Can I park my bike in a common corridor

Things in the common hallway

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We live in an apartment building. On the staircase (common corridor), on our floor of the 4th apartment.

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Yes, this is, firstly, a violation of fire safety requirements, and secondly, disrespect for neighbors.

If neighbors litter a common corridor

»» »Of course, it is desirable to find a common language with your neighbors, you should not start a quarrel over trifles. However, hardly anyone will remain calm when a pile of absolutely “useless good” suddenly appears in the public corridor. The passage to the door of your own apartment now somewhat resembles an impenetrable jungle created by human hands with outdated or outdated equipment, bicycles with a triple layer of dust and all sorts of small household unnecessary things.

First of all, try to discuss this issue with your neighbors, however, if your arguments turned out to be like “peas against the wall”, you need to act differently. How, you can find out with further tips.

Our articles talk about typical ways of solving legal issues, but each case is unique.

neighbors’ things in the common corridor.

In the stairwell there are 3 apartments in a common corridor. A neighbor rents a 3-room apartment to “foreigners”.

How to deal with it. call the fire department

put in a time frame, preferably with a district police officer. if you don’t clean it up until the date. things go to the trash heap 100 Recently, three good fellows walked across the floors, pulled out everything that stood in the corridors.

If the tenants said that they needed it, they offered to bring it into the apartment.

What can be stored in the hallway of an apartment building

What should be done with tenants who do not want to be in order? In the event that the redevelopment of common areas (where litter was made) was carried out in compliance with all the rules, legally, or if littering was carried out in common corridors where no reconstruction work was performed, the procedure for the tenants is as follows. First of all, it is necessary to start with a general meeting of residents of an apartment building (HOA), at which a warning will be issued to violators of the order and a period during which all garbage must be removed.

And also, the violating neighbors will be warned that if they ignore the decision of the general meeting of residents, they will appeal to other authorities.

The boundaries and size of the land plot on which the apartment building is located are determined in accordance with the requirements of land legislation and legislation on urban planning.

Is it possible to store things in the common hallway

292 lawyers are online now Consult a lawyer online Ask a lawyer 292 lawyers are ready to answer now Answer in 15 minutes hello. I have a conflict with my neighbors over the fact that they store boxes of strollers, tables and put cabinets in the common corridor.

please tell me if they have the right to do so? and if not, what article and where to go? so that they remove it all December 29, 2014, 15:09, question 71372 katerina, g.

Contact your management company. December 29, 2014, 15:31 0 0

Law and order: what to do if neighbors cluttered the common corridor with their belongings

May 31, 2021 at 07:20 am I would like to personally move, take out or even throw out the neighbor’s trash from the inter-apartment space?

park, bike, common, corridor

Do not do this. Now we will tell you how to solve this issue legally. The problem of storing neighboring things in a common area is relevant all year round.

For several years, residents of apartment buildings have been enthusiastically installing special iron cabinets in the corridors, because “the apartment is small, there is nowhere to store things!” With the arrival of summer, you can notice that Innocent’s neighbor has a new bike, and his wife. so I had to “temporarily” move the chest of drawers into the corridor.

A neighbor from the 33rd apartment became a mother for the third time, and a stroller joined the children’s scooters. And if there is that “safe” metal cabinet opposite your door, then you will have to try to bring, for example, a new refrigerator into the apartment or roll your own baby stroller.

What kind of requirement is this?!

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Freeman84 A question for lawyers, or who knows. Foreword. We live in an apartment building.

In the living room

Alexander rents a room in a five-story building.

In fact, there is very little dirt from it: linoleum saves me, with which I covered the entire floor. Of course, you have to vacuum and wash it once again, but it takes very little time. After the rain, all that remains is to wipe off the dirt from the storage area. And in winter I leave my bike for a couple of hours at the entrance. During this time, water, salt and road reagents drain from it. Then I calmly lift it dry to my floor and roll it into the room.

The bike also serves as a hanger. It is very convenient when I am not using it, when I dry my clothes or leave my clothes on. Not quite aesthetically pleasing, but more than convenient. The only drawback with this kind of storage is the wide handlebar on a narrow aisle. I almost always touch him when passing by, which makes the bicycle bell make noise and the cat freaks out. And it is impossible to turn the bike in this position. Although quite recently, right at this place in the room, I completely went through the entire chassis: I cleaned and lubricated all the bearings, replaced the pedals with metal ones, changed the chain, cassette, tires. I thought that I would smear everything around in grease and dirt, but everything turned out neatly.

