Choose A Bike For A Teenager 12 Years Old

How to choose?

When choosing a bike for a 10-12 year old girl, use the recommendations of specialists.

Choose A Bike For A Teenager 12 Years Old

If a neutral shade seems boring to a young lady, then she can transform her two-wheeled friend on her own.

Premier Cobra 20 V-brake

This model attracts the attention of girls with its bright design. a piece painted in yellow tones with light green inserts. The optimal age range is 9-13 years. Has a closed frame type. Well suited for high-speed cycling on uneven trails, while comfort is provided by the shock absorption of two wheels.

The frame is made of anti-corrosion steel, which adds weight to the bike, but at the same time increases its life. The model has 6 easily switched speeds. Girls love it for long distance rides.

Bicycles for girls 10-12 years old: rating of manufacturers and selection

  • Features:
  • Kinds
  • How to choose?
  • Popular models

Girls at the age of 10-12, when choosing a bicycle, already pay attention Not only to the bright design, but also to the quality of the unit. At this age, they already know all the design features of the “iron horse”. It is good that the choice is not so difficult due to the wide range of teenage models, although there are several nuances in this matter.


By design, models for girls 10-12 years old are quite similar to adult specimens, and the differences are in a more compact size and the absence of some functions. Teenage designs include shock absorbers that will enhance ride comfort over bumps and a multi-speed handbrake.

The weight of the girl’s model is lightweight due to the design of the frame, connecting rods, steering wheel. The saddle is softer and wider in comparison with the adult model. Most models are equipped with a lowered pipe, so that the girl can take a bike ride in a skirt or dress.

As a rule, models for schoolgirls are brightly decorated and have an interesting design. These are mainly red, orange, burgundy colors. Girls at this age also like pastel colors. pink, peach, white, blue. And also models for a young lady may differ in the presence of additional details, and not affecting functionality. This can include, for example, a basket for women’s little things.

At this age, a girl can be offered 2 options for a bike. city or mountain. Urban models are designed for riding on Rivne asphalt, they are convenient for transporting things, but you cannot perform various tricks. They often have only one speed, and this is enough for a quiet city bike ride. The urban option will appeal to a young cyclist with a reserved character.

For more athletic and active racers, a mountain specimen is suitable. In urban environments, you can jump on it, visit a forest, park or beach, overcome various obstacles, for example, curbs.

If we consider this classification in more depth, then we can distinguish 3 acceptable types of bikes for girls aged 10-12 years.

  • Cruiser. This is a bike for a city ride, has a low frame, smooth curves of the body, a comfortable fit. The frame is most often made of aluminum, due to which the weight is lightweight.
  • Mountain bike. Teenage option for urban off-road driving. It has a 7-21 gear, a straight frame and a complex structure. The girl will have to press her torso against the steering wheel while riding. The weight of a modern teenage mountain bike is 5-6 kg.
  • BMX bike. This teenage version allows the daring girl to do bike stunts like extreme jumps. Instances are made of durable steel alloy. There are also lightweight aluminum options, but they wear out quickly during EXTREME use. Models are suitable only for girls with extensive experience in cycling.

Folding models can be distinguished into a separate category. They are good for city trips, and even more so girls like their minimum weight.

Formula Smart 14G 24

Simple and easy-to-use universal model for teens 11 years of age. Well suited for light walks on asphalt surfaces, and for driving on uneven countryside. The size of the wheels is 24 inches, which means that the model can be used even by an adult, as it is designed for a height of 130-165 cm.

The suspension has no shock absorbers and is equipped with a rigid fork, so the weight of the specimen is very small. 16.4 kg. There is only one speed, but the main advantage is a folding mechanism that allows you to store your bike at home, on a balcony, in a closet or trunk.

Popular models

Pay attention to several current models of bicycles for girls 10-12 years old.

Stels Navigator 410

This option is intended for cyclists 10-12 years old. Wheel diameter 24 inches. this size makes it easy to maneuver on the road. The model is equipped with mechanical disc brakes with a 160 mm rotor, which shorten the braking time and ensure comfortable handling of the bike.

