Choose Bike By Parameters Adult

How to choose the right bike for an adult by height and weight

Buying a bicycle, a person kills two birds with one stone, because it is not only an economical means of transportation that can replace public transport, but also a way to improve his physical condition. Regular cycling will keep you healthy. It’s a good alternative to the gym, and the benefits of exercising outdoors are obvious and hard to argue with. To make these walks more comfortable, you must first of all know how to choose the right bike for an adult in terms of height and weight. The bike must be comfortable and maneuverable, while remembering that each model has its own differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing a bike by weight and height

There are many overweight people among those who decided to change to a bicycle, so the question of how to choose the right bicycle for an adult with a large weight often comes up. Thus, people want to lose weight and restore the general condition of the body, disturbed by malnutrition and other unwanted excesses. Before you understand how to choose the right bike in terms of height and weight, you must know where you are going to move on it mainly. Perhaps you need information on how to choose a mountain bike, or maybe you want to know how to choose the right bicycle for an adult for the city, because not only the appearance, but also the dimensions are excellent.

When buying a bicycle, a person’s height is taken into account, and most manufacturers offer a special grid that allows an adult to understand how to choose the right size of a bicycle wheel, and this depends, first of all, on height. A somewhat more confusing scheme applies when buying a bicycle from a distance (via the Internet). In this case, you will have to measure the distance from the groin to the floor, and multiply this value by a factor that is different for different bike models. Thus, you can choose a new bike, the same applies to how to choose a used bike.

Speaking about how to choose the right bike for an adult by weight, it is worth mentioning the frame size, because this is where many overweight people make the mistake of buying a bike with a heavy frame, and it is difficult and tiring to move around on it. Therefore, you should know, first of all, how to choose the right bike for an adult in terms of frame size, this will give an idea of ​​a lot, and you will finally understand how to choose the right bike in terms of height and weight. If your weight exceeds 80t kilograms, opt for a cruiser, touring model or mountain bike. they will keep your back as straight as possible. For those who are not overweight, the choice is not limited, but it is necessary to know how to choose a bicycle for a man by height and weight. This also applies to the choice of women’s bicycles.

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Features of choosing a bike for women

In order to facilitate the choice of a model according to the main parameters of a person, there is a special table for selecting a bicycle by height and weight for adults, and this applies to both the choice of bicycles for men and women. Choosing a bike for a woman is no more difficult than for a man, but in order to know how to choose the right woman’s bike, you should know that there are some differences in its design. Many will immediately say that they know how to choose a bicycle for women, bearing in mind that it necessarily has a beveled frame, but this is far from the case, and models for the stronger sex may look the same.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how to choose a good women’s bike, remember that it should have a wider seat than that of men, and this is due to the peculiarities of physiology, because the distance between the ischial bones in the fairer sex is greater. Also, if you still don’t know how to choose the right bike for an adult woman, remember that the seat should have a shorter nose. All other rules are the same as when choosing models for men. you must take into account your height and weight, first of all.


When choosing a bike, you need to consider many factors, and only after deciding on them you can go shopping. To make the right choice, you must initially decide where and how you will ride it, and only then there is a selection of a bike according to the parameters: the choice of a bicycle frame by height (frame size), weight, its components, brand, etc.


Buying a bike can be an important and time consuming endeavor. Let’s figure out how to select a bike by parameters. The first step is to determine for yourself several important parameters.

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This is the type of your future bike, how much you are willing to pay for it, the choice of the manufacturer and the model year are also important. Let’s analyze each of the parameters separately.

Your bike type. You must decide for what purposes you will use the bike, on what roads you will ride it.

choose, bike, parameters, adult

The bike market has a very large selection. Every consumer can find a bike to their liking.

  • mountain bikes (designed for cross-country travel);
  • hybrid bicycles (universal bike, for city driving, long distance travel, walking in parks, but not suitable for racing);
  • tourist bicycles (suitable for transporting goods, will be distinguished by comfort, reliability, efficiency);
  • walking bikes (similar to hybrid bikes, but with more accessories);
  • road bikes (speed bikes for racing on a flat asphalt surface).

The next important parameter is its price. The real amount of money you are willing to part with when buying a bike. The fact is that buying a quality bike can be expensive.

Simpler models, without additional configurations, will cost less, if you take better and more professional models, it is better to pay more than then invest in repairing your vehicle.

Choose the brand that suits you best for the type of bike you choose, as some manufacturers specialize in certain parameters.

You can also consider the model year of the bike when choosing. If the model is of the current year of release, then it has an improved design and some more advanced technological indicators of components, in comparison with models that were produced before.

Now that we have decided on these parameters, we can proceed to the selection of the bike frame and its components.


Today, all bicycles are sized.

Choosing a bike frame based on height is one of the important criteria when buying a bike. There are several ways to choose the right bike frame for your height.

This distance should be at least five centimeters (and on some bicycles and more. up to fifteen centimeters).

The correct distance will protect you from injuries that can occur from a sudden stop of the bike.

In general, cycling comfort depends on the correct frame size.

You can also use the second method for selecting a size. these are already compiled tables from manufacturers. It is different for each type of bike, and also the manufacturers themselves may have their own parameters for compiling such tables.

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Frame size for road bikes:

Mountain bike frame size:

Frame size for trekking and touring bikes:

These tables are for guidance only, before buying, you should definitely try to ride the selected bike in order to check whether it is convenient for you to ride it.

It should be remembered that a lower frame is chosen for more aggressive riding styles, and a higher frame is chosen for calm and “road” riding styles.


In order for your mountain biking to be comfortable and safe enough, you need to choose the right height of the bike frame for your height. The size of the mountain bike frame is determined in the following way.

So, to determine the correct height for your frame, you must take off your shoes and stand on a flat surface. Prepare a book (level) and tape measure in advance. You should now clamp the book (level) between your legs horizontally.

Take a tape measure (of course, it’s best if someone can help you) and measure the length from the floor to the top of the book (level). The number you get will show the height of your crotch in centimeters.

Now multiply the resulting crotch height by a factor of 0.226. The value that will be calculated and will correspond to the theoretical size of the frame in inches. In order to get the required measurements in centimeters, multiply the final result by 2.54.

After you have received the coveted figure, you should subtract 2 inches or about 5 centimeters from it for more comfortable riding.

There are also pre-made bike size charts that will tell you the height of your frame based on your height. Below is a table that is suitable for mountain bikes.