DIY bike basket on the trunk

Children and cycling

Cycling is often a family hobby. And here the question arises of how to choose a trunk for a child. Children’s bike baskets are a miniature copy of regular bicycle baskets. They are identical in shape and attachment. The weight of the baby basket is correspondingly lighter.

The child carrier mounts allow the basket to be used on an adult bike. Various wicker baskets and colored plastic baskets have been developed especially for young cyclists. Many modern models of children’s baskets contain drawings or stickers of your favorite cartoon characters. This attracts the baby’s attention, gives a sense of responsibility. After all, now, going on the road, not only mom or dad take luggage with them, but also the child.

DIY 40 Bike Trunk

Of course, there the baby can store his toys, children’s tools, in order to imitate his dad. A couple of sweets or cookies will also fit in the child’s trunk.

bike, basket, trunk

The carrying capacity of the baskets ranges from 1 kg to 3.5 kg. Just like trunks for adults, kids’ racks can be mounted on the handlebars and at the back. often, a child asks for a front trunk, as he likes to keep everything under his control.

Children’s baskets are notable for their low price, which makes them affordable for almost everyone.

  • high strength;
  • ease of use. if necessary, the product can be easily cleaned and washed;
  • convenient design. baskets are not very large, but at the same time they can accommodate a sufficient amount of things.

An additional advantage will be the presence of a special protective cover that will prevent its contents from falling out of the basket.

Sooner or later, in any family with a child, the question arises: where to store toys? In a closet or on open shelves, there is not always a place for them, and heaping them on the floor is ugly and inconvenient. Baskets for toys will help. Read more about them in the article.

Most of the bathrooms are not very spacious. This means that every centimeter of space should be used as competently as possible. For example, you can save space by using a corner instead of a regular laundry basket, since the range of models of such baskets is very wide.

Additional storage space for a variety of small items will come in handy in any home. And if your cabinets, bedside tables and shelves are not able to accommodate everything you need, or you just decided to revive the interior with a beautiful and functional decor, storage baskets will come in handy.

For lovely ladies

Women’s bicycles mainly differ in frame, weight and design. Trunks on women’s bikes are easily attached in the same way as for men’s.

How to be with pets?

Basket for transporting dogs on a bike

If you are going on the road and there is no one to leave your beloved pets, then you should take care of them. For animals, the baskets are covered from above with a kind of galvanized mesh lid. Thanks to this, animals can watch the road and breathe freely. At the same time, curious pets won’t run anywhere.

Cycling baskets

Rear baskets can carry 10. 20 kg of load Robust models can support up to 40 kg of load.

If your bike does not have special holes for attaching a rack, contact the bike workshop, where they probably know how to attach the basket to the bike.

The basket can be mounted on the trunk and on the bicycle handlebars using a universal mount. The device is easy to operate. In order to attach the basket you will have to spend no more than a minute.

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The bike baskets are designed to resist bumps and falls. Their strength is very high. They are easy to clean and wash, while they are not afraid of water.

It should be noted that modern designers have tried to develop a luggage device. Now you can find bike baskets of any design. With its optimal dimensions, the product remains spacious enough.

Bicycle basket

This accessory is suitable for city, country, walking bicycles. But for its use, road and mountain vehicles are little intended.

In addition, there are such means for transporting luggage on a bicycle:

  • bike bag. there are models that can be carried on the handlebars, under the saddle, on the trunk and under the frame;
  • bike pants. are two bags that are made so that they hang down on both sides of the bike.

On the steering wheel

Taking everything you need and traveling by pedaling is the dream of any cycling fan or aficionado. And “everything you need” fits into the basket, because there is simply no other way to ride a bicycle. precisely, it will work out, but it will not be so convenient. According to the general opinion of most owners of two-wheeled vehicles, the basket is the best thing that was invented by developers and designers of bicycle accessories for fans of cycling.

  • appointment;
  • degree of load;
  • type and nature of fastening.

Each cyclist or cyclist chooses a basket according to their own requirements. And they can purchase several of them, as they say, “for all occasions”.

Making the sidewalls of the bike basket

Remove the upper part with handles that holds the basket assembly. Attached to it are two short side walls. Cut out strips from double-sided tape that correspond in size to the plastic mesh. We paste them, look at the photo.

Then we cut out a piece of polypropylene slightly larger than the side walls. The excess is then cut off with a clerical knife. We do the same from the outside.

According to the same scheme, the long sides of the basket are covered with a tarp. From the outside, for a reliable seal, the edges of the tarp can be sealed with sanitary tape or electrical tape.

Attaching the basket to the bike

The easiest way to secure the basket to your bike is with plastic cable ties. But then it will not be removable. This option did not suit me, I specially left the handles so that you could remove it from the bike. I haven’t found anything better than using quick release clamps. And the most reliable way of fastening is a bolted connection to the bike rack.

Making the sidewalls of the bike basket

Remove the upper part with handles that holds the basket assembly. Attached to it are two short side walls. Cut out strips from double-sided tape that correspond in size to the plastic mesh. We paste them, look at the photo.

Then we cut out a piece of polypropylene slightly larger than the side walls. The excess is then cut off with a clerical knife. We do the same from the outside.

According to the same scheme, the long sides of the basket are covered with a tarp. From the outside, for a reliable seal, the edges of the tarp can be sealed with sanitary tape or electrical tape.