The design is based on a classic steel frame Steel. The maximum possible load on the bicycle is 70 kg, and the weight of the entire unit is 15.6 kg. There are 21 speeds in total.

For information on how to choose a good bike for a teenage girl, see.

How to choose?

A very important parameter, which, however, is rarely written anywhere, is the exact ratio:

  • Frame length;
  • Wheel dimensions;
  • Growth rider.

Typically for 10-year-olds. it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl. the wheel diameter of a bicycle is 20-24 inches and the frame length is 13 inches. But structures with a higher fit also firmly occupy their niche. They have a wheel rim of 26 inches and a frame length of 14 inches. Most often, these bikes are suitable for children 1.35-1.6 m tall.

It is by this time that the muscle strength of the hand increases and reaches the required level. Moreover, if the height exceeds 1.4 m, it is time to switch to purely hand brakes. Curiously, the number of gears is also linked to growth. If this figure is less than 1.4 m, you should limit yourself to 6 gears. Taller cyclists are physiologically ready to ride a 21-speed bike.

There is no need for safety wheels. But if the child has never ridden on their own before, a model with the ability to install additional removable wheels will do. Of course, they are removed immediately after mastering the first full-fledged driving skills. More important is the design of the pedals. A metal pedal is best, or made from a second durable material.

As for the seats, for 10 year old riders they have a universal unisex design. This can even apply to design. But there is also an alternative approach. the choice is only for the consumer.

There are a few more subtleties to choosing the most suitable bike. The distance from the edge of the seat to the handlebars should ideally match the distance from the tips of the index finger to the elbow (arm extended). When the child sits on the seat, then with an even landing, his back should touch the saddle. In this case, there should be a distance of 0.07-0.1 m from the seat surface to the upper pipe.

All other things being equal, it is worth giving preference to bicycles from well-known companies. This applies not only to fables in general, but also to individual details. It is strictly forbidden to take a bicycle for growth. While this may seem like a cliche recommendation, in fact, its importance is often underestimated. You will have to buy a bike again every 1-2 years, and nothing can be done about it.

Girls are advised to buy aluminum products, which are relatively lightweight and mobile. But even boys are unlikely to like steel bikes. Falls during skiing are almost inevitable, and not everyone can take heavy transport home.

Continuing the conversation about safety, it is pertinent to say that riding will be more comfortable if the chain is protected by a special case or casing from the penetration of foreign objects and dirt. Of course, along with the bike, you must immediately purchase all the auxiliary equipment. It is primarily about:

  • Wheel fenders;
  • Farah;
  • Flicker;
  • Reflectors;
  • Elbow pads and knee pads;
  • Gloves;
  • Helmets;
  • Cycling glasses.

In a small apartment, it is certainly much more correct to keep a folding bike. He will be the best choice when there seems to be enough space at home, but you want to ride further, where you have to go by car or bus.


The key considerations when choosing bicycles for such “grown-up” children are:

  • Consideration of anatomical features;
  • Personal growth accounting;
  • Rider body weight;
  • Bike comfort.

The age of ten is conventionally called “semi-teenage”. such children have traits that are usually characteristic of both younger children and adolescents. Emotionality, irrepressible initiative and overflowing energy, rather bring closer to children. But the skills of responsibility are being developed (with normal mental development, of course). The sense of self-preservation is also strengthened. After that, the safety level of the bike may well be less than in completely children’s models.

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However, this is a very individual thing. After all, the temperament and demeanor, the propensity to take risks are different for everyone. As for the anatomical features, a normal children’s bicycle for 10 years of age is calculated to be 1.3-1.43 m tall. Body weight is usually assumed to be 26-35 kg. But no one bothers to choose a bike designed for other parameters. even if it is formally classified as suitable for a different age group.