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In the corridor

How to store a bike in an apartment

There are several options for storing your bike during the off-season. The most popular wintering places are apartments, balconies, garage and basement. It is not recommended to store your transport in an entrance or dryer, because there is a high risk of damage or theft of property. Any bike must be prepared in advance. Compliance with all of the above rules will ensure trouble-free storage not only in winter, but also at any other time.

Where to store the bike in the apartment

Keeping a bike in an apartment can seem like a simple task. In fact, you will have to spend a lot of time preparing. How exactly to do this, you will find out in our article.

The season never ends for the true cyclist. This saying is common in the cycling community. Indeed, there are daredevils who are not afraid of a thirty-degree frost, leaving for the next ride. Nevertheless, there are very, very few such riders. The rest prefer to wait a bit and only go outside in the spring. A logical question arises about where to store your bike during the winter? In this article, we’ll show you what proper bike storage looks like and how to prepare for extended periods of downtime.

How and where to store your bike

The issue of bicycle storage is very acute for city dwellers. Lack of equipped bicycle parking with limited access, small living space make people use very unpopular storage methods. Someone throws their bicycles out into the street, someone into the entrance, after which they grieve about the loss and eagerly read an article on what to do if a bicycle is stolen. In fact, there are tons of storage options.

Not the best, but acceptable option. to leave the bike in a specially equipped so-called “wheelchair”, the key to the lock of which only a few people have. At least there he will not interfere with other residents of the house, will not contradict the fire regulations on free access to apartments. True, such places can be found mainly in new houses, and if you live in an old building, then you will have to store your bike in an apartment. And this is the best option of all.

If you have a garage on your farm, then you can only be envied. I walked from the house to the garage, took the bike, took a ride, put it back, greased it there, cleaned it. Perfect for a bike, but not for you. Especially if you need to go somewhere urgently, and the bike is used as a vehicle. After all, the road to the garage takes time and it is unlikely that it is located under the windows of your apartment. Still, the most convenient option is to always keep the bike “sideways”, so that if something happens, you can quickly use it.

Most houses have balconies in addition to apartments. In order not to constantly cling to the handlebars of the bike when walking around the house, you can put it on the balcony. It is very good if it is glazed. If not, cover the bike with at least an oilcloth so that it is protected from the rain.

However, not everyone can boast of having a balcony in the apartment. Or maybe you organized a recreation area there with a beautiful view of the courtyard and the neighboring house? Then you have to share the living space with your bike.

If you have a large hallway, you can leave it there, you just need to spread oilcloth, a piece of linoleum or newspaper under the wheels in advance. The same goes for storage in the room. You will not get anything dirty if you take care of the surface on which you will place your bike in advance. If you were returning home in the rain and got dirty on your bike, then you can leave it in the entrance for 5 minutes so that the main water and dirt drain, after which it is imperative to remove the tracks, because you are a neat and cultured person.

If you have a studio apartment with an area of ​​21 sq.m., then the manufacturers have come up with a lot of ways for you to attach the bike to the wall or fit organically and functionally into the space of the apartment.

Wall hook, one wheel hook

This hook will allow you to secure the bike to the wheel. It is advisable to mount it as close as possible to an unused corner in the apartment, because the bike will still take up some space. The good thing about the hooks is that you can store multiple bikes in a relatively small area.

Hook in the wall, hook on the top tube of the frame

The hook is installed in such a way that the bike can be suspended from the top tube of the frame. A larger area of ​​the wall will be occupied, but the bike will stick out from the wall less than in the case of hanging by the wheel.

There is an option for attaching to a hook in the ceiling, again you will need a secluded corner.

In order not to make unnecessary holes in the wall, they came up with such a wonderful thing. The vertical beam rests against the wall, due to which the structure stands very firmly and does not fall. Agree, it looks good, takes up as much space as hooks into the wall.

Functional mounts complementing the interior

There is a whole scattering of options here. You can fit your bike into the interior by hanging it on a bookshelf.

An excellent option would be to mount to the wall in the form of a stem and a road bar. This is great, agree.

Places where it is not recommended to store your bike

In addition to places where you need to store your bike, there are places where it is highly discouraged to store it.

