Children’s scooter 5 years old which one to choose

Tip 3. Models for preschoolers

Does the kid still go to kindergarten? Micro scooters will be a good form of transport to get to the kindergarten and back home. You don’t have to pull your child by the hand, rush or carry him all the way. The peculiarity of such scooters is in a small platform and a short handlebar.

7 tips for choosing the right scooter for your child

The scooter is one of the most popular and versatile types of children’s transport. It is difficult to find a more rewarding entertainment that would just as well combine physical activity and the ability of the child to constantly be in the fresh air. Given the variety and versatility of modern models, scooters have long ceased to be an exclusively summer mode of transport. For residents of large cities, this is almost an off-season entertainment. Our site will tell you what nuances you need to take into account so that the choice of transport for a child is as successful as possible.

Tip 1. The number of wheels

Do not rush to transfer your baby from a two-wheeled vehicle to a three-wheeled vehicle. This, of course, gives him a clear sense of growing up, but the safety of the child comes first. Therefore, up to 10 years, the priority remains the purchase of a scooter on three wheels. This transport is stable, allows the child to feel complete freedom of action and confidence in their movements. And absolutely kids really need to start riding with transport on 4 wheels.

Tip 2. Telescopic handle

Such a scooter-transformer, in which it is possible to fold the handle. This children’s scooter is ideal for long walks. If the child is tired, he is alone or one of the parents can carry the transport folded. An obvious advantage. it is easy to carry such a model in a car and take it to nature, to the country, to grandparents.

Tip 6. Ability to adjust

It is advisable to choose a model in which the handle can be adjusted in height. This will delay in time the need to quickly buy a new scooter as soon as the baby grows up. But in this case, the scooter should have a metal platform and a handle. it should be enough for a long period.

Tip 5. Ergonomics of the handle

It is the handle of the scooter that determines how safe the child is to ride. After all, the kid must always clearly keep control in his hands. Therefore, the handle should be non-slip and pleasant to the touch. For example, in frosty weather, the metal case will be very cold. and the child will weakly hold on to the handle. But if rubber pads are installed on it, then it is very comfortable to manage such transport.

Tip 4. Material of manufacture

In this case, the choice must be purely rational. Plastic platforms are less reliable, able to deform and crack. But such scooters are very inexpensive. Choosing such a model is appropriate for children 3-8 years old. They grow quickly and, as practice shows, do not have time to break their scooter enough to have to be thrown away. But for older children who are seriously keen on skiing, only high-quality transport with a metal platform is suitable. It is optimal to choose such a model for children weighing 45 kg or more.

Choosing a scooter by manufacturer

Let’s analyze the technical characteristics, rating and operating features of scooters from different companies:

Manufacturing firmgeneral characteristicsTechnical features
Y Bike Glider SeatUsers are between one and five years old. Universal model with seat.A three-wheeled model for toddlers with a seat is a comfortable modern wheelchair. Without sitting, it functions as a kickboard.
Y Scoo Mini GlamGirl model.Very light and beautiful model, glamorous appearance, maneuverable polyurethane wheels.
Trolo MiniClassic model for toddlers from 2 years old.The steering wheel is not adjustable in height, the wheels glow in the dark. Quality materials and good build.
E-scooter Т56011Electric scooter for babies from 5 years old.120W of power allows for a speed that is decent for a child, but adequate from a safety point of view
NavigatorSerious boy model for children from 4 years old.Inflatable wheels allow you to maneuver and pass on any surface. Heavy weight, trunk and large handlebars of the bike plan.
Micro MiniThree-wheeled scooter for babies from 2 years old.The metal handlebar and frame are lightweight and comfortable for the smallest consumers. Polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 12 centimeters.
Hello Wood HW-2009CSerious model for babies from 4 years old.Large durable inflatable wheels, aluminum frame.
Explore trediaFoldable model with three wheels.The steering wheel is not adjustable in height, the classic swivel control principle. Two wheels in front and one behind.
DisneyPopular model for babies up to 20 kg.Interesting designs with favorite cartoon characters make Disney scooters the most popular among young consumers. 4 x 9cm polyurethane wheels, rear brake.
Maxcity MC SpringBudget option for crumbs from 3 years old.Sturdy aluminum frame, luminous wheels, foldable design, wheels with a diameter of 10 cm.

