it can withstand during operation. Most often, experiments to determine class affiliation are carried out on the horizontal impact of force. The bicycle mount creates different conditions for the towbar, that is, this part starts to break. Since in such a situation, it is, in fact, used as a trunk.

DIY Wall Hanging Bike Rack With Storage

In order for the installed mechanism to prove itself worthy in action, before you install the bike mount on the towbar with your own hands, specify which class it belongs to. It is recommended to install bike racks on a towbar from the second class and above. The first class drops out of the list, therefore, it is not possible to build such a useful trunk on all car models. Some manufacturers write warnings on high-end towbars that prohibit such an installation. They suggest that this bike rack could damage an important part.

Bicycle towbar

Thule bike carrier: do it yourself.

Sometimes there is a desire to ride a bike outside the city, immersed in the surroundings of nature and a calm measured atmosphere. Often at such moments the question arises of whether to take the bike with you or find a rental place. But rental is not available in all beautiful corners that are far from the city. In this case, the ideal solution is to build a roof rack for the towbar of your car.

Important details about fastening

Before purchasing such a fixing device, assess the actual dimensions of your machine, it is necessary that the purchased item matches them.

A towbar mount will certainly save your bike, but you must be careful yourself, especially when reversing the vehicle. To keep your two-wheeled friend clean while riding, we recommend using a protective cover.

Thule HangOn mount

Transporting several bicycles is possible with special bike carriers. The Thule HangOn attachment model can hold 3-4 large, provided that the weight of each. less than 15 kilograms. The Swedish Thule mount is a compact and convenient option to use. The advantages of this device include the absence of the need for adjustment, its weight is also insignificant, the mechanism is folding and will not take up much space when stored in the off-season on the loggia or the trunk of your car. Supplied with soft fixing straps to protect your bikes from bumps and chips.