Children’S Tricycle From What Age

Novatrack Lumen 16

Suitable for children under 6 years old. The frame and rim are made of aluminum. Steel fork. Without gear shifting.

Children'S Tricycle From What Age

Wheels with a diameter of 16 inches. Rear brakes, applied by pedaling in the opposite direction. Full circuit protection. Steel fenders on wheels.

Model weighs 9 kg.

Bikes for children under 9 years old

The diameter of the wheels in bicycles of this group is from 16 to 20 inches. Do NOT buy models with large wheels. They will be suitable for about 12 years old, but not for this age.

They are characterized by wide functionality. By their characteristics, they can already be compared with models for adults. Among them, you can find models of various types, including folding, multi-speed and so on.

In this case, manufacturers take into account the characteristics of the child’s body. Bicycles must still be light, reliable, and meet safety requirements. Some models still have the option to use safety wheels.

Models for the age category from 4 years

The group of bikes for children from 4 years old and older includes models suitable for height up to 125 cm. For this category, manufacturers offer a wide range. Choose the best of simply.

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Forward Funky 12

2018 model. The main difference is the presence of a handle for parents.

Steel frame. The threaded steering column has a steering angle stop. This will prevent the child from getting the steering wheel back too much. And, by the very same, will save you from falling. One speed. Foot brake.

Includes steel boot, chain guard, fenders, reflective elements.

Silverback Senza 16

It is characterized by original German quality. Suitable Not only for smooth asphalt roads. All unevenness is absorbed by a shock-absorbing spring fork. Threadless steering column will last more than one season.

Some functions are taken from “adult” models. First of all, this is the ability to change the hardness of the fork, thereby tuning the bike for riding on flat or cut off areas.

Altair Kidc 20 Compact

This is a foldable model developed in 2018. When assembled, the bike skids almost 2 times less space. Due to this, the bike is conveniently transported even in the trunk of a car.

The frame design is NOT the only feature. There is also a complete set, which includes everything you need:

  • Wings;
  • Chain protection;
  • Placed on the handlebars for impact protection;
  • Call;
  • Trunk.

Additional wheels are also available for beginner cyclists.

For children from 3 years old

By the age of three, many children already have experience with cycling. Therefore, the movement speed is already slightly increased. And control over the bike is enhanced. The child can drive Not only on a flat road, but also on uneven areas. That is why reliability and durability are important for children‘s bicycles from this age group.

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These sample weights may be slightly higher than the smallest bikes. Speed ​​alone will be sufficient at this age. There are also a few more helper functions. The child should learn to “feel” the bike and the speed, and not be distracted by additional mechanisms.

The ranking of the best models in this category is as follows:
Jaguar MS-142 Alu. It features an L-shaped aluminum frame, which makes it one of the lightest bikes. Handlebar and saddle positions are adjustable. The pneumatic wheels have good tread. Stylish design is sure to attract attention.

Stark Tanuki 14. Little “friend” for girls and boys aged 3-5. Stylish design. The frame is aluminum, as is the wheel rim. Chain guard, steering wheel pad, bell, steering wheel basket.

Schwinn Lil Stardust 16. Aluminum parts (frame, fork, wheel rim). Foot brake. In addition to the standard equipment, there is a basket on the steering wheel. Weighs 9 kg.

Royal Baby H2 14. Without gear shifting. The frame is aluminum. The rigid fork and wheel rim are made of the same material. Double brakes: front rim, rear. mechanical disc. Weighs 7 kg. There are fenders, chain protection, bell, footrest.

Stels Wind 16 Z020. Good value for money. One speed. Steel frame. The fork is rigid. Foot brakes. There are safety wheels, bell, chain guard, steel fenders. Suitable for children 3-5 years old.

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Novatrack Blast 14. 14 “wheels with aluminum rims. Magnesium-aluminum frame. The total weight of the bike is 8 kg. Foot brakes. The fork is rigid. Includes reliable chain protection, removable additional wheels, bell, plastic fenders, steering wheel pad.

This is not a complete list of great bikes for kids ages 3 to 5. But it is these models that are especially popular with buyers.

PUKY 4128 ZL 12-1 Alu Capt`n Sharky

The lightweight aluminum frame is highly durable. Manual brake. Handlebar and saddle height is adjustable. The safety wheels on the rear axle can be easily removed when needed. The chain is covered with a special cover. The wheels have wings. Front with plastic edging.

In addition, there are reflective elements, a flag. It will be interesting for the child to play with the bell mounted on the steering wheel.

This bike costs 19 thousand rubles.

Welt Dingo 16

This is a new (2019 release), but already beloved model by customers. The frame is made of aluminum Alloy 6061. The bike weighs 7.8 kg. Wheels with a diameter of 16 inches with a single rim. Pedal brakes. Threaded, NOT integrated steering column. The fork has no shock absorption.

Curved steering wheel with the ability to change the height. One speed.

Standard equipment: side casters, fenders on wheels, chain guards, bell.

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