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How to open the combination lock in emergency mode

When using combination locks, situations often occur when, when entering a code, the device is blocked. In this situation, an emergency opening of the device will be required. How to open a combination lock without knowing the secret combination, or if it fails, will be described in this article.

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The process of opening the safe door in the event of a failure of the code mechanism

How to open mechanical combination locks

In life, situations are often encountered when it is necessary to open a mechanical combination lock without entering a working number combination. For example, emergency opening of an entrance door, using a new bicycle lock with factory settings, or simply the owner of the product forgot the code for the lock. The following recommendations will allow you to cope with the situation, if possible without the involvement of specialists, who take rather large sums of money for the work performed.

Opening a push-button combination lock

So, how to open a push-button type lock. Such devices are often installed on driveways, gates and utility rooms, that is, where great secrecy is not required.

A lock that can be opened by simultaneously pressing the buttons included in the cipher

For emergency opening of a mechanical push-button device, you need:

  • take a closer look at the code panel. The keys that are used for opening are slightly darker, and the numbers on them are somewhat erased. This phenomenon is the result of frequent use (touching human fingers);
  • try to press each key without exerting effort. The buttons used to dial the code work more smoothly, since the springs that support the device’s plates weaken over time;
  • listen to the sounds made by the lock when the buttons are pressed. If a digit is part of a numerical combination, then clicking on it will hear a click.

The factory code combination for push-button locks consists of numbers 3 and 8.

Opening a coded disc lock

Disk combination locks are most often padlocked. Such devices are used to fix gates, gates, utility room doors, bags or suitcases, bicycles, and so on.

Code device that opens when the discs rotate

How to open a combination padlock? You can use two methods:

The mechanical method consists in forcibly squeezing the lock shackle with a cut from a tin can. This requires:

  • cut a small plate out of the can;
  • then round it to the diameter of the lock bow;
  • smoothly insert the manufactured device into the lock fixing point and slightly press.

The video on how to open the combination lock, located below, will help you to understand the procedure in more detail.

The method of selecting a digital combination of a combination lock is based on the design of the mechanism. Each circle has a special groove, which is exposed when stopping at the desired number. Placing all the grooves in one line allows the device to unlock. So, you need to proceed as follows:

  • move the dialing wheel slightly to the side so that the working mechanism is visible;

How to change your bike lock

The pin that is visible when the disc mechanism rotates

  • slowly rotate it in a certain direction until a groove appears that can be seen with the naked eye;

The appearance of a groove indicates that the correct number is set

  • the described procedure must be repeated with each lock disc.

In the manufacture of padlock combination locks, the standard opening cipher consists of all zeros or ones.

There is another way of emergency opening of the padlock. To cope with the device, you need:

  • Pull the shackle of the device slightly so that the working mechanism is in tension;
  • gradually rotate the discs of the lock.

If the required number falls out, there may be two options:

  • the wheel that rotates the disc will be blocked;
  • a click will be heard, notifying of the occurrence of a digit in a numerical combination.

Naturally, the described procedure must be repeated with each disk separately, fixing the falling out numbers.

Opening a padlock by sound

How to open electronic combination locks

Electronic code devices belong to the category of more modern and reliable, therefore, it will not be possible to open it in the event of a code loss or failure in a matter of minutes. How to open the lock if you forgot the code, the electricity went out, without which such a device cannot work, or an emergency blocking occurred when trying to break?

Each electronic device is equipped with an additional turnkey well for emergency opening, that is, to open the mechanism, you can simply use this key.

Emergency opening of the combination lock with the supplied key

It is not recommended to store the emergency key in the room (or inside the safe) on the door of which there is an electronic combination lock. If this is an entrance door, then it is better to carry the key on a common bunch. If the lock is installed on the safe, then the key must be stored in a safe place located in a room nearby.