For children over six years old

Kids 7 years old should already be driving models with high cross-country ability and maneuverability; SUVs with inflatable tires are popular for boys. If the wheels are made of polyurethane, then pay attention to their rigidity, which should be at least 76A. The model must be made of durable material that will last a long time.

A child after 7 years old can use a serious sports scooter without unnecessary parts

Pros and cons of a scooter

For a three year old baby

The growth of a baby at three years old ranges from 90 to 100 cm.The same parameters are suitable as for two-year-old babies. A handlebar height of 50-75 cm and three to four wheels are the basic requirements for transport. Choose bright models with stickers from your favorite cartoons, with rubber squealing characters on the steering wheel, a convenient rear brake, so that if necessary, you can stop the vehicle yourself.

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For three-year-olds, bright colored scooters on three wheels are suitable

How to choose a children’s scooter: two- and three-wheeled exercise toys for children from 2-3 to 7 years old

Every parent wants his baby to develop harmoniously. In addition to healthy eating, walking, getting to know the outside world, doing math, reading and writing, the child must develop physically. Moderate physical activity strengthens the immune system, makes the body stable and strong, fosters perseverance and willpower. In warm and dry seasons, the best child’s trainer and predecessor to a bicycle is a scooter. Modern companies offer a wide variety of scooter models. It is not difficult for parents to get lost in the multitude of brands and technical features. Scooters can be equipped and decorated with different toys, squeaks, stickers, they can be of different colors and assemblies. How to choose the right scooter for your child?

For a child of five

At 5 years old, the growth parameters range from 105 to 115 cm, but it all depends on the individual characteristics of the physical development of the baby. Usually at this age, children can already ride older models that are distinguished by maneuverability and the ability to develop good speed. Choose renowned brands made from durable aluminum.

We select a scooter by age

How to find the right handlebar height?

Here are some tips on how to choose a scooter based on the height of the handlebars:

  • Measure your child’s height. Measure with a centimeter the distance from the floor to the child’s elbows when he bent his arms as if holding the steering wheel. Handlebar height must have up to 10 centimeters of headroom.
  • The most comfortable, safe and ergonomically correct position of the hands on the steering wheel when riding a scooter is at the level of the solar plexus, the arms are bent at right angles.
  • The back, if the baby is rolling, should be flat, you cannot tilt it forward or backward.

For the correct selection of a scooter, you need to know exactly the height of the child.

Hand or foot brake?

There are two types of brakes: foot (rear) and hand (front) brakes. The foot brake is considered safer. It is easy to operate. But with the hand brake, you need to think about whether you need it or not, because when you press it, a child can roll over over the steering wheel.

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Scooter folding system

The presence of such a system greatly facilitates the transportation and storage of the scooter. Then it will be easy to put it in the trunk of a car, walk with it in the subway or other public transport. Sometimes the kit includes a shoulder strap, which makes it easier to transport the scooter.This system is presented in two varieties:

Platform length

The length of the platform is related to the total length of the scooter. It should not be excessively long or wide; it is enough if there is room for one leg. A wide platform will interfere with push-off, and a long one, in turn, will unnecessarily reduce the scooter’s maneuverability. The ideal length is up to 35 cm and the width is slightly wider than the sole of the shoe. The platform should also have an anti-slip surface, which improves safety when driving in wet weather.

Age category

Scooters can be conditionally divided into three groups:

up to 5 years The structure should be as stable as possible, children under 3 need to buy only three-wheeled scooters with a foot brake. Further, the choice depends on the child’s abilities. If he has learned to keep his balance, then you can already pay attention to two-wheeled scooters. To ride not only on your own apartment or flat asphalt, it is best to choose the option with inflatable wheels;

from 5 to 12 years old. At this age, children will be able to develop coordination of movements with the help of a scooter and better maintain balance. In most cases, they already know how to handle not only hand, but also foot brakes, so the main criteria will be as follows: the child’s individual indicators (height and weight), design and your financial capabilities;

adolescents from 12 years old. Here you actually buy a scooter for adults, so it all depends on the riding style and your capabilities. Children of this age can safely buy scooters for stunts if they already have a certain level of training.