Children’s bicycles for a child 10 years old: the best models and tips for choosing

Bicycles are fun for active children and are also very useful in everyday life. But the choice of a child’s bike for a child of 10 years old is quite difficult. this is already a “turning point” age. Fortunately, taking into account the simplest principles greatly simplifies the matter.

The lineup

The rating of the best bicycles for children aged 10 years is deservedly opened by Desna Meteor 24. This bike looks nice and stylish. The design is optimized for riding both in the city and beyond. This problem is solved with 24-inch wheels from the Wanda tire. Sturdy steel frame is solid but a little heavy.

Even at first glance, it is noticeable that the design of the model is very interesting. Of the advantages, they also note:

  • Brightness of colors;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • The presence of a double rim;
  • Ease of gear shifting.

However, the bike is quite heavy and difficult to climb steep slopes.

Another good model turns out to be the Stinger Defender 24. This bike is praised for:

  • Affordable price;
  • Optimal performance for city and suburban driving;
  • Simplicity of packaging;
  • Excellent design.

The steel frame is sturdy. But still, the model is hardly suitable for real off-road riding. Designed for entry-level Shimano derailleurs. Since they are tough, there is amortization. V-brakes live up to expectations.

Stels Pilot 260 20 V020 is one of the best candidates when it comes to mountain bikes for elementary school students. The model has a variety of colors that will suit boys and girls alike. On 20-inch wheels it is convenient to conquer difficult places (steep slopes, river banks, Burian). Shifting between six speeds is realized with a rotary knob. Dual-suspension shock absorption makes the ride comfortable even in ambiguous terrain.

Very good position. Forward Unit 1.0. This unisex bike comes in black or purple paint. On large wheels, there is an excellent roll, which allows you to put up with the Only speed mode. Promax TX-107L rim brakes will help you to stop at any moment. It is also worth noting the presence of a footboard and wheel fenders. The bike weighs just over 12 kg.

Next, look with medical advice on how to choose the right bike for your child.

How to choose a bike for a girl?

Children learn about what is great already in the first years of their life. A keen interest is not aroused by chance, because a bicycle is freedom, speed, pleasure, a game. And if parents ride a two-wheeled vehicle with might and main, then the probability that their child will also reach for it is close to 100%.

Buying a teen bike for a young cyclist

In this age category, children become the happy owner of full-fledged bicycles without auxiliary wheels. Wheel diameter. that’s 20 inches and above, it all depends on height.

The hallmark of a girly bike is the curved drop frame and color. The frame can be full size or foldable. Basic rules for selecting a bike for a girl 10. 12 years old:

  • The bike must provide a correct fit;
  • Hands on the steering wheel need free play, for example, to press the brake lever;
  • There must be a good view before the eyes;
  • Comfortable saddle.

After selection, you will need to adjust the height of the saddle and handlebars so that the leg is almost straight in the lower position. However, this is a general rule, not only for girls. As well as the fact that an incorrectly selected frame size cannot be adjusted to fit.

The teenage model can be purchased with both single and multi-speed transmissions. It is not so difficult to teach a girl to use the gears, but she will have more spaciousness in the choice of driving conditions.

But, as practice shows, active riding requires good endurance of the bike. Of course, manufacturers make sure that both the brakes and the transmission can withstand increasing loads. However, this applies to more adult models. On children’s bicycles, they can easily break down due to inaccurate riding. That is why, especially for teenagers, it is also advised to take ordinary unpretentious bicycles.

How to choose a bike for girls under 5 years old

As a rule, a child can sit on a bicycle at the age of 3-4 years. Children’s models do NOT technically differentiate between “boy” and “girl”. The only difference is the external design. So, for a boy, it can be blue or green, and for a girl. pink or crimson.

Models for little ones Available on the market in three versions:

  • Tricycle;
  • Running, non-pedal;
  • Two-wheeled with additional protective wheels at the rear.

It is up to the parents and their children to decide which one to stop at. However, the third option is most useful. The little girl will quickly learn to keep her balance and at the same time pedals correctly, which is impossible on tricycle “sadik” bicycles. As for a running bike, it is possible to learn good balance here, but it will NOT work out the pedaling skill.