However, another situation often happens, the key is lost or left inside the room. Such problems can only be solved by qualified specialists. Emergency lock release companies have specialized devices that can assist in unlocking the lock. Trying to solve the problem on your own is not recommended, since you can simply break the lock, after which it will need to be replaced.

Range of services provided by specialists

Combination locks are devices of increased secrecy, but each of them can be opened in case of a random change in the numerical combination, which is a cipher. Mechanical combination locks are the easiest to open. Electronic and electromechanical devices can be opened using the emergency key. If it is not there, then it is better to entrust the unlocking work to professionals.

easd rzd instruction

How to choose a bike lock?

You can choose a highly effective bike lashing device based on the following requirements:

  • It is desirable that the bicycle lock has a cable more than 1.5 m in length.This will allow you to securely fasten not only the frame of a two-wheeled vehicle, but also the wheels, which are often the main target of intruders.
  • Buying systems with the thickest chains and cables allows you to make the thief suffer once again and increase your own chances of early detection of a break-in.
  • It is recommended to give preference to locks with metal cases, which are difficult to break with a hammer or damage with wire cutters.

Standard types of fasteners

The main types of fasteners that are used in bicycle locks are cables and chains. over, due to its low weight, low cost and convenience in everyday use, you can most often see a bicycle lock with a cable.

Even the longest cables are coiled, easily twisted around the frame or seat post, taking up a minimum of space during transportation. For example, the rather popular Cyclotech bicycle lock can be easily attached to the seat thanks to the special mount.

With the help of a cable several meters long, any structural elements of the bicycle can be tightly fastened. On the way, the cable allows you to fix a whole lot of things on the trunk. over, even the longest bike lock with a cable weighs no more than 1 kg.

As for the disadvantages of bicycle anti-theft systems with a cable, with a small thickness there is a high probability of cutting them. Good reinforcement shears are enough for this. Well, to deal with the thinnest wires, the hijacker will need ordinary household wire cutters.

If we talk about fasteners in the form of chains, then here preference should be given to products made of carbide metal with a good padlock. Cheap iron chains of small thickness are not only easy to cut with a hacksaw, but also easy to break with bare hands.

However, the bicycle anti-theft chain lock also has a clear drawback. The most reliable locks, due to their considerable thickness, are distinguished by an impressive weight, which becomes not very convenient in terms of transportation. Chains can easily damage the paint on your bike. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase locks with chains covered with fabric or plastic covers.

As practice shows, old cylinder and lever locks are not very reliable. With experience, skilled burglars break open such systems using ordinary wire. A more effective alternative could be a bicycle combination lock.

Most combination locks have shockproof metal cases and a complex cipher. The main advantage here is the absence of the need to carry a key with you. The main thing. good to remember the code value.

An arcuate anti-theft system is difficult to cut with scissors or a hacksaw. over, the U-grips cannot be straightened with a crowbar.

The disadvantage of this solution is the inability to attach the bike to a tree or a wide post in the absence of a special bike parking. In this case, the only option is to clip the bike to any metal fence along with the frame and rear wheel.

It is worth adding only that locks with U-shaped grips are in most cases bulky products. Therefore, it is inconvenient to transport them on a bicycle frame.

Eccentrics in the construction of a two-wheeled vehicle are very practical when it is necessary to quickly dismantle individual parts during service and repair. Unfortunately, this creates additional convenience for intruders, who mainly hunt for the wheels of a bike. The problem can be solved by using ring wheel stoppers.

Will help you figure out how to use such a bicycle lock, instructions. The first step is to secure the locking ring around the wheel rim. Then it is necessary to slam the mechanism latch and block the anti-theft device. In conclusion, it is worth checking once again how securely the stopper is fixed. A bicycle chain lock works in much the same way.

Naturally, wheel stops are not ideal anti-theft solutions. Indeed, if desired, an attacker can carry the bike on his shoulder or load it into a car. However, the bollards take up a minimum of space, are light in weight and are easy to use. It is most rational to use such locks in combination with other common systems.