How to choose a kids scooter? Useful tips and nuances

Scooter steering wheel

When buying, you need to pay attention to the steering wheel of the scooter. It is very good if you can independently adjust the height of the steering wheel, since in this case this scooter model can be used even if the child grows up. To prevent the child’s hands from slipping, it is best to have overhead handles at the ends of the steering wheel. You need to pay attention to whether the scooter is capable of folding. After all, such a scooter is much easier to take with you both for a walk and on a trip. Also, foldable scooters are much easier to store in an apartment. Very often, children’s scooters are equipped with many additional options. a headlight, a bell, a trunk, flashing lights, hanging toys. But all this does not mean that the scooter is of high quality, rather, on the contrary. Most often, scooters with a lot of “baubles” are of very low quality and are designed for inexperienced buyers.

The specific height of the scooter’s handlebars will completely depend not only on the child’s height, but also on his individual preferences. For this reason, only general recommendations should be highlighted, which will allow you to independently select the required value of the rudder height:

  • Take measurements of the child’s growth. To do this, using a measuring tape, determine the height of his arms from the floor to the elbows (when his arms are bent at the elbows at a right angle, as if he were holding the steering wheel of a scooter). Remember this value and buy that model of a scooter, the steering wheel of which can have about 5-10 cm of stock (both in plus and minus) from the result you received.
  • The correct adjustment of the steering wheel of the scooter is easily detected by the correct position of the hands and body of the child. his hands should not rise above chest level, and the baby himself should rest against the steering wheel, but not with efforts to reach for it.
  • The optimal position of the arms is at the level of the solar plexus, bent at a right angle. Someone prefers a lower steering wheel. this is acceptable within reasonable limits. It is better when the steering wheel is lower than it will be very large, because this will negatively affect the handling of the scooter.
  • When driving a scooter, the child should not bend over or tip his body back. the back should remain straight with correct posture.

These tips will come in handy as babies grow very quickly and adjusting the handlebar height will become a frequent and necessary activity for you.


Two-wheeled scooters are suitable for children who already have the skills to use this vehicle. In order to control a two-wheeled scooter, a child will need excellent coordination of movements, the ability to maintain balance.

Almost all scooter models with two wheels have an adjustable steering wheel, rear brake and can be folded for easy transport.

Usually they have an aluminum body that weighs a lot, so these scooters are recommended for older children. A mandatory criterion in choosing a two-wheeled scooter is the presence of a brake, usually located above the rear wheel.

Scooter weight

7 to 10 years old

When choosing a model for older children, it is worth considering criteria such as reliable brakes and structural strength. A young rider may like the so-called “off-road scooters”. They have large wheels, increased shock absorption and excellent off-road capability. Such models perfectly ride on paving stones. it is always convenient in urban conditions! Remember that cast frames are always more reliable than welded frames.

Varieties of children’s scooters

There are several types of scooters for kids. Let’s consider them in more detail.

By the number of wheels. For babies, they produce both two- and three-wheeled models.

  • Three-wheeled models are well suited for the smallest. children from 2 years old. There is no need to keep balance on such models, they are very stable. This is the best option for the first independent movements. If necessary, parents can roll the child on the scooter, pushing him in the back. You can direct the movement to the left or right by tilting the scooter. this teaches the child to maintain balance.

  • Two-wheeled scooters will appeal to 4-5 year olds. If they have already mastered three-wheeled models, it will be very interesting for them to ride on more maneuverable variants. Here you will have to maintain balance, maintain balance, but you can also accelerate more.!

2. For additional functions. Some manufacturers offer scooters that can be easily transformed as the child grows. Someone will find this option convenient, someone will decide that this is an overkill. Anyway, it’s good to have a choice.!

  • 2 in 1 scooters are a hybrid of a scooter and a balance bike. Has a removable seat.
  • 3-in-1 scooters. These models transform from a gurney with a handle to a balance bike, then into a scooter with a low handle. In some cases, a high handle is included for children over 4 years old.

A significant disadvantage of transformer scooters is a higher cost.

By type of construction. Scooters can be folding and non-folding. The first option is convenient in all respects, but this design is often considered less reliable. If you do not plan to use the scooter for many years in extreme conditions, the folding structure is quite suitable.

According to the material of the wheels. Wheels on children’s scooters are either plastic or polyurethane, rubber is less common. Plastic is a cheaper option, but it wears out quickly, makes the ride noisy, and generates severe vibration. Serious disadvantage of rubber. tendency to crack at temperature extremes.