Rules for choosing a two-wheeled bike for girls under 5 years old:

  • It should be bright and beautiful;
  • Handles Must reach the steering wheel freely;
  • Comfortable saddle shape;
  • Simplicity of design.

Basic rules when choosing a big one for the age of 5. 10 years

The beauty, functionality and design features of a bicycle are of increasing importance. Design Features: Lowered Curved Frame, Wide Saddle, Smaller Wheel Size Compared to Boys’ Models.

Bicycle color: pink, white or lilac, preferably with additional drawings.

  • Trunk, or basket. will help you carry your favorite toy, handbag or water bottle;
  • Wings. to protect from dirt, which girls do not like so much;
  • Chain protection. keep your feet clean, prevent cuts, and save the mechanism;
  • Call. allows you to give a signal if a person or an animal meets on the way.

Many models are equipped with speeds, hand brakes and front suspension. Decide whether you need to buy such a bike, based on the girl’s preferences and your own budget. Although a regular bike wins in fancy, here’s why:

  • In childhood, the main thing is the process of movement, correct control, landing and balance, and here the multi-speed transmission fades into the background;
  • The girl may not pull the hand brakes, because A firm grip on the lever will be required. The foot brake will be much easier. It is both effective for children’s katana and it is impossible to break it;
  • Shock absorbers Also will not play a significant role in children’s rides, unless, of course, parents are NOT bike fans and do not take their child with them for trips to the wild.

A simple singlespeed is a great option for temporary riding. When the daughter has grown up, and interest in the bike has not lost, it is worth considering buying a more advanced bike.

Equipment for safe rolled

It’s no secret that bike rides involve falls and collisions with obstacles. Of course, you should strive to get into such situations as rarely as possible, but no one is 100% insured against this. In the case of girls as the weaker sex, all this becomes negative. That is why it is worth taking care of the safety of the rolled.

Protection during cycling is provided by:

  • Bicycle helmet. a lightweight and durable mini helmet that will help avoid head bumps when falling from a bicycle;
  • Knee pads. will help avoid unpleasant abrasions, soften knee blows on the road, which will help keep the joints intact;
  • Elbow pads: the function is the same as the knee pads, only to protect the elbow joint;
  • Cycling pants. beautiful and comfortable in the saddle;
  • Cycling shoes. provide a secure grip on the pedals.

When buying a child’s bike, parents should not forget about the safety of riding. It will NOT be provided with a regular cap, skirt or slippers. Moreover, at first, falls are inevitable.


Before choosing a bike for a teenager, be sure to pay attention to the size. Regardless of whether the budget forces you to look only at inexpensive, and in some cases even very cheap options for models, or you can afford an expensive purchase, the size is always in the foreground. The frame with the correct dimensions will make the ride as comfortable as possible. An easy choice if you’re looking for a speed bike. And there is a reason for that. Manufacturers of branded products produce the same model in several frame sizes. But cheap products will make you sweat, because even mountain transport is usually presented in one size option.

To select bicycles for teenagers as accurately as possible, the child needs to stand next to him so that the saddle is at hip level. If it is lower or higher, you will have to choose another option. Of course, an adjustable seatpost can save the day, which can be positioned at a comfortable height. But with a small frame size, this solution will NOT be good, a child under 15 will be kneeling on the steering wheel.

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Another way to check for correct size is to climb on the bike and check the distance between the top tube of the frame and the groin. Practice shows that a folding bike will not cause any problems, because in this case the front triangle of the frame usually consists of a single tube. Women’s bicycles can also be considered an exception. Even if your daughter is 15 years old, she will be able to comfortably ride the bike. The optimal distance between the upper tube and groin is 10-12 centimeters. If in practice you have to deal with less or more distance than indicated above, you will have to look at other teenage bikes. The instance in question will NOT work.