Bicycles are often stolen in the most crowded places. Installing a bicycle sound alarm allows you to attract the attention of passers-by at the right time and scare away a burglar.

Most of the two-wheeled vehicle alarm systems are extremely annoying. Even a bicycle with an alarm, fastened with a relatively unreliable lock, will be a pretty tough nut to crack for a burglar.

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To reduce the likelihood of bike theft, just pay attention to the following tips:

  • Experienced intruders will find an approach to any castle, regardless of the situation. Therefore, you should not leave the bike unattended for a long time, especially at night.
  • It is a mistake to think that an expensive, high-quality lock will guarantee absolute bike protection. Anti-theft systems exist to prevent theft, and professional burglars do not like to give up.
  • To increase the level of protection of the bike in the parking lot, it is recommended to use several locks of different types at the same time. For example, you can use a long chain or cable to secure the wheels and attach the frame to the parking post with a U-grip.
  • A whole series of lightweight locking systems can be used to deter intruders. Having seen the tangles of frames, cables and chains, the burglar will probably decide to find easier prey.

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Cyclotech Bicycle Combination Lock

Cyclotech’s Combination Bike Lock is another budget option for a good bike lock with simple, straightforward anti-theft protection. A child can cope with such a lock. just enter the code on four rows of numbers, click it, and your bike is ready to walk alone!

If you forget the code and cannot open the combination lock on your Cyclotech bike, follow the instructions:

You will have to start by choosing the correct code, for this, first set on the first level any number from 0 to 99

On the part of the castle, which is fixed, there is a special mark, which each selected number will pass three times until you go to the next level

This label must be passed at each level until the correct code is found, which, perhaps, in the process you will remember yourself

Only at the third of the levels will the wheel rotate counterclockwise before the number reaches the correct mark

Bicycle Cable Lock How To Reset Combination Number. works most keyless cable locks

Thus, the method of selecting the desired combination will help you open the combination lock if you suddenly forgot the cipher you invented.

Cyclotech coded cable locks are more compact than other analogues in terms of size and weight. The most functional and comfortable ones are those that can be stretched to the required length and grab more bicycle parts. These locks look practical for transportation, but are easy prey for an intruder who wants to cut it with scissors for metal.

The Cyclotech keyed bicycle lock seems to be more secure than its combination lock. Usually, it is much easier to find the code due to the characteristic clicks when typing the correct number. And you can always carry the key to the bike lock with you in the keychain from the apartment.

Among the manufacturers that produce the highest quality and almost the most reliable bicycle locks, one can especially highlight the Australian concern Knog.

The D-lock is the ultimate bike protection on the crowded streets of big cities. Such locks fit very compactly in a bag or on a bicycle frame, they are easy to use, and they also cannot be damaged in any way, broken, broken, or removed from the bike.

Looking to buy a bike or have you already bought it? It’s time to think about what means to protect it you will use.

How to open a bicycle lock without a key?

Bicycle theft is a rapidly growing criminal activity. that along with the lack of registration numbers and the lightness of the two-wheeled “horse” make it a very attractive target for thieves. The main means of protecting a bicycle from theft is a special bicycle lock. It can be used to fasten the vehicle to a fence, post or other fixed structure. It will not be possible to open such locks without special tools, therefore velovets usually prefer not to mess with the fastened bikes, but are looking for a more accessible “victim”.

But in certain situations, bike locks can turn from a means of protection into a real headache for the owner himself. This can happen under the following circumstances:

  • Broken or lost key from the lock.
  • The secret combination of the combination lock has been forgotten.
  • The cable is blocked in the lock.
  • Vandals clogged the well of the castle with foreign objects.

In such situations, you will have to try to unlock the lock yourself or with the help of specialists.

