DIY bike bracket

DIY wall mount bike rack

Keeping a bike in an apartment is an eternal problem for all cyclists. Well, if there is a balcony, you can put the bike there. But what if there is not even a balcony? I came up with an idea of ​​how you can make a bike mount on the wall with your own hands literally for a penny.

Wall mount bike rack. 2 easy options

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Wall Mount Materials

The stones need to be found oblong, about 15 centimeters long. The width is not less than 5 cm, so that the wheels of the bike do not slip off them. We take the victorious drill, which is used for drilling in concrete. Equal in diameter to right angle anchors. We drill two holes from the bottom of each stone.

We drill natural stone

If the side of the stones does not fit snugly against the wall, you can level that side with an angle grinder. Natural stones are easily processed with concrete discs. Then we thoroughly wash and clean the stones, they will serve as a decorative element on the wall and at the same time as stands for bicycle wheels.

We insert the anchor into the stones

Mount assembly

This stage is the most important. It is necessary to accurately mark for the anchor holes.

If the holes in the wall are slightly out of alignment with the holes in the wall, the stones may not fall into place. We drill the wall, insert anchors, hang stones.

We hang the bike support on the wall

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Between the stones, approximately at the height of the upper frame tube, we put a ceiling anchor with a hook.

Attaching the bike frame to the wall Tying the bike

That’s all. The wall mount for your bike is now complete. It remains to put the bike with its wheels on stones, and tie the frame with a cord to the upper anchor.

Bike on the wall

When we remove the bike from the mount, we get a decorative element in the form of two stones on the wall. Maybe someone wants to repeat the homemade product. The cost is a couple of kopecks, work for half an hour.

DIY bike bracket


Typically wall-mounted with floor support. The racks may have additional hooks for a helmet, jacket and other bicycle accessories.

Ideal for apartments with several riders, as the upright rack can hold up to three bicycles at once. It is on such a mount that you can realize the idea of ​​storing a bike with a lock, because it usually stretches from floor to ceiling.

Types of wall mounts and tips for choosing them

Do you like to ride your bike, but don’t know where to put it? You don’t have a garage or a spacious hallway where an iron horse could be kept? Maybe you just leave him in a cramped hallway and constantly stumble, trying to get into the kitchen? Or is the bike chained to a battery in the stairwell, and you can’t sleep worrying about its possible loss? Many questions, but only one answer. it’s time to think about a wall mount for your bike.

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There are three ways to mount your bike to a wall: 1. The frame is parallel to the wall. The bike is close to the wall, taking up quite a lot of space. It is advisable to hang it with the wheels down, so as not to strain once again, turning the bike over for the next ride. A very convenient solution for storing two or more bicycles.

The frame is perpendicular to the wall. Takes up less wall space, but more space in the room. An ideal place for vertical mounting would be a corner behind the refrigerator, front door, gas water heater, etc. With this method of fastening, the wheels should be located against the wall, and the frame should be parallel to it. this makes it easier to drive the bike along the wall and fix the front wheel on the hook.

Ceiling mounting with hooks or bracket. The most efficient way to store your bike, especially in high-ceilinged areas. The bracket is more attractive because does not require much physical effort.

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How to fix a bike to the wall with your own hands

Mount the bike to the wall for long-term storage

Bicycle mounting methods

Before choosing mounts for storing a bicycle, you should decide on the most convenient storage method for those living in an apartment. There may be several of them:

  • parallel to the wall. This method allows you to save space as much as possible and install a rack for two bicycles at once;

Mount the bike parallel to the wall

  • perpendicular to the wall. It is recommended to install the bike vertically if the apartment has a niche, storage room or enough free space. In other cases, the bicycle will be constantly touched by people passing by, and the vehicle will periodically topple over;
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Fixing the bike vertically to the wall

  • to the ceiling. This is a way to save space in the room, but it is inconvenient when installing and removing the bike. It is not recommended to hang vehicles near windows, balconies and heating elements, as the paintwork may deteriorate.

Storing the bike by hanging it from the ceiling

Shelf mount

Of all the wall mounts available to the modern cyclist, the shelf option is the most popular. Let the cost of such a device seem too high, but you can do it yourself, while reducing your costs to a minimum level.

How to build a DIY bike wall mount

The problem of storing a bicycle is relevant for every cyclist who has to drag his transport to the apartment. You won’t just leave him in the corridor or any place you come across? It will interfere, spoil the interior, and indeed, there are many options for equipping a special place for storing a bike.

The problem of storing a bicycle is relevant for every cyclist who has to bring it into an apartment

We already had an article in which we described in detail the methods, options and interesting ideas for storing a bicycle. But you must admit that it is much more interesting to do something with your own hands. It is this topic that our conversation will be devoted to.