Child’s foot hit the spoke of a bicycle

Closed subperiosteal fracture of the proximal phalanx of 4 toes of the right foot

My brother received such an injury by kicking the wall. Now she is interested in how long it will grow together, whether it will be possible to go in for sports later and whether there will be problems with walking in the future

Foot hit the spokes of a bicycle (4 years old)

Scalped wound (heel, ankle), total (2 wounds) about 5 cm2
X-ray OK. We cut off the only remaining flap of skin.

1) Does tetanus vaccination (not globulin) make sense? The child is not vaccinated, the injury was last night. They didn’t do it yesterday, they said today. it was necessary yesterday.

2) How are such wounds treated today? Does antibiotic ointment make sense without waiting for problems? At one time, medical students in a similar situation advised me a strong solution of potassium permanganate. Purchased “healing dressings with Peruvian balsam”.

3) There is most likely a sprain (and maybe, in principle, a complete rupture of the ligament).
Adequate medical attention will be available in a week, is this week critical for stretching? Are there any possible actions before healing (except for surgery)?

Request for help with qualified information, if someone owns it, and not sanitary and political education.


Hello. My mom broke her ankle last year. a triple twisted fracture with displacement. They performed an operation, inserted two knitting needles inside. They said that they would take it out in a year. But now, due to the busy work schedule, there is no time for surgery-rehabilitation, but it gnaws


Foot hit the spokes of a bicycle (4 years old), update

I asked a question a week ago. http: // In addition to reasonable answers for which thanks, there were inevitable advice in this community to quickly run to the doctor and complain about the irresponsibility of parents who prefer to sit in the country, and not quickly

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“Adequate medical assistance will be in a week, is this week critical for a sprain” in combination “There is most likely a sprain (and maybe, in principle, a complete rupture of the ligament)”

Yes, nothing, let the child suffer! If the gap. let it grow together as it wants! Well, it’s fick with him that he will limp later. you don’t need to limp!

How can you be so irresponsible to a child? For the sake of giving or what?

Tetanus do and the next day do the same.
2. If the total area of ​​TWO wounds is 5 cm, then you can, indeed, add potassium permanganate or brilliant green. Potassium permanganate should be pharmacy dilution.
You can orient yourself by looking at whether it is flowing from the wounds. The problem with scalped wounds is that the blood is constantly leaking. In this case, it may not help to think of it right away.
I don’t know about Peruvian balsam. She herself used Levomekol. Or, when there was nothing, then grated carrots. grated carrots, in general, a folk remedy is not bad at all.
3. When stretched. the week is not critical.
It’s not good for rupture, because then the muscle leaves. And only the operation. There is no other way, especially when it comes to Achilles. Fix the leg. If possible, do not lean on it or walk on it.

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you still offer chewed plantain. Let it rot, sho there. scars adorn a man.

I actually know what I’m talking about.
Firstly, other means were written there in the first place.
Secondly, it was indicated what to look for when it comes to processing.
Third, not all folk remedies are bad.
Fourth, the carrot recipe was mentioned by an orthopedic traumatologist and related to scalped wounds. Since carrots contain a large amount of vitamins A and E. And these vitamins are actively involved in healing.
You can add chewed plantain to your hypertrophied conceit.

Lord, you apply yourself a carrot. at least apply. Even chewed, even grated, even in the mud. At least drink urine. your problems.

And about the traumatologist. the orthopedist was generally pleased)))))

And the dentist. gynecologist did not advise you to put anything anywhere?

You are a strange person.
Why on earth are you rude?
You are a doctor? I think no.
For your information, I am not a traditional healer, but a doctor. over, the doctor is children’s. I can repeat once again that along with farming. drugs are not at all superfluous to use folk remedies. Have you never used chamomile tea? Or didn’t you drink Licorice for a cough? Many remedies are plant-based.
And the traumatologist. orthopedist. is my friend. We work in one hospital.
By the way, there are gynecologists there too, you don’t need an hour?

And yet, precisely because we are talking about a child, many means cannot be actively used. And it is in pediatrics that a large number of herbal preparations are used. Including, plantain is also used. For other purposes, really. The next time you buy cough syrup, look, there will be something vegetable lying there.

If you are a doctor! Can you imagine what will happen to the wound when the headless parents grate the carrots and apply them to the wound? PPC

Actually, there is a whole list written there.
Parents are not at all headless. They x-rayed and are preoccupied with the treatment. Geographically, you do not know. where they are. It is likely that this is the maximum possible that they can now.