Basket fasteners

Bicycle baskets can be attached to a two-wheeled vehicle not only in different places, but also in different ways. that is, using different fasteners:

  • Universal steering. This one is easy to remove, weighs little, has a low selling price and, most importantly, reliably holds the basket.
  • On a bracket with a support. Attaches to the hub axle on bicycles with 28 ” wheels.
  • Quick-detachable plastic (in various configurations) on the steering wheel.
  • Steering collar, etc.
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Useful to pay attention

In order to get started, you will need the following materials:

Basket; 2 leather belts for clothes; Nylon or wire cable ties; Polyurethane adhesive; Scissors; Punch for leather or drill; Special pencil or marker; Wooden stand for work;

Once you’ve selected your basket, roughly secure it in place with wire. Position your basket so the top edge is just above the handlebar tube where the straps are attached. Stretch the wire and fasten evenly between the center point of the handlebar.

bike, basket, trunk

Take a marker and mark the line at the bottom of the screed. This will be the line of the cut and the area through which the belt will be pulled.

Before cutting, position the belt loosely over the cut line marked with a marker. Make sure the strap fits properly without pulling or loosening.

Take a pair of sharp scissors and cut holes in the side of the basket. Cut neatly through the basket weaving.

Use polyurethane adhesive at the cut. This will keep the cut and breakage of the vine on the basket weaving.

After the glue is dry, pull the strap through the holes in the basket.

Repeat these steps with the second strap.

If you are using a woven strap, you don’t have to worry about punching extra holes, just pull the strap too tight so as not to ruin the basket’s woven structure and secure it. Do not cut off excess belt.

If you have a leather or vinyl belt, holes are essential. You can make a new hole in the belt with a hole punch or drill. To do this, do not remove the belt from the handlebar, carefully mark the puncture site and make a hole with a diameter of 5 mm.

Thread the strap through the basket and wrap it around the handlebar grip and secure it there.

Place the free ends of the strap inside the basket.

Then thread the free ends back into the slots so that they come out on the back of the basket.

DIY bike rack & basket under 25 IKEA HACK

Apply a small amount of glue to the back and the inside of the belt and then cut off the excess strips of the belt so that there are small “ponytails”.

Fix the bonding points with clothespins and leave them to dry completely.

After the glue is dry, remove the clamps. All is ready!

If you have a woven belt, tie the ends together and glue them lightly for a strong bond.

And don’t forget to put the flowers in the basket.!

Bicycle Basket Manufacturers

Many well-known global brands that manufacture bicycles of various models also produce their own mowing lines for accessories for these vehicles. Including. and a variety of bicycle baskets.

However, there are also firms that make only “mounted” elements for two-wheeled “iron horses”. Among the most famous companies working in this area are the Italian “Elite”, the American “Easton” and “Lizard Skins”, the French “Look”, the German “XLC” and “SKS”, as well as the Japanese “Mizumi”.

Bicycle basket construction

Any modern bicycle basket, regardless of design or material, is a lightweight and durable construction that resists drops or bumps. She is also not afraid of unfavorable climatic conditions. Bicycle baskets can withstand torrential rains and the scorching sun with equal ease. True, it is better to protect products with a textile finish from constant exposure to sunlight (so as not to fade), and after a trip in the rain, it is worth wiping both the bike and bicycle accessories with a soft dry flannel cloth.

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Many bicycle baskets have lids. Including “carriers” designed for comfortable transportation of pets. small dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.

Many luggage baskets have special hooks that make it easy (but secure) to fix and just as easily remove these accessories from the bike.

Structurally, bicycle baskets intended for mounting on the handlebars are made especially durable, since in a possible collision with moving or immovable objects they take on a rather large shock load.

Quick Release Handlebar Mount Option

Typical basket manufacturers produce models designed to be instantly attached to the handlebars for directional travel. The cantilever version of the basket, which is quick-release, will become the traditional form.

The main advantage is the ease and simplicity of installation. Various modifications can withstand from one kilogram to fifteen.

The mounting options are different. From simple arms that secure the basket with a canopy to more complex mechanisms with brackets and clamps. It all depends on the purpose and capacity of the accessory.


As a separate point I would like to talk about accessories for transporting animals. After all, if there are special chairs for children, additional seats and even trailers, then little care is taken of pets.

Cycling baskets are roomy and not very

Natural materials

Indeed, on bicycles you can also find baskets made from natural twigs, for example, rattan. The woven material is environmentally friendly, very light, and, no matter how strange it may sound, it is reliable. Over time, the rods lose their properties, but up to 5 years, such a product is one of the best choices. There are only problems with mounts. It is not so easy to attach a basket and a sufficient number of rods to a small bracket element to make the structure reliable.

Permanent handlebar mount

The bracket is attached to the handlebar and is integral with the rest of the basket. Most inexpensive, but not universal mount.

Removable basket mount with base on the trunk

The design is not common. After all, the trunk itself is a kind of platform for transporting goods.

Most often, there are models made by folk craftsmen on their own. Products from major manufacturers will not have a quick release design. Here you need details that will allow the basket to carry weight up to 35 kilograms.

The baskets mounted on the trunk have increased capacity and carrying capacity. This model can even be adapted to a mountain bike.

As a support, not only the trunk is used, but the stays of the rear of the bike. Additionally, it can be secured with clamps to the frame. A self-made or purchased bracket will become the main part of the fastener.

The scope of such an accessory is tourist trips, long trips.


There are several types of bike basket mounts. First of all, this is the position. The bicycle basket can be attached both in front of the handlebars and behind the seat. The installation methods are also different, below are some of them.