It might seem like a transmission with gears is completely NOT required. In fact, this is not always the case. The problem is that a teenage bike with only one constant gear will be difficult to climb the hill. It will take more effort to pedal. Almost any mountain bike for teenagers has 18 to 27 gears. Remember to check the number of teeth on the cassette and cranks. On the wheel, this ratio should be 11-32 (minimum), and on the front, on the connecting rods, 22-34-42. Depending on this ratio, the cost of bicycles may differ.

If you are convinced that a mountain bike is too expensive for you, you need to remember that a folding version is rarely found with gear derailleurs. Choosing a women’s bicycle for teenagers under 15 will be much easier. In mountain analogues, gears are almost always present, and in the so-called city bikes they are found on every third model.

How to choose the right teen bike

Since the child is constantly growing, you will have to choose a teenage bike with the utmost care. If you make the wrong decision, you will most likely have to check out the purchase again. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right two-wheeled vehicle for your child aged 8-15.


The wrong bike for a teenager can cause problems with the spine and lower back. Ask your child to get on the bike, and then look at his seating position. The back should not bend forward too much, because it will hurt with prolonged skating. This situation can be encountered if the size is too large, and at first glance you notice that the saddle is raised to the thigh, and the distance between the groin and the upper tube is within the limits described above.


In addition to the selection of the bike itself, it will not be superfluous to purchase special protection for the elbow and knee joints, as well as for the head. This way, you can be confident that your child is completely safe and can prevent serious injury.

We hope our advice will help you make the most informed decision.!

Criteria for choosing a bike for a child. How to choose the right teen bike: cruiser, foldable, mountain or bmx?

When purchasing a bicycle, you should choose among real models, not virtual ones (via the Internet). Real transport is easier to compare with a child. It is best to buy a bike directly from the future owner of a new vehicle.

Here the child’s height depends on what size the bike will be.

Wheel size in inches Child’s height (cm) Child’s age
12 90-100 2-4 years
fourteen 95-105 3-5 years
sixteen 100-115 4-6 years old
eighteen 105-115 5-7 years
20 110-125 6-11 years old
24 125-155 9-14 years old

If the child is nearby and takes part in the choice, then it is necessary to take the bike to a flat surface, then the child needs to throw the leg over the frame. If the distance from the frame to the crotch of the future cyclist is five to ten centimeters, then this transport suits him. The presence of this distance protects the child from bruises in the frame, during a sudden stop or jumping off. If the distance is less, then it is recommended to choose a different bike.

Felt Q520 Teenager’s Bike, Aluminum

To choose the right bike, you must also take into account the weight of the vehicle. On a heavy bike, a teenager will find it difficult and NOT comfortable to ride. The weight mainly depends on the material of which the frame is made. The frame made of aluminum is almost two times lighter than steel, while its strength is almost equal to it.

Material The weight Price characteristic
steel Large low Increased strength, corrosion resistant. Easily weldable for easy repair.
Aluminum small Average Durable, corrosion resistant. Difficult to weld, making repairs difficult.
Carbon little high High strength, however, it is afraid of contact with sharp objects and water getting inside. Not subject to repair.

In addition to the size and weight of the vehicle, you also need to pay attention to other parameters:

  • Plastic. the amount should be minimal;
  • Brand. it is better to choose a bike from a reliable brand;
  • Accessories. their presence is optional, since it does not affect the quality in general;
  • Shock absorbers. you should choose more rigid, they are more durable;
  • Pedals. it is better to choose metal, plastic ones break quickly.

The main selection criterion is the child’s height. There are standards for the age, height and size of the frame and wheels. Of course, all norms are conditional. first of all, you need to focus on the actual indicators, to evaluate the genetic characteristics of the family and parents. Average indicators:

  • For 6-7 years old. wheel size 20 inches;
  • For 8-9 years old. frame 13-14, wheel 24 inches;
  • For 10-13 years old. frame 14-15, wheel 26 inches;
  • For 14-15 years old. 16-17 frame, wheel 26 inches.

