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Bicycles for teen girls

Teenage bikes for girls are scaled-down versions of adult bikes. with 24-inch wheels. Accordingly, they have all the same technical features as adult models. an understated upper frame tube and a slightly modified geometry.

As in the boys’ variants, among bicycles for 24″ wheels for girls there is a wide selection of models for different tasks. for riding in the city, on rough terrain or in the forest. Ideal for ages 8 to 13 and heights from 130 to 160 cm.

What types of bicycles for teenagers are

If a child wanted BMX, then that’s another story. 2 types of bicycles are suitable for our options: city and mountain.

  • City bikes are designed for riding on asphalt and well-trodden paths over flat terrain. It is convenient to carry something (or someone) on them. It is not convenient to jump onto the sidelines, ride on sands and grounds, drive fast, and be extreme. But it is comfortable to sit, there are very beautiful ones, with low frames and beautiful colors (which is important for calm girls). There may be no “gears”, and this does not complicate the process of riding.
  • Mountain (MTB) bikes are designed for more active riding. They are good in city conditions, overcome obstacles well, it is interesting and convenient to ride them to all sorts of cool places, walk through parks, forests, go to the beach, drive at speed through the stadium, and even travel. They have a sporty fit. when the back is tilted and the hands rest on the steering wheel, which is not very comfortable over long distances, but good for maneuverability, speed, development of the cardiovascular system, leg muscles and coordination of movements in space. On these bicycles, as a rule, there are gears. which allow you to drive up and pass through difficult surfaces.
  • Folding bicycles that are small, we do not recommend, this is not the essence of a teenage bike. And the folding mechanism is a thing that you can suffer with.
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How to choose the right bike for a teenager girl?

  • With his feet on the floor, he should rest his back on the tip of the saddle. In this position, there should be a gap of 7-13 cm between the legs and the frame (in unisex and men’s models). This is an indicator of suitable height and a kind of guarantee that when jumping off the pedals, the young lady does not hit the frame with her crotch (it hurts)
  • Further. Sit in the saddle. The foot should reach the bottom of the pedal with the heel. Adjust the saddle to the desired height for this. Sitting in the saddle, you don’t need to reach the floor with your feet. Do not! Do you believe? It is very important to learn to ride and pedal properly. If you reach with your feet to the ground, it is fraught with the wrong choice of frame size and diseases in the knees.
  • After adjusting the saddle, the child should lean on the handlebars. At the same time, the back should remain straight, with your hands you need to freely lean on the steering wheel so that they are slightly bent at the elbows. If it is not comfortable, the future cyclist hunches over (small) or reaches for the handlebars (large). this is not your size or this bike does not suit you in terms of frame geometry. Improper seating can lead to back problems, posture problems, joint pains, and loathing of the bike.
  • If everything is ok. ride for 10 minutes, record your impressions. If not, take a bike larger, smaller, or another model, and repeat steps 1-4.
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By the way, we recommend:

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As for color solutions, the teenager should be given the freedom of choice, because he will have to ride a bike. It is necessary to choose the most reliable parts that are easy to maintain, configure and repair.

Feel free to give it to their area of ​​responsibility, at the age of 12-13 you can do it yourself, and you can also acquire a useful skill. Have your child try to carry the bike a few meters. Sometimes you will have to carry it on your hands, and it is important that this does not cause difficulties.

What to look for when choosing a bike

About “for growth”: it is better to change 2-3 bicycles than to ride something that does not fit, it is fraught with improper development, falls, pain, and a bunch of other unpleasant consequences. Objectively: a bicycle will last for 2-3 years, then you need to sell what you have grown from and buy a new, suitable one. Don’t try to find a universal model for years to come. Especially for boys.

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