Children’s scooter 3 wheels to choose

Preschooler scooter

A 3-wheeled scooter for a child of 3-7 years old allows you to develop a decent speed if the child feels confident in this type of push transport.

Taking care of the safety of the baby, it is worth choosing models:

  • with a wide embossed platform so that the legs do not slip;
  • which have an adjustable steering wheel so that you do not have to buy a new vehicle every six months;
  • a brake is required.

Such a scooter can be foldable, this will allow you to take it with you everywhere.

Models from Y-Bike, Y-Scoo have affordable prices, while they are made with high quality and reliable.

Design features

The children‘s 3-wheeled scooter is distinguished by the strength of the entire structure and consists of the following elements:

Frame, steering wheel are made of plastic or fiberglass, aluminum, steel.

Structurally, a children’s 3-wheeled scooter can be one-piece or foldable. Each option has its merits:

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  • Solid rollers. Strong and reliable. Capable of withstanding movement even over rough terrain.
  • Foldable. Convenient to transport in a car, it can be transported by public transport and metro.

When purchasing a scooter, you need to pay attention to each structural element.

How many wheels on the scooter?

Manufacturers produce scooters with a different number of wheels:

  • 1 wheel. works on the basis of a gyroscope;
  • 2 wheels. traditional, develop high speed, less stable;
  • There are 2 types of a 3-wheeled scooter: 1 wheel in front2 behind or 2 wheels in front1 behind;
  • 4 wheels. perfectly cope with the role of the first scooter in life, very stable.

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To make rollerblading rides enjoyable, and parents not worry about the safety of the child, you should pay attention to the wide range of 3-wheeled scooters. Manufacturers offer a variety of products that differ in body color, wheel size, material, and also purpose.

Children’s scooters are very popular, because it is easy to ride them, even a 2-year-old will quickly learn this.


The wheels on the scooter are made of plastic, polyurethane, rubber, rubber. An inexpensive choice is plastic wheels, but they are also the most unreliable.

Good value for money. polyurethane. It is a versatile material for roads with various surfaces, durable, reliable.

The rubber wheels can be pumped up, they are well cushioned on uneven surfaces. Passage and speed depend on the diameter of the scooter wheels. Models are produced with a wheel diameter of 75-205 mm.

Rigidity. For children, it is better to buy a scooter with wheels that have an indicator of 75-78. This is the medium stiffness of the wheel structure, providing a safe and comfortable ride. Maximum rate 98.

Bearings. They are designated by the letters ABEC. Marking 5 or 7 is suitable for children’s models, 7-9 for teenagers and adults. The higher the indicator, the higher the speed of the scooter.

How to choose

How to choose a 3-wheel scooter from 2 years old? Two-year-old children are still not confident enough on their feet, but they have colossal energy. A three-wheeled scooter will perfectly help solve the problem of how to keep an actively moving child on a walk.

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Choosing a 3-wheeled scooter for a child from 2 years old, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Structural strength. Such a scooter must withstand frequent falls, because kids sometimes throw a roller when they see something interesting.
  • Ease. A 2-year-old will fit a plastic model that picks up speed quickly and stops quickly.
  • Wheel diameter. Wide wheels with a diameter of up to 200 mm have a higher cross-country ability, but small plastic wheels will suffice for a small child. Very stable models with a large diameter over 200 mm and 1 wheel in front.
  • The location of the wheels. For driving speed, it does not matter where the 2 wheels are. front or rear, but models with 2 wheels in front are more stable.
  • Colors. Manufacturers produce models in colors specifically for boys (blue, blue, green) and girls (pink, purple, yellow).
  • Decor. You can often see a variety of decorations on scooters:
  • stickers;
  • pendants;
  • calls;
  • musical panels;
  • glowing light bulbs.

It should be borne in mind that musical and light accompaniment can distract the baby’s attention from the road and lead to injuries.

Convenient options for models of wheelchair scooters Mini 2 Go, Microlino, Micro. These scooters can be used for children from 1 to 4 years old. If at first it is a gurney driven by a parent, then the device is transformed into a 3-wheeled scooter. The durable plastic models of the Hubster Lux, Puky, Y-Scoo Globber My free Seat 4 in 1 scooters can support up to 50 kg and are equipped with polyurethane wheels for a soft ride. The seats are specially made for a comfortable stay of the child during the trip and are equipped with rubber bumpers for safety.

7 Best 3 Wheel Scooters

The Kreiss 3-wheeled scooter is very popular because it combines stability and maneuverability.


Children’s 3-wheeled scooter can have different purposes. When purchasing this vehicle for a child, one must understand that children from 2 and older require different devices to drive in different road conditions.