How to open a bicycle lock: general guidelines

There are several rules to help you open locked bike locks:

  • Prepare a spare set of keys from the lock in advance and store them separately from the main one.
  • Write down the code combination of the lock in your phone or notebook in case you suddenly forget it.
  • Mechanical locks can be opened with a pin or other similar object. The complexity and duration of the procedure depends on the secrecy of the mechanism and your skills.
  • As a last resort, you can cut or bite through the cable locks with a bolt cutter or other tool. This will lead to the final breakdown of the mechanism, but it will free the bike.
  • Bicycle locks often fail to open due to accumulated dirt inside. They can be eliminated by blowing with compressed air or by treating with a special penetrating lubricant for locks.

The smartest way to open mechanical locks without a key is to manipulate the secret part. This method allows you not only to open the device and unfasten your bike, but also to keep the constipation intact. You will need two hair clips or hairpins to complete this procedure. From one you need to make tweezers with ends bent at an angle of 90 degrees. The second paper clip should be straightened and bend the small hook at its tip.

We insert the bent ends of the tweezers into the well of the lock, press a little and rotate in the direction of opening the mechanism. With the help of a second paper clip, we begin to manipulate the pins. Press on each pin until it is in the desired position. At this point, the lock mechanism should scroll a little. After all the pins are in the correct positions, the lock is unlocked.

Important! Good modern locks are complex devices. Cracking them requires a special tool and a lot of experience. Therefore, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

How to open a combination bicycle lock?

Coded locks are the most popular anti-theft devices for bicycles. However, it is with them that the most blocking problems arise. Bicycle owners simply forget the lock code and cannot find the right combination.

The cheapest and simplest combination locks are easy to open. They have only three windows for numbers, which corresponds to 1000 combinations. You can go through all the options in an hour. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Turn the wheels to the combination “000”.
  • Pulling the ends of the lock cable.
  • If two adjacent digits are in the correct combination, then a small gap will appear in the lock.
  • We try the combinations one by one until the bicycle lock opens completely.

Some models of locks emit small clicks at the moment when the number is selected correctly. Also at this moment, the teeth of the locking mechanism are displaced, which can be felt with your fingers.

Important! Simple opening methods only work with inexpensive bike locks that have a minimum level of security. Most brand locks have a 4-digit code, which can take a whole day to guess. If you have just such a case, contact a specialized service that deals with opening locks.

The most popular Cyclotech lock: how to open?

Cyclotech combination locks are a great solution for your bike. It is a practical device that provides basic bike safety. It is long enough to fasten the vehicle to a variety of structures, including those located at a distance. The lock is locked using a 4-digit code that provides 10,000 combinations. At the same time, the device is characterized by a good combination of quality and price.

Instructions for those who need to open the lock mechanism from the Cyclotech bike, if you forgot the code:

  • We put on the first toggle switch of the lock any number from 0 to 99.
  • We find a special mark on the stationary part of the device. Each digit must pass through it three times before moving to the next level.
  • We pass this mark at each level and select the correct cipher for the lock.
  • Having reached the third level, we turn the disk counterclockwise until the desired number coincides with the mark. After that, the bicycle lock should open.
  • Remember! After opening the locks, it is advisable to recode them to a new combination and, just in case, write it down in the phone.

Important! Selecting a code for a lock is a long and tedious procedure. Get ready to spend a few hours on repetitive work. If you do not have enough time and perseverance, it is better to call a specialist in opening locks. This will save you both time and nerves.

Which bike lock cannot be opened?

There are no completely secure bike locks. Any device can either be opened by manipulative methods, or simply cut, sawed or bit through the cable. This circumstance must be taken into account not only in cases where emergency opening of the mechanism is required, but also whenever you fasten your bike on the street or in the entrance. To make your bike as safe as possible, you must:

  • Use additional anti-theft equipment. For example, you can fasten your bike with several different types of locks.
  • Do not leave even a fastened bike unattended for a long time.
  • Remove gadgets and other expensive attachments from the bike.
  • Fasten the bike with a lock only to strong and stable fixed structures.

A good anti-theft remedy is to use GPS beacons on your bike, hidden in places invisible to the hijacker. With their help, it will be possible to track down the stolen bike and detain the attacker.