By the design of the brakes. Scooter brakes are:

  • Foot. located above the rear wheel. The harder the child presses on the brake, the faster the scooter brakes. It is a simple yet reliable design.
  • Manual. the lever on the handle is connected to the wheels through a cable.
  • Combination of hand and foot brake. found on more expensive models.

Note! The larger the wheel diameter, the more stable the scooter is.!

Choosing a scooter according to age

The first thing to be guided by when choosing a scooter is the age of the child.

Up to 3 years

The best option is a three-wheeled scooter with an adjustable handle. Such handles are called telescopic. The optimal range is from 50 to 80 cm. A significant advantage is the wide platform, on which 2 legs can fit. Soft wheels made of high quality polyurethane will make the ride quiet. For starters, you can choose a plastic platform. it is quite light, but it can withstand the weight of the baby. Typically, three-wheeled scooters use a foot brake on the rear wheel.

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For teenagers

Among modern adolescents (especially boys), stunt scooters on small wheels are very popular. These are very maneuverable models, on which you can perform jumps and cool tricks. It takes a lot of practice to ride such a scooter! And of course, such a model is only suitable for flat roads in an urban environment.

Another tribute to fashion is the electric scooter. Electric scooters can develop high speed, so you need to control them consciously.

Note! These models belong to the adult group. When choosing them, you need to pay special attention to brand awareness and reliability criteria.

4-7 years old

It’s time to switch to two-wheeled models! The best option is a scooter made of aluminum alloys on medium-sized wheels. You can choose a model with a hand brake. Make sure that the platform (or deck) is located a short distance from the ground. a maximum of 5 centimeters. Otherwise, the child will have to squat hard to effectively push off. The telescopic, adjustable handle allows the scooter to “grow” with your child.

How to choose a children’s scooter

For most of today’s kids, it is the scooter that becomes the first mastered means of transportation. Already at 2-3 years old, a child can very confidently begin to ride a scooter. At a more conscious age, it can become a serious hobby.

We will tell you what to be guided by when choosing a scooter for a child.

What are the advantages of a scooter?

How to choose a children’s scooter

Children are the most inquisitive and mobile creatures in the world, they love to run, jump, play, and especially they like to have personal vehicles. Practice shows that the most practical and safe type of transport for children is a scooter, since it is suitable for children of any age.

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In addition, the scooter can be called an interesting toy, as well as a good device for the physical development of a small person. Experts say that children’s scooters help the child’s musculoskeletal system to develop correctly, increase the level of spatial coordination and speed of reaction.

What is the difference between scooters?

A scooter often becomes a favorite toy for a child, and riding on this type of child’s transport delights not only little mischievous people, but even teenagers. In order for a child to “make friends” with his wheeled friend, first of all, you need to know how different types of these toys differ.

Scooters differ in the following indicators:

  • the number of wheels. there are options with two, three, four, and occasionally even five wheels;
  • the material from which the device is made. scooters can be metal and plastic;
  • compactness. they can fit together, or they can be integral and non-separable;
  • a feature of the steering wheel, the height of which can be adjusted, or it can be stable;
  • the quality of the braking system. in scooters, the brake can be rear, front and steering, there are also combined options;
  • the height and width of the wheels, which can be narrow, wide or medium, as well as small and tall.

Which is better

To choose a scooter for a child correctly, you should focus not only on quality, but also on some features.

For young children, you should take models with medium wheel sizes, because small wheels are convenient only on perfectly flat surfaces, and high ones can make it difficult for a child to drive this vehicle.

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the material from which the toy is made, because plastic scooters are less reliable than metal things, although they are heavier, but much more practical.

The number of wheels is also important, it should be selected depending on the age of the child: for kids it is better to take options with four or three wheels, for older children it is better to take two-wheeled ones, they are fast, maneuverable and more practical for teenagers.

In terms of safety, scooters with a front brake are considered the least practical models, as they can lead to injuries if the braking system is used at high speed.

It is better to buy scooters with a rear brake or with a combined brake system.

Cool tips in the article “How to Choose Children’s Sandals?” here.

Parents should remember that whether the scooter will become a favorite toy for a child depends on them, if the vehicle is chosen correctly, it will make the child‘s leisure time interesting, useful and exciting.

Do I need?

It is much easier for a child who knows how to ride a scooter to learn how to ride a two-wheeled bicycle.