Be sure to test the device before buying, try it on for a child:

As for the design, color scheme, this decision should be entrusted to a teenager. Experts recommend taking into account the following nuances when choosing:

  • It is not worth buying bicycles for growth, it is enough for the device to last 2-3 years;
  • Refuse too heavy models, even if they are well equipped. it will be difficult for the child to carry it;
  • A large number of transmissions are of no value to a beginner; on the contrary, they can distract and interfere with concentration;
  • 24-inch wheels are good in speed, easy to operate, easy to accelerate, and maneuverable;
  • A 26-inch bike is best bought for an adult child, which has a good driving experience.

You should NOT buy too cheap devices, and there are quite a few reasons for this:

  • Children are very active, so an inexpensive model is unlikely to last long, especially if long walks outside the city are expected;
  • Most often, inexpensive bicycles are made of steel, the equipment is rather bulky, so the weight increases significantly, more expensive frames are made of aluminum, it is stronger and lighter.

But buying too expensive models is also impractical:

  • Exclusive, expensive models are often equipped with functionality that a child does NOT need, for example, models on alloy wheels are much more expensive, but have no special value, except for appearance;
  • Children grow up very quickly, so in 2-3 years a very expensive bicycle will have to be sold;
  • Teenagers are NOT too responsible and often clumsy, so the ultra-expensive bike’s appearance is unlikely to last long.

The size of a teenage bike is the length of its frame and the diameter of the wheels. It is not difficult to determine both quantities. Divide the child’s height in centimeters by 2.54, and divide the quotient by 2.5. Now you know how many inches the wheel should be. The frame is a little more difficult to choose: the coefficient depends on the type of bike (0.

66 for city bikes, 0.68 for bmx samples, and 0.57 for mountain bikes). It is necessary to measure the distance from the floor to the groin of the teenager with a centimeter tape, multiply the result by a coefficient and convert to inches. The resulting value is rounded to tenths. You can also use the lookup table below.

14. urban, 13-mountain

When choosing a bike for a teenager, consider both the specifications and the reputation of the manufacturer. We will provide a short list of four companies that are trustworthy.

Stark is a young domestic company that has existed since 2002. In 2015, their bicycles began to be exported. In total, the company has 8 lines of children’s and adult bikes to choose from. for these bicycles are significantly lower than for imported counterparts.

Cube (Kid line) is a German bike manufacturer from Waldershof, known on the market since 1993. The firm specializes in cross-country bikes, triathlon bikes, electric bikes and other high-tech models for youth.

Author is a Czech firm that has been producing bicycles since 2002 (initially called Author Gang). Today they make full suspension models, bmx bikes, freestyle mountain bikes and more.

We want to give you some advice: it doesn’t matter if you are planning an online purchase or real shopping, the main thing is when deciding which bike to choose for a teenager, listen to the opinion of a girl or a boy: in this case, the child will definitely be satisfied with the purchase and will treat the new transport more carefully.

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There are certain height standards by which manufacturers declare the age category for bicycles. For example, at 10 years old, the growth of a child starts at 133 cm. Of course, these figures are approximate, sometimes a boy at 7 years old may have such growth. Models from 20 to 26 inches are most suitable for this category, the average optimal value for a teenage bike wheel is 24 inches. When a child grows to 155 cm, the indicative age group is 12-15 years old, he can already purchase an adult model.

It must be remembered that not all adolescents are independent enough to solve problems, learn to maneuver, and are able to bear responsibility for their actions and actions. Therefore, the purchase of an adult bike is always in the competence and responsibility of the parents.

How to choose the right teen bike: cruiser, foldable, mountain or bmx?

The bike should suit the teenager‘s driving style. Much depends on the speed at which the young cyclist rides, which routes and how often the child travels.

Age appropriate. The design must be suitable for the child in terms of physical development. For the smallest. these are four and three-wheeled options, and for teenagers. two-wheeled.

Consider growth. Riding level and age are not always the same as their height. It is best to use the formula according to which the height should be divided by 2.5 and another 2.54, then get the desired value in inches to choose the appropriate wheel diameter.