How the mechanism works?

The design of the lock consists of several rings with numbers printed on them. The mechanism also has a groove into which a cable is inserted with a special thickening at the end. It is only possible to remove the cable from the groove if all the code discs are in the correct position. The number of secret combinations ranges from 999 to 99999, depending on the bike lock model. Devices of this brand are usually equipped with four disks, which gives 9999 password options.

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The overwhelming majority of models of locking devices imply the possibility of re-coding. To change the secret combination, you need to do the following:

  • Open the bike lock using the old code.
  • At the end of the code part of the lock, turn the ring until it stops in the direction indicated by the arrow.
  • Introduce a new combination so that the desired numbers line up in one line opposite the mark on the lock.
  • Return the conversion ring to its original position.
  • Close the lock and check its functionality with a new code.

The whole process takes less than a minute. In this case, this procedure can be repeated an unlimited number of times. Many bike experts recommend changing your secret combination regularly, especially if you often leave your bike in the same crowded area. This will reduce the risk of theft in cases where someone from outsiders saw you dial the code on the lock.

Cyclotech combination lock: how to open?

There are several ways to open the bike lock in situations when you forget the code:

Code selection method. First, we put all the numbers in the starting position. for example, 0000. After that we pull the ends of the cable in such a way as to create tension in the lock mechanism. Then we select any pair of keys and try all variants of combinations from 00 to 99. With the correct choice of two adjacent digits, the clearance in the locking device should slightly increase. After that, we proceed to the selection of a combination of another pair of keys. It is preliminarily recommended to try code variants that correspond to your year of birth or any other memorable dates.

Important! This method can only work on relatively old bike locks. New modifications are usually protected from such a method of opening, therefore, they will require the selection of each digit in turn. Taking into account the number of possible combinations (almost 10,000), on average it will take about 10 hours to sort out all the possible options. So you have to either stock up on tremendous patience, or call a specialist in opening lock systems.

Forceful autopsy. This method can be used in situations where you need to quickly release the bike and are willing to sacrifice the mechanism. To do this, you will first have to find the right tool. Cyclotech locks have good burglary resistance, so you won’t be able to bite into them with ordinary wire cutters or saw them with a hacksaw. The rope consists of a large number of interwoven steel fibers. They will jam between the saw teeth, making cutting difficult.

Important! To cut the rope relatively quickly and without significant effort, you need to use a professional tool. for example, an electric angle grinder or hydraulic shears. The ordinary bicycle owner rarely has such equipment.

How to open the Cyclotech lock if you forgot the code?

The Taiwanese firm’s combination locks are deservedly popular with Russian cyclists. These are inexpensive, convenient, and reasonably reliable security tools. They allow you to prevent theft of a bike from street bike parking lots, from entrances. They are also widely used for fastening motor vehicles, garden tools, advertising and other structures. The locks are made on the basis of a strong steel braided cable 1 cm thick, enclosed in an aesthetic polymer shell. Such a product is rather difficult to saw or eat with ordinary tools.

Another important advantage of Cyclotech locks is the coded locking mechanism. It allows you to fasten and unfasten your bike without having to carry a key with you, which can be lost or forgotten.

The absence of a keyhole can also be considered an advantage of such devices, because many attackers use it to get to the secrecy mechanism and hack it. Also, this design solution prevents the ingress of dust, dirt and moisture, which can clog the lock and lead to its seizure.

But code bike locks have one drawback. It lies in the fact that the user must constantly remember the secret combination that opens the lock. Otherwise, he simply will not be able to unfasten his own bike. Situations when the owner of the bike lock forgets the code occur quite often. This usually happens after the bike has been idle for a long time. In such situations, you need to act quickly and decisively. Do not hope that you will be able to remember the code.

To understand how to act under such circumstances, you must first understand the principle of operation and design features of combination locks.