First of all, you should not leave your bike on the staircase, because it is the most delicious option for a thief. Looking at the statistics of bicycle thefts, you will see that at least 95% are committed from the entrances of houses.

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It is not recommended to store the bike in technical rooms of houses, as there is rather high humidity, which will negatively affect the steel parts of the bike, as well as the saddle and grips.

An unglazed balcony in the off-season and in winter is not the best place to store a bike, especially if it is equipped with hydraulic brakes, an oil fork. In this case, temperature changes are destructive, due to which the properties of materials may change (for example, oil scraper gums will “tan” more intensively, which can lead to leaks or improper operation of mechanisms).

Ace of useful tips Elena Malysheva recommends where to store the bike from 3:59 min.

On the ceiling, balcony, next to the bed: where and how are bicycles stored in small apartments

There are a lot of bicycles in Belarus. According to the traffic police, there are now more than 300 thousand cyclists in the capital alone. A TUT.BY reporter asked cyclists and went through forums to find out where and how people store bicycles in their apartments.

In the apartment

The first and most important thing to do, regardless of where you are going to store the bike, is to clean it of dust, dirt and old grease and re-lubricate the moving parts, and wipe the metal parts with an oiled rag. This will help prevent corrosion. It can be disassembled by detaching one or two wheels from the frame and removing the steering wheel. this way it will take up much less space.

Moscow City Council Special Meeting. 2/6/2018

With the help of fasteners, it can be hung on the wall in a vertical or horizontal position in the corridor, closet or hallway: so it will not interfere with cleaning. If the apartment is spacious, and you don’t want to drill concrete walls for the brackets, then in order to store the bike in winter, you can assemble a simple cabinet without doors, in the sections of which the bike itself and all related accessories will be placed: helmet, pump, protection, oil, tools, etc.

For your iron friend, an apartment is the best place for wintering. The correct temperature and humidity level is observed here. It is very important to keep the bike as far away from heating elements and batteries as possible in winter.

Inspect it for noticeable wear and tear on parts and malfunctions: you won’t be riding it in the next few months, which means it’s time to pay attention to the repair and maintenance of your two-wheeled vehicle. When solving the problem of how to store a bicycle, do not forget about electronics: if there are devices with power elements on the handlebars or frame, they must all be removed for the winter.

How to store your bike in winter

The question of how to store a bike in winter is a question of many cyclists who close the cycling season during the cold season. With the first snowfall, the iron horse is rolled into an apartment, garage or on the balcony DO of the onset of heat, but often the bicycle does not receive proper care, which can cause it to rust, and some of its elements completely fail, rendering an almost new steel friend unusable.

  • The bike must be clean and lubricated;
  • Humidity on the balcony and in the garage can damage parts;
  • Use protective covers;
  • When disassembled, the bike will take up much less space;
  • Inflate the wheels once a month so the bike does not stand on the rims.

On the balcony

If the apartment does not have enough space to store a bike in winter, a balcony or loggia will come to the rescue. There are several pitfalls here that should never be forgotten. First, of course, the bike on the balcony must be clean and the parts oiled.

In the garage

The steel horse, cleaned of dirt and dust, is ready for wintering. When choosing a storage option for your bike, you can take into account another popular option. to drive it to the garage. Never leave it in the cellar for the winter! Even with the use of anti-corrosion agents, in a matter of weeks it will be covered with a crust of ice and literally begin to rot. Our task is to keep the iron friend intact until spring.

Due to the high air humidity, the garage is not very suitable for storing a bicycle, therefore, the metal parts must be wiped dry, the moving mechanisms must be lubricated with oil, and the rest of the elements must be sprayed with a special silicone spray that will protect against peeling. As with storage on the balcony, it does not hurt to throw a tarpaulin cover over the bike, preferably tightly fastened. this will even better protect from humid air.

Often in the garage, moisture accumulates on the floor and on the walls, so during the winter it is better to keep the bike suspended: on a special stand or mounts driven into the wall. This will also help to save the wheels: with prolonged idle time, the rubber wrinkles and loses its shape. If it is not possible to hang the bike, pump up the wheels once a month so that the bike does not stand on the rims, and periodically rotate the wheels half a turn. this will help to avoid static loads. Passive rubber wear can be avoided by reducing the air pressure in the chambers.