  • Wheelchair scooter. Can be used as a stroller, then the vehicle can be easily converted into a scooter.
  • Walking. Lightweight, convenient, can be foldable. 2 wheels in the back, 1 in front. It is good to take such a scooter for a walk to the park or to the playground. It features a small wheel diameter. Actuated in the traditional way. by pushing the foot off the ground.
  • Trike. It differs from the principle of action of the jogging transport. Rolls by tilting forward or to the sides. Each leg has its own support, equipped with a rear wheel, the front wheel is a leading.
  • Unscooter. It also consists of two foot pads, but is operated by extending the legs to the sides. Foot platforms are flexibly attached to the handlebars, and therefore such a scooter is very mobile.
  • Kickboard. 2 wheels at the helm, 1 at the rear and a wide platform. This allows the kickboard to be used as a scooter and skateboard. In the latter case, transport is controlled by tilting the body and the steering wheel with one hand.
  • Electric scooter. Works for 1-2 hours without requiring engine recharging.
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Schoolboy and scooter

A diverse lineup is offered by Razor, Nixor, Trolo, MaxCity, Hudora, La Sport. Interesting inertial wheeled scooters Fliker, Jdbug.

When choosing a scooter for a child, one must take into account where he intends to ride. Large wheels and a high platform allow you to drive over rough, uneven roads. The large diameter of the wheels increases the speed. The low platform comes in handy when driving on asphalt and performing difficult pirouettes. Platforms usually have a ribbed coating that prevents the feet from slipping.

Handlebar grips have a neoprene cover for a comfortable grip.

Teenage and adult models are equipped with a footrest to park the scooter or bring it to an upright position. For a folding scooter, you should immediately purchase a cover.

Why does a child need a scooter

  • Fascinating leisure time. Just imagine how fun it will be for your child to ride with the breeze in the yard or park. These are both positive emotions and a good mood.
  • Development benefits. As they grow, children simply need physical activity. Sports activities and active games have a beneficial effect on the development of the child. 3-wheeled scooter contributes to the development of balance and coordination of movements, develops almost all muscle groups.

We can conclude that for active children this is simply an irreplaceable thing.

What scooters are there

Children’s models are usually divided by age. Manufacturers indicate this: from 3 to 6 years, or from 2 to 4 years. These are options for the little ones. For older children, models with an adjustable handle are suitable. Such transport will be convenient for both a preschooler and an older child.

Advanced models are recommended for teenagers. They can be folded, have more maneuverability and speed.

Scooters may vary in wheel size. The smaller the wheels, the higher the travel speed.

How to choose a scooter for a child

In order for the toy to be useful, you need to pay attention to the parameters that a 3-wheeled scooter can have.

  • Housing. It can be metal or plastic. Of course, metal will be stronger and more durable. But the smallest drivers will find it difficult to drive such vehicles. In this case, parents prefer to buy plastic models. It is easier for children and them to cope with, and if necessary, it is easier for parents to transfer.
  • Brake. Usually models have a foot brake, which must be applied with the foot pushing off the ground. But for novice drivers, it is worth purchasing a 3-wheel scooter equipped with an additional hand brake. This will create additional comfort for the baby.
  • Wheels. For small children, it is better to choose a scooter with large rubber wheels. This will allow you to leisurely walk around the yard and not be afraid of pebbles and irregularities on the paths. For older children, you can choose a product with wheels of a smaller diameter made of rubber or rubberized plastic. This will be the best option for high-speed movement on the smooth surface of the playground.
  • A pen. Not bad if it’s regulated. This will allow the model to be used for a longer time. The handle can be straight. the classic version, or curved. more suitable for sports stunts on special grounds.
  • Design. In this matter, the child should be given the right to choose. Children love all kinds of lights and flashers, so you can buy a 3-wheeled scooter with multi-colored LEDs built into the wheels. When driving, they will glow and give an additional effect. The rich colors and designs allow you to choose the right model for both a boy and a girl. It’s a matter of taste.
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In addition, scooters can have a solid frame or a folding one. Of course, the first option can last longer, but there is a problem with storage, it will require more space. Foldable scooters are more practical. They are easy to transport and store. These are the properties of the Scooter 3-wheeled scooter.

Among foreign suppliers, the most popular are Micro, Y Bike, Explore, Kettler. They are of excellent quality, but they are also expensive.

If you want to buy a less expensive model, you should pay attention to the Chinese Disney scooters or the Russian Navigator and MaxCity. They are of acceptable quality at a low cost.

Of course, you shouldn’t buy a low-quality 3-wheel scooter. Reviews of such products are not the best. These products fail quickly, lose their attractiveness, and can be unsafe. And the health and life of the child is the most important thing.

What age is the 3-wheeled children’s scooter designed for?

Older children can be offered a 2-wheeled scooter. It will require some skill, as it is unstable without support. It is better to purchase it after the child has mastered the 3-wheel children’s scooter.

Reviews of parents about children’s scooters

When choosing a scooter, pay attention to its parameters and quality. This will allow you not to worry about the safety of the child and the durability of the vehicle. Only in this case the walk will bring a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.