Specialist recommendations

When using code bike locks, it is recommended to write the code combination into the phone. It can be disguised as a phone number or simply made in the form of a note. It is unlikely that an attacker who wants to steal your bike will be able to gain access to your mobile device. But if you forget the code, you can quickly restore it in memory and you will never have a problem in order to open the combination lock. Instead of a phone, you can also use a classic notebook.

How to open a simple disc lock?

Ideally, a friend can help you. You will need to properly stretch the lock in different directions.

  • Turn the drum on the far right clockwise, keep the lock extended. If the drum turns without effort. the combination is not the right one, turn it and try again.
  • When you reach the desired number, the drum will behave differently. it will emit a characteristic click, lock or rotate with effort. There may be a small gap between the first and adjacent reels.
  • Then you can move on to the next one. Do the same with all the reels and the lock should open.
  • Please note: not all locks lend themselves to such hacking, and if you did everything you could, and he still did not give in, it’s time to run for a cable cutter or say goodbye to the lock.


If you are reading this article, congratulations: you are in an unpleasant situation that happens to most cyclists at least once in your life.

You managed to forget the code from the lock, and here you are, at best, at home, at worst, in the bicycle parking, and wondering what to do.

Do not despair, breathe evenly. We will try to help.

How the bike lock works:

A simple bicycle lock with a code represents several drums (most often four), each drum is responsible for changing one digit.

When buying, all bicycle locks have a standard code 0000 or 1111, and the owner sets the combination at his discretion, and can only rely on his memory.

Therefore, if you forget the code, that is, there are two ways: either go behind the angle grinder / cable cutter (ejection lock, and you will be mistaken for a thief) or try to open it using the smart selection method.

We will not consider the method of usual selection (this is when you do this: 0001, 0002, 0003, etc.), but we will offer an alternative.

How to open the Cyclotech lock?

It’s a little more complicated here. But it’s worth a try. The lock will have to be disassembled, opened, and then set a new code.

  • Open the plastic protection of the lock, picking it up with a screwdriver. we need to get to the locking mechanism that holds the discs.
  • Pull out the end pin and the spring that presses the drums with numbers together.
  • Next, you have to remove all the drums from the axle, after each of which there is a fixing washer. To remove, it will have to be twisted clockwise, and in the correct position it will succumb.
  • When you remove the last drum and pull on the cable, the lock will open.
  • Now the most interesting thing is to put the castle back together. To do this, follow the same steps, but in reverse order: put the drum, washer, drum again, washer again. It remains to throw the protective lever and re-set the code.

If you set a goal, you can crank up a bike rescue operation in 10-15 minutes. For a thief, this time is an impermissible luxury, but for a purposeful owner it is great. just right.

We hope these tips will help you reunite with your two-wheeled friend. But do not try to apply them to someone else’s bike: bicycle theft is punishable by law.

How To Reset Your Cheap A Combination Bike Lock (Inay, Thank You! Test Episode#1)

Try not to get into such alterations, write down the code in notes or take pictures as a souvenir, save your nerves, time and is great. Enjoy your trip and safe storage!

How to open the code bike lock if you forgot the code?

Bicycles are becoming an affordable and sustainable means of transportation for many people these days. And naturally there is a need to protect your bike from theft. Now on the streets it is impossible to imagine a situation where people leave their bikes unattended even for five minutes.

Anti-theft devices are very diverse: key locks, combination locks, U-shaped locks. often than not, cyclists prefer code products to key locks because it is convenient to keep the numbers in their head, as opposed to the key, which can be lost. In addition, thieves do not want to mess with such locks, with a cold-blooded look picking up the code in front of random passers-by. As practice shows, the most common problem of owners of combination locks and their main drawback is a forgotten code.

The information below does not call for illegal actions, but helps to open the lock to owners who, for some reason, have forgotten the code, but do not want to spoil the lock.

If your castle has the simplest code mechanism, similar to the one installed on diplomats and suitcases, then you have only three wheels in your arsenal, which means it will take about half an hour to go through about a thousand combinations.