What is a scooter? An intermediate option between a three- and two-wheeled bicycle or an independent and self-sufficient child transport unit? Toy, fun or full-fledged sports equipment? It all depends on the age and inclinations of your child. A scooter is a bicycle transport that is not so difficult for any toddler to master. It trains the baby’s musculoskeletal system and the vestibular apparatus, promotes the development of coordination of movements and spatial orientation.

Parents often wonder whether they need to buy a scooter for their little one. They say that when riding it, the load on different muscle groups is unevenly distributed, the spine is bent, you can fall and get injured. But, dear mothers and fathers, you must understand that in order for any significant changes to occur in the child’s body, he must systematically, day after day, ride a scooter. And not an hour, not two, but several hours in a row.

children, scooter, years, which

That is, if you correctly plan your child’s leisure time and teach him to ride correctly, riding a scooter will not be able to exert any influence on his development, except for a positive one.

And one moment. It will be easier for a young athlete to master a two-wheeled bicycle if he trains to maintain balance, driving less complicated transport. a scooter.

As far as safety is concerned, it is entirely within your power to protect your child from serious injury from falls by purchasing a set of protective equipment for cycling: knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet.

Take care in advance to protect your baby from injury when riding a scooter

Does age matter?

His musculoskeletal system is not yet ready for such loads. And the kid is just learning to coordinate his movements. Therefore, a tricycle with a parental handle will become a more suitable means of transportation for him.

But at 4-5 years old, the kid is already quite ready to try his hand at driving a mobile, maneuverable, light and fast scooter.

And here it is already for him and you to choose the model that will correspond to the age and degree of skill of the child, as well as the goals that he will set for himself.

Choose a scooter for a child based on how actively he will use it

So, you’ve decided that your kid needs a scooter. And the age in order to start learning to ride with it is suitable. Now about the goals.

How seriously does the child plan to study scooter riding techniques? Ride in the park while walking or join the ranks of extreme athletes conquering the heights of kick scooter? After all, it is this decision that will influence the choice of the type of scooter.

Three-wheeled scooter for beginner riders

In the first case, the walking (or city) option will suit you. It can be two-wheeled or more stable three-wheeled. Most often it folds up for easy portability. And the steering wheel is height adjustable. In the second, a trick model is bought, where lightness, maneuverability and reliability are the priority requirements. Such a scooter is not suitable for long trips, as it has a small wheel diameter.

For a five-year-old child, it would be better to purchase a walking option. And when he becomes a confident rider and decides to engage in kick scooter seriously, then it will be possible to change the calm iron horse to a more playful and maneuverable.

The walking scooter can be folded for easy carrying and storage

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How to choose a scooter for a child 5 years old?

A scooter for a child 5 years old is an opportunity to actively and meaningfully spend their leisure time. But, firstly, parents do not consider it necessary to purchase it for all babies, believing that a bicycle will be enough. And secondly, many do not know by what criteria to choose a scooter so that riding on it would bring the little one both benefit and pleasure.

How to choose?

Whichever option you prefer, when making a purchase, pay attention, first of all, to the quality parameters, on which the reliability and durability of the scooter in operation will depend.

  • Frame material. Scooters are made from plastic, aluminum and aluminum-steel alloy. Plastic models are lightweight and inexpensive, but short-lived. Aluminum is better in terms of reliability. And scooters made of steel plus aluminum alloy, although heavier and significantly more expensive at cost, are the most reliable and durable.
  • Platform (deck). Its surface should be rough to prevent the rider’s feet from slipping. The cross-country ability of the scooter depends on its height, and maneuverability depends on the length.
  • Convenience of carrying and storage. Folding options, if you plan to actively use the scooter, it is better not to choose. Since the folding mechanism may wear out over time. What is completely unsafe on the move.

Two-wheeled walking scooter with inflatable wheels and hand brake

The bearings on the scooter wheels wear out pretty quickly. Therefore, special attention must be paid to their quality.

When choosing a children’s scooter, remember that its design should be bright. And the presence of additional accessories, sound and light effects will help him win the child’s love at first sight.

And do not forget that you are choosing a scooter for children. It should be bright and attractive. And lights, additional accessories and various sound and light effects will make it even more interesting and desirable for your child. Then he will begin to comprehend the basics of kick scooter with even greater enthusiasm.

How to choose the right kids scooter?

