Children’s bike 16 at what age

Basic rules for choosing a children’s bike

When choosing a bike, it is important to remember that the “buy for growth” rule in this product category is absolutely inapplicable, otherwise it is fraught with numerous and frequent injuries.

Since with the same height in children, the height of the legs can differ significantly, then it is imperative to take the future owner on a trip to buy a bicycle. It is clear that such an acquisition will no longer be a surprise, but it should not be a disappointment either.

Based on the classification of bicycles, based on the height of the child, the size of the wheels is selected. It can also be calculated using a simple formula: height in centimeters is divided by two and a half and again by 2.54 (inch in centimeters).

In this case, the optimal length from the front end of the saddle to the handlebar should correspond to a value equal to the distance from the fingertips of the child’s hand to his elbow. this is how the length of the frame is selected.

Mostly in bicycles for children and teenagers, each wheel size has its own frame size.

After choosing the wheels and the length of the frame, the bike itself follows. The child is placed on a bicycle while standing, so that the frame is between the legs, while the distance from the frame to the crotch should be 7-10 cm. This is necessary to safely jump off the bike. Then, in a sitting position on the saddle, check whether the fully extended leg reaches the lower pedal and whether the knees touch the steering wheel when pedaling.

In bicycles, the handlebar and seat are height adjustable. Therefore, if by some criteria the bike is suitable, but by some it is not, then you should try to adjust it. The steering wheel must be suitable for both height and inclination. The steering angle must not exceed 90 °.

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How to choose a bike for a child 5-7 years old

The lineup of this age category is not much different from the previous one. The main difference is the diameter of the wheels. Depending on the height of the baby (on average, it ranges from 110 to 128 cm) and the length of the legs, both 16-inch and 20-inch wheels can be used. They are more stable, their cushioning properties are better than that of 12-inch ones, which allows the child to overcome uneven roads with ease.

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For kids 6-7 years old, the bike may already be equipped with a hand-type front brake. The rear foot brake is a must. it is reliable and acts as a guarantor of safety. The speed switch at this age is not yet relevant.

Safety wheels may still be necessary until the child feels more confident. The chain and handlebars must be protected. Consideration should be given to additional protection for the rider. knee pads, a bicycle helmet and elbow pads at this age will help protect the baby in the event of a fall.

You should pay attention to the material of the frame and spare parts. preference is given to aluminum structures, since schoolchildren prefer to transport their “iron horse” themselves, especially over high curbs. A must-have alarm bell for extreme situations.

How to choose a bike for height: a table for children

All children are very active. They like to run, jump, race down the street on a scooter, roller skate or bike. So that riding does not lead to injuries, a bicycle for a child should be chosen very carefully, following many rules. Therefore, parents’ questions about how to choose the right children’s bike are always relevant. After making such a purchase, mothers and fathers want to be sure of the safety of their child, take care of his health. If you ignore all these requirements, then the bike can be not only inconvenient for riding, but also hazardous to health. And, of course, it will not bring any pleasure to the baby. How to choose a bike for a child will be discussed in our article.

Classification of children‘s and teenage bicycles

The first thing to understand is the classification of bicycles. There are two main classifications. by the type and by the diameter of the wheels.

By type, bicycles are:

  • mountain;
  • road;
  • urban;
  • tourist;
  • folding;
  • for freestyle;
  • track;
  • children and others.

16-inch kids bike (conventional and lightweight)

Professionals classify children‘s bicycles according to the diameter of the wheels corresponding to the height of the child. So, for example, when a baby is 85-110 cm tall, 12-inch wheels are selected. If the child is 110-125cm tall, 16 “wheels will do (with a frame about 9”). For children 115-135cm tall. wheels have a diameter of 20 inches.

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If the child’s height is from 125 to 150cm, the wheels should be 24 “(frame about 13”). There are teenage bicycles with 26-inch wheels, designed for a child’s height from 135 to 160 cm. this is a type with a low frame of 14 inches.

How to choose a children‘s bike: general recommendations

It is important to take into account not only the height of the child, the size of the wheels, but also such characteristics as the material of the construction of the bicycle, its weight, the braking system, the design of the chain, the availability of accessories. And it is imperative to pay attention to safety.

The weight of the bike depends on the frame material and the number of optional accessories. If the child will carry the bike on their own, then it is necessary for Honor. The steel frame and parts are, of course, high strength, but their weight leaves much to be desired.

When choosing a children‘s bike, aluminum is preferred. This is especially true for bicycles for girls. If dropped, it is easier to lift with fragile handles.

You should not save on the protection of the chain (it is protected with a special metal cover), although it increases the weight of the structure, but it ensures the safety of the child. it excludes the ingress of clothing parts into the chain and thereby the risk of injury.

Chain protection is also necessary for those considerations that road dust, dirt, water and sand, getting on the chain lubricant, significantly impair its performance properties, acting as an abrasive.

Any bike model must be equipped with a reliable braking mechanism. In the standard range for the younger age category, this is a foot brake that allows you to brake by sharp pedaling in the opposite direction.

In the complete set of bicycles for schoolchildren, a hand brake is already used. It is not recommended for preschoolers due to the lack of force necessary to compress the brake lever. Also, they are not put on the grounds that little children do not have sufficient concentration of attention and can simply get confused at the right time. For the same reasons, a speed switch is not installed on children’s models.

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Fenders (to protect against dirt flying from under the wheels), headlights, reflectors and a bicycle helmet will not be superfluous in the complete set of the bike. On girls’ bicycles, baskets are often attached to the fork. If desired, bicycles are equipped with rear seats. luggage racks.

How to choose a bike for a child of 8-10 years old

The range of bikes for middle school kids can be similar to the configuration for toddlers 5-7 years old, or it can be identical to adult models. Wheels will already be 20 inches in diameter, but sometimes, depending on the child’s height, 24 inches, there are no safety wheels.

In this model range, attention is already being paid to pedals. they must be very wear-resistant, ideally metal. An additional function also appears. a speed switch. A handbrake is required and both front and rear can be located on the handlebars. Protective equipment remains relevant.

Kids Bike Sizes: A NEW Trick to Finding the BEST Fit

How to choose a bike for a teenager

In fact, these are adult models with a reduced frame and a wheel diameter of 24 inches. If a teenager’s bicycle with such wheels is small, then the choice falls on adult models with a wheel diameter of 26 inches.

The choice of a bicycle for a teenager should be approached taking into account his wishes and preferences. Many young men prefer stunt bikes, bicycles for motocross (BMX), freestyle, turf, freeride, downhill. You can’t do this without the advice of a professional.

Models for girls and boys are already significantly different. In designs for boys, the frames are reliable. steel, and for girls, they are lightweight, made of aluminum alloys and have a configuration with a lowered top bar. In addition, the saddle design for girls is different from that for boys.

In youth models, there is already a 24-mode speed switch (maybe less). Models are equipped with hand brakes and shock absorbers. The braking system can be disc and V-shaped. Disc preferred, but not on track bikes.

Choosing a bike, an important point is that you should pay attention not only to technical characteristics, but also to the assessment and opinion of the child himself. his desire to ride depends on this, thereby learning the world, finding new friends and playing sports.