Steps to open the combination bike lock:

  • We put all the numbers in one position. 1111. The point is to tighten the ends of the product with each combination. It is necessary to achieve the appearance of a small gap, which will appear when the two digits are correctly adjacent.
  • We pull and change the numbers until there are gaps between all the numbers.
  • When you find the right combination, the mechanism will open successfully.
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Opening the Cyclotech bike lock

Code Cyclotech is a reliable budget option that differs from similar products in terms of price-quality ratio. Effective and reliable protection against theft, does not require a key during operation.

Even a child can handle the mechanism. To open the bike lock, you need to set four toggle switches in the required combination. But if you forget the combination, you have to sweat a lot.

The list of steps to open the Cyclotech lock:

  • Set the number from 0 to 99 on the first toggle switch.
  • There is a specially applied mark on the stationary part of the device. each of the numbers will go through it three times before moving to the next level.
  • At each level, you need to go through the above label until the correct cipher is found. Chances are that when you pick up the code, you will remember the correct combination.
  • At the third level, you need to rotate the toggle switch counterclockwise to get the right combination.

As you can imagine, a forgotten code is not a reason to resort to extreme methods like cutting a combination lock with hydraulic shears. It is enough to resort to the tricks that we described in this article.

Safe deposit boxes.

The most difficult type of combination locks to open. Most often, for safes, high-security limb mechanisms are used, which are protected from various force manipulations. If the model of the safe has a factory secret combination and does not imply the possibility of changing it, then you can restore the number code by contacting the manufacturer’s service department. In cases where the owner himself set the combination, you will have to act differently.

You can try rotating the dial and using a stethoscope to try to hear a slight click indicating the correct number, but this method does not work on all safes. There is also a cruder way to open a coded safe lock. It involves drilling holes in the walls and doors of the structure to gain access to the internal mechanism. Since safes are usually made of very strong steel, and can also be reinforced with concrete, they will have to be drilled with a very powerful tool with carbide drills.

Important! Modern safes are burglar-proof and rather expensive designs. Drilling holes will damage them and, as a result, large losses. A much less expensive option is to call an experienced craftsman who knows well how to break the mechanism on the safe carefully and without damage.

How to open a combination lock (digital)

An electronic or digital combination lock is a very reliable device. Without knowing the correct secret combination, it is almost impossible to open it. The only drawback of such devices is their dependence on a built-in or external power supply. If electricity is not supplied to the lock, then the mechanism is completely blocked, it will not work to open it even with the correct code. To solve such situations, manufacturers of combination locks have provided for the possibility of opening devices using an emergency mechanical key.

If you do not have access to an emergency mechanical key, then only an experienced specialist can unlock the lock structure. You can also try to enter the master code, which is indicated in the instructions for the locking device. Often the owners change it immediately, but it is worth trying to use the factory combination. This is usually a very simple cipher. for example, 123456 or 111111.

Important! In cases where power is normally supplied to the electronic lock, and you cannot open it due to a forgotten code, then it is better not to try to enter the combination at random. Most devices are protected against multiple attempts to guess the code. In some cases, the lock can be completely blocked; it will be very difficult even for an experienced master to open it. Therefore, if a problem arises, immediately call a specialized service.

Opening mechanisms with a code

Code locks are very popular. They are used to protect premises, entrances, safes. They also help prevent theft of bicycles, strollers, things from suitcases or bags. Such locking structures open and close without a key, which eliminates the possibility of its theft or loss. But code locks have one significant drawback. if the owner of the device forgets the secret code, it will be very difficult to unlock it.

This article will look at ways to open a mechanism with a code if you do not know the correct combination. We will describe in detail the subtleties and nuances of unlocking various types of locking devices with a password.

How to break a combination lock (mechanical)

There are several types of mechanical combination locks.