Let’s try it before buying. The child must definitely sit and ride a bike. Take a close look at the distance between the crotch and the frame, it doesn’t have to be less than 10 centimeters.

Child’s consent. It is very important that he is comfortable driving the selected model. The kid should feel comfortable in control, then falls and injuries will be minimized.

A teenage bike is suitable for children over nine years old, with a height of 135 cm, anything less is more suitable for the definition of a child.

In technical terms, there are no differences, but in teenagers there are several features:

  • Reduced steering parameters;
  • Lower frame
  • Wheel diameter does NOT exceed 24 inches;
  • Some models are equipped with gearshift limiters;
  • The bike itself is lighter than an adult.

Choose models with the ability to adjust the height of the seat and handlebar, this is very convenient, as children grow quickly and you can adjust the bike directly to its height. This contributes to the correct position of the spine while driving, which means the trip will be the most comfortable and safe.

It is best when the teenage bike has foot and hand brakes. Increasingly, manufacturers are releasing bikes with only hand brakes. Although this will no longer be a problem for adolescents, since the teenager has enough strength to stop movement in this way.

All children love to drive fast and also compete with each other in speed. Therefore, you should not only check the brake, but also the equipment with Multiple speed settings. Usually, the switch is on the handlebars of the bike.

Height selection

Modern bike models are equipped with elements that reflect light. When moving in the evening, they will help to secure traffic and not get into an accident.

It is good if there are fasteners for a water bottle and a first aid kit. All details must be checked for the absence of all kinds of defects, because it will be better if the bike you bought has served the child for more than one hour.

Before you finally decide on the choice, it is best to give the teenager a test drive. This will allow you to determine how comfortable the subsequent operation of this model will be.

Popular models rating

In order not to be disappointed in the purchase, it is better to choose models from trusted manufacturers that have proven themselves in the market.

  • Wheels 24 inches;
  • 2-hanging model;
  • Suitable for off-road riding;
  • Mountain type, with a sturdy frame;
  • Excellent shock absorption system;
  • The brakes are reliable;
  • Sports saddle;
  • Weight 16 kg.
  • Wheels 24 inches;
  • The manufacturer claims the age category is from 8 to 15 years;
  • Cast steel frame;
  • Two braking systems;
  • You can ride a bike comfortably on bad roads;
  • The steering wheel and seat are adjustable;
  • Weight 16 kg
  • Does NOT take up much storage space.
  • Mountain type, which is equally convenient for walking around the city and off-road driving;
  • Robust frame
  • 24-inch wheels;
  • Reliable brakes;
  • Sports saddle;
  • Warning signal, support type footrest;
  • 18 speeds;
  • Weight 15 kg.
  • Applied for teenagers over 125 cm;
  • Very expressive design;
  • 24-inch wheels;
  • Shock absorption ensures a comfortable ride in all conditions;
  • Two brake systems, easy to use;
  • Equipped with mud flaps;
  • Ideal for city and off-road driving;
  • High degree of riding comfort;
  • The frame is double;
  • 18 speeds.
  • Refers to the top models for adolescence;
  • Lightweight frame, 24-inch wheels;
  • 21 speed;
  • Mechanical brakes, reliable;
  • High depreciation rate;
  • There is a footboard, protective shields.

Stels Pilot-230 Gent:

  • 20-inch wheels;
  • Very reliable, suitable for 6-9 years old children;
  • Aluminum frame;
  • Double type brake system;
  • The seat is soft;
  • Warning signal;
  • Steel wheel arches.
  • Wheels 24 inches;
  • Stylish design;
  • Well suited for walking in the city;
  • High quality tires;
  • Steel frame
  • Reliable, durable model;
  • 6 speeds.
  • Wheel diameter. 24 inches;
  • Age category from 9 to 15 years old;
  • 18 speeds;
  • Front and rear brakes;
  • There is protection from dirt;
  • Good shock absorption.
  • An excellent device for getting around the city;
  • Age category up to 10 years old;
  • The wheels are large, the speed is average;
  • Rim type brakes, very reliable;
  • There is depreciation;
  • Lightweight, weight 12 kg
  • There is a footrest, protection from dirt.
  • A very reliable, durable, albeit simple device;
  • Suitable for beginners;
  • It has established itself as an urban one, but you can move around rough terrain without problems;
  • Wheels 20 inches;
  • Sturdy aluminum frame;
  • Powerful protectors;
  • Two types of brakes;
  • The steering wheel is curved, height-adjustable;
  • There is a running board, fenders.
  • Folding model;
  • Disc brakes, hydraulic system;
  • Easy to transport;
  • Age category from 15 years old;
  • Convenient curved steering wheel.

For an overview of the best children’s bikes, see the following.

From 13 years old

Children’s, folding, wheel size 20 inches, from 128 cm

Foldable female for adults, from 135 to 175 cm

Without speeds for 145.175 cm

Ladies foldable with front hand brake

135 to 180 cm

24 “, version 1.0 (1 speed) and 2.0 (6 speed), red, blue, green, mint, purple

High-speed, 145.175 cm

Wheels 26, 7-speed, steel frame size 17 colors lilac and peach

Teenage with understated from 130 cm

Bicycle for teenagers from 145 cm and adults

24 “, pink, white

Mountain, size 16, 18, 20 inches

Colors: gold and purple

For height from 150 cm to 175 cm, comfortable, with a female low frame, wide comfortable saddle

24 inches, here is 130 cm

Double-suspended with original frame, two shock absorbers

Diameter 26 “, steel frame, hydraulic disc brakes, frame size: 16, 18, 20

Wheel size 27.5 “, frame 16.18 inches, material steel, 21 speeds

Two-suspension with disc brakes

Ladies, with disc brakes, beautiful solid steel frame, wheel size 26

Ladies, with disc brakes, beautiful solid steel frame, wheel size 26

Wheel size 26 inches, frame 15 “

Steel, hydraulic brakes, frame: 14 green, 16 blue

Aluminum frame 24 ”

Lightweight male, disc brakes, frame: 22 aluminum

Wheel 27.5 “, steel frame, hydraulic brakes, frame 17, 19, 21

Aluminum frame

Lightweight foldable adult with aluminum frame and small wheels

Female, lightweight (aluminum frame) disc mechanical brakes

Aluminum, with disc brakes

Aluminum frame, disc brakes, frame sizes: 17, 19, gray

Wheel 26 “, frame size 14, 17, 19, material aluminum X6

Lightweight, Ladies, Low Frame, Wheel Size 26

Multi-speed, female, with a trunk, for height from 150-155 and up to 175 cm, wheel size 26 frames 17, 19

Female Mountain Alloy Wheels

Wheels 20 inches, folding, brown

Large, 24-inch, urban, walking

Diameter 26 “, aluminum frame, hydraulic disc brakes, frame 15, 17 inches

Foldable compact 20 ”

With disc mechanical brakes, 26-inch wheels, frame sizes 15, 17, colors: blue

Wheel 26 “, frame material aluminum, hydraulic disc brakes, frame size 17, 19

Wheel size 26 “, trunk, footrest, frame 17”, color beige

Mini bike with planetary hub and small wheels 16 compact, 3 speeds

24 ” aluminum

White-red women’s bike Stealth Miss 6100 D 2020 for girls. Beautiful and lightweight, hydraulic disc brake stylish design.

Stealth Bike Aggressor 24 Wheels Inch Mechanical Brakes, Fat Bike

24-inch, planetary system, road, pleasure

Aluminum frame, planetary hub, high-speed, comfortable fit

Stealth Aggressor 24 Inch Wheels Hydraulic Brakes, Fat Bike

Women’s bike Merida Juliet with a light aluminum frame. Reliable 27-speed transmission. The 40-D has disc brakes.

Age group 13: bicycles for children and teenagers thirteen.