A children’s scooter is not only a means of transportation that can captivate a child for a long time, but in the eyes of a child, a scooter can become his best friend, with whom he does not want to part at all. How to choose a good and high quality scooter for your child? Which type of this vehicle should you choose? How difficult it is for an unlucky buyer to navigate correctly in such a diverse scooter world. There are two-wheeled, three-wheeled, folding scooters. So, here are a few points that you should pay attention to in order to be fully prepared when choosing a scooter.

Let’s come to the answers to the questions that have arisen gradually. Decide for yourself whether your child needs a scooter and will there be any benefit from this iron horse? In some respects, a scooter is superior to a bicycle. It promotes the overall development of children, strengthens the musculoskeletal system and muscles of the legs, arms, back, develops coordination of movements and spatial thinking.

The children‘s scooter is compact and ergonomic, when folded it does not take up much space when stored in an apartment, it will easily fit under a sofa or in a closet. You will not experience any inconvenience when transporting the scooter on public transport or in the trunk of a car. In terms of cost, a scooter differs from a bicycle, since it is significantly cheaper, which is an important factor for many parents. Riding a scooter, of course, can lead to falls of a child, but compared to the same bike, it is less dangerous, since it is not possible to develop high speed on a scooter, there is no high frame and protruding pedals, and the weight of this transport is not very large. As a rule, one lesson is enough for children to master the rules of scooter driving. And in order for the development of this simple transport to be enjoyable and without injuries, it is recommended to purchase special protective equipment for the future scooter. Children can start learning a scooter from the age of two.

The three-wheeled scooter is a reliable option, it is perfect for the initial development of transport by young drivers. Its advantages are stability, low overclocking speed and ease of use. The three-wheeled scooter model has a comfortable low steering wheel, which can be adjusted in height over time, the external design can amaze kids with images of their favorite cartoon characters. Often, these scooter models are equipped with a roomy trunk for transporting toys or other things, as well as sound and light signals to interest young drivers. The disadvantage of a three-wheeled scooter is that it is one-piece, that is, it does not fold, therefore it will take up more space during storage than a two-wheeled one.

You can also find four-wheeled scooters on sale. This is the most invulnerable and stable machine, which is suitable for very active boys and girls, only such a scooter will take up quite a lot of space.

The two-wheeled model of a children’s scooter is quite maneuverable, picks up speed quickly, is unstable and requires basic driving skills and well-developed coordination of movements. All these properties are very much to the liking of children. Such a scooter immediately becomes a desired and beloved toy, its driving wisdom is best suited for children aged 3-4 years.

When buying a scooter, pay attention to the following nuances. Wheels in children‘s scooters are plastic or rubber. The tires, which are made of rubber, are able to smooth out the unevenness of the surface while driving, so the ride becomes more comfortable. A scooter with plastic tires has absolutely no shock absorption when riding, so the child will have to feel all the irregularities and flaws in the coating on the way, which will not bring much pleasure. Plastic wheels often break and make a loud noise when driving, but compared to rubber tires, they are much cheaper, which is their only advantage. The diameter of the wheels is also of great importance. On a scooter with small wheels, you can ride on flat surfaces, and large diameter wheels are suitable for riding on uneven asphalt or dirt. There are models with large inflatable wheels. ideal for riding on any surface. Pay attention to the width of the wheels. Safer and more stable, wider wheels during operation.

Scooters come in different frames. aluminum or plastic. Reliability and durability are higher for owners of a metal frame than for scooters with a plastic frame, which have one advantage. less weight.

Give your preference to scooters with adjustable handlebars. It is so practical when the scooter “grows” with the child. The steering wheel of the scooter must have handles with pads, which are made of high quality material and prevent fingers from slipping.

Brake is a mandatory attribute for every vehicle. This rule also applies to scooters, they usually have a foot brake. This type of braking is very simple and reliable to use. There are scooters that come with a foot brake and a manual front or rear brake. The front brake can be dangerous and cause injury if applied at high speed! Rear handbrake would be preferred.

Children’s scooters can have a lot of additional functions or items, for example: bells, headlights, hanging toys, trunk and so on. Do not judge the reliability, safety and quality of a scooter by the presence and quantity of these “baubles”. As a rule, these scooters are designed for inexperienced buyers and are of low quality. Be careful and responsible when choosing a scooter!