This is an outdated version of the locking mechanism, equipped with a dial panel on which you need to simultaneously press a certain combination of numbers. Since the sequence of numbers does not matter, such a mechanical combination lock can be opened quite quickly. This can be done by a simple selection of combinations. To simplify the task, we carefully examine the panel before opening the combination lock. If the secret combination has not changed for a long time, then the buttons that need to be pressed stand out from the rest. they are either more shiny or the most worn out. In cases where the code cannot be found in this way, we press the buttons one by one and listen carefully. When you press the correct key, a characteristic click should be heard.


This is a more advanced type of mechanism. Their design includes several discs with numbers, from which it is necessary to make a secret combination. As a rule, this principle is used in attachments and bicycle devices, as well as in locks for bags and baby strollers (for example, in the Roxy Kids locks that are popular with young mothers). In most cases, the mechanisms have 3 or 4 digits to compose a secret code. Three-digit devices are the simplest and easiest to open. Usually 3 digits has a small padlock for carry-on luggage (like Bulat) or a cheap Chinese bicycle rope. The number of combinations is only 1000. Even with the usual selection, such devices open in 10-20 minutes.

Four-digit models will take longer to crack if you forget the code. The number of combinations is 10,000, so random selection may take a whole day of work. But the task can be simplified. For this:

  • We create tension in the mechanism. To do this, pull on the shackle (in the case of padlocks) or stretch the cable (in the case of bicycle locks).
  • Looking for the ring that turns the hardest.
  • We twist it until we hear a faint click. In this case, the cable or bow may move slightly.
  • We repeat the procedure for the rest of the disks and open the lock.

Important! This method works well with some bike cables. But many manufacturers that produce modern locking devices, including Apecs or Cyclotech, provide protection against such methods of opening.

If you can’t find a combination, and the lock needs to be broken urgently, then you will have to use methods of gross interference. You can destroy the body of the locking device with a massive hammer and chisel. You can also use a bolt cutter to bite down on the shackles or cable. But it should be remembered that such methods will lead to the final breakdown of the lock, so you should resort to them only in extreme cases.

Testimonial: Cyclotech Bicycle Code Lock. Protecting the bike from gopota

Thickness closer to 1 cmChoose this option

The product is well made, no complaints. The lock cable is steel (at least as stated on the website) with a silicone sheath (so as not to scratch the bike frame). The cable is wound into a spiral. The body of the code mechanism is made of plastic, which is not good.

4 discs with numbers from 0 to 9, something about 10 thousand combinations. There is also a window on the back side, you can dial a code, only 5 must be added to each digit.

The lock code can be set at will. The default code on the lock is 0000. There is a bracket at the bottom

With the correct code set, you need to pull the cable. The peculiarity of the opening is that it is necessary to pull in the direction not “along the cable”, but perpendicular to the lock body. The opening does not always happen the first time, you have to pull the cable back and forth. Sometimes you don’t put the numbers evenly in a hurry, but most often the lock “hovers around the brain”. Apparently, this is his feature. The son manages to open it from the tenth time)

The filling inside the plastic case is metal

The cable is wound in a rigid spiral. It can be stretched, but when released, it will return to almost the same position.

On the one hand, it is convenient. in this position, it looks compact on the bike frame and does not interfere at all when riding.

From this position, you can quickly fasten your bike by stretching the cable a little.

But when you start to stretch it to fasten a couple of bicycles, the cable begins to cling to everything that is possible with its rings. This is very disturbing) The length of the cable is enough to fasten it to a post or rather thick tree

My thoughts after a couple of months of operation. the lock is not a panacea for theft, my bike is dear to me and I will not leave it unattended for a long time even with this anti-theft device. It is unlikely that thieves go with powerful wire cutters to bite the cable. But the reliability of the lock case is in question. If you hit it well with a hammer or a brick, it can fall apart. But I didn’t expect super-reliability from him. If you need it. hang a chain with a barn lock on the bike)))

Thanks for reading, do not leave bicycles in doorways. Good luck =)