Do you have something to suggest on the case? Just do not cry out pathetically, that only to the doctor. This is understandable without you. People, rather everything. put in certain conditions. Do you have something to offer for those conditions? Or do you just comment on someone else’s suggestions.
A scalped wound to her child was treated with carrots. Because neither levomekol, nor panthenol, nor curiosin helped. This is about the PPTs

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If you have something to offer. offer it. If there is nothing, then there is no need to try to waste.
The topic is exhausted for me. I’ve wasted enough time.

Judging by LJ, they are at a dacha near Moscow, and do not want to get out into the city for the sake of some “wounds”.

And the fact that a child may have a torn ligament. they do not care. And this, forgive me, is sheer headlessness. My neighbor in the country (they were still children) once fell in the same way, tore off his leg. It seems okay, well, he limped and limped to himself. It later became clear that there was a rupture of the ligament. And the parents did not even bother to rewind their leg, let alone the doctor. They also didn’t want to go to the city.

Well, the fact that you shove your child a carrot, rubbed with your hands, with which you dug in the ground before, is your problem. Baby toxaplasmosis will work. you yourself will not be happy.

And as for a doctor. nowadays, many with diplomas do not understand medicine absolutely. It’s funny sometimes to come to some therapist, to name a chronic illness. and he doesn’t even know what it is))))))

And you usually don’t wash your hands?
Something you are all about dirty hands.
I am not going to discuss my diploma with you. And the level of your therapists is the same.
You don’t know how toxoplasmosis is spelled.
Once again, for those in the tank: There is essentially something to offer, are you fat troll? Also illiterate. Yes. suggest. And people don’t have to endure the brain with their moralizing.

Not only does he not know how toxoplasmosis is spelled, but also what it is)

Yes, this, in fact, was implied.)))
But what a beautiful word. TO-o-kso-o-polazmo-o-z!

Madama, I’m not a doctor by training to know how toxoplasmosis is spelled. Write me the correct words from my specialty. I’ll laugh. And, apparently, the mistake was due to inattention, and not due to ignorance. LJ after all. And on myself his influence was very well experienced

And you, madam, shut your mouth with your folk recipes, ok? Since you started being rude.

Lady Gets Foot Caught In Spoke of Bike

This is a big question
08/20/2009 16:25

who started being rude.
So, madam, you would go to give advice on your specialty. That we would not laugh here. There, most likely, according to your specialty, your comments will be more appropriate.
By the way, you have not received any proposals on the case.

levomekol, manganese permanganate and brilliant green do not belong to folk recipes.
Do you specifically dislike carrots??

child, foot, spoke, bicycle

And what does it have to do with plant-based?

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It is one thing. a tincture of plantain, or dried PROCESSED plantain, and another thing. plucked on the street, dusty, absorbing car exhaust

Have you often treated scalped wounds? Or even treatment?
Basically, the subject is exhausted.

Achilles is like a tendon, I know about the problem (the familiar one was transported by helicopter). It seems I shouldn’t have done anything, but I’ll try to check.

Is it possible to put your feet on your toes? Tear off your heel? When the Achilles ruptures, the gastrocnemius muscle “crawls” upward. The calves will be asymmetrical. And a hematoma can show up around the ankle.

Here it is difficult to talk about symmetry while there is swelling. Yes, and it is unrealistic to step on your foot while stretching. But there is no Achilles rupture (the foot moves when the muscle is squeezed by the hand).
So it looks like a sprain. So looking for crutches.

I had a similar injury as a child, I was vaccinated against tetanus on the same day.

Such parents had to be strangled in the cradle in childhood. If they were able to make an X-ray, couldn’t it be possible in the same medical institution or in another to make a competent bandaging and not cut off “skin flaps”? And in the same place decide with serum.

I apologize for the rudeness, I thought I was answering some young man (the useopics were not uploaded). I reacted to “strangling in childhood”, this is no longer relevant. I don’t remove the comment, but I regret it.

Serum, in our non-medical opinion, but in the case is dangerous. the wound is open, uncontaminated, there is no high risk of tetanus.

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We do not know how to deal with wound care or vaccination issues. If I were a doctor, I would give pain relief. it would be good to wash the wound and cut off the excess. But it seems to me that the doctors between the suicides, bleeding and drunks hit on the head were not up to that.

There was no bleeding. In short, which straw to spread is difficult to decide, because the serum also has delayed effects. In any case, they refused to do even toxoid for us, so we drove.
As for immobilization, I have an Aircast, and an adult at home. I will look at the analogue in the pharmacy. We still have a very popular plaster, which is cleverly glued to the ankle, but this is already when you recover. But an elastic bandage is considered bad.

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I ride my bike quite a lot. in particular, several times a week to work. Not that a fan, but I want some load for the overall form. The problem is that when I want this very load, I practically cannot “get out of breath”, everything is not limited by heart rate,