Is it legal to put a door in a common hallway

It should be noted that the installation of a door in a common corridor is carried out almost everywhere today. This is not surprising, however, not all initiators of such actions know whether it is legal to carry out such work. In fact, the current regulatory and legal framework does not prohibit the installation of a vestibule door in the apartment area. However, in order to do this legally, it is required to obtain the permits and approvals provided for by the legislation.

Otherwise, it is not only impossible to put a steel or any other door into the common corridor, but it can also threaten with quite serious troubles. Firstly, tenants may be required to dismantle an illegally installed structure. Secondly, certain financial problems are likely to arise with the management company. Thirdly, a lot of money will simply be wasted. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the installation of a door in a public corridor should only be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of current legislation.

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Necessary approvals and permissions

In order to answer affirmatively to the question of whether it is possible to install a door in a common corridor, you must first obtain the following types of approvals and permits:

  • Permission from all apartment owners in a residential building. Paradoxically, it is possible to put the door in the corridor of the floor only after agreement with all the owners. This is due to the fact that any common areas of the house that are not part of any apartment are in the shared ownership of the owners.

There are two options for obtaining permission from apartment owners. The first of them involves holding a general meeting, which requires serious preparation and is far from always feasible in practice. Therefore, the second method is more often used. door-to-door bypass. During its implementation, a document of free form is drawn up, in which the owners confirm their consent to the installation of the vestibule door.

  • Coordination with the management company or HOA. Before obtaining permission from the Criminal Code, you must carefully study the contract with it. Often, according to its terms, the general areas are given at the disposal of the company. In such a situation, it is likely that residents will have to pay for the use of a common corridor, at the entrance to which they plan to install a steel door.

If there is no condition for the transfer of the management company space in the contract, it is enough just to agree on the installation of the entrance structure, providing the company’s employees with access to the fenced premises, if it is necessary for them to fulfill their official and contractual obligations.

  • Coordination with the local authority. This is only required if the vestibule door to be installed is not included in the project for the house. In such a situation, it is necessary to make appropriate changes to the existing documentation with subsequent approval.
  • Permission from the Ministry of Emergency Situations in charge of fire supervision. This agreement is necessary, since a steel door can become an obstacle to the evacuation of residents in the event of an emergency. Also, one of the fire safety requirements is effective ventilation of the interior of the house, which an obstacle in the form of a solid entrance structure can interfere with.

It is important to note one significant point. All of the above referred to steel doors, on which it is planned to install a lock or even two. If residents plan to install an entrance structure that will not be closed, it is required to obtain permission only from the relevant department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the local authority in the absence of a product in the project. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that a door without a lock has much less functionality and is practically useless.

Installation of a door in a common corridor

The constant growth in the cost of housing has quite logical and expected consequences. One of them is the desire of apartment owners to install doors to the common corridor. The purpose of such an event is obvious. to obtain, at relatively low cost, additional usable space, which can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Some of the residents keep shoes or clothes behind a secure vestibule door, some put a bicycle or a baby carriage. In fact, the fenced area of ​​the corridor becomes a kind of common hallway.

Choosing a steel door for installation in a common corridor

After receiving all the necessary approvals, you need to start choosing a suitable metal door. Tambour entrance structures have several features. Firstly, they usually do not have particularly high requirements regarding heat and sound insulation. Therefore, you can try to save on filler and seals.

Secondly, the steel door must have a serious level of security. This practically guarantees apartment owners from the visit of unwanted guests, since they will have to open not one, but at least two reliable and durable entrance structures. To do this is quite problematic and will probably take a lot of time.

6 Bike Repair Mistakes Every Cyclist Should Avoid

Thirdly, the door should look stylish and attractive. At the same time, options with finishing with solid wood or MDF panels are rarely used. In most cases, a laconic design is used, but at the same time an attractive decorative coating in the form of polymer spraying or hammer painting. As a result, a pleasant and aesthetic appearance of the product is achieved at a reasonable cost level.

Fourth, as a rule, vestibule doors are quite serious in size. Therefore, a double-leaf or one-and-a-half design is often used. Another consequence of the large opening is the importance of correct installation. The best solution in such a situation is to contact a specialized company, which, among other things, will help to obtain the necessary approvals and develop the necessary documentation.

Fifth, often apartment owners have to install lattice structures as a vestibule door. This is a requirement of the fire inspectorate to ensure effective ventilation, designed to quickly remove smoke, carbon monoxide and other hazardous combustion products from the interior.